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anyone else almost cry when the makeup artist tried to give her $$$ to jimmy like what kind of precious selfless angel. a true cinnamon roll to be protected. and he wouldn’t take it from her even though he’s desperate. like he has zero problem swindling other people but he wouldn’t take it from her because she’s like a kind, goodhearted person and just a college kid helping him out and doing a good job and it makes me want to DIE. 

mywaywardcupcake  asked:

Would you share a random headcanon you have for each member of the gang (Yugi, Jounouchi, Bakura, Honda, Anzu)? :-)

Yeah, of course!

Yugi: Really likes cats and wants one, but is sadly allergic to them. Also, when he proposes to someone, it would definitely be with a puzzle that he gives to the lucky someone which, once solved, snaps open to reveal the ring.
Jounouchi: Deep down, he’s a really domestic guy. He likes cooking and sitting down to meals with his friends/significant other. He likes the idea of settling down one day with a family and the white picket fence. He wants to be a dad and a good, involved one.
Honda: He has a pretty strong nurturing, protective instinct. I can see him going into a profession that involves working with children. Maybe a social worker, so he could help kids in tough situations (a bit like how he pulled Jou out of the worst of his delinquent days).
Ryou (Bakura): Sometimes chews nicotine gum/wears nicotine patches. He’s never smoked, but Bakura sometimes did and his body still gets cravings.
Anzu: Faces a lot of difficulty at first getting work as a dancer in the US. Gets a lot of rejections, saying her body type isn’t right or she doesn’t have the right “look.” But gets a big break as a dancer for a pop star’s music video and goes onto become a hugely successful dancer/performer.
Group: They all get small, discreet cartouche tattoos of Atem’s name.

(Bonus: Otogi uses women’s shampoo and men’s cologne.)

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Okay so slightly unrelated but there is so much YanDev could do with the Evil personality and he probably won't actually do anything with it rip. Like, have a group of Evil kids who would be willing to help you clean up the blood and distract people in exchange for protection. And if you kill one of them they immediately tell Megami or somethin' and end up making the game a lot harder. I dunno there's a lot of ideas I have with this game and it's a shame that it has such a bad dev.

I like that idea. Like they could be a group of kids that’d be willing to help out and not tell the teachers or police so long as you do some favors for them, and when you slip up, they’d turn against you.

-Mod Sega

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are very happy that their dormitory is in a tower. Most of the windows can be climbed out of and they pull themselves onto the roof. They don’t do it like the Gryffindors do, for bravery, but for solitude. There is an unspoken rule that if a Ravenclaw sees another Ravenclaw on the roof, they don’t talk. On the roof or afterwards. It’s a safe space. Sometimes it’s where Ravenclaws be the teenagers they are and smoke, while sometimes it’s a peaceful place to just read. If a Ravenclaw is sitting on the roof crying, any other Ravenclaw, friend or not, will go and sit on the roof with them until they calm down. And another unspoken rule is that if someone sat on the roof and cried more than twice in a week, they have to talk to someone about it, a friend, a professor, or Madam Pomfrey. This is what once led a third year Ravenclaw to march a first year Gryffindor, who had somehow made his way on the roof of Ravenclaw Tower, to Professor McGonagall. He thought he was in trouble, but became very confused when he was simply asked how he felt.

OKAY BUT concept: Lazytown, but it’s meant for teenagers

Okay but- imagine how different Lazytown would be if it were meant for teens while STILL trying to be educational 

Like, it’s a few years into the future, and all the kids are now in middle or high school (depending on age. I like to think Ziggy 13, Stingy and Stephanie 14, and Trixie and Pixel 16) 

Of course, Sportacus, Robbie, and the other adults would all treat the children differently now that they are older. They are open to talk to the kids about more mature and serious topics 

The teens are a really confusing time to be going through, and I’m sure Sportacus would still be just as supportive and willing to save the day…he just does so in different ways now 

The show would cover and educate teens on  issues that teens might go through like 

*Ziggy being self-conscious about his weight to the point where he just- stops eating and Sportacus tells him that how his body FEELS is more important, rather than how it LOOKS (covering body positivity, eating disorders, showing that boys can have that problem too) 

