help this quarter is slaying me

anonymous asked:

Hi can I speak to Smaug, you can call me Anne, I've been dealing with a lack of self confidence, I feel like no matter how hard I try I will never get anything right, and I'll never get anywhere in life. I feel like I am only a burden to people and even myself, I've considered just giving up but that would just destroy the little bit of confidence I have left and upset my parents. I have no idea what to do and just need help seeing myself as a better person because, I don't see whats so great.

Greetings, Anne. Congratulations on writing to the unequalled and glorious Smaug.

This may shock you, but when I was young I too felt doubtful of myself. How could I compare to the great dragons of old? To Glaurung, first of the fire-drakes, terror upon all peoples of the First Age? Or to Ancalagon the Black, bred in the dark, so great as to crush mountains? I was so listless that I stayed hidden in the safe, wormy bowels of the earth; thinking it was only a foolish hope to ever amass a hoard of my own.

After a time, I realized a problem with thinking that way. I was letting my own fear control me, not my rational mind. Of course I cannot match Ancalagon for size, or Glaurung’s terrorization upon the very minds of all who challenged him, because their abilities are not my own! But does that mean my own claws are any less wicked? My teeth any less sharp? My fire any colder? No. I am also a dragon, death and destruction itself, and I can kill as well as any of my forebears. Glaurung or Smaug, no one would dare to stand in our way.

There is no need for you to give up, tiny human. You may not have accomplished great deeds as of yet, but you have the potential. Forget about others, and do not compare yourself to them: I want you to only examine yourself, and to do so as even-handedly as possible. What are your strengths? Your desires? What is holding you back from reaching them? What can you do to start overcoming those obstacles? And do you have any allies to help you?

You are going to fight, Anne, and you must plan accordingly. I do not promise that you will achieve your goals by tomorrow–but taking small actions will inevitably lead to larger changes.

Go forth, Anne, and offer your enemies neither mercy nor quarter. Should any think to oppose you, slay them where they stand. I eagerly await the ballads of lamentation that will be sung by the victims who flee, telling of all the terror you have brought to your land; and any news you care to tell me of your plans.