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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,020

MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING: panic attacks/anxiety - PLEASE do not read if you think this may cause you to trigger from either of these. I am here to talk if anyone needs any comfort or support for them as well.

A/N: Anon requested Shawn having an attack on stage and Y/N being experienced with them and helping him out.


Shawn’s P.O.V.

I begin to strum my guitar, feeling waves of musical vibrations running through my body. The atmosphere right now, in this stadium, is incredible - something I’ve never experienced before. If I’m being honest, it frightens me a little but I know that when everyone sings along, everything will be fine. Y/N smashed it with her opening act so the crowd has already been sending me amazing vibes ever since I stepped foot on this stage.

Strumming the chords to Ruin, my hands are shaking a little bit but I know that this song always gets to me physically. I always get lost in the song. When my voice comes out shaky, I cringe a little bit, hoping everyone didn’t think it was as bad as it sounded in my head. It’s when I completely stuff up the next line by stuttering that my lungs feel like they’re being squished together. “I-,” I take a huge breath before continuing, “I… I just have to go - I’ll b-be back.” I say before rushing off stage, my legs feeling awfully weak. I remove my guitar from my body with all of the strength I have left. Y/N rushes up to me, grabbing my shoulders and steadying me slightly. “Shawn! Shawn! Breathe, just breathe.” She says to me as the floor seems as if it will dissipate any second now.

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Got7 Yugyeom


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Loud music, mirrored walls. I was helping Yugyeom, my best friend with one of his choreographies. Yugyeom was one of those friends who was always there for me and I could trust him with anything. But lately I started to feel like he was pushing me away, it kind of hurt. I mean he was my best friend and you don’t do that to your best friend. But to be honest I tried to push him away too, I kind of started feeling something more towards him. Something that felt wrong, something that could ruin our friendship.

Anyway. We were dancing and Yugyeom pulled me close. My hand was resting on his chest and our lips were really close. We breathed in the same pace. I didn’t want to continue anywhere from here and Yugyeom didn’t continue the choreography. Yugyeom tilted his head and moved his lips on mine. The kiss was soft, tender but meaningful. I wrapped my hands around his neck to deepen the kiss and opened my mouth so he could slip his tongue in there.

Yugyeom moved his hands on my lower back, moving to my butt. From my butt they moved to the waistband of my leggings. He pulled himself out of the kiss and examined my face. “What are we doing?” he breathed out. 

“Probably something we both are going to regret tomorrow.” I said. Yugyeom nodded and kissed me again. He moved his hands to the back of my thighs, lifting me up and carried me to the couch. I started lifting his shirt off at the same time as I kicked my shoes off. Yugyeom removed my leggings and removed his pants. I sat up and took my shirt off. 

Yugyeom kissed my neck, my collarbones, my breasts. He rubbed my clit with his finger, I wrapped my hands around his neck. Soon he thrusted his dick in me and started bounding like it was his last day on earth. “What are you…?” I moaned. I mean it was great but my body wasn’t ready for this.

“I don’t want someone to catch us.” Yugyeom grunted. He kept thrusting and I rolled my hips. Yugyeom also kept kissing my body. Yugyeom’s thrusts started getting sloppy, which meant that he was close. I pushed Yugyeom down so now I was riding him. I bounced up and down, making my boobs bounce too. Yugyeom started massaging both of them, kissing them, playing with them. I started bounce faster. But then to our horror, we heard steps outside the practice room. Yugyeom thrusted few times, at least he got to cum.

We got dressed quickly, we didn’t know we could be that fast. I was putting my shoes on when Jaebum opened the door. Yugyeom jumped to the other side of the practice room. “Hi, to you too.” he said to Yugyeom. I took my bag from the practice room floor and looked at Yugyeom who looked terrified. “I’m gonna go now. Bye.” I said and walked out of the practice room. 

“So Yugyeom, how’s your ‘I don’t want Y/N to know that I like her’ plan going?” Jaebum asked. Tomato red Yugyeom looked at the ground before speaking “Not well.” he mumbled.

“How?” Jaebum chuckled.