*Stingy developing his very first crush on someone and becoming very clingy and possesive and needing to be taught that people are NOT like things and you can’t just CLAIM a person as yours (covering consent and healthy relationships) 

*Steph getting her period for the first time and she and the Mayor have no idea wtf is going on (cuz lbr, the mayor is kind of dumb) so Sport’s crystal beeps and they’re like “she’s bleeding!” and Sport knows what’s happening but doesn’t know what to do so they actually call Bessie for help. But after that, Sporto starts carrying pads/tampons along with him just in case cuz you gotta stick out for your friends 

*Given the amount of time Pixel spends with computers, I’m sure you can make at least one episode on internet safety with it. Pixel’s crush on Stephanie might be good material for episodes on teenage romance and healthy relationships too 

*Trixie maybe starting to realize that she’s “not like other girls” and doesn’t really pay much attention to boys like they do (covering sexuality) Perhaps she even likes Stephanie a little which could add the element of a love triangle

*Maybe in that same episode, Sport teaches them about gender and sexuality in general and he brings up non-binary gender and Robbie overhears and identifies it with himself, giving us a message that it’s never too late to come out or discover who you are 

*Imagine the drama of an episode where one of the kids gets their hands on a cigarette and Sport catches them just before they’re about to light it and for the very first time EVER, he’s visibly VERY ANGRY at and DISSAPOINTED in the kids, but it’s all out of a place of concern 

*Or an episode where Robbie slips Sport just ONE shot of alcohol in secret and given how sensitive his body is to just SUGAR, Sport instantly gets alcohol poisoning which leads to Robbie freaking out and probably asking the kids for help or something because not even sportscandy is fixing it (teaching kids to be careful around alcohol and also what to do if a friend happens to get sick) 

*Sport shown to actually be overwhelmed with worry about the safety of people in town every once in a while and having anxiety over it, and being confused because he goes outside a lot and eats healthy so WHY is it happening? And Robbie who also dealt with anxiety issues in the past actually telling him that sometimes, that’s not enough and how sometimes, medications and therapy may help (teaching that it’s okay to let people know you aren’t always ok, and that you shouldn’t hide it) 

And of course, Sport would STILL be promoting a healthy lifestyle in general. He’s the cool high school health teacher dad, who’ll talk to the kids about anything they want to know, from puberty to sex to crushes, anything. And Robbie has toned it down on the schemes a bit (since the kids are older and much less guillable now so there’s no point) and has warmed up to the kids a bit now that they are older. But, he’s still the lazy insomniac we know and love. Maybe sometimes, …Robbie might even be a better teacher in terms of MENTAL health than Sportacus even, given all the stuff that he himself has dealt with having 

…Not to mention, an older target audience opens up potential for Sportarobbie to actually be a thing? 

There’s just- so much potential that Lazytown could STILL have, even if it weren’t meant for younger kids

This is just- something that I really really want and like to think about 

EDIT: Some MORE ideas for you since I came up with more 

*Pixel’s crush on Steph just getting bigger and bigger but he has no idea how to talk to girls, so for whatever reason, he asks ROBBIE for advice on how to do that, who ends up bringing out Rottenella for him to practice on 

*That ends up being a bust given that Rottenella can’t talk, so he ends up asking TRIXIE to help him practice and even after realizing that the girl he has an eye on is Stephanie, …she helps him out anyway even if it hurts, because Stephanie and Pixel are her friends and she actually….sacrifices her own feelings for theirs 

*Sport is the one person that Trixie can talk to and vent to about her feelings for Steph, being the one guy she can trust, and then Sport totally hits us with the feels by being like “I understand what you’re going through….the person I like wants me out of town forever.” 

