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Polar explorer, Ernest Shackleton reportedly announced his journey to the South Pole in 1913 by placing an ad in the newspaper that read  “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in event of success.

Help Wanted

Hey Team!

We’ve got a few different tasks that could use more team members.

1. Writing Strider-centric dialogue. This task is happening right now, and we could really use help on it before Saturday!

2. Art for an upcoming BIG flash. This task will be ongoing over the next 5 weeks or so, and we would like to bring multiple folks on board for it. This is a larger time commitment than many of our other tasks. It will also involve being in regular contact with the rest of the folks assigned to it.

We need folks to create line art from thumbnails, as well as colorists  :o)

The process looks something like this:

3. Environmental pixel art for Bonus Content. Task time frame is ~2 weeks. As an example, here’s the type of work we need done:

If you’d like to help out with any of these things, you can contact Bluebird (BluebirdOfGrumpiness on Skype), email act8official(at)gmail(dot)com, or send us a message here or on the main blog.

Wanna Join an RPG Maker Project?

Well you’re in luck! These are the tags I use when any creator or team is looking for an additional team member for their game.  You can look through them to find a game to join.  Feel free to submit your own “Help wanted ad” via the submit box and I’ll tag them as needed

Tumblr’s not always the best place to advertise, as we tend to have more artist & musicians than those who really know how to use the engine.  If you’re not having any luck here, make sure to try any number of RPG Maker forums, Reddit, or Steam.

Oh, and the help needed tag is reserved for people who just have a question or two about how to use the engine.


SpongeBob SquarePants - Help Wanted, Reef Blower, and Tea at the Treedome - May 1, 1999

Human Clock - TOKUNAN Seiichirou

Scanned this recently. Seeking a translator. 

Oh yeah, also needs a typesetter.

Read online (Human Clock)



Further reading

A journey through a surreal nightmare from the 60’s.

“When I talk about ‘warped manga from a warped mind’, I always think of this incoherent story.

The Human Clock is a lot simpler to summarize than to understand. The hero is Yubi Chizuo again; he’s a student like before, but this time round he’s also a dropout. He stays in his house, which is a family shop selling watches and clocks. He gazes and gazes at them, and little by little, turns into one himself. That is the entire story. It reminds me of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis.”

Also contains the story The Cat’s Mourning Suit (Chapter 6 - unscanlated)


ATTENTION TO MY FELLOW NEO-KOSMONAUTS (I literally just made that up, don’t judge me I’m tired)

So, if you want to get to the meat of what this post is about, skip down a couple paragraphs. This is more a backstory to this.

I recently pledged to Shelby and Amber, the creators of NK, on Patreon for $5 a month, giving me livestream access. So I’ve had a chance to talk to them, and they are really nice! We got into a conversation about art, and how everyone can draw, but not everyone has to express art that way - they can do whatever they enjoy.

SO, with blessing from the creators, I will be organising a FAN-DUB FOR NEO-KOSMOS! I really enjoy voice acting, and this seems like a great way to contribute to the fandom AND do something that I enjoy.

So onto the meat of the post - I can’t do this alone! If anyone is interested in taking part in this, please comment below or PM me! I’ll be by Not set" target=“a652c_1460316789_wwwtumblrcom_334682”> investing

External image
in some recording equipment until then, and I won’t be completely organised to start for a while. So feel free to message me any time! About it!

Thanks in advance, and have a good day!

EDIT: Tye, Iris, Seven, 9 and Scree are taken!