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To keep the alliance between the Port Mafia and Armed Agency stable, Mori and Fukuzawa arranged for Aku and Atsu to be engaged/be partners. Dazai was the one who dropped the idea to Mori in a secret anonymous letter, so he pretends during the meeting he “hears it for the first time” when it is brought up, Dazai shows his full out support to this (Dazai u manipulative little shit). Fukuzawa goes along with it surprisingly.

When Aku and Atsu find out… I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Fukuzawa and Mori also arrange Dazai’s and Chuuya’s engagement behind their backs to even further stabilize the alliance. You can only imagine Dazai’s surprise and Chuuya’s reaction (Chuuya would not take it well to say the least)…..

How I would imagine their reactions to finding out would be:

Soukoku reaction–

Dazai(muttering): “*wide eyed at a loss for words* This….this wasn’t part of the plan…the tables have turned on me…”

Chuuya: *distressed Chuuya noises* *flips chair over he was sitting in as he stands in a flustered rage* *stalks out of room* I-i need wine…

AkuAtsu reaction–

Aku: “*towards Mori calmly* Is this an order?”

Atsu: W-w-wAIT WHAT!? *distressed cat noises*


Mori: “They took this as well as I thought they would.”

Fukuzawa: “Indeed.”

Palapups au

Allura has to move in with her god father Coran after her father dies in action (he was a dectective).And Coran can tell that she’s really struggling with everything, with moving and losing her only family, and she’s pretty much closed herself off from other people.So he decides that maybe getting her a dog might help her come out of her shell and start the process of grieving for her father.He goes to the local pound and sees a lot of different types of dogs, but just doesn’t see any that he believes would be a good with Allura.

That is until he sees one of the workers, a big burly man with a scar over his eye (I wonder who that could be) drag this three legged husky/shiba mix out of its cage and starts to pull it towards the back door of the pound.

Coran knows what’s about to happen, and calls out for the worker to wait. It’s obvious that he’s gotten on his guys nerves but Coran Wimbleton is not one to back down when he sets his mind to something! So he tells the worker that he’d like to adopt the dog, much to the displeasure of the worker.

(FYI, the dog pound worker is Sendak if you hadn’t already guessed) Anyways, sendak tries to dissuade Coran, telling him how hard it will be to take care of a dog like this one, and coming with reasons why he shouldn’t adopt him, but Coran is adamant about his decision and at the end of the day, he’s leading his new dog to the car.

When he gets back to the house and introduces the dog, which he has skillfully named Shiro, Allura is a bit hesitant about taking care of a dog, especially one with only 3 legs. She thinks that it could be difficult and be too hard for her to handle (she’s like 12 right now so, yeah) but with each day, Shiro gets more healthy and energetic, and Allura realizes that it doesn’t matter to Shiro if he only has three legs, he can still do anything any other dog can. And the more Allura plays with him, the more she’s starting to open again and actually talk with people (usually to apologize for Shiro who is both super friendly to every kid in the park but learey of adults and might even growl if people start to yell around him.) plus, Shiro is best guard dog. and therapy dog. If he thinks that Allura is in a dangerous situation or something about this stranger is just wrong he will not hesitate to put himself between them and growl and bark at them.

After a couple of years with Shiro, Allura is doing much better, she has friends at school, her grades are well and she’s a part of the debate team at school. But he beat part of her day is when she walks out of school to see Shiro at the front of the school, waiting for her. She still goes to the park every day and plays with him, and takes him practically everywhere in town.

And then one day…..

Coran’s police buddies call him up, saying they just took down a big dog fighting ring and say that they found an adolescent pup that doesn’t seem to have been treated kindly, and while he growls at anybody that walks by he doesn’t bite people like the other dogs. They ask if he can foster the pup until they can find a suitable home for him to go to.Coran happily accepts, hoping that he’ll be able to help give this poor dog a second chance on life. When Kolivan, who lead the bust, comes by he notices that the dog is a young Rottweiler who does indeed growl none stop, but only gives off barks when he feels he’s threatened (which is pretty much every time Coran or kolivan get too close to the front of the crate).

When they eventually get the adolescent dog out of the crate by its own free will (no way were they going to force it to come out) he’s still really weary of it all, rushing off to hide under the couch. Coran and Kolivan share a look of pity that the poor thing is so skittish of the slightest thing. Coran puts down a second bowl of water and food near the couch so it doesn’t have to go too far to eat or drink.He even goes as far as laying down those potty training papers around and as under the couch as he can. With each day, the puppy slowly gets used to seeing Allura running by as she races out the door to school, and notices how Shiro is always trotting with her. They both decide to name the new dog Keith while he’s there with them, and the more Keith comes out of his hideaway, the more interested he is of Shiro.Soon enough, wherever shiro goes you can see Keith tumbling after him. While he’s still super nervous around people, he’ll lay next to Shiro if he’s laying by Coran or Allura. He even starts to come with them to the park (on a leash of course, because he still just a pupper and they don’t want him to get lost) and whenever Keith get overwhelmed with all the people around, he’ll get as close to Shiro as he can, going as far as to try and hid between his legs.

By the time Kolivan comes back around saying that he’s found a possible home for Keith, Keith has gotten to be really close with Allura and Coran let alone Shiro. He’ll follow them around the house and worm his way between them and any hard surface, enjoying the physical contact. If Coran is sitting at his desk doing paper work, keith will either lay down beside the desk or he’ll figure out a way to get his head in Coran’s lap, getting the head rubs he loves so much. Kolivan can’t bring himself to take away the dog that has finally found a place where it doesn’t have to worry about anything other than getting the much needed positive physical contact, so he calls the other home and tells them that he regrets to inform them but Keith has already found his forever home.

