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Hello everyone. Today I want ta introduce Shina’s teammates that @tomoe-au​ helped me come up with. You see, I’m terrible at coming up with OC’s. I neglected to really write about Shina’s teammates for this reason.

While trying to come up with who his teammates might be, well, I realized something. His teammates will probably eventually be his friends… and you see, so far… almost all of Shina’s fandom friends are girls. ^_^; I could have followed the 2 boys one girl policy, but that’s just really meh. I couldn’t do the 2 girls one boy thing because again there’s the problem of no variety in Shina’s life.

I neglected to mention his teammates for years and years. I considered just using some of by buddies OC’s like @rebelliondou, but that’s a story in itself which is not the same ‘story’ this blog follows (not that I wouldn’t mind doing asks for that particular AU) And them @tomoe-au saved the day!

So here we have Koga and Myouen. (Their colors/outfits are not final). This team was formed when they were 15, but they were aware of each others existence prior to becoming teammates even if they weren’t quite friends.


Koga is like a loyal dog. Always has some encouraging words to say, especially for Shina. He’s loud and if he thinks someone undeserving has been insulted, he will bark angrily. Not actually bark, but you get the idea. He may be be prone to mood swings. Pfff

Although Myouen doesn’t think much of Koga, Koga has a lot of beef with Myouen. It’s not uncommon for Koga to be yelling about something insulting Myouen has said and Myouen completely ignores him.

Koga has a scar on his eyebrow that he got after a very dangerous expedition where he sailed the seas and fought ninja pirates for the treasure of one piece… except that’s not what happened at all. He got the scar when he was a toddler and a vase fell on his face after pulling the table cloth. For every new person he meets, he makes up a new bull crap story of how he got it. At this point, not even he remembers how he actually got it. Probably.


Myouen is the local grumpy cat. He is extremely intelligent and excels in school and martial arts training, but because he’s super milk toast, no one really pays attention to him or his accomplishments.

Since they were younger, Myouen had an intense dislike of Shinachiku. Since he is the Hokage’s son and the son of the most prominent doctor in the world, he’s bound to get attention no matter what he does. Myouen finds Shina very undeserving and makes his feelings known.

Their ‘Friendship’

You can imagine how great everyone gets along at first. Meaning, they didn’t get along at all. The day they were assigned to meet, Shina and Koga got along right away. Koga was similar to his dad and Shina knew how to handle it.

When the two went to meet up with Myouen, things did not go well. In fact, the first thing out of Myouen’s mouth was insinuating Shina only got approved to be a shinobi because of the status of his parents and he hoped Shina actually held his weight on their future missions.

Cue the never ending cycle of Koga shouting, Myouen ignoring him, and Shina making sure the two stayed as far away from one another as possible.

There is a point where Myouen sees Shina in a different light and the three will get along much better, but that’s a story for another day.

Being almost complete opposites, Koga and Myouen will always kinda clash, but they’ll learn to respect one another.

Sooooo, what do you think? Again, couldn’t have done this without @tomoe-au, had a lot of fun spitting out headcanons and stuff.

  • Teacher: I'm going to put really vague set of guidelines for this essay in order to test my student's creativity and independence. I'm sure all of my students will appreciate this easy and open assignment! ^^

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3 and 14!

💡 3. Has creating a character ever made you realize something about yourself?

ooh that’s a good question I’m not sure I know the answer to that.  Certainly don’t think it’s likely I’ve had any major realizations at the moment of character creation, as it takes me a while to figure them out.  It has sometime led me to some very minor introspection on my part to figure out how my characters and I are alike and how we differ.

Playing Boffin has taught me I proooobably should not be handed power

and creating Tomo has helped me realize that tapirs are adorable (I think I already knew, I just didn’t think of them that often)

🎇 14. When writing for specific characters, is there anything you have to do to get into the right mindset?

Hmm, I don’t think I do anything in particular for any one character!  Though I certainly in general do try to put in an effort to get into the right mindset:  particularly a problem since my characters can sometimes be similar to myself: I need to remind myself to make sure they do what THEY would do, not what I would do, even if its not THAT different

I do like to listen to music while I write/draw, but I don’t have anything for specific characters, or even in general!  I just listen to whatever I feel like at the time.  


CHEER DANSHI!! (Summer 2016)

  • The story revolves around the “slightly odd and cute” members of a cheerleading squad at a men’s university. 

BATTERY (Summer 2016)

  • The story revolves around Takumi Harada, a young man who moves to a mountain town in Okayama prefecture during the spring break before he enters middle school due to his father’s job transfer. Takumi is a pitcher, and after the moves he loses faith in his own talent, when suddenly his classmate Kō Nagakura appears in front of him. Kō has a strong desire to form a “battery” with Takumi. 

AMANCHU! (Summer 2016)

  • The story follows the everyday lives of the members of a diving club in the city of Itō, in Shizuoka prefecture. 

ALL OUT!! (FALL 2016)

  • The story centers around Kenji Gion, a short first-year high school student. On his first day in Kanagawa Prefectural High School, he meets the tall Sumiaki Iwashimizu during a game of rugby. Kenji Gion strikes a friendship with Sumiaki, and soon joins the rugby club. The manga portrays the struggles of the mismatched pair. 

