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Beach Day

summary: just a fun beach day with dad shawn and his fam

You walked out of the bathroom, fixing the swimsuit you were wearing. You and Shawn had decided to take the kids on a vacation to Florida for the week, and since it was one of your first days there, you brought up the beach. “Lookin’ good, babe.” Shawn smiled, squirting sunscreen into his hand, and rubbing into your five-year-old daughter’s back.

“Daddy! That’s cold!” She squealed, jumping away from him.

“Sorry, angel.” Shawn smiled, and finished spreading the SPF 30 over her back.

Grabbing a pair of sunglasses, you slipped them onto your head. “Are you ready for the beach, honey?” You asked her, laughing at how much extra sunscreen Shawn had on his hands.

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No rain, No flowers.

REQUEST : Can you please do a one where the reader forgets his birthday? - Anonymous

I know I have been MIA in writing for a while, but I had lost all the motivation to write. But I’m back and I really hope you enjoy this one! So.. ENJOY! xx

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lampforever-deactivated20170829  asked:

Hey I am really confused about the new album so can u help me? So 4 mini albums are gonna be released right? L, O, V And E So are the album covers only gonna be different or the entire song list is gonna be different? And what is a hidden track? Rapmon has a hidden track in that album but what does that mean?

When groups release different versions of the same album, it means you will get the same tracks in all of them. What’s different is the packaging, the photos and the goodies that come with the album. For example, the poster will be different. If you look for instance at Wings it also came in 4 versions. The photo book differs in each one of them. W = Jin + group- I = V + Hobi - N = Suga + Jimin - G = Jungkook + RM. For “Love Yourself HER” it comes in 4 versions L.O.V.E so you can expect the same thing. 

+ A hidden track is when a song is placed after another track (usually, but not necessarily, the last track on the album), following a long period of silence. It’s like a hidden song in the CD. BTS 길 Road/Path was a hidden track was a hidden track

For more info about BTS Love Yourself HER, pls visit HERE

The Green Day Art Club!!!

Hey guys! @youworryyouworryshit came up with the idea to start a Green Day art club (I kind of helped)! Everyone in this fan base is so talented so we figured we could make something to help all the little blogs get their art seen and have a place where people can come together and see each others art!

Okay so here’s how it’s gonna work:

@youworryyouworryshit and/or I will post a theme on the first of each month.

For March this year our theme is Kerplunk! so if you want to join in you should make something associated with Kerplunk. You can draw green day from that era, your favorite song, the album cover… whatever you want to draw that’s associated to Kerplunk to share with us!

Also later on, if this gets somewhere, we will have a survey for people to take the last week of a month to choose the theme!

Anyone can join in, even if you don’t think you’re a good artist!

Feel free to join in whenever you want! We’d love to see lots of people do this and share!

You don’t have to make huge, completed art pieces unless you want to! You can just sketch something and post it!

You can create whatever kind of art you want. any shape. any size. any color. finished or not. we would love to see what you’ve made!

When you make your art and post it, use the tag #green day art club!

When you’re ready to share your beautiful art with the fan base post it and be sure to tag #green day art club. and if you don’t want to post art but you still wanna see what people are doing feel free to follow that tag!

This is not a competition or anything just a little group where you can share your art with the rest of the fan base!

Please don’t forget to tag your art with #green day art club! We want everyone to find it easily!

Remember to have fun with this!!

First Time Inked

Genre: fluff

Summary: After purposely bailing out on your brother’s request for a brother-sister tattoo session, today he finally got you to uphold your promise, dragging you to his two hot and gorgeous friends’ tattoo parlor shop. 

Word Count: 1206

Requested by @wendzkells! thank you & hope you like~

Written by: Admin Smutty Wangfairy

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anonymous asked:

can you please do an exo reaction to finding out their crush is a huge fan of them?

Sorry It took so long sweetheart. -Jewels


It was the weekly movie night. He had just walked into you house, he would knock but you told him you were going for a shower, he was just about to call your name when he heard you sing, you were jumping around your bathroom drying you hair when your playlist put on Call Me Baby by exo, you started jamming out when you heard a laugh and a flash. You turned to see a smirking Xiumin with an eyebrow raised. You opened your mouth to explain but he had pulled you for a hug. “This makes me like you even more,” once the words hit your ears you were a blushing mess.