*Robbie going through one of his depressed states during the winter holidays (perhaps seasonal affective disorder? The episode covers depression) and isolating himself around Christmas because his self-esteem is in the gutter and he’s convinced that nobody wants him around, so he’ll spend the holidays alone, and Sport is just heartbroken and like “No, you’re very wrong, we WANT you to come be with us and we love you” and we finally get a translated performance of “Aleinn um Jolin” 

*Robbie reprogrammed Sugar-Pie to act like a normal dog, but one day he stops functioning  and is beyond repair and basically “passes away”, and everyone else is like “??? but it’s a robot, just make another.” But Sport reminds the kids that regardless, this was someone that Robbie was close to and that they should let  him grieve and be there for him (covering loss, death, and the stages of grief, which is something everyone goes through at some point) 

*Bessie becoming the unofficial mom that helps the girls out with the things that Sportacus and the Mayor might lack ability or knowledge to help in (like, bra shopping and shit like that because the idea of momma Busybody is just great, you guys) 

*Being the youngest, Ziggy is just entering high school and the older kids support him and help him get used to the transition from middle school 

*At least one episode with the trope where one of the boys is dealing with their voice cracking due to puberty (Stingy, because he would be the funniest) 

*There is still a Bing Bang at the end of each episode, but each one is different where sometimes, a different character sings it, or the music changes genres or parodies some sort of pop culture reference 

…You can make at least 12 episodes out of all this? That’s like, half a season right there 

ANOTHER EDIT: I’ve noticed how a big handful of you said that you fucking want this? Well, I’m not stopping you? Everyone, be my fucking guest if you wanna contribute to this in any sort of way. 

Actually…it might be kind of fun, making this into a sort of group project (collaborate on art, fics, etc) You guys can like, message me if that sounds cool

Loki and Children

I have been having some thoughts about the original mythological Loki and the thought that has been on my mind most is this:

Loki is

1. Surprisingly great with kids

2. Is addicted to parenthood

Let me explain.

As to the first bit, well, yeah, it’s surprising. Or it should be at first glance. Because, seriously, this is fucking Loki. Standing in close proximity to him for longer than a minute is bound to result in theft, arson, a splash of bloodshed for color, and at least one confused party waking up in bed with the fucker. He’s a chaotic, manic, and generally hazardous force to be reckoned with.

To us. That is, adults.

Mortals, gods, giants, trolls, dwarves, et cetera–but only those who are mature.* *Read: there is Something to be Gained from conning, seducing, or otherwise messing with us. Whether it’s to save his own skin, or to get some sweet petty vengeance, or to steal a bauble, or to satisfy some carnal itch, or to just fuck up somebody’s day for the Hel of it, Loki only ever targets those he can take something worthwhile from. 

And what is there to take from kids? 

Plenty of folks on his extremely extensive Enemies List have children, of course. No one in the Norse mythos was especially mindful of dropping their seed. So. Children.

Children–easy to fool, easy to make a hostage, easy to charm and siphon their parents’ secrets and treasures from–should be great big bullseyes to the God of Mischief and Trickery and Assorted Other Unscrupulous Things. Yet there isn’t a single Edda or snippet of lore in which Loki makes cruel use of them. Not once. 

But what’s the big deal? Most of the rude and/or villainous characters in Norse mythology don’t bother with harassing kids either. Except in the case of stories like Loka Táttur.

Loka Táttur is a tale about how a farmer loses a bet with a vicious troll who swears to kill the farmer’s little boy. The farmer calls upon three gods in turn. Odin, Hoenir, and Loki. Odin and Hoenir both disguise the boy and hide him away, but the troll is too clever and each time manages to sniff out the boy’s hiding place. Ultimately it is Loki who hides the kid–pulling an Idunn-in-a-Nutshell gag and hiding him as a speck on the eye of a flounder in the water–and then, rather than stepping back as Odin and Hoenir did from their work, he sits in his boat and lets the troll see him.

The troll, being suspicious, asks what Loki’s business is. Only fishing, obviously. The troll demands to join him. Lo and behold, they bring up a wealth of flounders, including the one where the boy’s hidden. Loki manages to change the boy back to his true shape and hide the kid behind his back without the troll noticing. As Loki brings the boat back to shore, and to the farmer’s boathouse with the latter’s doors open, Loki tells the boy to run through the boathouse. He goes, the troll gives chase, and the troll becomes wedged in the entryway. 