The next dog they get is a little Pomeranian from a neighbor a few doors down from them. This sad kid comes up and knocks on their door, telling them that his parents were spitting up and his dad (who he was moving with) told him that their new apartment didn’t accept dogs, and his mother has always been allergic to dogs, so he asks if they’ll take in his dog since they seem to be really nice to their dogs.They of course accept, and when they ask what her name is, he tells them it’s Pidge. Allura and Coran are pretty confused about it until the boy explains that it’s because she always tries to chase after the birds in their backyard and the name just sort of stuck.

They wish the boy good luck and promise to take care of Pidge. Keith isn’t the best when it comes to change though, so when Pidge starts to lay on Coran’s lap or curl up next to Allura when she’s studying, you can say that he got a bit jealous. But in the funny way, where he tries to do the same thing so whenever he sees Coran sitting on the couch he’ll jump up and try to curl up in his lap like Pidge can, or will try and lay next to Allura on her bed, but that usually ends up with him spreading out and taking most of the bed space. But Keith starts to accept the new addition to the family when she starts to lay next to him when she takes a nap and it becomes obvious that she is very secure with herself and doesn’t need a lot of physical affection as Keith does, so he lays off in trying to out do her. Pidge loves watching Coran on the computer, it’s one of the few times that she will climb up in his lap, so she can watch all of the images and fast words being typed up. They of course take their newest puppy to the park with Shiro and Keith, but she usually just lays down next to Coran while Allura plays with Keith and Shiro.

It’s a year after they got Keith and Pidge that Allura and Coran have to move bc Coran got a better job in a different state. They of course bring all three dogs with them (no one gets left behind!) and once hey get to their new home, it’s obvious that it’s much different than their last neighborhood. While they got a really great house, just a couple blocks down from their neighborhood is the ‘bad side’ of town. They usually do their best to avoid it, Allura even walking the long way to school just to avoid going that way. After a couple of months of getting used to the new place and the new school and even finding a new park to take the dogs to, everything seemed to be looking up for them. That is until one day there’s a big wreck right outside of Allura’s school, pretty much closing down the entire sidewalks on both sides on the route that she usually takes home. So she has to go through the rough side of town.

Of course, Shiro waits for her at the front of the school and braves the journey of going through that neighborhood. But she does realize it’s not as bad as people make it out to be, it’s mostly immigrants from Cuba and Mexico and the Colombian republic, and yeah she does get a few woof calls here and there but there’s usually a loud smack to immediately follow and she can hear mothers and girlfriends alike berate them about denouncing women like that. So she occasionally, if the debate club runs longer than usual (which it occasionally does) she’ll go through the immigrant neighborhood and she’ll talk with some of the older women who sit out on their porches or some of the kids will come up and ask if they can pet her dog or if they can play with him and give him treats, which she agrees to, and usually whenever the kids from the neighborhood plays with Shiro, Allura will sit with the other girls from her school or some of the younger ones and helps them with homework or talk about gossip.

It was one of these times that Allura figures out why so many people considered this the bad neighborhood.

Mr.Iverson, a hateful man that for some reason lived in the heavily immigrant part of town and yet would gladly see everyone of them, and probably Allura too, get deported or sent to jail, was outside of his yard for probably the first time since Allura moved there, hunched over in an alleyway repeated hitting something.

The more that she moved closer to see what exactly he was doing, the more Shiro grew agitated and tense, letting growls slip out as Allura finally saw what Mr. iverson was doing.

He was hitting a poor dog, starved and dehydrated and had obvious signs of years of abuse and neglect. And he was beating on it as if it was no more than a punching bag, as if every whimper and cry from the poor thing wasn’t even there.

It seemed that Shiro had had enough and ran off, slipping in between the man’s leg and positions himself over the cowering dog, growling up a storm and even going as far as to bare his teeth. Iverson is quick to try and hit Shiro, but Allura is so NOT letting this asshole hit any dogs especially her dog. She grabs his raised hand and easily takes him down, using an old technique her late father had taught her, all the while the smell of alcohol is overwhelming as he swears like a sailor. She doesn’t hesitate to tell him that her godfather is great friends with the cops (old friends of Kolivan’s and Alfor) and he backs off, but before he can run off she takes several pictures of both him and his hands to show the cops later.

Once he’s gone, Allura returns her attention to the poor dog under Shiro, still cowering and even covering its eyes with its paws, when she picks up the dog, she realizes just how light he is and sees just how much worse the situation is. He has patches of skin with no fur, obviously scratched raw and bloody, and a rope that is tied around his neck has practically fused with its skin from it being constantly rubbed raw. The poor thing doesn’t even have any fight in him, just accepting whatever fate he has now. Allura books it back home, Shiro hot on her heels. She passes by home and keeps running straight into town, and crashes into the vet clinic crying out for help. It takes the vets hours of surgery, all the while Allura is sitting in the waiting room, Shiro laying his head in her lap as she keeps fumbling with her phone. She already told the vets about what happened so their sure to take pictures of the abuse, but she can’t help but wonder if he will survive, if he’s going to be ok. That’s how Coran found her once he was able to get off work, still sitting in the waiting room, dried blood staining her blouse as she keeps glancing back at the door, hoping for one of the surgeons will come out soon but also dreading it.


