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Dual Lives

@lovelydramione requested: omg an acc for soulmate aus my life has been bless! could do you one with jeonghan from svt? also one with taeyong from nct if it’s not too much? thank you! it’d be cool if you did it in the bulletin style <3

Soulmate au- body swap lmao

The NCT one will be later on but will happen don’t worry <3


1.4k words, Unedited

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  • you went through the first 16 years of life believing you had nobody
  • no mystical changes with your body
  • but on your 16th, when you had just opened all your presents, you got another one
  • your parents stared in slight horror as your eyes rolled back, your body went limp
  • not looking good
  • suddenly you sat back up but your entire demeanour was different
  • it was like you were a whole different person
  • spoiler, you were lmao
  • suddenly you were a 17 year old korean boy in the middle of an intense game of rock paper scissors didn’t take me 5 attempts to spell that no
  • and it appears you just lost
  • and as any normal person would, you yelled what the fuck
  • but it wasnt your voice or your language but you understood all the boys around you yelling
  • you were confused
  • but Jeonghan on the other hand was in his element
  • he could speak fluent english, and he seemed to be on a couch of sorts
  • and his hair was lovely and he smelt nice and apart from the people flocking around him, he was fine
  • your family tried asking what was wrong but they couldnt get your name out for some reason
  • all that came out was flarfenodle
  • not the most elegant name
  • so when your body flopped again and you came back, your family were already calling the paramedics
  • they came over, checked you over and said all your obs were fine, nothing seemed wrong apart from the fact you were spouting random words on korean
  • seventeen werent freaking out that bad but they all were still worried
  • but both your family and seventeen realised at the same time that this was probably your soulmate connection
  • suddenly your mum was laughing about how you were just in a boys body 
  • and how he was in yours
  • she’s not a very responsible mother
  • your father is the more sane one
  • he started thinking about the next time it happens and what to do and all that jazz
  • your mum was still killing herself laughing tho
  • *over in seventeen land*
  • jeonghan was doing his punishment for loosing rock paper scissors
  • they all decided to think about the soulmate thing later                              
  • the whole body switch happened a few more times, once in the middle of your shower and his dance practice
  • you had gotten the swing of the switch so you didn’t collapse every time
  • but he did once he realised where he was
  • suddenly shouting on you mother to help you up
  • “Whats wrong sweetie?”
  • you were in the middle of dancing when you stopped dropped and yelled “GUYS I DONT KNOW HOW TO DANCE I DONT WANT TO HURT MYSELF”
  • they ended up teaching the dance to you which was very helpful
  • you remembered how to do it when you were in the correct body
  • you also found out through this that your soulmate was very lazy when he was you 
  • lounged around and ate junk
  • you had to become more active to stop that
  • he realised you wanted to keep him on track when you were Jeonghan for the day
  • going to practice or working on his voice
  • so every now and then he would do the dances in your body, making sure you were in shape
  • you basically just helped each other out
  • there were a few catches though
  • you couldn’t hear each others names, the universe physically refused to let that happen
  • people had to use nicknames when you were each other
  • it could happen whenever without warning and with no specific length of time
  • and you couldn’t see your own reflection so you had no idea what he looked like and vice versa
  • you juts had to hope for the best basically
  • you also started picking up on the korean you were speaking and were learning it so fast
  • whenever you were the ‘angel’ as the others called him, you had conversations with his friends Vernon and Joshua in full english
  • you also learned why he danced
  • hes an idoooooool