“We kind of…”

“Yugyeom, this is not how we raised you. Others sit on that couch.” Jaebum nagged.

“I know but…She seemed to like it too.” Yugyeom kept mumbling.

“I’m gonna tell Jinyoung…His gonna make your life a hell.” Jaebum faked shocked.

“But…If she liked it too, maybe she has feelings for me too.” Yugyeom said.

“I wouldn’t get my hopes up.” Jaebum said and searched for Jinyoung’s number on his phone.

“Maybe I should tell her, ask her out. Maybe we could be a thing.” Yugyeom got exited.

“Yugyeom, don’t ruin your friendship. Don’t go for it.” Jaebum said and hugged Yugyeom. 

“But maybe…maybe,we aren’t supposed to be just friends.” Yugyeom thought and looked at the door. Well not the door, he looked at the space where he last saw me.

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Eren's a good friend

This one’s for Rae. I threw this idea at her and like the lovely lady she is, she helped me fine tune it until it fit.

* * *

“Levi,” Eren called over the music, “Levi.” The ink haired man didn’t flinch, simply stared at his drink, expression blank. “Ackerman!”

“Huh?” Levi finally poked his head up. “What?” Eren’s brows furrowed together. “Spit it out, brat.”

“You’ve been acting off since you came back from the bathroom. What’s up?” Eren demanded.

“I got lost. You know I hate that,” Levi shrugged, looking around Trost’s newest rooftop bar. “Pretty up here, isn’t it? The stars are really visible tonight.”

“Don’t bullshit me,” Eren huffed, arms crossed over his chest. “Did something happen?”

“Would you drop it, Jaeg’?” Levi glared.

“Something did happen. What is it?” Eren leaned forward, eyes keen and brows raised.

“Nothing happened,” Levi insisted.

“Did too.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

“Did – look, I’m not doing this with you,” Levi rolled his eyes and slammed back his whiskey.

“If you don’t tell me, I’m giving Hange the spare key you gave me,” Eren threatened. “They’ll be able to get in whenever they want.”

“You wouldn’t.” Levi narrowed his eyes, jaw dropping when Eren refused to back down. “I trusted you!”

“Not enough to tell me what’s wrong, apparently,” Eren grumbled petulantly.

Levi shot Jean a look that screamed help me. That weirdo was one of the few who could rein in Eren’s rampaging need to butt into his friends’ business. He was certain he heard Jean snort before shaking his head. He truly had no other choice.

“Remember that ex I told you about?”

Eren’s lip curled into a sneer. “The asshole who shall not be named.”

“He’s here,” Levi tilted his head to the douchiest loser at the bar, hand squeezing Eren’s arm when he tensed to jump up, “I ran into him right before I sat back down.” Levi grunted. “He started going off about how he’s ‘the best thing I ever had,’ and ‘good luck finding someone as into you as I was,’” Levi hissed through his teeth. “Like, the guy’s a dick, I haven’t dated anyone since him and I’m over his shit, I really am, but he just – ugh – he gets under my skin. I know I shouldn’t care what he says… I just wish I could throw something in his face to shut him the fuck up. It’s petty, I know–”

“But it’s understandable,” Eren interrupted.

Levi nodded. “Thanks. I feel a little better.”

“But not quite.” Eren pushed out of his chair and grabbed Levi’s hand. “Come on,” was the only warning he gave before Levi was being dragged away from their table.

“Eren,” Levi growled, voice hushed and panicked, “what do you think you’re doing?”

“You clearly need another drink,” Eren smiled brilliantly.

That angelic act did not fool Levi. “You better not do anything stupid,” he managed to spit out right before they got to the bar.

“Stupid?” Eren said a little too loudly before he pressed Levi’s back against the counter. “Levi, you are so funny!”

Levi tilted his head, what the hell was Eren talking about?

Eren smirked and cupped Levi’s face with those obnoxiously soft hands and crashed their mouths together.

The gasp Levi let out was just enough for Eren to lace their tongues together, hands leaving his face to pull him ever closer. Eren groaned into Levi’s mouth when he tangled his fingers in Eren’s hair.