After hours of waiting in silent tension, the doctor finally comes out from the surgical room and tells them that while there is a lot of damage that’s been done, they were able to get him stable. They were able to identify that he is a Doberman/collie mix. He will need to stay there for a while to make sure that there weren’t any complications and in case something else comes up. So Allura and Coran head home, already settled that they’ll both come by tomorrow to see how he’s doing.

It takes days for the vet to clear the newly dubbed Lance, and they have to take him back regularly for constant check ups and to make sure the infections that had entered his wounds haven’t come back, and Coran is carrying a bag of medication for him while Lance leans against Shiro as he slowly makes his way to Coran’s car, all the while Allura is constantly making sure that the new collar isn’t too tight and irritating his wounds or bandages. It takes a bit of coaxing to get him in the car but once they do and make sure that he’s completely calm, they slowly make their way home.

Keith is very jealous at first, cause Shiro and his humans have been constantly ignoring him (they weren’t ignoring him they’ve just been giving him less attention) but once he sees the new dog limping in with barely any fur on it and obviously nervous of everything, he joins the protect Lance dog squad in his own way. He gives Lance space. when they do share a room he makes sure to make himself look smaller than he is (although it doesn’t really make a big difference bc Lance is already bigger than him, he definitely got the Dobermans height) and if he’s not in the same room, he’ll guard the doorway to make sure only the right humans (aka Allura and Coran) can come in and see his new brother. Shiro almost never leaves his side, making sure that he eats and helps keep him relatively calm when Coran has to administer medication or rewrap his stitches and healing wounds.

It was during one of Lance’s weekly check ups that they found a large dark Komondor dog being brought into the clinic as a stray by an old man who had found him digging through his trash. The clinic was being very cautious, fearing that the large hulking dog could attack someone. Instead he was calm and very sweet. But it was when Lance was struggling with allowing the doctor to do his check up, scampering around and hiding behind Allura or he table and the large dog just trots in, his dreads swing back and forth and he lays down in the middle of the room, panting quite a lot but other than that he just relaxed on the floor, showing that it was perfectly safe for Lance. It was the sweetest thing Allura had ever seen and instead of going home with one dog, she comes back with two, Lance and the newest addition, Hunk.

When summer comes around, Lance is back to a healthy weight and his fur has grown back completely, although there are a few scars here and there, but he doesn’t let that bother him. He loves to play with Shiro and Hunk in the backyard but when they go to the dog park he rarely goes out and plays with Hunk shiro and Keith, he’ll usually just sit next to Coran on his usual bench with Pidge.

Also, during the summer all of the mothers from that ‘bad neighborhood’ ask Allura if she’ll babysit their children while they’re at work, so she gets in a lot of money (she doesn’t charge a lot, but it builds up after babysitting half of the neighborhood kids) and they love it when Allura is babysitting because they get to go to her house and play with her dogs! Shiro is always a good sport and is playful with the kids, Hunk is probably their favorite because he looks like a mammoth to some of them but is as gentle as a butterfly. Pidge usually hides away in a room whenever the children come over, Keith doesn’t really like having the kids keep touching him, he hasn’t seemed if they are safe or not, so he’ll usually hide away with Pidge if it gets to much. Lance loves the attention to an extent, he can get overwhelmed and will usually curl up or find shiro or Hunk to hide behind. After this happened a few times the kids ask why and Allura does her best to explain that Lance didn’t always get happy touches, so sometimes he can mistake happy touches for mean touches and will hide away.

The kids obviously feel bad, and only touch him if he comes up to them.

All is right in the world and no one could be happier!

(Although with the amount of dog hair that gets everywhere, everyone is constantly perplexed on how Allura’s and Coran’s clothes don’t have a hint of dog hair on them?)


You have no idea how depressing it is to me that there is not a lot of Mana and Allen Fan-art or Fanfiction. The only time Allen was ever happy was when he was with Mana. 

Mana took an abused, neglected, disabled street rat and turned him into the cutest child in the entire series. Seriously though Red was so neglected that no one even bothered to give him a name. They literally called him Red-Arm.

@wingheadshellhead made a post so I started writing a stevetony thing. Maybe I’ll add more to it at some point? Maybe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

“au where tony, despite being more of a cat person, has a dog, and steve, despite being more of a dog person, has a cat and their pets end up being friends and getting into trouble w/ the neighbors together and this is how they meet”

Also does anyone have suggestions for what Steve would name his cat? I’m sooo bad at naming things. 

Yes, Tony names his dog Cap (a golden retriever) in a non-powered AU, because he’s that much of a dork. Love that boy. 

Cap has been missing for two hours and Tony is officially ready to start tearing his hair out. 

It’s his own fault, really. Tony knows that Cap has learned how to nudge the gate open with her nose, but he’d been too busy making a morning coffee before heading off to the university to pay too much attention to her when he let her out into the backyard after she’d scarfed down her gourmet breakfast of kibble. Tony was exhausted; he had been up late in his shop, lost track of time and only managed to stumble upstairs at two in the morning, bleary-eyed and covered in grease stains. 