At which point Loki proceeds to chop off the troll’s legs and stick an iron stake in the bastard’s skull. Then he walks the kid back home. The grand payoff for Loki after all this? 

The boy is safe. The troll is dead. The End.


Now, much as Loki may have been the catalyst for a lot of corpses pre-Ragnarok–see his business with Thor getting his hammer back and leading more than one giant into a death trap–Loki is actually very rarely, if ever, one to get his hands dirty by killing a victim himself. Even Baldr was done in by an arrow he aimed with blind Hod’s fingers. So why did Loki personally orchestrate this plan in such a grisly way? For what gain?

What, other than the satisfaction of personally slaughtering the would-be child-killing prick troll?

In a less bloody narrative, we see his hand in getting Thialfi and Roskva, a pair of mortal siblings, taken into Thor’s service. While the exact ages of the two aren’t mentioned, they are young enough to still be in the care of their parents. When Thor and Loki are travelling it’s their father who invites them under their roof. Thor’s goats are slaughtered for the evening meal and–in some tellings–it is Loki who entices the son, Thialfi, into breaking a leg bone to taste the marrow. When morning comes and Thor resurrects his goats, one has a broken leg.

Thor’s visibly pissed—never ever a good thing–and so the family offers to make some compensation.

Loki, coughing through his hand: ThialfibroketheboneheshouldpledgeservicetoThor

Thialfi: Uh–

Loki, clearing his throat: Alsotakethesistertwoforonedeal

Rosvka: But I didn’t do anything—

Loki, en sotto voce: Kids, consider your options. Teensy mortal lifetime of toil on Midgard, harvesting dirt and snow on one hand. Potentially immortal lifetime, I don’t know, scrubbing giant blood off Mjolnir in Thor’s hall on Asgard on the other. Verdict?

Both: Sold.

Loki: Excellent! Really, Thor, you’re a master dealmaker, a born barterer, I’m in awe.

Thor: Wh—


Cue laugh track.

Point being, Loki has been shown to purposefully go out of his way to help kids because…because. Yet how does this translate to the idea of him being good with kids?

I ask this purely hypothetically and am trying not to laugh as I do, because really. Really. How in the hell is a kid not going to be entertained by the Norse god of revelry and recreation?

Oh yeah, that bit’s often left off the résumé.

Loki, God of Mischief, is also God of Recreation. Play, in other words. Because playtime is a thing that is Chaotic rather than a product of Order, and so Loki is naturally all over it. There are some who even credit him with having added that trait to the first humans, Ask and Embla, while Odin, Vili, and Vé were carving them and breathing character into their souls.

On top of that, he’s also the god of flyting—poetic shit-talking.

So we have a shapeshifting, storytelling, magic-wielding, game-spinning, trickster god who can also teach young ears every bad word they could ever hope to learn, and he’s expected not to be a hit with kids? This is all without even mentioning the fact that Loki is a bit of a hyperactive attention hog all on his own. What better audience for him than a gaggle of credulous little onlookers who are too young to sneer at his antics rather than take delight in them? Children are wee balls of mischief themselves, muddled in with imagination and wonder and an eagerness to be wowed or made to laugh themselves into weeping.

All of which brings me to point number two:

Loki is a kidaholic.

Like, even though a lot of his and/or her sleeping around the Realms can be chalked up to an insane libido, there’s also just the sheer number of kids they’ve produced to factor in. Maybe more than even Odin or Thor could boast. At least half being born from Loki herself. Not because Loki was helpless against the workings of nature—it’s impossible to believe that Loki wasn’t smart enough or powerful enough to get around producing new Lokisons and Lokisdottirs with every other bedmate—but because Loki wants more kids. There will never be enough kids.

The guy’s got a case of severe paternal/maternal hoarding going on. I mean

Loki: I need another one.

Odin: You really don’t.

Loki: You’re right. I need two other ones.

Odin: I am positive that you do not.

Loki: Three. Triplets. Need them. Right now.

Odin: Loki.

Loki: Four? Four. Definitely four.

Odin: Loki, please.

Loki: Yeah, let’s go with four. I can give or get. I’ll flip a coin.

