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A-hem, hey guys! I’m currently planning to make an Eddsworld Fan-Eddisode called “Meanwhile in Red Army…”! (Ugh, I know it sounds really cringy but I was too lazy to think of a better name. If you have a good title then please tell me! I desperatly need help!)

The Eddisode is going to be about Tord and his trustworthy (probably not) soldiers, Paul and Pat going through troubles after the “The End” incident. Don’t worry, I’m not going make it to be edgy or sad. Now doesn’t that sound interesting? No? Okay..

But unfortunately, I’m having difficulties! I can’t make a whole Eddisode on my own, right? I really need help from other people to complete this so… If you’re interested to be a :

- Co-Director

- Writers (Writing needs to be decent. Trying to make the episode as Eddsworld as possible, not a edgy fan-fiction)

- Voice Actors (Needs to have a good mic and needs to sound really close to the canon voice)

- Animators (You don’t have to be a professional! Animation doesn’t have to be that smooth. It can have “Saloonatics” frame rates.)

- Artists. This includes Background, Storyboard, Rough, Animatics! Don’t worry, you’re not going to do the job all by yourself. We can take turns to work on it! (When you ask for the role, please show me your own artwork! Traditional is okay too!)

loves Eddsworld, has responsibility, and is full of creativity and interested to participate in this huge project, please private message me! Tell me what role do you want to apply for then we can discuss about it!

If you can’t participate, that’s still okay buddy. You can still help me by reblogging the post so others can!

Thank you so much for reading this long lame post. I hope y'all have a good day!

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Hey Guys... Reblog this please?

I’ve been struggling with finding a job still. I haven’t had the best of luck with that.
But of course! I’m not giving up. Just feeling really down in the dumps because nothing is really stable yet.

My phone bill for the month is coming up and I sitll have about $504+ left to pay off for this deductible. I would really ike to earn up to about $300-$400 for the month. Commissions have really fallen under and I haven’t really gotten any stable income whatsoever. And of course I don’t want to get fined or have additional fees to pay for.

Right now, I’ll do commissions for $20 for single character, full colored and full bodied, like this:

NSFW is something that I do not mind doing if asked, but the prices may increase more if that’s the case. If you’re interested, just send me a message on tumblr or at my email,

I know I tend to post a lot about opening commissions and all but I want art to become my job, something that’s income for me. And I’m making only about $30 a month on Patreon, which can cover maybe a few necessities but right now I literally only have $14 in my bank account.
Please help if you can!!!!

Silmarillion Project Help

As some of you well know, this semester I am attending a lecture class called the ‘Life and Works of J.R.R. Tolkien’. As expected, we have a finale project at the end of the semester in which we are supposed to present. Such must of course relate in some mannerism to Tolkien’s life or his works.

For myself, I have decided to discuss the dynamics between Morgoth and Sauron, primarily their roles as Dark Lords. The presentation within itself is to explore the differences between their approach and ultimately strive to answer the question– could it be argued that one is more dangerous than the other?

As some of you know, an often disputed conversation is a quote found within the Silmarillion when Sauron is first introduced stating; “–and was only less evil than his master in that for long he served another and not himself.” It is obvious from a logical approach, Sauron cannot be more powerful (or even equal) to the authority of Melkor, as being a maiar; he is physically weaker to that of a Valar, especially one that is ‘mightiest among the Ainur

However, as directed in the Silmarillion; “In all the deeds of Melkor the Morgoth upon Arda, in his vast works and in he deceits of his cunning, Sauron had a part–” Sauron’s influence in Melkor’s dominance over Arda cannot be disputed or discredited. But as we are evidently shown throughout the legendarium, Sauron was no master of war. Where as Morgoth could easily designate with brute force, his servant had to turn towards charm and manipulation for gain.

Therefore, the purpose of this presentation is to discuss the basis of Chaotic Evil vs Lawful Evil. Such is where I would love to have your thoughts and/or opinnions upon this topic for I do not believe there is an honest answer here. 

Some may believe that Sauron came closer to achieving the conquering of Middle Earth in the 6,000 years he reigned from the Second to Third Age then Melkor managed to accomplish in the 50,000 years that was the First Age. However, an argument could be poised that Sauron faced a lesser competition, with the glory of the elves fading and the Valar retreating from this world. After all, Morgoth did manage to hold superiority for 50,000 years. 

But what do you all think? Is the brutality of Morgoth more deserving of the accreditation of a Dark Lord or do you believe in the slyness of Sauron proved a much more deadly advisory? Feel free to comment on this post or even reblog with your ideas or simply share to help spread the word! After all, asking yourself who’d be worse to deal with is a lot left up to opinion then an honest answer and because of that– I need opinions for this presentation!