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A Laugh Like Sunshine (Jack Avery Imagine)


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Word Count: 1749

Description: In which a curly haired boy adorned in all black, falls for the laugh of a passerby

All Rights Reserved

    My jet black Doc Martin’s echoed against the hot pavement with a deafening thud as the boys and I trapesed the boulevard of Santa Monica Pier. We’d been location scouting with management and a few publicists for several hours now, something most musicians won’t share with the public, though it’s a very real and painfully monotonous part of the job. I sighed, running my fingers absentmindedly through my shock of hazel curls that perched atop my head, damp and not nearly as pompous as they’d been at the start of the day, after several hours of constant sun beating down on them.

“Yo dude, how much longer do you think we’re gonna be out here?” I muttered in frustration to the blonde boy beside me. He shrugged, chuckling dryly as he rolled his eyes.

“Beats me, I voted for the first location- ya know, the one we visited 4 hours ago?!” I laughed, nodding as I patted him on the back sympathetically. The locations scouts and publicists walked ahead of us in rigid business suits and pursed lips, clutching a hefty red binder and a clipboard, where locations would either check off their requests, or not. So far- not. Finally, we stopped walking. The publicist who seemed to be leading the pack, Wendy, turned to us, her greying-blonde hair pulled tightly into a bun behind her head and her dark pencil skirt as unyielding as cement when she walked. I sighed.

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anonymous asked:

Poly headcanons for the Seeker Trine(from the comics) with a human s/o?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: When you mean ‘the comics’ I’m going to presume you mean the IDW continuity because that’s my default since there are so many comic continuities for Transformers. So many. )


✦ This is pretty much the definition of a long distance relationship with how far flung and busy everyone is. With Starscream running Cybertron, Skywarp working with the G.I. Joe, and Thundercracker on a road trip with Buster and Bob to find himself again - not to mention the human being on the Lost Light, trying their best to not die - it’s hard to keep communications consistent and ensure no one feels neglected or left out. The group tries to fix this by having a private comm for anyone to tune into at any time and leave memos for the others to listen if they want. Most of the memos left in the comm are hilarious messes be it Starscream seemingly talking to himself to Skywarp grumbling about Rock trying to get a ride from him again. And no one would have it any other way since the comm is one of the only reliable ways to know if the others are alright. Even if they have to help proofread Thundercracker’s latest script.

✦ So many shovel talks are given when the relationship is discovered. So many. Marissa and Rock will tell the human that, under no circumstances, should they break Thundercracker’s/Skywarp’ spark or, God help you, betray them somehow. Bumblebee, on the other hand, will advise Starscream to not scare away his trinemates and the human while Windblade lets the human know if they ever need help please please please don’t hesitate to contact her. Gosh why is everyone in their business. Skywarp attempts to murder Thundercracker for his defection of the Decepticons one time-


✦ It is a dangerous game to play when three seekers and a human try to get involved. There’s already so much vehicle kibble and limbs to keep track of, a small and little human thrown into the mix is asking for trouble. More often than not the seekers try to take turns if they wish to interface with the human. Which means they squabble about who gets to interface with the human first. Though this only applies to Starscream and Skywarp. Thundercracker won’t admit it but he gets a kick out of fragging the human if they’re already full of someone else’s transfluid, enjoying the sight of the pink liquid seeping out from between their legs and his spike pushing some of it back in their body.

✦ The seekers all have a certain part of their bodies that has them turn into a puddle if it’s fondled or fingered long enough by someone. For Starscream it’s his wings. For Thundercracker it’s a certain part of his helm. For Skywarp - Well. There’s a reason why Skywarp is so reluctant to allow anyone inside his cockpit. The reactions vary too. Skywarp grumbles if someone attempts to caress his cockpit, the complaints only halfhearted as he begins to melt under the expert touch be it Cybertronian or human. Starscream is bossy, plain and simple, with how he wants this part to be fondled and this part to be caressed and no no no do not pinch the tips!! Thundercracker is loud if someone begins to stroke his helm, the volume reaching the point where Starscream thinks he needs to tone it down which says something considering his name and all.

okay, but can we all think about all the hilarious misunderstanding plots that can be dervived from bad ‘wait, what? you know i’m nerd, right?’ boy percy jackson. 

like, mid-20s annabeth has had the worst string of luck trying to date straight-laced, boring ass professionals

she spots the tousled hair boy with the leather jacket, tattoos and scowl at the neighborhood dive bar piper has finally succeeded in dragging her to

piper, obviously the instigator, demands that annabeth take percy home like, this instant, because he clearly hits all the points on the bad boy checklist, it’ll be a great time, you won’t regret it!!!

so she goes up to flirt with percy, who is immediately like ‘why is this pretty girl talking to me??? wait… is she flIRTING??? with ME??? shit where’s jason what do i do OH GOD’ and somehow his utter ineptitude at flirting comes off as hot indifference, which makes annabeth even more d-e-t-e-r-m-i-n-e-d to bang him 

(on his way back from the bathroom, jason sees what’s happening. he does not step in to help ‘cause that scary blonde girl flirting with his bro looks like she’s going to EAT HIM ALIVE and it’ll be good for the guy to get a little more experience with women, coming off his lone, committed relationship of a bajillionity years. 

also, there’s a supremely good looking woman at the jukebox he needs to have a talk with because she’s been coming here for WEEKS, doing the same thing and picking the greatest hits of ABBA to play, smirking at him when he glares at her, like she knows it’s his least favorite band on the planet. if he has to listen to waterloo one more time…)

So I finally got a picture of Hannibal (hopefully I’ll be getting more later today)
If you’re wondering why he looks sad in the photo,he’s in detention cause he bit another dog while playing. He bit a dog…..and wouldn’t let go of its leg. He was just staring at his trainers with it in his mouth. I mean that poor dog but I can’t help finding it a tad funny. As far as I know detention is the only thing he’s learned so far in behaviour school.