Originally posted by mminseok


He had just landed in Canada last night, he hugged his coat closer to him as he walked down the busy street looking at the beautiful street life. Once he had gotten his warm drink he sat in the far corner pulling out his phone to check what his crush was up to, he looked on twitter to see that your name was 3rd on the world trending list… he slowly clicked on the tag. His eyes got huge when he say millions of posts on how someone caught a photo of you with his face as your phone background. Without thinking he pulled out his phone calling the number he had remembered by heart. Not even 3 rings, “I can explain…” you whispered. He stopped all your thoughts with his amazing laugh.

Originally posted by kpoprivacy


He looked up when you entered his dressing room, you were his make- up artist, you had been working with him for years and over those years he started falling for you slowly and hard. He tensed when you walked over, complaining that he needed more sleep because his skin was too dry. He held his breath but still got the scent of you bubblegum lip gloss that was slow drawing him in.  “Y/N!” someone down the hall had yelled for you, you smiled and told Kris it would only take a minute, he let out a huge breath when you exited, his thoughts were interrupted by a ting from a phone, you had left you phone right beside him. He just quickly looked to see your background. “Kris …what are you doing..?” You stood in the doorway, eyes glued to the phone that was in his hand. “So you like me too,” giving you a wink.

Originally posted by beastdw


You were shaking in your boots, your friends dragged you to the EXO concert that was in your home town. The lights had gone so bright that it snapped you right out of you daze. You were scared that Suho could see you, would he even want to. It wasn’t Suho it was our unicorn Lay that saw you first, he jumped when he saw you, running in the middle of Monster to grab their leader, the boys full of wonder started smiling when they saw Suho jump off stage to get towards you. The music stopped and the concert was full of screams from jealous fans, with a laugh he looked up. “Never knew you were such a fangirl,” pointing out the exo merch all over your body.

Originally posted by loveholic198


You two finally had a minute to see each other in both your busy schedules, the convo was going smoothly until some fans wanted pictures with the smiley boy. With an apology he quickly stood so the fans could crowd for a photo or two. You just sat quietly with amazement in your eyes this boy was just so breathtaking and sweet, even though the fans crowded him he still would look over to check on you. Your daydream was broken when a fan yelled out: “aren’t Y/N?” You whipped your head up. “Oh my god she is!!! You’re the top EXO fan blog!!!”. Lays eyes opened so far you thought they would pop. After everyone left with the photos, you could feel lay staring. “I didn’t think you were so amazing,” he whispered.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


He’d seen you around the set, you treated everyone like family and was kind to everyone. You treated the members like you had never heard of them. It was a great change, they felt they could let their walls down. Baekhyun without realizing fell hard for you, he wish you wouldn’t treat him the same as the others. He wanted to confess to you, but the look you had in your eyes, stopped him every time. He was walking down the hall when he heard your voice. “I don’t know Kai. How do I tell him?” You looked down at your feet. “I don’t think Baekhyun would care that you’re a fan, he likes you anyways”. Kai raised his eyes to see Baekhyun, he winked and whispered. “Well, I guess he knows now.” You turned to see an eye smiling Baekhyun with a deep red blush on his face.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


You just wanted to stay in your small, warm bed with you best friend who you haven’t seen in months. You just wanted a huge cup of hot chocolate and put on old horror movie at which you could laugh at. That’s what you were planning, but Chen was taking too long to pick the movie. You couldn’t take it anymore and pulled out your phone, pulling up the latest reactions on the tumblr EXO tag, you began to read not noticing the little shit peeking over your shoulder. “WOW, these things can get really graphic!” You jumped from the couch and looked like your mother had found out after all these years that it was, in fact, you that ate the cookies, not the dog…*different story*  (cough cough) He looked at you with a smirk, “I guess my little crush has a crush on me too,” he pulled you right to his face. Lets just say you’re more than friends.

Originally posted by desiresehun


This happy virus found you asleep with your headphones blasting through your playlist, he stared down at you wondering how you could sleep so peaceful with music ringing through your ears. He quickly crossed the living room to grab the blanket, he came back and slowly let the blanket fall, covering your whole body. He sat there for a minute or two when he realized that he was down beside you, playing with the ends of your hair. He looked up at your sleepy face when he heard you steer. He pulled a smile on his lips when he wondered how lucky he was to have you in his crazy life. His heart skipped a beat when he heard the beat of Baby don’t cry ring from your headphones, he laughed, thinking that you were a fan this whole time. You slowly opened your eyes to the sound of laughter and saw a tall Chanyeol staring back at you.