Odin: Loki, as Allfather, I am expressly forbidding you to impregnate or be impregnated for at least a century.

Loki: Fine.

Odin: …

Loki: …I’ll settle for three.

Odin: What did I just say?

Loki: Three’s a good number, isn’t it? All good things come in threes. You and your brothers—

Odin, fighting an aneurysm: You and your brothers—

Loki: So you agree!

Odin: I did not—

Loki: Three it is!

Odin: Loki—

Loki: Be back when I feel like it

Odin: Loki

Loki: Give my love to Sleipnir

Odin: LOKI—

Loki, pantsless, vaulting over the wall, cartwheeling towards Jötunheimr’s Ironwood forest: Bye

It’s in that Ironwood that he meets Angrboda and fathers a giant wolf, a giant snake, and the literal corpse-faced queen-goddess of the dead by her. Being that Loki’s scope of attractiveness/aesthetic acceptability is elastic enough to let all sorts of species between his legs, I find it hard to believe that his kids’ unique looks would repulse or even faze him. They’re his children. Therefore they’re great.

And we all know how that happy family ended up. Ditto his second family with Sigyn and his two little twin boys.

Enter Ragnarok, warfare, general Bad Times, and so on.


Comical as it is to envision a Loki who cringes at the notion of parenthood and/or fears his more monstrous children, I just don’t believe it lines up with what we know of the Loki of myth.

Myth Loki is a god who would spend hours entertaining a child, simply entertained that the child is entertained.

Myth Loki is also a god who would hunt down and methodically dismember whichever idiot thought it would be okay to make a child cry within said god’s earshot.

some of my fav Wild Link nonsense that I have seen so far

- Jumping on a water bed and giggling like the huge dork that he is

- that big goofy smile he makes while taking selfies

- Helping out little kids and also playing with them

- Pissing off gerudo guards

- Disguising as a girl in order to get into gerudo town but instead of acting humiliated he
genuinely feels pretty and it is pure™ and good™ 👌🏻


- That little song he hums when he cooks

- Giggling when he does tricks while shield surfing

- unintentionally making every almost teenage girl he meets fall in love with him (something that has also happened quite often in his past lives)

- pedo baiting a 35 year old man outside of Gerudo Town just so he can steal the guy’s shoes.

- Shoving food in his mouth instead of eating it like a normal person.

- Seal puns

- Hooking people up with each other

- Taming bears and trying to register them at the horse stables

- that face he makes when he’s about to eat some gross shit

- that little laugh and jump for joy he does when he cooks something really good

Wild Link gets a 100/10 he is the best boy.

“Get a New Tablet” Fundraiser!! (Aka Commissions are Open)

Just yesterday, my tablet completely crapped out on me, and I’m having to watch my wallet more than ever now that I’ve graduated college. SO I’ve decided that I should just get on the commission bandwagon already and ask for some help getting money for a new tablet. I don’t need to fully fund the tablet through this, since my parents are helping cover the cost, just any kind of help would be n i c e. 

I’ll have 10 spots open to draw anything you want. I’ll do OCs, ships, general pretty landscapes, a finely detailed penis, whatever! (just no fetish/kink stuff plz i’ll have to explain my actions to my parents) Once I get the tablet I’ll start on the commissions; It’ll probably take a week to 2 weeks to get my hands on it. For the time being, to make sure people get what they want, I’ll figure out the basic picture in my sketchbook for them to ok before any commitment is made. 


Traditional Sketch: $15

Digital Sketch: $20

Digital Sketch (basic color): $25

Lined: $30

Lined (flat color): $35

Lined (detailed color/painted): $40

It would be cool to do personalized watercolors for people, since people seem to love them on here (thank, you btw ❤︎) but I need to figure out how shipping works first to do that. I could always scan it and send the file, though, if that’s enough~ A watercolor would cost $50+ though, just because of expenses. 