Birthday Present for DADDY CHIP!

Picture is based off of our RP server, where all of us harass Chip for various reasons. BUT SHE’S AMAZING SO SHE STILL PUTS UP WITH IT AND LOVES US ANYWAY DFKSJLK

the order:

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BSD movie trailer is out and so is my tinfoil hat

Quotes taken from here

 Ok, so, the Bungou Stray Dogs trailer just came out today and after I was done with all my squealing and fangirling, I realized I have one too many questions about all of it, therefore I did not hesitate to put on one too many tinfoil hats. And so, my theory discussion begins.Five seconds in the trailer and I was already going “Ok, awesome, but what in the living hell??”. Let’s be honest here, that castle is astounding, but with its appearance came a lot of questions: Where is it located? Whose is it? Why haven’t we seen it in the series before? What’s its purpose? Why were Dazai, Fyodor and the recently introduced to the public character, Shibusawa, in it?  And many more. But I’m going to take a look at these four today, as I’m mostly wondering about them. Let’s start! :D 

Where is it located? 
There isn’t much details or information to suggest where the exact whereabouts of this palace are, not even in the translations of the plot of the movie I stumbled upon. But if I were to guess, I highly doubt it’d be anywhere in Yokohama or even near it, as we would have seen it at a certain point in the main series. Although, it is still most likely somewhere in Japan, for a bit I thought it could also be in Russia, but why would that be? There is nothing to suggest Fyodor is the owner. Which brings us to my second question: 

Who owns the palace? 
I feel like the the manor being in the possession of Dostoevsky is out of the question, to me he doesn’t seem like a person, who is fond of typical for the medieval period buildings. Anyways, the fact, that Tatsuhiko is not part of any of the current organizations we are currently aware of, suggests he must have  some sort of headquarters, leading to me assuming, that said castle belongs to him. Makes the most sense. I could also theorize that it belongs to Fitzgerald, but so far, he hasn’t even been mentioned in anything, related to the project, so, it’s honestly pointless to even bring him into this.

Why haven’t we seen it in the series before?
Well, I sort of answered my question in the beginning. I believe that not seeing it before is tied with it’s location, further supporting, that it is nowhere near Yokohama. I even considered it being an ability and that made sense, until I became aware that it is absurd, if we mind the fact about Dazai’s ability: any other power it touches gets nullified. At first the idea of the castle being an ability seemed very appealing to me, as it explained a lot, but it, sadly, just doesn’t make sense. 

What’s its purpose?
As I mentioned above, I believe that it’s a base of sorts, for now I don’t know what else it could be, but its surreal proportions make me curious if it has another purpose as well.

Why were Dazai, Fyodor and Shibusawa in it together?
Now, this is the question that has been bugging me the most, especially considering we have Dazai there, too, who is in no way a villain anymore, his mafia days long abandoned behind his back. So, what is he doing with the two main antagonists? Well, I have three theories about that. First one is the most unlikely, but I will talk about it anyways. All in all, Dazai, upon disappearing “into mist” joined the enemies, because all of a sudden he decided he wanted to rid the world of ability users. Sounds pretty impossible for two reasons: 

  1.  That would go against what Odasaku wanted and let’s be honest here - Oda is like a God to Dazai (Not really, our favorite bandage-wasting device just respects him greatly, but you catch my drift);
  2. Nothing up to now has suggested, that Dazai has been wishing to do that. 

But there is one reason, that our walking mummy might have joined: They offered him something, that is seen as impossible to be done, which might and might not be bringing back Odasaku to life, unlikely, but could also explain the cut of him we see and why Tatsuhiko collects abilities: to merge them into one God-like super power. Although I can’t really see that happening, so I’m moving onto my next theory: Osamu was forced to join against his will. I think this is very probable because I quote: “And Dazai, who has disappeared into the mist”, which could suggest an abduction. To support the theory, that there was at least a kidnapping attempt, there is the following line from the trailer: “Did you think you would be able to capture me?”, said by Osamu. Except kidnapping, it is also viable that they could have very much threatened the agency or something dear to him, leaving him no choice, but to join, in order to protect said thing. But most likely he got threatened, as I feel like if he was abducted he’d be chained up, similar to when the mafia held him captive. 
And my third and last theory when it comes to this question: Dazai is sent as a spy by the ADA, pretending to have betrayed them. This, too, isn’t very likely, considering Fyodor would most likely sniff up their plan before they could even start executing it. 

Well, that concludes my first pack of questions, onto the next one. Why is everyone either hunting Dazai down or wanting him in their little “Doom” party? Why is Dazai still alive, is he that valuable to Shibusawa and in what way? 

Why is everyone either hunting Dazai down or wanting him to join their organization?
Okay, this has me, like, hella puzzled. We literally hear Dazai say “Did you think you would be able to capture me?”, later on Akutagawa gets a line as well:  “Dazai-san …will be killed by me.”, which could also mean, that someone else is meaning to kill/capture him as well, this being further supported by Ango’s crew pointing their guns at Dazai. Why do they all want him dead so bad all of a sudden? Last we checked, no one really was THIS determined to get rid of him. So, I humbly assume, that this is because he WILLINGLY joined Shibu and is now seen as a traitor (wow, Dazai, making it a habit, aren’t you), which supports my earlier theory, seeming almost impossible, until I got this far into my so-called “analysis”. And if I am to accept, that said theory is what actually will happen, then what is that special, almost divine thing that made him join? Is it really a promise to bring back Odasaku? 