Levi had never wondered much what it would be like to kiss Eren. He never expected his mouth to be gentle, or his hands to grasp him like he’s holding on for dear fucking life. He hadn’t thought that Eren would swallow every shallow breath he gave until his toes curled.

He hadn’t thought that kissing Eren would awaken feelings he hadn’t realized were there. He wouldn’t have guessed that something as casual as this was supposed to be would stir something in him so intimate it was almost terrifying. Levi gripped Eren’s hair tighter. It was only almost terrifying, after all.

Eren’s mouth became more demanding, coaxing small purrs out of Levi, and the tiniest whimper of, “Eren,” before Levi kissed him with renewed fervour.

Levi lost track of how long Eren had him pinned against the bar. He lost track of any sound that didn’t come out of Eren’s throat, every brush of air that wasn’t hot against his lips. Levi got lost in Eren.

Until Eren grabbed his ass and he jerked his arm backward, elbow shoving a pitcher of sangria to the floor.

“Hey!” The bartender snapped.

Eren and Levi yanked apart, faces flushed and chests heaving.

“Sorry!” Eren panted. “I’ll pay for that. And get my boyfriend a whiskey while you’re at it, please.”

Eren slapped a couple bills onto the bar counter and Levi chanced a gaze over his shoulder at his ex, smiling to himself when he found the man fuming into his cider.

He nuzzled his face into Eren’s neck, revelling in the ocean breeze that eternally clung to the man’s skin. “Huh,” he murmured.

“Levi, please,” Eren chuckled, “we shouldn’t get any more carried away.” Levi didn’t have to look at him to know he had a smug grin fixed on his face.

“Thank you.”

Eren could feel Levi’s smile against his neck. “I love you too.” And while Levi knew Eren said that for show, it spread warmth through his chest all the same.

Levi really wished he saw his ex boyfriend spit out his drink.

It was only when they were stumbling home did they mention the night’s events again.

“That was a rather… passionate kiss, Eren.”

The brunet was suddenly fascinated with the trees lining the sidewalk. “Had to make it convincing. Your ex… well he really hurt you, didn’t he? You haven’t said as much but I can tell. I couldn’t just sit back and let him gloat about that.”

“Still,” Levi slurred a little.

“You know I get carried away sometimes,” Eren insisted.

“Jean said you would say that,” Levi barely managed to suppress his grin when Eren stiffened. “Jean also said you’re full of shit and want to date me.”

Eren stared at the ground. “Levi, I… I…”

“Did you talk to Mikasa at all before we left?” It was Levi’s turn to look anywhere but at the man walking next to him. “Because I think she said something about me feeling the same way.”

“Levi…” Eren laughed softly.

“Laugh at me again and I’ll shove you in front of the next passing taxi, you shitty brat.”

They walked in silence for a few moments.

Eren coughed, “So will you…”

Levi rolled his eyes before threading his fingers through Eren’s. “Yes.”



{21st century music inspired by songs of the past}

KEEN (music inspired by 1950’s and 60’s doo wop, soul, and bubblegum pop)
01.valerie-amy winehouse 02.shark in the water-vv brown 03.candyman-christina aguilera 04.pack up-eliza doolittle 05.tightrope-janelle monae 06.the sweet escape-gwen stefani 07.well well well-duffy 08.the rebounder-amanda jenssen 09.freezing-mozella trainor 11.queen of disaster-lana del rey 12.clumsy-fergie 13.daydreamin-ariana grande 14.god help the girl-god help the girl 15.why do you let me stay here?-she and him

GROOVY (music inspired by 1960’s and 70’s surf rock, psychedelic rock, and folk)
01.who have i become-best coast 02.elephant-tame impala 03.lonely boy-the black keys (ooh la la)-grace potter and the nocturnals 05.ain’t no rest for the wicked-cage the elephant 06.let’s get high-edwarde sharpe and the magnetic zeros 07.texico bitches-broken social scene 08.ruin-cat power 09.edge-haim 10.kings-the pierces 11.the habit-lissie 12.barrowland ballroom-amy macdonald 13.the everlasting muse-belle and sebastian silver lining-first aid kit 15.romulus-sufjan stevens