Paypal only, please! (cuz it’s all I’ve got)

I don’t know how many people would be interested in this, but I’ve been wanting to do work for other people for a long time. If you’re interested, just send me a message! ❤️

linguistics is political

linguistics is believing that everyone’s ways of talking are cognitively equal and are worthy of study
linguistics is accepting language change, accepting slang, accepting stigmatized groups of people
linguistics is caring scientifically about all the peoples of the world enough to want to document them but caring emotionally about them enough to know when they want to be left alone
linguistics is trying to communicate, trying to learn how we communicate
linguistics is understanding that across languages and cultures, our surface structure might be different but a lot of our deep structure is the same
linguistics is documenting the amazing ways the deaf/hard of hearing community has come together
linguistics is helping kids with learning disabilities figure out how to learn language skills in ways that work for them
linguistics is figuring out how to learn second languages better to bridge cultural gaps
linguistics is political.


on hello counselor, the concern of the wife was that her husband restricts her from going out and bosses her around in the house, even the simplest task such as squeezing out toothpaste. the wife also noticed her two sons becoming similar to her husband (asking her to get water for them, etc.)

Daddyofive’s Break In “Prank”

As I said in my last post, the area in which Daddyofive lives doesn’t find abuse to be actual abuse unless it involves a weapon or is sexual. Well, have you seen the break in prank video?

In it, Mommyofive sets up a prank where the one of the boys pretends to break in. This sets off the alarm, and understandable so makes Daddyofive respond quickly. Daddyofive pulls out a gun, not realizing it’s his kid and thinking it’s a intruder. Following this “prank,” Daddyofive goes off on his wife. He admits that he almost shot the kid, seemingly understanding how dangerous that situation really was for the kid, and Mommyofive’s respond? “It wasn’t a big deal. I’ve done worse to you before. It was funny.”


A gun was aimed at this kid. Now, you can argue that Daddyofive didn’t know it was the kid, and thought someone was actually breaking in. What parent wouldn’t pull a gun if they thought someone was breaking into their house full of children? And, I would say, you’re right there. I have no reason to believe Daddyofive is really at fault in this exact situation. But Mommyofive must’ve known he’d pull a gun.

Mommyofive HAD to know her husband would pull the gun when thinking someone broke in, and therefore she knew there was a chance the child could get shot. Mommyofive purposely put her child in a dangerous situation involving a deadly weapon, and she responded with laughter. She even insisted it wasn’t a big deal, and that she’s done worse to him before. Even going on to declare how “funny” it was.

This is abuse with a weapon, a deadly weapon. She knowingly put her kid in a situation where he could be shot and even killed for a laugh. If nothing else, this is more than enough reason for CPS to look into this and for a case to be filed. And with that start, everything else can quickly be filed as abusive, and we can get these kids somewhere safe and these parents in jail.


So these are my very special boys who are both rescues off the streets! I love them very, very much which is why I have to stop being selfish and do the right thing by them.

My family is in a bit of a pickle that involves wrongful eviction and probably racism in some way. Anyway thing is we have a new home but the place doesn’t accept ANY pets at all. To make matters even more slightly desperate we have to move out but June 1st! 

Now I need someone to temporarily Foster BOTH my cats together for a while. I’m talking like year or so. So if you really love cats with personality and live in SoCal’s Inglewood, Gardena, or even LA area would you be willing to give these loving boys a home???

I’m totally paying for all their expenses like food, litter, toys, treats, etc. All I need on your part is to love and care for them with regular check ins to be sure they are okay. Cause uhh these cats are like my life yo. 

  • Pixel: White and Black pretty boy who sleeps a lot. He’s a chill cat that loves two things chili and me in that order. Enjoys chasing things and rubbing against black clothes
  • Pneuma/8-Bit:Gray and white screaming baby who eats Pixels food. Screams a lot when he thinks you’re not paying attention to him. Probably doesn’t know his name.

Both are super loving and enjoy cuddles soooo much! They are very shy tho and take a bit of time to warm up to new people. Just give them time, space, and food to adjust then they won’t leave you alone. Also good with kids!! Like super good?? Pixel is the best with kids.