- Ardie

Voice Acting Casting Call

As I’m restarting the portraits, characters, and redoing parts of the game, I realized that I am in need of voices for some of the other major characters. In order to avoid spoilers/etc, none of these characters will be named. They’ll be given nicknames to avoid confusion.

In order to audition, either send a demo reel or some samples of the voices/noises listed below to This project will not be using full lines but rather the sound effects like in Mad Father and Pocket Mirror. It is important to note, this is a volunteer project. Additional sounds may be needed. Voice actors will have the option to beta test as well.

= Odile =
“Odile” should have a lifeless sounding voice that is very soft spoken. When she is angry, her voice becomes stronger and coarser.

1. Sigh (Annoyed)
2. “Hmph!”
3. “Tsk.”
4. Distressed/Crazy Laughing (Need one that’s quiet and another one that’s loud.) [If you need examples look up Higurashi laugh collection!]
5. Quiet Sobbing
6. Distressed Screaming 
7. Distressed Sobbing

The “Odile” voice accounts for two different characters.

= Odette =
“Odette” should have a normal sounding voice. I’m not looking for anything too specfic for her voice, so it’s very open in terms of choosing the audition voice.

1. Huh? (Confused)
2. Sigh (Annoyed)
3. Distressed/Crazy Laughing (Need one that’s quiet and another one that’s loud.) [If you need examples look up Higurashi laugh collection!]
4. Quiet Sobbing
5. Happy Laugh
6. Quiet Sobbing
7. Angry Grunt (I’ll find an example if one is needed.)

The “Odette” voice accounts for two different characters.

= Anabel =
“Anabel” should have a high pitched cheerful voice. Think of the moe sounding characters you’d hear.

1. “Huh?” (Need one that’s confused and another one that’s sad.)
2. “Ah!” (Need one that’s surprised and another one that’s scared.)
3. Scared Shriek
4. “Hmph!” (Annoyed)
5. Smug Laugh (Can be quiet, loud, or crazy. Just make it memorable!)
6. Quiet Sobbing 

The “Anabel” voice accounts for one character.

…And that’s all! The total voices that needed to be cast are five roles. Any of the people who audition and get said role, will be listed in the team page as one of the said voices. They will also get credited in the read me file with whatever links they want. Once the game is released you will be credited with the proper name of your character. Thank you so much if you have any interest and thank you so much if you read to here as well! 

Welcome Wellies, to the Samwell Student Union

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us while the page was under construction. Come check out our lovely site, thanks to a banner (above) by @wheeloffortune-design​ and theme assistance from @jckzimmermanns​. For those who have not heard of us before, here’s what we’re trying to do:

A wonderful thing has happened: the Check, Please! Fandom is getting quite large! However, that means many people have said they are missing events and groups because they aren’t following the right people to see the post.The goal of the Student Union is to centralize these things. We will also reblog the posts of events/networks, but we also have permanent pages where you can easily see what is going on without scrolling forever.

What does Samwell Student Union Have?

  • Community Calendar Shows the dates of Fic Exchanges, Big Bangs, Character/Ship Fests, Meet-Ups, Ngozi’s Con appearances, etc in one place.
  • Clubs Lists Check, Please! oriented networks that fans can join!
  • Resource Center Lists other fan resources
  • Maybe more! If you have an idea for something that is not covered by these (and not already in one of the resources) send us an ask

If you know of anything that should be added to our pages please send an ask or put @samwellstudentunion in the relevant post!

Finally, we could still use a little bit more help, SPECIFICALLY if you have an idea how to get the calendar page to work well on mobile. Please send an ask or contact one of the mods directly.

Heya, guys, gals, and non binary pals! My name is Rachel “Cartoon” Han, the director/producer/writer/lead animator for the Eddsworld Fan-Eddisode “Dead Ringer”!

“Dead Ringer” is a Fan Animation dedicated to the Red Army, which is a fictional army best known in cartoon series Eddsworld created by Edd Gould in 2003 (y'all probably know this already)

This Project has over 30 volunteers helping. They are all amazing and talented!

But we have a problem. We can’t get our eddisodes done without our talented and amazing voice actors! So that’s why I’m asking you to help us!

You don’t have to be an experienced or professional voice actor to participate with this project, so don’t worry! To join our team, you must message me on my tumblr so you can send me the voice example!

We currently need voice actors for Tord, Pat, Edd, Matt, and Tom!

To audition, you must have a decent microphone that can record good audio! We can’t make our characters sound like a speaker, right? Also try your best to sound like the original casts!

Here are the sample lines for the each character;

Tord :

1. [Any kind of Tord noise]

2. [Angry Shouting] Do you know what this could start?

