help they're really cute

Remember when Jihoon and Junhui went out for a shopping trip for the other members and Junhui said the thing he wanted to buy was Jihoon’s heart? And Lee “I-threatened-people-with-a-guitar-before” Jihoon actually glanced down all bashful and started smiling?

Imagine when the camera wasn’t focused on them anymore that Jihoon suddenly tugged Junhui back by his jacket and told him “You can’t buy what you already have stupid” and then proceeded to do everything else as normal and Junhui ended up having to take a solid 2-minute break because Jihoon was so cute he could probably cry.

I can definitely get behind this

I am so disappointed with the cast. Robyn really messed up. These people are boring as FUCK

Where are the personalities? Where are the Jozea’s? the Victoria’s? the Zach Rances? Where are the clueless recruits who are aspiring actors/models? 

No one stands out. All the white girls look the same. Only Jessica, Dominique and Ramses look slightly iconic. That’s it. It’s time for Robyn to GO.


The notion of Pinkie Pie desperately trying to act excessively sophisticated is endearing and amusing to me. I’d kill to see her earnest attempt at a boring, Grand Galloping Gala style party.


Okay, but Seven and MC would totally be like Saiki’s parents to Saeran - they’re so silly and Saeran is so done with all their stuff but then all love each other YAY

…Seriously, if you haven’t watched Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan then please do so! It’s amazing~ These pictures are a redraw from Episode 10!

Some late night doodles… I might color them in some day, but I think this is good enough, haha. More Saiki themed mysme doodles might come eventually!!


Moonsun in a nutshell

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my crush and i were talking last night, and we both decided that when we're older we're going to get married, move to canada ("bc it's sweet and safe like me" -my crush), adopt a cat that's the same breed as my current cat bc they love him w all their heart, and, lastly, whenever we next see each other, we'll go on a "mini date thing" and look up at the stars. they're too cute help me (also sorry if this isn't really a suggestion i just needed to gush and be Gay somewhere lmao)


(also no that’s totally fine this is adorable!)