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Meeting in a public was a major risk for both of you, you both were in the public eye and were watched 24/7. Even with risk you still loved going out in the community no matter what. You had just dragged Kyung-soo to a close bowling alley, he tried to fight it but one shot of those puppy eyes and he was in. He sat back as you jumped around when it was your turn, a sly smile came on his lips when he thought how you’re like his own little vitamin. Kyung-soo eyes widen when he saw you take off your sweater and there was the latest EXO merch shirt. He started laughing and didn’t stop till you realized your shirt and quickly blushed and ran for your sweater. He grabbed your hands and whispered, “big fan, are we, Y/N?” With that you knew you had fell for him all over again.

Originally posted by kyungso


You jumped on his back when he tried walking away, “ugh, Y/N get off,” he said trying to hide his laughter. “OH come on, Tao! Don’t lie, you like me don’t you?!”. This all started when he called you beautiful, but couldn’t look you in the eye after. Tao kept shaking his head, but all his movements stopped when your phone rang and the ringtone rang through the whole flat. It was a fan made ringtone of him saying he loved you over and over again. You quickly picked up and tried to calm your breathing, “yes Mom, yes I’ll be over for dinner on the 2nd. Don’t worry, Love you too”. You could feel his eyes, you dared to look up, he was smirking it was your turn to be bugged. “You like me too huh”.

Originally posted by ohyaahkkaebsong


You finally had the house without your rude roommates, you’d been looking into moving in with different people, your roommates just didn’t understand how you thought. You just wanted a calm day of laziness and food. Until you saw you phone light up, it was your childhood best friend Kai, he said that he was in town and wanted to see you. You quickly texted him back saying it was ok and the address. You ran to shower and clean. You thought you had ages before he would come so you put on your K-pop playlist and began to mop the floor, you were dancing to the beat of Growl when you heard a muffled laugh, you whipped around see Kai. “You’re doing wrong, Let me teach you,” he moved across the room to look you in the eye. Let’s say that calm day was full of dance lessons and laughter. You fell on the couch after spending the day dancing, Kai pulled you into his arms. You looked up to chat when you saw he was asleep, “Sweet dreams”.

Originally posted by fy-kimkai


You finally found a small, cheap flat you could move into, you were still living with your parents. You walked in to your childhood room with boxes when you thought this was too much stuff to pack with only one person. You picked up dialing the number you memorized years ago, “Sehun I need your help with packing, please,” you said with a cute voice. “Already here Y/N” you turned around to see the tall handsome boy in the doorway. “What are you doing standing there. Help me,” you said looking down to cover your blushed face. You guys almost had the whole room packed when your mother called you downstairs. You told Sehun that it would only be a minute, he nodded and looked towards your closet to pack. His eyes widened when the door swung open to shine light on your dirty little secret. Your heart almost stopped when you saw him pull out a stack of EXO albums. He turned giving you a cheeky smile. “What am gonna do with this dork,” he thought with a smirk.

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Watch on

Those wearing headphones beware. xDDD Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Jay Park freakin the fanango out with his hair raising album announcement that even one of the Purplow ladies got startled by his shout hahaha….

a sneak preview snippet from one of the tracks…and of course his album cover with that Fido dido hair xD

Jay in the dressing room with the Prepix and Purlow crew while waiting to film his MV

that ayyyy..….. 

aannnddddddd there you have Jay Park belly dancin’ like a pro…which I hope he incorporates in his MV haha….hanging out with DFD and Jessi G2 and pals…

work hard all day so of course they’re gonna have fun at night…that’s how AOMG do….

uselessdragon  asked:

The way you said i love you... 3. As a scream. Not sure if i had to put a pairing too but if yes maybe erejean? Thank you ^.^/

It does lend itself to erejean, doesn’t it?


Eren knew for a fact that whenever Jean didn’t want to swagger into school like he was doing everyone a favour just by showing up, he took a more discreet route that cut across the oval, which was exactly where Eren had parked himself this morning, his own footprints still visible on the dewy grass.

And there he was, stomping along, muttering to himself, his face scrunched up in frustrated fury.

Well, Eren couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy this bit.

“Hey, horseface.”

