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Hetalia Telephone Game! Looking for artists to join!

So I’m organizing a telephone game, with Hetalia as the theme! It’s going to be about 6-9 people, depending on how many are interested!

What’s a telephone game? Well, it’s a lot like the real life game! One person begins by drawing anything they want, and then message it to the next person in line! That person will draw their own unique interpretation of the drawing! They then pass it on to the next person in line, but that person can only see the drawing from the person behind them! It basically continues this cycle till we’ve finished! The point is to see how one idea, can transform and change from artist to artist, and it’s really interesting to see how people add their own special twists, and then how people interpret those twists!!

Hope that all made sense! Anyways, reblog this, and let me know your interested! I’ll add you to the list! We won’t start until I’ve got everyone, and the list order will be based on a first-Come-first-serve basis! So if you want an early slot, comment early! Also, I’ll be drawing the first image, but it’ll be a Hetalia surprise!! (if you really want a specific slot, I’ll see what I can do ;) )

Let’s do this! Pick up the phone and get ready!!


witches of tumblr i need your help. i’m doing a project for school (my individual investigation) about the stereotypes of witches portrayed in the media vs what they are and their practice. so i want opinions from other witches about stereotypes that bother them and what they practice (what kind of spells do you mostly practice) and your definition of a witch and witchcraft. feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. this is very important so i need this as soon as possible, the more responses i get the better so feel free to ask any other witches you know. thank you.

Hey y’all, Some of you might have noticed, we haven’t updated in quite some time! WE ARE CURRENTLY ON HIATUS. Don’t freak out, though! We aren’t going anywhere, things are just changing around here! Our biggest change is that one of our hosts, Elly, is unfortunately stepping down. We’re sad to see her go, but sometimes real life obligations get in the way of things. So with that said: 

HELP WANTED: We need another person to host with us, and someone or someone’s who’d be willing to write up the transcripts of our episodes! We really want to be able to provide those for you guys, but real life has been kicking our butts and the podcast is more work than we thought! 

As for hosting we thought we would try out things with a few people if there is interest and see how we all gel together! So with that in mind please get in touch with us if you think you’d be interested in getting involved! Send us an ask with a little bit about yourself and what you’d possibly be interested in doing! We would love to hear from you. For everyone’s safety and security we are asking for 18+ listeners for now. Don’t worry though, there will be plenty of other opportunities and future possibilities for all to get involved!

We plan on getting our next episode out in March. It will be our Holsom episode!! We are super excited to get that to you. Thanks for being patient with us, y’all rock!

–The Wellie Team! 

Probably could have worked on this longer and made it look better, but time is of the essence! I just hope there’s no typos haha

yep, I’m looking for people to help out! If you are interested, feel free to message me or email me at the email specified :-)

For the music, I’m aiming for the old style samurai film music (Think Yojimbo)

For voice actors, I’d prefer voice actors to be within the LA area that can travel to the CalArts school, or have access to a professional recording studio.

The characters are mostly male adults, but the villain is androgynous

Attention ESO RPERS: Help Wanted!


Any faction/Any race is welcome!

Looking for vendors/patrons/volunteers to help fill out a flea market style event, held in early march(our time)!

The flea market will be less formal, with characters welcomed to simply show up and set up shop, with several regular vendors mixed in.

It’s location is TBD, but will be held in a central location that is easy to access for most characters.

After the first event, if there is enough interest, it will then turn into a monthly roving market, with places chosen each week by vote-

No staying longer than two events in one place consecutively.

All kinds of characters are encouraged to attend and participate!

Please reach out to me via discord if interested, and I will also be putting an event thread on eso-rp.

Discord: TAMM#8828

Please signal boost this, even if you don’t rp on eso!

Things I really want to say in interviews
  • Interviewer: Have you taken a look at our website? What really attracted you to this position and made you want to work here?
  • Me: Well, you see I noticed in my in depth research into your website that it actually said you were hiring and this was particularly interesting to me. I mean, that line that had the job description listing things I know how to do? It really spoke to me, and I mean on a deeply personal level. I might've shed a tear.
Wanna Join an RPG Maker Project?

Well you’re in luck! These are the tags I use when any creator or team is looking for an additional team member for their game.  You can look through them to find a game to join.  Feel free to submit your own “Help wanted ad” via the submit box and I’ll tag them as needed

Tumblr’s not always the best place to advertise, as we tend to have more artist & musicians than those who really know how to use the engine.  If you’re not having any luck here, make sure to try any number of RPG Maker forums, Reddit, or Steam.

Oh, and the help needed tag is reserved for people who just have a question or two about how to use the engine.

Help Wanted

Hey Team!

We’ve got a few different tasks that could use more team members.

1. Writing Strider-centric dialogue. This task is happening right now, and we could really use help on it before Saturday!

2. Art for an upcoming BIG flash. This task will be ongoing over the next 5 weeks or so, and we would like to bring multiple folks on board for it. This is a larger time commitment than many of our other tasks. It will also involve being in regular contact with the rest of the folks assigned to it.

We need folks to create line art from thumbnails, as well as colorists  :o)

The process looks something like this:

3. Environmental pixel art for Bonus Content. Task time frame is ~2 weeks. As an example, here’s the type of work we need done:

If you’d like to help out with any of these things, you can contact Bluebird (BluebirdOfGrumpiness on Skype), email act8official(at)gmail(dot)com, or send us a message here or on the main blog.

So feel free to ignore this but… how do I change the name of this blog? I’m planning on just making it a side blog (since this is a main blog) and archiving the posts there. So I’ll technically still be around? Just extremely inactive. But yeah I kind of just want to change the name without completely deleting everything. This probs doesn’t make sense, but if someone could help out I’d appreciate it.


hello! i have been keen to learn danish for quite some time now, and i’ve decided to start today! i’m using memrise and duolingo, but i wanted to some human help as well! if you (or someone you know) can speak danish and english fluently, please leave me a message! i would love to get to know you and i would love your help!