Why is Dazai still alive, is he that valuable and how so? 
Now, I have made two main assumptions about that. First one, appearing to be more inviable: Osamu is seen as like-minded by Shibu and Dostoevsky and his ability - genuinely handy. But it just doesn’t seem to fit, Dazai never had the same ideology as them, as far as we know, neither is his ability that helpful or meaningful to them, if the work was getting done just fine without it. Then, that brings me to my second theory - the evil team is afraid of Dazai, that he can make their long scheming crumble and go to waste with just the touch of a finger, something, that is further supported by this quote: “If I touch this and make it disappear, everything will end.”. But even so, why don’t they just kill him? Good riddance and very easy, what is really stopping them? Well, I have to say, that is hard for me to comprehend and the only thing I can think of, without anything, that suggests it is like that, is that since Tatsuhiko collects abilities, if he were to kill Dazai and we are to assume, that no matter who killed the said ability user, Shibu still gets to absorb the power of the person perhaps via an item no matter if he wants it absorbed or not, Osamu’s ability would affect all the others in some, most likely negative, way, given that it can nullify. 

Well, time to finish this off with and absolutely preposterous theory, that the reason we see Odasaku and probably mafia Dazai along with Chuuya is because two parallel Universes are crossing paths, one being our regular BSD Universe and the other - one, in which Dazai never left the mafia. Just the wishful thinking of a fangirl… :D 

But anyway, this concludes my “analysis” of the one minute long trailer… :D 

Give Me Fluff or Give Me Death

@thinktankgoldfish prompted me to make some fluffy headcanons pertaining to a new puppy so i needed to write some before she sent kakashi after me since i plan on writing a third installment of that jealous!kakashi that may or may not end well. also i only added people who i thought would absolutely kill for a doggo (lmaoo meeee) ((also if y’all have any pets feel free to submit them. i’ll just sit here flailing over them for 193509458 years xD)) (((i’ll def be showing off my fluffer in a moment <3))) also!!! this is a “go-to pillow/comfort blanket/help too much” type of thing when i post all that angst ;))) trust me, i wrote a lot of angst recently and i think we all need this lmaoo

Originally posted by everythingstarstuff

- When Kakashi gets a new dog he dotes on it with every breath. Pakkun gets jealous, yeah, but he realises that it’s simply because the dog is new. He doesn’t cuddle with the dog, no. He’s a stone-cold ninja, he doesn’t - Who you kiddin’ he spends as much time as he can with the stinker.

- Kiba with a new dog means, in his mind, that Akamaru has a new friend, while Akamaru is territorial at best so he’s not the happiest pupper around. Kiba treats his new dog as he did with Akamaru. Also the doggo is hella floofy so Kiba teases it with little ponytails in its fur. 

- Hinata welcomes the new dog with welcome arms, hugging it and cuddling with it. She gets the doggo all sorts of cute things, cute little jackets, little booties, whatever. Totally dotes on the pupper.

- Lee’s doggo is his athletic partner. Like, he goes on morning jogs and he takes his dog with him. This dog is possibly the fastest dog in the village, aside from the Inuzuka clan’s dogs and Kakashi’s summons. Probably a defender dog. 

- TenTen has a small dog, and she takes it everywhere. She’s owning her shop, and the little stinker’s just running all over the place, welcoming guests if they enter. The dog is so well-behaved that when it wants to pee, it does its business, and without question, let’s itself back inside.

- The dog Naruto has is picky. Also, it likes the more expensive food, the more expensive toys, leashes, collars, much to Naruto’s dismay. He asks Sasuke to help pay for a few of these things, since he can’t say no to the stinker, and hopes that, one day, he can just spoil his doggo.

- Sasuke, on the other hand, has a dog that’s close to the only thing that can get him to smile. It’s such a lovable goof (*cough cough* naruto *cough cough*), that he can’t help but do almost exactly what Kakashi does. 

- Sakura’s dog is so well-mannered, and well-behaved, that people often mistake the dog for being a person in disguise or the dog’s a summoning. Her dog helps her with medicinal things, and whenever the poor pupper catches cold or gets hurt, Sakura cuddles with the doggo, thinking that loving the dog will make it heal faster than medicine ever will.

- Tobirama has this dog that’s primarily a guard dog, but knows when to relax. It has its boundaries, and doesn’t let anyone other than Tobirama pet it. Like Naruto’s, it’s hella picky.

- Hashirama’s dog is constantly with him. The fluffiest of fluff. After Hashi himself, he names the pupper “Cinnamon”. “Sir Cinnamon Roll McFluff” he calls it, and he’s 100% right. Elicits an eye-roll every time he uses the dog’s full name in front of Tobirama. 

morleysfreckles  asked:

okay okay but a fic where bellarke decide to get a puppy but can't decide on a breed and when they end up at the pound, are torn between like two dogs pretty pls!!

Thanks to the Internet for the puns and thanks to @selflessbellamy for being her awesome self and helping without realizing it!

From Raven:

ur gettin a dog???

with bellamy????

u realize hes gonna make tons of stupid puns??? how r u gonna survive this??

Clarke rolls her eyes as she reads Raven’s texts.

To Raven:

thanks for being overdramatic!!!

yes we’re getting a dog and it’s awesome and we’re gonna be the most precious family in town!