Jean stopped dead, his shoulders up around his ears. “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be on a bus, or hitchhiking, or getting a lift from your mom?”

“Fuck off, Eren.”

“No, seriously, you chickened out?” Eren grinned.

“No,” he said defensively. “I’m not allowed to go. No lift, no bus money, and only an actual moron like you would try and hitchhike somewhere they have to be in three hours.”

“Well, you’ve got your excuses all lined up.” Eren folded his arms. “She wouldn’t even let you have one day off school?” Jean didn’t answer, just stomped past. “What if I gave you a lift?”

“What? You’d miss school?”

“To watch you piss yourself on stage? I’d skip a week. I think you’re just too scared to go.”

“Fuck you, then. Let’s go.”

Eren raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

“You’re backing out?”


“I need my guitar.”

“Are you really gonna do this?” Eren asked later, as he drove his barely road-legal wreck onto the highway. “Cause if you’ve wasted my time I’m gonna be pissed.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this with you,” Jean muttered.

“Shouldn’t you be rehearsing?” Eren asked. To his surprise Jean nodded, and Eren turned off the radio as Jean reached for his guitar.

“Damn, there’s a lot of people here,” Jean said quietly, as they cruised around looking for a place to park. They’d have to walk a few blocks to the studio.

“Having second thoughts?” Eren needled him.

“No! Look, there’s one.”

Jean was pretty quiet as he joined the queue to register. Eren sat with the other friends and family members and gave Jean meaningful looks every time he glanced nervously over his shoulder. He was definitely pale when he came back with his number.

“I’m really doing this,” he muttered.

“Well you’re not gonna suck as hard as that guy,” Eren said, tilting his head over his shoulder to indicate a truly awful ventriloquist warming up for his act.

“Really?” Jean asked.

“Well, unless you piss yourself on television. They will definitely leave that bit in.”

“You’re not helping!”

The contestants were called away and Eren took a seat in the audience. It beat double geography at least, although he knew he was gonna cop it from his folks when he got home. At least Jean probably would too.

When Jean walked out on stage, he looked surprisingly steady. The judges asked him what he was going to sing.

“It’s about.” He paused. “When you think someone’s messing with you, and it turns out they were helping you out all along. When you were wrong about someone.” He smiled a smile that would one day grace a million album covers, and Eren held his breath.

“It’s called, ‘You Know Who You Are’ and I wrote it like fifteen minutes ago,” he confessed.

When he screamed, the crowd screamed back, and Eren could only stare.

aspiringvisualmingyu-deactivate  asked:

Hi, I was wondering what Winner is? Are they a new group? I wanted to ask a fan instead of googling bc fans are usually more reliable with introducing groups xD I love your blog btw! And your edits are amazing! :)


WINNER is the upcoming new group from YG ent., and they’re called WINNER because they won the YG survival program WHO IS NEXT where they fought against another team of YG trainees. There were these two groups, Team A and Team B and they challenged themselves in dancing, singing, song compositions and so on. The audience could vote for them and in the end Team A won the title of WINNER!

It’s a heartbreaking program that will make you regret the day you started watching it and that’s why you should TOTALLY watch it to see what WINNER and Team B have gone through! :D

WINNER is composed by:

Kang Seungyoon: leader and composer, he plays guitar like he was born to do that and he has already debuted as a solo artist for YG! He looks mature but he’s not. Believe me. He’s a child in the body of a man. He’s the poet of winner, you hear his songs, you weep. There’s not turning back. ‘94 liner that will break your heart with his young age and perfect skills.

Song Mino: ex-leader (YG nominated him leader during who is next but then changed the leadership because Mino had injured his ankle before a performance), main rapper with the deepest of voices that will make you wet at night, composer and main dumb of the group. You will facepalm at least once a day if you start to know him and his dumbness. ‘93 liner that will ruin forever all your expectations in men setting your standards to super-uper-high. Hugeboy, playboy, call him whatever. He will ruin your life.

Kim Jinwoo: singer, visual (wait aren’t they all visual?!? the question every winner fan asks themselves everyday) and cutiepie of the group. He’s the hyung but he could be as well the maknae because you can’t really tell those two things apart when it comes to Kim Jinwoo. You will fall, you will fall hard for him and his neverending smile, his big anime eyes and his hardworking soul. There’s this unwritten rule in the fandom: you hurt Kim Jinwoo, you’re dead. NO ONE HURTS THE KIM CUTIEPIE. ‘91 liner, yes he’s legal so go and make love to him.