  • they couldn’t tell you what band though cos that was against the universes rules apparently goddamn universe
  • you knew once you saw it though you could recognise his band members face
  • so you started making efforts to look up the dances
  • sometimes you recorded them (so did Jeonghan but he couldn’t see himself when he done it so he left sticky notes reminding you about them)
  • he left you post it notes everywhere lmao
  • ‘dont forget to walk the dog and get milk from mrs gunderson down the street’ okay sorry mum didn’t realise i had chores
  • you uploaded the videos in the hopes someone would tell you the song
  • you got lucky
  • one day someone told you that it was a really good cover of crazy in love, even without the music, you kept the beat well
  • you were so happy you finally got a name
  • you looked them up and there was a dance practice by a band called seventeen
  • so you started looking
  • immediately recognised the room and suddenly there was wonwoo
  • and joshua being extra and vernon too
  • and hoshi
  • you remembered this dance, you’d done it a few weeks ago you were there somewhere
  • then they all left and you were meant to be there but instead it was a blank space
  • you heard their voice but you couldn’t see them
  • suddenly you switched
  • as soon as you realised where you were, you were screwed
  • it was at a music show
  • you were sitting around with the guys waiting until you could start the next take
  • so you used the codeword
  • looking to your left, you leaned over and whispered snickerdoodles in english to joshua
  • he looked at you then sighed deeply
  • they talked to the manager until they decided you would just have to do it
  • you knew the dance well enough, and you had been expecting this for a while
  • you took a deep breath before deciding you could do this
  • hey ho here we gooooo
  • you looked off to the side where you could see Minghao’s soulmate smiling encouragingly before preparing herself for the dancing
  • luckily you managed to get through the show with no hitches
  • and once you had managed to get off to get some water, you were suddenly back in your house in your kitchen, and making some ramen
  • jeonghan was confused when he got back to himself and he was sweaty and chugging water like a beast
  • he slowly heard Vernons voice fade is in the background slowly going chug chug chug
  • then joshua hitting him
  • he found out that you did the whole dance and sung the song perfectly and he was so proud
  • also kinda weirded out how good you looked pretending to be him
  • even he couldn’t tell
  • anyway a while after that you decided to travel to south korea to go to pledis and hope for the best really
  • you’d heard them talking about a new comeback soon when you were Jeonghan for the day (they couldn’t tell for like 3 hours lmao)
  • so when you were about to land, you suddenly switched
  • for gods sake
  • you were currently in pledis so you decided to lounge around and observe in true ‘angel’ fashion
  • currently, Minghao and his soulmate were having an intense discussion with Hoshi and his soulmate about whether or not the neon pink was a good idea
  • suddenly there was a knock on the door and one of the staff walked in announcing that jeonghan had arrived
  • they all looked over at you who simply winked and stood
  • just before he walked in, you switched again so that you were both in the correct bodies
  • you walked in and there was an angel standing in front of you
  • his hair was a faint pink and falling around his face beautifully
  • his face was perfect
  • everything about him was angelic
  • you realised that this gorgeous man was who you had been living as and that you finally knew his name
  • “since you know mine, its only fair i know yours”
  • once you told him, the nicknames your family had made sense
  • suddenly he had someone to observe with, to joke with, to be a proud mother with
  • you still swapped bodies at least once a week but it was always fun to see what would happen
  • you got better at being him as you observed him and seventeen together
  • one time you were him for a week
  • nobody noticed
  • you give girl advice to the ones with soulmates when you were jeonghan which was both helpful and confusing
  • you never knew living as two people could be so fun tbh