So yeah that’s what’s up right now! I’m a little bit in constant distress over this cause I really love my cats a lot and just want what’s best for them

  • Kara: hey Alex can you help me with this
  • Alex: is that a lamp
  • Kara: yeah well it's supposed to be a red sun lamp but I can't get it to work
  • Alex: why do you need a red sun lamp what are you--
  • Maggie: *smirking* just help the kid out with her red sun lamp, little danvers has plans
  • Kara: *blushing* I- *fixes glasses* want to surprise Lena later ton--
  • Alex: you know what? I don't even wanna know just hand it over
  • Maggie: trying not to break any more of your furniture I see

Ok so

I’m going to take the time today to remind everyone that “whiteness” is a regional social construct that can be given and taken away.

Whiteness is less about where you are from and more or less a classification that certain groups can temporarily achieve.

I think the best way of quickly describing this is that one scene in Django Unchained where Dr. King demands that Django be referred to with respect to the master of the plantation and a slave girl asks “do you want me to treat him like white folk?” And the master says “NO” but then asks her to treat him like “Jerry” who it turns out is a poor non land owning white man who in the Master’s eyes is something between the status of a Slave and a “white folk”. (

Jerry exists as a masterful example of the status and social construct of “whiteness” not applying to someone who is technically white in a scenario in which most white people are “from” the same place. And as the history of whiteness in America is concerned, Jerry “becomes” white when other groups such as the Irish and the Italians and the polish,etc appear and it’s time to exclude them.

The social construct of Whiteness requires exclusion to give certain privileges to an ever growing upper class of whiteness. In which “new applicants” of whiteness must wait until another applicant arrives in order to be bumped up into the classification. And while the class of whiteness does grow this way, it can also spit groups out.

For example, when people are perceived as being white but then revealed to be not white. At the moment of the reveal,the social construct of perceived whiteness that benefits them erodes away and all social privilege granted is stripped from them (this happens to a lot of mixed people, white passing latin@s, and Ashkenazi Jewish people.)

If the construct of whiteness becomes strict, as it tends to in times of economic distress, sometimes the qualifications become even stricter and it spits out groups that have stronger ties to their mother cultures and languages than to the amalgamation of whiteness and thusly can be “confused” for being non white, such as that Greek couple who were speaking Greek and were besieged by a neo-Nazi.

What does all this mean?

That white supremecy is not something you must adhere to or that will even protect you if you are white. It is so tempting for some people when they hear white supremacist rhetoric to think that they will be “safe”. But the reality is that there is just a pecking order of who to attack and you simply are a bit further from the top than people of color. Also that your association with POC does count and that gives you brownie points that make get you closer to getting very violently hurt by white supremacists.

What can I do about this?

Learn about it. Do some independent research on the concept of race and where it came from. Race and culture are very different things and as things around us get worse, knowing the difference can help protect you from falling in with a dangerous crowd.

But what about black? Is black a social construct?

Yes and no. The first thing to understand is that black refers to two things: people with African descent the world around, AND the displaced African-American people who descended from slaves in the US. Because the descendants of slaves do not know their cultural origins (like you know that you are white but are actually Romanian and French or whatever) black people here had to start over and create their own culture so they are culturally black and racially black.

So if you’re talking about black/white issues, know that you are talking about Culturally and racially black vs. white supremecy/whiteness as a social construct. Not black people vs. Irish/Italian/British/etc cultures.

So does that mean I shouldn’t be proud of being white?

Whiteness is a social construct, so no. BUT! Having cultural pride for your background is absolutely acceptable and worth embracing! If you’re Italian being excited about Italian heritage is great! If you’re Hungarian tell everyone all about it you’re A++++! Everyone and their mama loves German fest in my town. It’s one of the highlights of the year. But the concept of being proud of a structure you can get kicked out of is absolutely ridiculous. Searching for pride in a structure that only serves the concept of a supremecy that you may or may not be allowed REGARDLESS of your skin color is dangerous and doesn’t serve you well. And hearing things like Black Pride! Is more comparable to hearing “Irish Pride!” Or “Swedish Pride!” Than “White Pride”. That Irish American heritage month is what is equal to black history month, not “white history month”.

Accepting that whiteness as a social construct does exist and that you benefit from it is important.

But knowing what the fuck that even means is considerably more so.