3. We’re here to hide, not to frolic around like kids in a candy store.


1. [Various Screaming in Terror]

2. Sir, not to be rude or anything but I really don’t think now is the time to be the mayor of ‘I told you so town.

3. We… are in a plane.


1. Ugh, is this pepsi? / Is this diet cola?

2. I thought we were friends!

3. Do you think tord is acting a little… suspicious?


1. I don’t have any spare change!

2. [High pitched screaming]

3. Not the face!


1. Wait, what was that? Hey!

2. Holy Pug on a pogo stick!

3. Ugh, this is so lame. / What are our neighbores want?

If you are chosen to be part of our team, you must have an active Discord account so we can add you into the group chat and stay in contact!

Thank you to everyone who gets in touch, shares this post or shows support for this project and we’ll keep you guys updated as we move forward :D


Are you willing to volunteer for an indie rpg game? If you are, then YOU ARE NEEDED RIGHT HERE!

Keep in mind that this is solely for volunteers meaning no cash can be given. I apologize if this is an inconvenience to anyone.

Your work will be fully credited. That being your name at the top of a document within the demo and full game files, a shoutout/meet the team mention on this blog under (TEAM), and your name/handle in the end credits of the game.

Cadeau is in need of proper CG’s, character busts, and sprites! With an artist, this will be possible– and we’ll be able to get rid of the ugly placeholders and fill them with beautiful artwork provided by you!

If you are an artist that can draw characters in an anime/manga-esque style, (think Sailor Moon or Yuri On Ice), and/or can draw environments and objects– then please come forward!

I am versatile regarding style, high or low detail– minimal or lots of shading– however thick lines are not exactly ideal. If you aren’t sure, then please send me a message! I would absolutely love to see your work.

Shown by this cool kid awkwardly grasping a violin– musicians need to come forward!

Cadeau is sounding a bit dull without a proper soundtrack! A musician will fill Cadeau with riveting songs that will raise emotion where it’s needed most, and leave us all with beautiful sounds to listen to even after we finish the game!

You will be asked for about 3 10-12 second loops, and perhaps 3-5 full songs.

If you can produce classical/fairytale like music, (for example: Kevin Macleod’s Fairytale Waltz) then please step forward!

Cadeau has a range of characters that need voices of their own! I am looking for little sounds, like laughter and gasps that will give our cast some extra life.

I am looking for 2 childish “feminine” Medium-toned and higher-toned.

& 1 childish “boyish” voice. Higher-toned.

(For more info on what voices are needed, please PM me or email me at the following. I want to keep character information discreet.)

For applications/questions message me at:


or email me at 

Before messaging me, please keep in mind that I will need an example of your work. That being a few pieces of yours or a link to your website/blog where I can browse your work. 

Thank you so much for following the development of Cadeau!

Applications will close 5/7/2017 << TOMMOROW!!


If you’re in Austin, TX or the surrounding area, I’m requesting your help!

If you have or are dying to write a piece about music– either a critique, a review of a show you attended recently, musings, etc.– please pass it along (especially if it’s pertaining to punk/hardcore/rap/hip-hop)! I’m looking to compile a zine-like thing that can start to fully develop and take shape into something more solid and steady in the next year.

Let’s start doing cool shit please! :-)

edit: feel free to pass them along thru email to

If you’re good at academic writing and editing and you’re looking for a side hustle email your resume and a very brief cover letter to

Mertina Writing Services is looking to add a talented person to the team. On average, we pay $15-$25/hour depending on the type of job.

Must have a bachelor’s degree and editing/ writing experience. 😊

Please signal boost!


Hey all, QZ Productions here, and based on the survey I sent out with my first game, Prom Dreams, there’s been one consistent weakness that fans have pointed out: the game was rather weak in the graphics/artwork department.

Well, for my next game, I want to change that - I’m looking to sign on an artist or two (maybe more?) to create character portraits (for menus and dialogue), title screens, enemy artwork, and (if feasible) CGs.  I’m willing to work with more than one artist depending on what their strengths are (e.g. one artist does the characters, another does the enemies), and I’m also willing to provide some financial compensation for their work.

What IS the game, exactly?

This game, codenamed Celestial Tower (I have a name for it, it’s just a secret right now :> ), is a dark fantasy Japanese-style RPG made in RPG Maker VX Ace.  While not strictly a horror game like my previous work, it features a dynamic, psychological story that dramatically changes based on everything the player does - the choices they make, the things they explore, and even the outcomes of battles.  While it contains all of the trappings of a classic, 16-bit era JRPG, it becomes very clear as the game progresses that things aren’t quite as they seem (I sense this will become a theme in my games, heh).

What kind of art will be required?

I’ll be needing the following:

  • Waist-up character portraits (for the menu, etc.) for 10 characters.
  • Emotive dialogue portraits (mostly likely based on the portraits for simplicity’s sake) for 10 characters.
  • Enemy artwork for battles, both creature and humanoid.
  • Title screen artwork

If time and resources allow, I may also ask for the following:

  • CGs for important cutscenes/endings
  • Miscellaneous promotional artwork

Please keep in mind that some of the artwork will probably include some blood and/or weapons due to the dark nature of the story. I plan for this game to have the equivalent a hard “teen” or soft “mature” rating, so please keep this in mind when inquiring.