From Raven:

u used to be fun

Clarke rolls her eyes again and doesn’t bother answering. She turns to Bellamy, sitting next to her on the couch, his laptop on his knees. He has been searching “everything you need to know when getting a dog”.

“Raven thinks you’re gonna be insufferable because you’ll make tons of bad puns.”

“She’s right… It’s gonna be ruff” he answers grinning.

“Ugh” she groans while nuzzling her head in the crook of his neck.

He laughs softly.

“You sure about this though?” he can’t help to ask, a little anxious.

She brings her head up again and looks at him in the eye.

“Of course Bell. It’s gonna be great” she smiles.

“Pawesome!” he answers and she punches him in the arm. “Stoop! Okay so where do we start?”

“I think we should go to the pound” Clarke says “that way we’ll be helping a poor dog.”

Bellamy stares at her for a moment then.

“What?” She asks, almost defensive.

“I think I’ve never been more in love with you” he manages to say before surging to kiss her.

She makes a short noise of surprise and she’s laughing into the kiss.

“You’re an idiot you know that?” she breathes when he starts kissing her jaw and neck.

“You told me that before” he smirks. “I still happened to made you fall in love with me.”

“Yeah yeah you’re puuuurfect.”

Bellamy stops as soon as the word comes out of her mouth.

“You’re the most perfect woman on Earth.” And he starts kissing her neck again.

She has to force herself to push him.

“Bellamy… If we want to do this, we gotta do it now. Before I change my mind.”

He gets up immediately and takes her hand, already running and forcing Clarke to follow awkwardly after him.

“Let’s not lose any more minute. Try to keep it in your pants woman.”

“You were the one kiss-attacking me!”

“To the car!”

Clarke just laughs at his ridiculousness.

In the car, while Bellamy is driving, she checks her messages again.

From Raven:


why r u not answering

did bellamy kill you with his puns

that’s it isnt it


To Raven:

u were right!!! im going mutts!!!

From Raven:

friendship over

When Clarke tells Bellamy the exchange he has to stop to kiss her again.


At the pound, the girl welcoming them is really nice and takes the time to give them some information on the dogs they have. She tells them that’ll be better for them to take a puppy, easier to raise etc etc, and when Clarke meets the eyes of one she can’t disagree. The girl explains that most of the dogs they have here had a pretty rough – Clarke and Bellamy exchange a look and try not to laugh out loud – time, some of the dogs were beaten, some were abandonned. It breaks both Bellamy and Clarke’s hearts to hear that and they know they made the right choice by coming there. Their instincts to protect everyone will be a good use.

The only problem is that Bellamy and Clarke can’t seem to agree on what kind of dog they want. Obviously they want a small dog because they don’t have a garden yet and the poor dog would be just unhappy in their appartment.

Clarke has found a little jack russell that she finds a-do-ra-ble! It’s a boy and he starts licking Clarke’s hand as soon as Clarke kneels down to pet her.

But Bellamy has only eyes for the small beagle. This one is a girl and her ears are falling a little bit, she has been rescued from a dog fight – her first and only one thankfully – but she still has a small scar on her tail.

The girl from the welcoming desk lets them argue over which puppy is the cutest and will be the best companion for their future life and kids.

“Bellamy Blake I’m divorcing you if we don’t take this adorable boy into our house right now!”

“We’re not even married Clarke! Mine is cuter and must be protected at all cost. She’s been in a fight!!”

“Your intention is noble but your opinion is wrong.” She takes her puppy in her arms then and levels the puppy’s eyes to Bellamy’s to try to move him.

Bellamy reciprocates by doing the same with his puppy and the picture of them two holding their puppies to face the other would make their friends roll their eyes and laugh their ass off.

Clarke and Bellamy though don’t realize how ridiculous they are.

After an hour or two – yes hour – the girl comes back to see them arms crossed each on one side of the room staring at each other.

“Err… Have you guys decide? We’re closing soon, so…”

They both share a look, uncross their arms and come closer to the girl. Bellamy takes Clarke’s hand in his own when they say in the same time:

“We’ll take both of them.”


They name the puppies Picasso and Cleo because they are nerds and they’re embracing it.

In the ride’s home, after getting everything they needed for the dogs (plural!!!), Bellamy and Clarke agree on some rules to keep the eventual mess to a minimum.

No dogs on the bed (both Picasso and Cleo end up in their bed this very night).

They have to take turns on the potty training (Bellamy finally does it because Clarke can’t stay mad at the puppies long enough for them to understand that it is not okay to piss on their cushions).

They also have to take turns on which one of them is supposed to feed the dogs (and after Bellamy forgets for the third time Clarke just decide to do it every morning before going to work).

But mainly their goal is to annoy their friends as quickly as possible. Bellamy bets they wouldn’t bear with their puns more than two weeks. Clarke has even less faith in their friends’ patience and bets one of them will throw shoes at them the next time they hang out.

It’s the sentence “Whatevfur we’re so happy with the puppies, it’s very diffurrent from the cat I had in high school, furtunately Bellamy is pawesome with them! We’re gonna keep them furever!” that do it.

Both Miller and Raven throw their shoes at the laughing mess Bellamy and Clarke form in this moment.

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Seth Rollins - I Love You But Stop.

Seth Rollins - Prompt #8: “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

Warnings - Swearing, slightly implied smut.

Word Count - 1,070 words.

