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i know discourse (esp abt things u care about) is exhausting af and just so, so draining to read or be a part of.

but a lot of what u see on tumblr/twt/insta is in ur control. just unfollow ppl…. don’t seek things out on purpose either (which i know is hard to do..but)

Here, have a thing

Eleven’s first day of school
  • El’s so grateful Mike insisted on giving her a ride to school on his bike because it gives her a chance to review all the advice she’s gotten from the party over the last couple weeks
  • But a lot of their suggestions conflict (Lucas: “If you don’t know the answer when a teacher asks a question, don’t make eye contact with them or they’ll call on you” Dustin: “No way, you want to look the son of a bitch right in the eye to let them know you’re not afraid. Then, they’ll call on someone else. It’s a power move.” Max: “No, don’t listen to them, just pretend to be really engrossed in taking notes.”)
  • She gets her class schedule and it’s still a little surreal to see her name (Hopper, Jane) written down
  • She can’t believe how many people are at school and it’s a little overwhelming until she grabs Mike’s hand squeezes
  • He squeezes back right away and doesn’t let go as the walk to their first class
  • The class is English, which Eleven loves instantly (the teacher keeps talking about all these cool books they’re going to read—apparently one is about grapes and El can’t believe someone wrote a whole book on her favorite fruit)
  • She writes down everything the teacher says and fills up three pages in her notebook (although she wonders if she wasn’t supposed to because Mike didn’t take out a notebook at all and he keeps looking at her funny)
  • She has to part from Mike for math class, but Will sits in front of her and keeps passing her funny drawings and notes so the class goes by fast
  • After the bell for lunch rings, they exit the classroom and Mike runs up to them, panting, and starts asking El a million questions about how math class went
  • Eleven’s favorite part of the day is definitely lunch because she gets to sit with all of her friends and listen to them joke and argue and laugh
  • Everything goes smoothly from there until the last class of the day when the teacher asks them to pair up with someone they don’t know and then introduce their partner to the class
  • Eleven panics for a second, but Mike immediately turns to her, sticks out his hand, and says, “hi, my name’s Mike, short for Michael”
  • When the final bell rings, Eleven can’t believe after two years of begging Hopper she finally got what she had been asking for: a day of being a normal kid
  • And it was better than she ever imagined

Read Mike’s POV here!


its inktober binch!!! these first seven are just random thoughts/fluff to catch up… (yes the panels count as four days doNT @ ME) 

inktober 8


Day 18! This took longer than I thought, but it’s all good! Here we have The Sides™ all dressed up for Halloween! And yes! I seriously believe Patton would dress up JUST to say a dad joke!! (Thanks for the idea, Sammy) I had multiple ideas for Virgil, but at the last minute I decided to go with his own version of Jim’s Halloween costume from The Office, 3 Hole Punch Jim! Since Roman is a diva I figured he’d go all out for his costume and go as Winifred Sanderson Sister (and yes he’s upset none of the other sides wanted to dress up as the other sisters) and lastly we have Logan, I had multiple ideas for him too, but in the end I decided he’d go as a jar of Crofter’s! The costume isn’t sponsored, he’s just a fan. The only jelly he’ll put in his belly. Crofter’s.

no relationship on riverdale confuses me more than the one between hal and alice. like, do they love each other? hate each other? feel indifferent towards one another? once loved each other but no longer do? i have no idea


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jakei95!! (✿◡‿◡ฺ).:*☆

The first pic is kinda desspressing.. But we know you have been fighting all this time to make us smile and happy.. must be hard– YA NEED TO BE REMINDED HOW LOVED YA ARE HWHWHW

Seriously I HOPE YOU HAV A LOVIN DAY :’333

Writer’s reference

Whew, okay, so there’s a post going around right now with some really good information, but it’s a little bit obscured by the fact that it is in all caps and sort of…aggressive, so if anyone wants a quick reference for some commonly misspelled/misused words but gets triggered by being told in all caps, here it is retyped: 

Common misspellings:

Piqued (instead of peaked, or peeked): Your interest is aroused

Fazed (instead of phased): to bother or disturb (usually in the negative), ie “it didn’t faze him.”

Psych: (vs sike or syke) Got you! A shortened version of ‘psychological’ or ‘psychology’ and a play on the idea that you have messed with someone’s mind.

Common word confusions:

Breathe: Present tense verb (as in “don’t forget to breathe!” 
Breath: Noun (take a breath)

Wander: To walk around aimlessly, to travel
Wonder: To ponder or be curious about something

Defiant: Resistant (to glare at someone defiantly)
Definite: certain (you are definitely going to the party)

Wanton: Deliberate, unprovoked
Wonton:  A chinese dumpling

Bawl: To cry
Ball: a circle 

Sleight: A trick, as in “sleight of hand”
Slight: A little

Complementary: Something that goes well with something else (”Those colors are complementary”)
Complimentary: Intended as a form of flattery 

**A quick side note: the original post also included a cartoon of “complementary” versus “complimentary” coffee which was actually incorrect. If the coffee is free, it is intended as a compliment to the guests, which makes it complimentary coffee, not ‘complementary’ coffee

Misused idioms/compound verbs and phrases: 

Might as well: (apparently someone in the OP has seen “mind has well” floating around?) Why not?

Should have (not ‘should of’): A common mistranslation from spoken-to-written English due to the contraction “should’ve” (which sounds almost identical to “should of”). 

Couldn’t cares less (vs Could care less): “Could care less” implies you do care a little when you want to imply you don’t care at all. A very common idiom you will see used in both ways in many cases, though the first is the original and technically more grammatically true to your intent. 

These are all the ones that appeared in the original post. I would like to take a moment to remind you that if you have misused one or more of these words/phrases, you are not a bad person; these are ‘commonly’ misused for a reason! English is difficult and it’s awesome that you’re learning to write and wanting to become better at it. Please feel free to add to this post as well if you would like, but let’s keep it kind. :) 


If I go back, it’s not for Beacon Hills.