films watched — the girl on the train (2016), dir. tate taylor

hi, i’m rachel, and… this is day one, i suppose. i’m here because i… because i woke up this morning covered in blood. and i had bruises all over my arm, and… it’s usually from when i’ve fallen and someone has helped me up. my husband… he used to tell me what i’d done the night before… and i learned that when you wake up like that, you just say you’re sorry. you just say that you’re sorry for what you did and you’re sorry for who you are and you’re never gonna do it again. but you do. you do it again. and there’s… time missing. i need to remember… i need to remember.

No but one particularly groggy morning after, Asra is super hungover but Julian is bright and chipper for some reason, so he lets Julian make him breakfast, it’ll be fine. That is how tired he is.

Except he forgets to warn Julian about the third cupboard, so the doctor just goes down under an avalanche of pots and now Asra is wide awake and Holy Shit Ilya are you OK??

and Asra helps him up and gets a towel for the blood only, now there’s no wound? There’s blood but there is no gash and Ilya says he feels fine and there is something glowing on his neck

and THAT is when they remember what the f u c k they did last night

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Hey im also a beginner to Korean and i was wondering how did you learn vocabulary, im finding it really difficult to remember it

personally, i learn best through application. words i see my friends use more often/words i use more often tend to stick very fast. so its a little bit of a struggle when im learning a word like 지진 or 익숙해지다 which dont show up as commonly for me. but memrise helps (…if i keep up with it) and i do writing practices (will do more in future) where i try to incorporate these words and apply them.

i do make my own memrise sets of words i either come across (i scroll through old texts and pick out words i dont know), topik in 30 vocab, or just basic everyday words. for now, i (will) use daily korean vocab for foreigners pdf in order to build a stronger foundation of basic words, and continue using my topik in 30 days int. vocab as well.

writing words you dont know while watching dramas or listening to sounds can help too and viki even has a new system for some dramas that show eng subs and kor subs at same time (only on computers). always double check with naver dic or another application about the meaning. dont learn anything wrong its painful to undo.

to be honest for vocab, memorization, application, and using context clues is key:

1. memorization/context- learn the word itself, its spelling, and definition. remember a lot of words are based on context too. try to see all the different ways the word can be used.

2. application- use this word in more circumstances and see how it is supposed to be conveyed with certain grammar/meanings.

3. using context clues- figuring out the meaning of one word by way of knowing background info and the rest of the sentence.

ex: 어제 여친과 싸웠는데 얘기한 후에 화해했다.

i learned the word 화해하다 because i understood the rest of the sentence.

TIP: do not bother translating kor to eng when reading things. it will not help you. it usually doesnt make a lot of sense either? just read it as you should you’ll process things faster and it’ll just be a whole lot better for the future.

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when did you even stop drawing jk with a nose? i remember drawings with him with a nose, but without it he looks cuter, bUT I BROWSED THE JK TAG FOR LIKE TEN MINUTES AND I COULDN'T FIND A SINGLE POST WITH JK WITH A NOSE HELP

Ahahahahahahha i drew him witha nose a long time ago! I dont do that anymore because I really want people to focus on the eyes so the nose takes a lot of space since his eyes are rlly big! And also because he looks funnier without a nose!

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yall act like there is a huge conspiracy against the hyung line when there is not? u gotta accept that every fandom has favoritism thats not strict to us. it is sad and frustrating that we barely have fantakens of jin, namjoon and hoseok but people arent gonna open fansites and all for them just bc of that, theyre gonna follow their biases and if their bias is jungkook then what can we do? the matter of appreciating them has nothing to do with who we bias or who we like/watch fancams of.

ok tell me, what are some of the ways to show your appreciation for a member?give them some hearts on a video? leaving supportive comments under their videos, photos and tweets? liking said videos, photos and tweets? but we dont! we dont appreciate the members by leaving them ALL supportive comments.

and you’re absolutely right. this isnt a problem only in our fandom and it wouldn’t bother me so much if this was it. if the difference in views and likes and heart counts each individual member had on their individual shit was the only problem. the problem is that certain fans dont even have the decency to respect the older members. 

namjoon once apologized to a fan because she said he got his photocard. and you guys??? cant??? stop??? asking??? for??? other??? members??? when??? another??? member??? is??? on??? vlive??? do you know remember the last time hoseok did a solo v live? yeah neither do i cause it was AGES AGO. people wouldn’t stop asking for other members. and even recently when he was on the v live chat, people were asking for taehyung

this isn’t about having a fave or bias. its about respecting each and every one of them. no one is forcing you to do anything. all i asked in my previous post was for fans who had the vlive+ account to help bring up the heart count if they had time. 

i dont even know if i got my point across properly but i highly suggest you read this post by @brightjoon who i think did a better job at explaining what i was trying to get at in the og post. 

I’m not sure with my own feeling towards Mayu’s graduation. As far as I could remember, I’ve been always picturing Mayuki as a pair. If there’s Yuki, I will automatically suppose that there will also be Mayu around her and vice versa. It has always been like that. Even when they did their work separately, I couldn’t help but to think like ‘oh I wonder what will Mayu do if she’s watching Yuki’s concert, etc.’ When I’m thinking about Yuki, I would also think about Mayu. It’s an old habit and I don’t think I could change that since I shipped them for 7 years. But now that they will not end up in the same group ever again… I just.. I don’t know… I’m totally aware with the fact that they’re rarely having same schedule together, but that’s the issue here. As long as they are under same group, there is a possibility to see them together. It’s more like an assurance. That the ship is solid. But now with the uncertainty of when will I see them together again.. It tears my heart apart.. I know their friendship is true. No lies detected. But still, it’s suck to have this kind of feeling. There is no logical explanation since I rely on my heart too much. But if there is an explanation, I would rather have the answer now. 