What references will I get?

I’ll be providing all reference drawings, sprite sheets, character bios, story details, and anything else you feel like you need to get the job done, so don’t hesitate to ask. :)

How much creative freedom will I get?

Some designs are fairly set already (e.g. the main characters), but you will be free to tweak them if you think they’ll look better. I also need some (read: a lot of) help with designing some of the enemies, so assistance in that area would be greatly appreciated!

How will I be compensated?

Please note that Project Celestial Tower will be a freeware game, like my last title, so the financial compensation I can provide may be somewhat limited; however, I am willing to negotiate an exact amount according to your rates and my budget. :>

Of course, you’ll also be co-credited as a major production partner, and all of your artwork will be free to use as you wish for portfolios, etc., along with any additional terms you set that won’t conflict with its usage in the game and promotional material.

Any other terms and conditions?

Just a few:

  • Due to the dark content of the game (and also so I don’t accidentally violate some kind of labor law), please inquire only if you’re 17 or older. Don’t worry, there’s nothing sexual/pornographic in the game, I’m just covering my butt here. >_>;;
  • Please only inquire if you believe you’ll have the time to work on this project; I know a lot of y'all have school and work to focus on (I know I do, for work anyway), or even a backlog of art commissions, so please don’t take this on if it’s going to be too much work, for both of our sakes!
  • All artists will be asked to agree to non-disclosure, which means not releasing details about the project before they’re publicly announced and posting no spoilers of any kind prior to the game’s release. Your art will be featured in previews, demos, etc, so feel free to gloat about your hard work once I’ve released them on the game’s (future) dev blog. :V
  • In the event that you want to back out of the project, please inform me so that we can negotiate things like refunds, use of materials already completed, etc. Please do NOT just up and abandon it, especially if money’s already been exchanged! :<
  • Have fun with the art!! I like to see artists doing their own thing so I’ll try not to micromanage. :D;;

If you’re interested, please message me over Tumblr, (I’m QZProductions there), or via email at flanoirbunny @ gmail . com (no spaces).  Thanks a bunch!!


Been a while since we’ve done this, but in order to get this comic to where it truly needs to be, we need more people who think they have what it takes to join the BMC!

- We will be hiring around three artists max this time around, so if you are interested in working on TIAFOE with us, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK!

- Artists must be able to emulate/recreate the art style of Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, and as such, we could really use those who can provide sketched versions of the pages, though if you’re able to ink and/or color as well, that would be a plus!

- Since we talk about the production of the pages on a Skype chatroom, you must have a Skype account so you can give us updates, brainstorm ideas for future chapters, etc.!

- Speaking of which, you must be at least semi-active with us, so that we know what’s going on, and we’re not having to constantly re-add you to the chat. We’re like a tight-knit family, around these parts.

If you’re interested and/or you have any questions, please message @midnightclubx!

18 Years Later: Spongebob’s First Episode, ‘Help Wanted’, Still Holds Up.

‘Help Wanted’ quickly uses the show’s most essential comedic tool: Spongebob’s unnecessary energy.

The episode kicks off with a fog horn alarm blasting Spongebob from his sleep, and leads him to use a diving board to get dressed. He screams while he dead lifts stuffed animals. He panics over a fast food interview, and Patrick has to encourage him to go inside the building.

Within a few minutes Spongebob is established as a character with too much energy. The gags are elevated when he is contrasted with his melancholy pet snail, pompous neighbor Squidward, and his money hungry boss Mr. Krabs. At the job interview Mr. Krabs tells Spongebob to go buy pointlessly advanced spatula, and he hopes Spongebob will never return. Then, when Mr. Krabs and Squidward are drowning in customers, Spongebob flies in using the advanced spatula like a helicopter.

He then proceeds to make thousands of burgers at a breakneck pace, and even slices himself into three pieces at one point. As he prepares the burgers he is launching them out into the mouths of hungry customers.

Eighteen years later the visual gags still hold up. It’s still funny to see Spongebob launching burgers into a sea of customers. It’s still funny to see him get dressed using a diving board. For Spongebob everything is extreme, but he lives in a quiet underwater paradise, and he works a job at a fast food joint.

The surreal tone and setting of the show still stand out. Tiny Tim’s song ‘Living in the Sunshine’ gives the cooking scene a layered since of humor. You wonder if Spongebob is young and naive, or going insane. Is everyone in Bikini Bottom insane?

Who knows. The episode is still awesome.

Side Note: I’ve been writing a lot, and I’m working on a novel. If you’d like to keep up with me follow this blog. I really appreciate all of the support I’ve been getting from this community. :)

Thanks, Jo