LONG RIDERS! (Fall 2016)

  • The story follows Ami Kurata, a first year college student with no special qualities. One day she happens to notice someone riding a folding bike, immediately falls in love with it, and uses all her savings to buy one. She eventually gets introduced to the world of long-distance bicycling and road racer bikes, and she forms a cycling team called Fortuna with four other female college students from the same school. Their goal is to ride in a “brevet” or long-distance event called “Fresh." 


  • The story centers on two boys who were never meant to meet: Tsukushi Tsukamoto, who has no special skills but secretly hides a passionate heart, and Jin Kazama, an isolated soccer genius. On a stormy night, the two meet, and that meeting creates a whirlwind in the world of high school soccer


  • An original anime about "authentic” figure-skating.


  • In “The Tiger’s Hole,” the behind-the-scenes organization of the revived wresting world, two young wrestlers take a stand. One of those fighters has inherited the training facility and mask of a tiger that Naoto Itō left at the foot of Mount Fuji. The other fighter has been victorious at fierce competitions since entering The Tiger’s Hole, and has obtained the black Tiger Mask. A Tiger Mask that walks down the path of light, and a Tiger Mask that walks down the path of shadow. Neither of them have ever seen each other’s face… In the ring, the two are fated rivals, but their goals are the same: “Crush The Tiger’s Hole!" 


  • The story begins with Hiromi Maiharu, a girl who moved from Nagasaki to Kamakura. She begins her new life in Kamakura and her first day in high school by bicycling to her school, but she has not ridden a bicycle since she was young. On the way to the ceremony for the first day, she meets Tomoe Akitsuki, and Tomoe helps her train to be better at bicycling


  • The story follows middle school students Koyori Tsumuzikaze and Agari Kamiya as they enter the world of girls’ middle school ping pong

KEIJO!!!!!!!! (TBA)

  • The story takes place in an alternate Japan where a sport called "KEIjo” by law in 2003 became a sport alongside horse racing, boat racing, and cycling that allows for gambling. In the sport, contestants stand on platforms floating on the water and must use their butts and chests to fight against each other to push each other off the platform


Haikyuu!! SEASON 3 (Fall 2016)

Yowamushi Pedal SEASON 3 (TBA)

In Character Questions!

I do these all the time and I feel like I’m at the point where I kinda have my characters nailed down and am ready to answer some questions! As the title implies, you will ask the characters questions and the characters will answer~ List of characters you can ask things is below

NOTE: There are different “versions” of the characters you can ask things. There’ll be links to help!

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hey toma how did you persevere through hating your art cause like whenever I draw I just hate it and I feel sad and I can't even actually practice because I'm just so upset with my own art, sorry this is personal but I'd like some advice

Hmm i never actually hated it?

Sure there were times when i felt that i’m “not good enough”, but it’s important to get a few things straight:

  1. Stuff you do and you yourself are two different things, i.e. surprise making drawing with bad anatomy doesn’t make you a bad person; a drawing is just that - a drawing. Don’t like it? Tear it apart or throw it in a trash or burn it and then go and make 100 more. 
  2. You’ll never get good by not drawing. And i know it sounds ridiculous at first, but i’ve met TONS of people that are like “oh yeah i have that awesome idea for a super cool art piece in my head but i’m not good enough to draw it just yet’. JUST. DRAW IT. You can always redraw it in the future. I redraw a lot of shit and it feels amazing to see how far i came.
  3. Don’t hate yourself for not making masterpieces. Repeat after me: i am allowed to make pieces i don’t like. The quality of the drawing may vary because of many many factors like physical health, mental health, mood etc. Hell, i make a lot of drawings that i consider “below my usual level”, but do i hate them? No. Because at the very least i finished them. Now i’m 1 “bad” drawing closer to drawing even better.
  4. You draw “bad” until you draw good. There’s no other way, just practice.

Alright this was all very rushed but i hope i got my point across

Now go make some art, pal

The Story - Part 2

“Ok.” Shannon said with a mouthful of food. “That was good.”

“See. It’s all in the crust.” Tomo exclaimed.

In the midst of discussions about how much flour to add and when to add it, Shannon’s phone began to ring.

“Hey!” He answered as he walked away.

Jared and Tomo helped me to clear away the dishes. The conversation had now changed to when the guitars should come in during the particular song they were working on tonight.

Shannon came in looking angry and set his phone down hard on the kitchen counter.


“What’s wrong?” Jared asked walking around to his brother.

“Remember that shoot for Black Fuel? Well not only did my model bail on me, but my photographer is sick. So now I’ve spent six grand on a shoot, that’s not even gonna happen”

He was pissed and rightfully so. Black Fuel was Shannon’s baby. He’d worked so hard to put it all together, and he was still in the beginning stages of building his brand. Jared couldn’t stand to see his brother upset, so of course he had an idea.

“Look,” he began. “The shoot is in a couple days right?”


“Do you still have the spot picked out?”

“Picked out, reserved and paid for.”

“Well why don’t I take the pictures. And the two of you do the shoot.”

Jared looked at me, desperate for confirmation that I would do this for him as Shannon’s eyes lit up.

“Oh that’d be awesome!” Shannon beamed

He walked over to me, my hands still plunged in soapy dishwater, and wrapped his arms around me.

“Please. Please. Please.” He repeated without taking a breath.

I’m not model material. Never have been. Never wanted to be. But if it meant helping out my best friend and my boyfriend, I’d be up for it.

“Ok. Ok.”

He kissed my cheek and gave me a big squeeze.

It was just the beginning.