Aquors chats at 5am
  • Mari: Guys
  • Mari: Guys
  • Mari: I wanna watch the new Spiderman film
  • Mari: but I wanna to watch it
  • Dia: Mari
  • Dia: go to bed, it's not out yet
  • Mari: but the film
  • //Kanan has entered the chat//
  • Kanan: we can go and watch it together when it's out
  • Mari: but is Dia coming tho
  • Dia: I'll only come if you let me sleep
  • //Ruby has entered the chat//
  • Ruby: sis I can hear you swearing from your room
  • Dia: oh god why
  • Dia: I was angry, sorry. Go to bed
  • Ruby: I'm up now so I'm not tired
  • Dia: right I'm staying to make sure Ruby stays pure
  • //You has entered the chat//
  • Mari: lmao
  • You: you're up so early lol
  • Kanan: hey kiddo where's your gf
  • You: asleep she's so cute
  • Mari: what a gay
  • Dia: same goes to you
  • Ruby: says you sis
  • You: damn Ruby
  • Kanan: Dia either gets meme'd or just get roasted
  • You: ahh
  • You: [voice recording - 0:12]
  • Kanan: is that Chika
  • Mari: You's at Chika's place again
  • You: she was moving and I accidentally press the voice recording
  • Ruby: she was murmuring your name
  • Mari: so cute lol
  • Kanan: you do that sometimes
  • Mari: I do?
  • Kanan: yes n it's cute
  • Dia: no, you're a sin
  • Kanan: Dia you moaned our name in your sleep once
  • Dia: I did not
  • Kanan: I recorded it
  • Ruby: they sent it to me before
  • Kanan: [video sent]
  • Mari: no keep it
  • //Lily has entered the chat//
  • //Yohane has entered the chat//
  • Lily: what is happening
  • Yohane: let us sleep wtf
  • Ruby: hi
  • You: lol yo
  • Mari: Kanan send it to me
  • Lily: Yocchan did you changed my nickname
  • Yohane: …no
  • Lily: I'm changing it back
  • Yohane: I LIKE IT
  • Lily: if you say so
  • //Lily has left the chat//
  • You: what a mess lol
  • Ruby: everyone is texting over each other
  • Ruby: also why did Riko leave
  • Yohane: she fall back to sleep she's at my place rn
  • Yohane: I'm leaving too it's 5 in the morning
  • Ruby: byee
  • //Yohane has left the chat//
  • You: lol I wake up this early anyway
  • Mari: but it's weekend
  • Dia: says the girl who texted the chat at 5am to talk about the new Spiderman film
  • Mari: Dia come with us
  • You: Spiderman is good tho
  • You: and this is chika borrowing her gf's phone
  • Kanan: hey and Dia you need to come with us
  • Kanan: im not letting you stays in your house all the time
  • Ruby: sis you need to go out more
  • Mari: yh yh you got gfs to be seeing
  • Dia: I see you at school everyday thank you very much
  • You: Chika's up so I'm leaving lol
  • You: decide what you're gonna do omg
  • //You has left the chat//
  • //Hanamaru has entered the chat//
  • //Hanamaru has left the chat//
  • Mari: wtf
  • Ruby: sis im going off
  • Ruby: I gotta get ready to meet up with Hanamaru
  • Ruby: yes?
  • Dia: EVEN THO IT'S 5AM
  • Ruby: ya
  • Dia: then don't come back home late
  • Ruby: ok
  • //Ruby has left the chat//
  • Mari: dat attitude towards Ruby and me is so different
  • Dia: That's because you molest me all the time and I did not give you permission to do that
  • Kanan: Let her be
  • Dia: you're spoiling her
  • Kanan: But I spoil you too
  • Dia: no you don't
  • Mari: she kinda does
  • Dia: I didn't have a decent sleep yesterday because of you two
  • Kanan: because we kept you up all night?
  • Mari: I can still remember her moans lol
  • Mari: Idk lmao
  • Kanan: come to my place today
  • Kanan: I need help with the hw
  • Dia: ah, sure
  • Mari: since when did sexual intercourse is refers to as "hw"
  • Dia: fuck off
  • Mari: how about you instead
  • Kanan: dont bully her too much
  • Dia: I'm so done
  • //Dia has left the chat//
  • Kanan: see?
  • Mari: ya but I bet we're doing her again
  • Kanan: you're not wrong
  • Kanan: she needs to loosen up
  • Kanan: im going for a run now
  • //Kanan has left the chat//
  • Mari: ytf am I always the last one left
  • //Mari has left the chat//

