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How to remember verb endings in French?

No matter what verb tense you’re using, verbs can only ever end like:

-s, -e, -x, -ai with je

-s, -x with tu

-d,-a,-t,-e with il/elle/on

-ons with nous

-ez with vous

-ent,-ont with ils/elles

I’m aware this doesn’t tell you the full endings, but try to remember that endings with je form the word “sexai” (which I know isn’t actually a word but there’s sex in it) and endings in il/elle/on form the word “date”.

Just simple things to help you remember it can never be “ils finirons”, “nous mangeont” or “il fais”!

*i’m a native French and “sexai” and “date” have saved my life so many times when dealing with weird tenses like the passé simple

***I didn’t count the imperative with tu because then the possible endings would be -s,-e,-x but this can get confusing. Just remember that with tu the -e ending is only ever used in the imperative.

…. I love knowing last minute that some members of the step family will be coming at home tonight when my parents are away so /I/ will have to take care of them

… Between that and the election, if you hear me yell tonight please don’t mind me

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Leanne was actually NOt disrespectful. Do you know how much shit that woman handles just cause she likes Captain Swan. All she said was that Lana doesn't like the negativity she never said Swan Queen the fans are just twisting her words. Honestly find out the information before you listen to anyone else.

If you think I’m misinformed you know what you should do???? You should educated me before you go on anon and act condescending. just a thought.

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if this is a recovery blog why'd you post suicidal shit? this is too much, you are destroying others by filling their mind with this suicidal shit, you don't know that others feel so weak. even one '' i'm not good enough'' image can make them cut deeper everyday or any moment. if this is a blog for helping someone to get thru deppresion you're not helping at all, their lives are worth as much as yours do, so stop with this shit, it's gonna get worse if you keep rebloging suicide notes.

i don’t know about other people but personally, it kinda helps me when i see “suicidal” posts because it makes me feel that i’m not alone. the “recovery” part of my blog is answering asks and messages positively when people ask me for help. i’m sorry if you find my blog triggering.

Not a suggestion

Hi everyone,
I know this may be a little out of place but I wanted to know if some of my lovely followers could help me make a decision.

I have been thinking about applying to be a model for the online shop omocat for its summer collection. I have known about the shop for a couple of years but never really got anything because all of the items are fairly expensive. Being a trans girl I believe modeling in this sort of setting would help boost my self worth while also getting me a little money.

I want to know if any of you know anything about omocat, either about modeling for it or other things, that might be useful for me to know when making this decision.
Thank you♡


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