FRESH (music inspired by 1980’s new wave, synthpop, and electropop)
01.shut up and dance-walk the moon 02.sons and daughters-negative youth feat. eve 03.girls-the 1975 04.uptight downtown-la roux 05.body work-tegan and sara queen-charli xcx 07.eleventh dimension-julian casablancas 08.all of you-betty who 09.gun-chvrches 10.every night i say a prayer-little boots 11.froot-marina and the diamonds x 13.serious-gwen stefani ferreira 15.hang with me-robyn

DOPE {music inspired by 1990’s r&b, dance, and trip hop) know you like it-alunageorge 02.little things-tinashe 03.everlasting love-fifth harmony 04.extraordinary-clean bandit 05.boy-little mix i-ariana grande mia 08.90’s music-kimbra 09.hideaway-kiesza 10.monks-frank ocean 11.and it was u-how to dress well 12.two weeks-fka twigs 13.comfortable-fola 14.goddess-banks of balloons/glass table girls-the weeknd

Don’t They Know It’s The End of The World?



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Accompanying Music - Skeeter Davis - The End of the World

Another inserted filler - this one between Respite and Where it All Went Wrong. I love the song but it’d probably make Cass sad every so often, especially given her surroundings. I figured Hancock would want to cheer her up and given that his VA is Danny Shorago….hopefully this isnt lame xD;

Also something that @george-nordington does when I drown myself in sad music and wallow in self-pity…he ruins the mood and just makes fun of whatever Im listening to xD;

Thanks again @kirain for helping me review it ^^

Edit: Ah! Sorry! I forgot that some of this was inspired by asks! @aiboulight

No dancing….not yet but maybe down the line >_>;

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noct valentines day is coming up soon! what do you plan on doing with your beauty of a wife on the day? you gonna make a move? ;)))

“If I talk about what my plans are, then it will ruin the surprise, won’t it? *he winks* Don’t you worry. I’ve got this covered. Luna will end up having an awesome Valentine’s Day, all thanks to me, and the help of the bros, because what I have planned, I needed the extra hand. She’ll be smiling non-stop. As for making a move? She’s my wife. I got this. *he pauses* I suppose I can give you a hint. Flowers, sparkling jewels, special lighting, music, amazing food, and just the two of us. I’m sure you can figure it all out.”

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tbvh i'm really curious about Hamilton but idk what it is besides it being a musical and it sounds pretty funny... so please, do enlighten me lol

It’s a musical that will ruin your life and drag you deep into Hamiltrash and Hamilpun hell. Getting to those places also helps you recognise the huge amount of references in mine and Evans’ conversation, since every second sentence has something related to it.

It makes you laugh, it makes you angry, it makes you cry. And after you’re done with it, this will be you:


This is like the most mesmerizing thing ever?? Some of the strings are just tripping me out, and honestly I listened to this loop like 50 times. It doesn’t help that I can only think of Daithi de Calibre now whenever I hear this song (thanks to do-it-for-the-delitoonz). Brb while I swoon over beautiful harp music (Yes, I swoon over music. Don’t judge me…).


Elmo4Ham! with news that @linmanuel​ and leslie odom jr are leaving the show, I nominate elmo and big bird for their roles!

elmo’s already got his audition tape right here with the help of mr. chris jackon (my gOD just rUIN Me with your voice why don’t you)

as for big bird? well if he can’t land the part of aaron bird, no worries. I’m pretty confident he can win the role of eliza - after all, he’s a lot more successful at getting hELMOton to take a break!