Lee Seunghoon: main dancer, rapper, baby lion because he likes to be called that. He gets more handsome the longer you look at him, don’t ask me how I don’t know we all don’t know. Secretly everyone’s bias; you look at his choreos, you cry. It’s simple at that. Yes, he’s the mind behind all the choreos of WINNER. He doesn’t simply dance, he tells stories with his body. Love him or love him, that’s the choice you have. ‘92 liner that pretends to be a shy guy (actually a skillful playboy).

Nam Taehyun: if you know G-DRAGON and you know the level of divaness in him, forget it. Nam Taehyun is the diva everyone hates and secretly loves. He’s too Chanel for everyone, don’t even try. His Gucci aura follows him wherever he goes, even he if wore a cardbox he would still be more fab than you. Main singer and third composer of the group. He’s the only one who got a song approved by YG at their first album meeting so now you know how skillful he really is. He’s the maknae that everyone in the group has secretly a crush on. And I mean everyone. Music is everything for him and you can tell that. He usually comes off as cold and distant but he’s very sensible and kinda dork (maybe it’s the influence of Song Mino, we all believe that). ‘94 liner that will break you heart, don’t fall in love with him.

Through the survival we already got to listen to some songs WINNER (most of the time) personally wrote and produced such as Smile Again, Go Up, Just Another Boy! (bonus: their cover of MISSING YOU by 2ne1)

After they won, they started their own reality TV called WINNER TV. It’s 10 episodes full of dorkyness and dumbness (because they’re all so dumb you just can’t help but love them all) following them during their album production and their Japan tour! In fact they opened BIGBANG Dome Tour, such a great honor *-*

We all hope there’s gonna be WINNER TV Season 2 because we’re dying without seeing them every week as we used too ;_;

They already have a very strong fanbase (we already won some polls against already debuted groups for example) and we’re all just waiting for their debut that has been delayed and delayed again by YG -.-

At the moment they just finished being the guest for 2NE1 AON tour and they’re taking part to YG family world tour but the next date will be in august so we hope they’ll debut before then ;_;

These days they’ve been in New York very secretly, we hope for shooting something for the album! Because they’re gonna debut with a full album all written by themselves *-*

They’re the most precious boys and they’re all very unique in their own way. They are all very different, 5 different flavors combined in one powerful group. We can expect a lot from them, I’m not even joking! If you have time, you should totally watch Who is next & WINNER TV and become an ACE like us (unofficial name of the fandom).

You can find every episode of WIN and WINNER TV with english subs here (password is: jeni)

Thanks for asking and thanks for your compliments! I’m here if you need to know anything else about WINNER ♥

What is this?: 

You will always catch me at a local show on the weekends. The amount of undiscovered talent out there is incredible. These are just kids doing what they love, but it comes at a price. These guys travel hours to go to small bars and make maybe $30 at the show. They depend on people like me and you to help them safely get home and not starve. Sadly, I don’t see enough people supporting their cause. This is dedicated to helping local music get discovered, help local bands gain support, and help the punk scene thrive on. 

What do you do?:

If you are in a band or you know of someone in a band please submit your band name, your home town, a few upcoming shows (date + times), a picture, and a link to a song, a cover, a  video of your show, or an album, and a link to a donation page or a link to buy merch. Also be sure to have a link to an official tumblr, facebook, or a personal tumblr/social site. Something for people to get ahold of. Send all of this to me here.  

How’s this gonna help you?:

It’ll be spread to around 10,000 followers, it will have a forever place on my blog under the #supportlocalmusic tag. I’ll buy what I can and spread it around for others to buy and support as well. I will have all the bands divided up by state and cities so if my followers feel like going to a show one night they can easily go on my blog and search for their state and nearby city. It’s a really good way to get the word out about upcoming shows and getting a good turnout. A bigger turnout means more gas money to get home. Also I will send your information over to projectpoppunk, a blog dedicated to specifically reblogging unpopular/new bands that deserve wayy more recognition. 

Not in a band? Get involved: 

Tag a picture of you holding local band merch, at a local show, promoting a local band, or a message why local music is important and you’ll get a follow/reblog and you’ll officially be added to the support local music crew. It’s like the street team for local music. Tag this with jagkx and/or supportlocalmusic for to show your love and support. 