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If I may ask how do you draw your eyes? they're so realistic and I have a lot of trouble drawing eyes and I've always admired how you've drawn them!

ah thanks so much! for eyes, i deeeefinitely recommend drawing from life! since i’m in the art academy at my school, one of my assignments was draw around 15~ different pairs of eyes from real life, and let me tell you observation really does help ;w; i did make a little tutorial for you though of how i draw eyes since ive stylized mine a little bit!

i hope you dont mind me drawing rinlen eyes (so basically japanese…) because i’ve been playing project mirai nonstop lately omg;;

((i forgot to write it down but 2 things: 1) remember that the eye/iris/whateveridontknowthecorrecttermomg is slightly concealed by the top and bottom eyelids! its only really fully visible when you open your eyes wide.
2) when i do curled eyelashes for rin/characters that wear makeup its generally based off of false lolita-style eyelashes. if you’re doing that then remember to draw some of them thicker than others! otherwise same sized lines are fine!))

i hope this can help you ;w;…!!

Lancelot threw his spear into a bush, got off his horse very quickly, and knelt down beside the knight. All his love was back again inside him. It was typical of Arthur not to lose his temper, typical of him to sit on the ground making noises of admiration when he had just been given a great fall.

“Sir,” said Lancelot, taking off his own helm with a humble gesture; and he bowed his head in the French fashion.

The King began scrambling to his feet in great excitement.

“Lancelot!” he exclaimed. “Why, it’s the boy Lancelot! You are the king’s son of Benwick. I remember seeing you when he came over for the Battle of Bedegraine. What a fall! I never saw anything like it. Where did you learn to do this? It was terrific! Were you coming to my Court? How is King Ban? How is your charming mother? Really, my dear chap, this is magnificent!”

Lancelot looked up at the breathless King, who held out both hands to help him to his feet, and his jealousy and grief were over.

the once and future king, t.h. white

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(( Penny for your thoughts ))

i like her, not at first, but she’s nice and tries to be more quiet and slow around me. she doesn’t have to do that, but she does, and she helps me when i need it. she helped me pick out cloths! 

she’s also really really big, i can sit on her shoulders. i feel tall up there. i dont even remember how i got there like i usually dont get that close to someone but there i was. did she trick me? no i don’t think she tricked me. oh well, i had fun. what was i talking about again? something about candy..? candy… food… uh oh, wait, i gotta feed kit again, hang on kit!

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Do you like finnreylo?

A. Heck yes
B. Heck yes
C. Heck yes
D. Heck yes

Btw someone said that they imagine ot3 wearing get along shirt so here’s the bonus for ya anon:

{btw, a more serious answer under the cut ‘cause i ramble a lot like have you seen me rambling about why chara’s not evil it’s that long and very unorganized kay here i go}

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“When a Ninja does wrong, he must own up to his mistakes”

SO I GAVE IT TO MY DAD AND WAS LIKE “I’m sorry but I was trying I clean up the laptop but accidentally screwed up the internet. Can you fix it?”



Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 101 Spoilers

Furuta: Then please let me rephrase. Ex Special Class Investigator. What do you need today?
Kaneki: It has been such a long time since I see you, Furuta san
Furuta: Such lines, saying things like what a girl would. You are not here for such reason, you are a “busy person” after all
Kaneki: ….if I say I came to ask about “the current top of CCG”?
Furuta: Oh that. The thing about “Washuu clan being killed”…?
Kaneki: That it was the doings of ghouls…that what I heard….
Furuta: I am pretty hurt. CCG has decided that Special wanted criminal HS….Ah, thats you…the voices of capturing you has increased… And I just perform with my clown’s kagune 
Kaneki: …It was you after all…what I wish it….to “talk”…. with the top of CCG Washuu clan….the one who is holding power in CCG is Washuu Matsuri Special Class…is it?
Furuta: It is like that “now. But, soon it will be mine. I have Paparin (Chairman)’s hand written will. So Associate Special Class, our chat will stop here. Ah!
Furuta claps his hands
Furuta: I have a great idea, how do you think about it
Furuta grabs Kaneki by the throat
Furuta: How about you, bearing all the faults and disappear? Killing the Washuu clan, killing with ghouls, the frightening OEK. In order to take him down, we CCG can only work with ghouls. In front of the huge enemy, the human has crossed the boundary for the first time…! Script · Cast Furuta Nimura
Furuta continues
Furuta: How if we go down that line~? Me killing Washuu would be good job dont you think? How about it Associate Special Class?
Kaneki: ….After that, I would not want you to hold on the reins…  (sweat)
Furuta: Then this is discussion failure

Kaneki suddenly looks serious
Kaneki: ….I have one thing I want to ask you
Furuta: ?
Kaneki: That time, the one who dropped the metal beam was you right. Clown’s Souta san. But, why me?
Furuta: Eh?
Furuta starts laughing
Furuta: Ahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahaha!! It is not you that I am aiming for. You are too self conscious, disgusting-
Furuta laughs while holding his stomach
Furuta: You heard about Rize from Takatsuki right
Kaneki: ….that she was a ghoul from V
Furuta: …Washuu family has a few branches, and they are grouped into “seeds” and “mother”, including failures like me and Arima. Everyone here is called V. When creating hybrids like me and Arima who are mixed with human blood, there are still “mothers” who are preventing the Washuu bloodline from ceasing, and that is Rize. If we talk about young Rize, how lovely was she. When I was young, I dreamed of marrying Rize. I was very cute too….

Rize and Furuta were playing on the grass field. Rize hugged Furuta
Rize: …Nimura has such a nice smell, I want to eat you
Furuta: I want to be eaten too
Rize: But then you would die
Furuta: Yes I will die-

Furuta: She will be disgraced by that pervert old man and his children, I could not bear it…. So I helped her escaped. Thats love
Furuta: ….but since she was freed, she completely forgotten about me. If she could remember me a little after she’s free, thinking so, I could not fall asleep at night….In the end, when I was doing my stuff, you were just a college student on scene only *chuckles* Now that the old man’s dead, and if I become the chairman, I will get married with Rize officially! Eek
Furuta said so while holding his cheeks
Kaneki has a white expression
Kaneki: ….I see….but you did it for such reason?
Furuta: I dont need a reason, those who cant do anything without a reason are rubbish. I want to do what I want to do, because I was born with such difficulty after all… Where did you hear about CCG’s situation? Let the topic stops here. Being the “next chairman”, I have a lot of work. If you wish to have someone to talk, please find my cousin Matsuri. Ah, one more thing, The children from me and Rize. Now we already have 101 puppies… We will show out shortly, please do come and play. Ufufu….
After saying so, Furuta left
Furuta: Aburazemi~
Fuka who hid himself on the wall by being transparent comes out
Fuka: King….Shall we not chase after him?
Kaneki: No, its fine. He wont say anything even if we beat him. Now…maybe
Fuka: ….?
Kaneki: Maybe it would be better for us if Furuta really were to gain power