Happy B-Day Soushi! I so desperately wanted to draw Soushi, my sweet child. Plus I miss the glasses. The ending ruined me emotionally… I’m at the point where I can’t even listen to music from Fafner without being extremely upset. 


send me a ship ( otp/brotp/notp ) and i’ll tell you the following:

  • who walks out of the movie theatre after a movie and suggest they watch another movie straight after?
  • who swears like a sailor when driving?
  • who is always ten minutes early to appointments?
  • who swears they can set up the new home entertainment system without any help?
  • who can spend five hours straight in ikea?
  • who buys things online & returns them a few days later?
  • who plays the music so loud that it basically ruins everyone’s hearing?
  • who is more likely to spend money on unnecessary things?
  • who stays up until 5am reading?
  • who has a strict “no shoes” rule in the house?
  • who complains about not having a bathtub because they can’t buy bath bombs?
  • who’s the more competitive one?
  1. I’m Done - The Julie Ruin
  2. Self Help - Green Dreams
  3. You Can’t Count On Me - Dyke Drama
  4. Chrissy Cried Wolf - Gravel
  5. Hangin’ Around - Gay Sin
  6. Chick’n - T-rextasy
  7. Trans Day of Revenge - G.L.O.S.S.
  8. Five Golden Rings - RiceCrackers
  9. Projection - PWR BTTM
  10. Talking Quiet of Anything With You - Free Cake For Every Creature
  11. Woman - Angel Olsen
  12. Scene Sick - Diet Cig
  13. Cool Girl - Tove Lo

Listen to the playlist available here.

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Outsiders ship? I'm 5'3 with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. I'm Hispanic, with "Really nice legs". I love reading, writing, and watching movies. I LOVE hiking, playing floor hockey and football. I only wear things that make me comfortable so... I laugh really easily, I'm introverted, very awkward in all situations, and also sometimes anti-social. I try to stay positive in every situation, but anxiety ruins that too much. I love photography, and music too. Thank you lol

I ship you with: Darry Curtis. He would love your eyes, hair, and basically everything about you. To him you are the most beautiful person in the world. He would think it’s adorable how you laugh so easily. He’d always try to help you in situations where things may be awkward for you, such as ordering food or something (my best friend does that, bless his lil heart) He’d do his best to make you feel confident and positive and even though he’s always busy he makes sure he always has time for you :)

Your best friend would be: Johnny Cade, you two have the same personality. You guys are always together and you tell each other everything.

Your sibling would be: Two-Bit Mathews. He’s be an insanely protective brother, always telling Darry if he hurt you there would be hell to pay. He was always there for you and he’d make sure no one was ever mean to you.

Oh goodness, I’ve been working on this all night. This scene and song wreck me emotionally and I’ve wanted to do my own version of it for a while, so here we are! Hope you like it! Made from scratch, by ear, in Garageband.

Written by Toby Fox @fwugradiation


Read Along:

A long time ago, a human fell into the RUINS.
Injured by its fall, the human called out for help.
ASRIEL, the king’s son, heard the human’s call.
He brought the human back to the castle.
Over time, ASRIEL and the human became like siblings.
The King and Queen treated the human child as their own.
The underground was full of hope.
Then… One day…
The human became very ill.
The sick human had only one request.
To see the flowers from their village.
But there was nothing we could do.
The next day.
The next day.

The human died.
ASRIEL, wracked with grief, absorbed the human’s SOUL.
He transformed into a being with incredible power.
With the human SOUL, ASRIEL crossed through the barrier.
He carried the human’s body into the sunset.
Back to the village of the humans.
ASRIEL reached the center of the village.
There, he found a bed of golden flowers.
He carried the human onto it.
Suddenly, screams rang out.
The villagers saw ASRIEL holding the human’s body.
They thought that he had killed the child.
The humans attacked him with everything they had.
He was struck with blow after blow.
ASRIEL had the power to destroy them all.
ASRIEL did not fight back.
Clutching the human…
ASRIEL smiled, and walked away.
Wounded, ASRIEL stumbled home.
He entered the castle and collapsed.
His dust spread across the garden.
The kingdom fell into despair.
The king and queen had lost two children in one night.
The humans had once again taken everything from us.
The king decided it was time to end our suffering.
Every human who falls down here must die.
With enough souls, we can shatter the barrier forever.
It’s not long now.
King ASGORE will let us go.
King ASGORE will give us hope.
King ASGORE will save us all.
You should be smiling, too.
Aren’t you excited?
Aren’t you happy?
You’re going to be free.