The overall message:

Get involved with something. If you really love music, support the ones who work their asses off to make it. I’ve seen so many bands struggle to get food and they’ve practically begged me to buy something so they could get home. Being punk is about doing what you love and not giving a fuck, let’s help these guys out. They’ve worked their asses off. 


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What are your opinions on the more 'sadder' and 'controversial' Arthur episodes (i.e. Grandpa Dave's Memory Album/The Great McGrady etc.)? Where they helpful or should they have not been aired at all?

i think they’re helpful! 

kids are gonna face some of the topics covered in the sadder episodes. it’s helpful to have them to like start a discussion, or to make kids feel less alone, or give them advice and comfort. 

like, take the episode April 9th. that dealt with a fire in the school and how the kids reacted to it. some were affected, some weren’t. the episode showcased that there’s a variety of ways to react to trauma, and all of them are valid, and that it’s important to talk to someone about your feelings. which is a good message to send out! 

i think arthur handles those sadder episodes pretty well. none of them feel particularly schmaltzy or heavy-handed in their approach. they’re good, i think!

Alex’s fingers glided across the keyboard playing the beat he came to love. He couldn’t help but close his eyes and enjoy the sound of the piano in the recording booth loving the idea that he came up with to put out an acoustic cover of a random song. “ So open up my eyes, tell me I’m alive. This is never gonna go our way, if I’m gonna have to guess what’s on your mind,” he sang his eyes closing to give Matt, the guy hes been writing his album with a thumbs up. Alex’s eyes drifted shut again as he stood the guitar coming in to join the piano and his voice.

anonymous asked:

Since you asked do you mind doing "could you please stop saying “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”???? it’s fucking physics" from the science AUs for Holtzmann x reader? Thanks I'm in love with her and I will love whatever you write tbh


Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

(Quick preface: we’re gonna do college study-buddies au thing so let’s get to it)

“The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell…” Jill muttered, pen scratching across her paper. She sat backwards on a spinning chair, notebook propped up on the headrest.
You ignored her and flipped a page in your science notebook. The quirky blonde had offered to help you study for the science class you shared and had invited you back to her room. The walls were painted a shockingly ugly neon puce color and covered in movie posters, album covers, pages ripped from science magazine and glued on, diagrams and notes scribbled on paper that looked like it was fished out of the garbage and tacked to the walls and in some cases drawn directly on the wall in sharpie and crayon. Laundry was piled everywhere and there was a necktie hanging from the ceiling fan, but it was oddly cozy. Very oddly.

“Theeeee…..mitochondria…IS…the poweerrrrrrhouse…” continued Holtzmann in a long, unnecessarily drawn out circus act of weird facial expressions.

You sighed pointedly and turned another page.

She cleared her throat and put on her best PeeWee Herman impression. “The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the–”

“OH MY GOD, will you stop it!?” you suddenly shouted, throwing down your book. Holtzmann was smiling with broad innocence. 

“Stop what?” she asked lightly, spinning a bit on her desk chair.

“Stop saying ‘the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell’. It’s fucking physics.” You held up the textbook and jabbed a finger at the cover. 

Your classmate gave a snorting laugh, leaning back precariously in the chair, obviously under the impression that she was hilarious. “I know,” she gasped through laughter. “I’m awesome at physics!”

“Then would you mind helping me like you said you would?!” you exasperated. 

Giggling, the other woman hopped up and bodyslammed herself next to you on the bed, accepting the book from you and flipping it to the current chapter. True to her word, she spent the next several minutes quizzing you, reading on her back with the text stretched out in front of her. True to her character, however, she eventually tired of holding the book and settled for laying on her face and quizzing you from memory, which she was thankfully proficient at. 

“Good. Next question,” she said, voice muffled by the book on her face. “What…is the powerhouse of the cell?”

You threw your notebook at her, knocking it off her face and onto the floor. Jill rolled onto her side in gales of laughter, rolling over onto you and cackling into your shoulder hysterically.

“You are the absolute worst!” you choked, squirming under Holtzmann’s dead weight. 

“I’m the best!” she howled, wrapping her arms and legs around you as you tried to escape. After a brief struggle, you gave up, both on trying to get Holtzmann off of you and on studying. She went on laughing as if she were the funniest thing on earth, and you let your head rest against hers, wishing you could tell her why you’d asked her to help you study.