Hirako is having coffee at the counter (bar)
Yomo: …Hirako Take
Yomo: Ken is…naive. He can accept others, but that would cause him danger as well… Perhaps his thoughts on “a world where ghouls and humans can understand each other” is a naivety that is needed…. But…me…and some of the others dont think so…..Arima….killed my sister….she is Touka’s and Ayato’s mother….even if he sides with ghouls now. I…will still kill him if he were to stand in front… I….
Yomo looks fierce
Hirako: When I was still a new recruit….
Yomo: ?…
Hirako: Arima san told me so
Arima: You and me are alike, like me, you are empty
Hirako: …ha
Hirako: …I didnt know what he meant that time. But somehow part of me felt like as if, he was saying about entrusting 0 Squad to me. The people around him work hard to get simple compliment from him. And that is the reason I am here now
Yomo: ….
Hirako: As I have always wanted him to recognised me
Hirako finishes the coffee
Hirako: Arima Kishou is now dead. No matter how much hate you have for him, there is no chance for you to kill him now. Just like how your sister will never come back, Yomo Renji….I believe in “the person that Arima Kishou has chosen”. And you all believe in “Kaneki Ken”. Isnt that fine. I think that “understanding each other” doesnt mean we have to “share everything”
Yomo: …if so then I think I can do it
Hirako: I dont quite understand how us and ghouls have different sense of taste….
Hirako looks at the coffee cup
Hirako: Its good, this coffee

Suddenly, the 0 Squad kids calls Hirako
0 Squad: Take san! Look at the TV!
News: Everyone! There is black smoke coming out from 22nd ward’s CCG building! We also receive reports that 19th ward also has the same incident…!! Is this the doings of ghouls…!?
Touka: ….its not us
Hirako: “Destroying the branches” after “killing the Washuu”. Matching with the appearance of the OEK, they are starting by “cleaning the CCG”
Touka: Is this….”their” way of doing things

22nd: Kuroiwa Squad
The clowns are causing this
Clowns: Kyahahaha! Hyaa!!
Kuroiwa is killing the ghouls with his quinque
Kuroiwa: Mhn!!
Misato: Retrieve the building! Dont let a mouse get away!!
Takeomi: No matter how much we kill, it doesnt change their morale abit….
Itou: Disgusting bastards…

19th ward: Suzuya Squad
Suzuya squad is fighting the clowns
“There is alot, just kill!!”
Hanbee: As I thought its them….
Suzuya uses his quinque and kill a few ghouls
Ghouls: Gya-!!
Hanbee: !
Suzuya: …move your hand instead of your mouth, Hanbee

16th ward: Qs Squad
The investigators are fighting hard
Investigator: Qs! Thanks for the help…we will need your support
Urie: (These extremely fancy bastards…Aogiri bunch was much better if compared to them)
Urie: Release until F3, the time will be 120 seconds, get 300 seconds for support. 
Higemaru: Understand!
Anpei: Ha!
Urie: (Is it you….Sasaki….!!)

Donato’s side
Donato is standing on a building watching the street
Donato: Begin the song..let it soar in all the wards

Control Room
Again a new attack!? Number!?
Investigator: Unknown!! There is 100!!
Investigator: The support squad is!?
Investigator: Where is the Qs!?
Investigator: 16th ward!
Investigator: What do we do!! Deputy Chairman!! Deputy!!
Matsuri is still in a dazed
Investigator: Let the Suzuya squad go!
Investigator: Got it, Suzuya squad please aid urgently…
Matsuri looks blank in the absence of Urie (gosh)

News: According to CCG, the one responsible for the attack on 22nd ward is OEK
….so sad

Miza: If this goes on, we will get unnecessary troubles on us. What shall we do, Kaneki Ken
Kaneki: Tsukiyama san, need your help on something
Tsukiyama: Please tell…but if its money I cant help you with it, we have financial issues to worry about here..
Kaneki: ….
Kaneki thinks
Kaneki: I want a huge number of “white suits”
Miza: ?
Ayato: What are you going to do with it?

Banjou, Nishiki, Takizawa visit Akira
Banjou: ….so hot….
Nishiki: …she is not getting better….Did she get infected while you are healing her wounds….or is her body rejecting RC cells…
Akira has little consciousness
Akira: …mu….ra
Takizawa: ….!
Takizawa looks worried
Nishiki: ….her conscious is weak….if this continues….
Takizawa shouts into Banjou’s ear
Takizawa: Cant you do something!! Oi!!
Banjou: Wha…! Stop that…my hand….
Akira: Ngh…..
Then, the door opens. Its Nico
Nico: Nn fu, Hi Banjou kun
Banjou: !?
Nico: Long · time · no · see