Made with SoundCloud

we could just kiss; screw these idiots for ruining my life

[listen]  {cover]

1. deeper conversation; yuna 2. like real people do (acoustic); hozier 3. skinny love; birdy 4. last smoke before the snowstorm; benjamin francis leftwich 5. xo (john mayer cover); beyonce 6. one; ed sheeran 7. mess is mine; vance joy 8. lay me down (acoustic); sam smith 9. kiss me; ed sheeran 10. can’t help falling in love; twenty one pilots 11. what you wanted; onerepublic 12. tee shirt; birdy 13; bloom; the paper kites 14; better together; jack johnson 15. latch (acoustic); sam smith 16. something i need; onerepublic 17. turning page; sleeping at last 18. hazy; rosi golan 19. chasing cars; snow patrol 20. the weight of us; sanders bohike

@samdurussel asked for “Drarry and 7!!”

#7 - Fake Relationship AU

“I really should be getting back to my friends,” Draco tried once more, shouting over the music and sweating against the throng pressing up to his back.

The big guy just laughed though.  “They’re alright, tell me you name gorgeous?”

Draco bit his lip and eyed up the harangued bartender, wondering if he could ask for help.  But he’d gotten in on a fake i.d. - one he wouldn’t need for much longer - but nonetheless he didn’t fancy ruining his night by getting thrown out if anyone double checked it. 

“Thanks, but I-”

“You’ve got such pretty eyes, anyone ever tell you that?”

“Um,” Draco stalled, desperately uncomfortable.  This guy was twice his size and eyeing him up like a steak with all the trimmings.

That’s when he felt the arm slip around his waist, and his head snapped back as he wondered what fresh hell was this.

A guy - a gorgeous guy - smiled over at him.  He was slightly shorter than Draco, but his solid form gave him all the presence he needed.  “There you are babe, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.  Everything okay?”

He shot a look at the big guy, who had straightened up and moved back a step.  “Sorry,” he mumbled, then disappeared into the crowd.  Draco let out a sigh of relief.  

The stranger let Draco go.  “Sorry, I hope you don’t mind,” he said.  “You looked like you needed rescuing.”

Draco shook his head.  “No, thank you!” he cried.  “I couldn’t make him leave.”

The guy smiled.  “No problem,” he said, and made to leave.  Draco though, caught his arm in impulse.

“Um,” he stammered.  “Can I buy you a drink, to say thank you, er…?”

“Harry,” the guy supplied.  He had beautiful green eyes under wire framed glasses, and a mop of curly black hair.  “You don’t need to say thank you,” he said.

“Oh,” said Draco, disappointed.

The guy, Harry, touched his shoulder.  “I’d love a drink though anyway.”

Draco broke into a goofy grin.  “Excellent,” he said.

Rob Benedict’s Voice

When you introduce your supervisor to Rob Benedict’s voice and Louden Swain, it sounds like a good idea when you find out she loves it. It’s NOT a good idea when she is playing his music throughout the office and you’re already emotional. HIS VOICE MAKES ME MORE EMOTIONAL BUT CALMS ME AT THE SAME TIME. WHAT. THE. HELL. HELP ME.

@spnackleholicswainer @theamatuerpopculturehour @alexa-ann-winchester @crazysocklovingfangirl @totallysupernaturaloneshots @crowleysplaythings @i-dont-understand-that-url @baritonechick @samanthasmileys @sammys-angel @dont-hate-relate-pls @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll @thatone67chevyimpala @thegameison97 @growningupgeek @ive6669 @uniquelyobsessed @your-favorite-emo-nerd @fandom-has-ruined-my-life @youcanhavit @hillface89 @angelkurenai @letmewriteyourlove @fangirl1802 @robbenedictxreader @ellienovak @passionate-ranting-fangirl @psycho-moose-sammy @ashiewesker @cocos-cocoapuffsarenotforsale @hudine @paddy1219 @rumproastgirl @wayward-mirage