Requested by - @m-a-t-91  

Side Note - How cute it this dork ^


“I fucking hate that bitch.” Anger seethed through you as you slammed through your boyfriend of 1 year’s dressing room door.

“Woah, woah slow down there Y/N, what’d I do this time!?” Seth exclaimed as a concerned look washed over his previously joyful face.

“No! Not you this time. That fucking bitch Dana Brooke.” Tearing off the black tape fastened around your hands, your voice rose, almost silencing the muffled voices from outside the dressing room. Slumping down onto the bench in the centre of the room, your head soon reached your hands; not in being upset, just through being in complete resentment. You had to maintain your ever-growing fury in one way or another, Seth seemed to be your only option - well it’s rocket science to realise he doesn’t catch on that quick.

He was quick to sit beside you, one of his hands sat with a firm grip upon the top of your thigh. “Wait, what happened?” He questioned, softly tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Seth, are you kidding me? Did you not watch your own girlfriends match!?” Your volume grew even louder, not being able to understand why your own boyfriend didn’t have a damn clue what you were on about. “How do you not know what I’m talking about?”

“I did watch your match Y/N… I also had to get changed as well, considering my match was right before yours. Don’t go and get stressy at me and just tell me what’s up.” Seth now became more like yours, speaking in more of a raspy tone whilst he gradually lifted his hand away from your thigh, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“I’m not even over exaggerating here Seth, she literally almost dropped me directly on my head during our match and then once we get backstage, she had the nerve to come up to me, telling me that I almost put her life in danger and was my fault.” You yelled, your tenseness becoming more and more evident as you strangled Seth’s hand. “Not gonna lie, I was so tempted to just punch her flat in the face right there and then but I’m not that low of a person.”

The tension was almost too much at this point to contain. Nobody had ever made you feel this way before; not even Seth and god he had pissed you off before. At this point in time, Seth wasn’t doing much help either, maybe you had to take matters into your own hands.  It was almost as if a sudden urge rushed over you, the urge to just slap that bitch right across her jaw. You body somewhat automatically seemed to snap into a standing position, edging towards the door before a stiff grip forced you to stop. “Seth, let me go.”

“You need to calm down.” Seth comforted, stroking the back of your head whilst positioned tightly in a hug against your dainty frame. 

“She almost ruined my career Seth, and then why is it my fault? She’s delirious.” This on-going build up of rage you tried to compress was growing even more difficult to bear. Your instant reaction; pick up the nearest object and lob it across the room- and so you did. The obnoxiously loud crash of the water bottle hitting one of the lockers, evidently made you flinch.

“I needed that.” Seth began to chuckle, stepping towards you after your short outburst.

“Why are you laughing?” You scoffed, watching as he yet continued to laugh to himself.

Instantaneously you were dragged into a strong embrace, Seth’s thumbs rubbing against the apples of your cheeks. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” That one sentence was enough to drive any girl mad; you weren’t any exception. Him just standing there drove you mad, a rollercoaster of emotions would all surge through your body at once every time he talked, every time he touched you, every time that famous smirk would etch on his face.

When Seth got ‘turned on’ he would go full force. That’s why it came to no surprise that before you knew it, you were firmly pressed against the wall, shielded by his hunky build. A constant flurry of kisses were placed upon your lips, carrying down to your neck.

“Seth, not here.” You breathed in between kisses. “We’re at work.”

“And… does that matter.” He growled against your neck, pressing his body closer into yours. 

“Yes, it does Seth…” You continued, pressing his chest away with your palm, biting your lip at the same time. “I have to go and meet the other girls.”

“You always meet them… c’mon babe.” He consistently pestered, the aim to guilt trip you into doing as he said. You couldn’t though.

“Baby… I’d love to stay but I have to film a scene for Total Divas in like 5.”

“Great so we have 5 minutes?” Seth perked up, longing on the thought of you having 5 minutes to yourself for once in your overly hectic schedule. You could see instantly Seth’s facial expression deteriorate into disappointment and you slowly shook your head, beginning to walk towards the door. 

“Don’t go baby, please.” His poor attempt of expressing “puppy dog” eyes didn’t help him out much, just left you giggling lightly to yourself.

“Sethy, I have 5 hours later once I’m done, okay?” You negotiated with him, leaving him stood still, eyebrows furrowed together, deep in thought.

“Yeah but… I don’t think you can go looking like that Y/N…” He voice rose, your body left with ultimately a sense of concern.

“I swear to god if you’ve ruined my makeu-” Your words came to a halt whilst you watched your boyfriend motion his hand towards his neck, clearly pointing out a certain mark he embedded on your skin. “You seriously gave me a hickey? The makeup team are going to kill me!” You couldn’t contain your laughter at this point, however, you had to maintain your cool. Seth certainly wasn’t going to get his way; like always.

“Well looks as though you’ll have to stay here.” His eyes gleamed hope, only wanting for you to give into his ways of words.

“Good try Rollins. See you tonight baby.” You grinned from ear to ear, winking in his direction, finally walking out to get yourself sorted - well that was all thanks to your extremely dominant and immensely attractive boyfriend Seth Rollins.

A/N - Woo! It’s done! I really enjoyed writing this one so hopefully you enjoy reading it! It was a great request to fulfill xo ~ Nikkii

I know this isn’t Big Brother related but I’m incredibly desperate.

I met a dog visiting a shelter this week. No intention of adopting, I was with a friend, honestly we just wanted to play with some puppies or something, kill some time. But I ran across a dog. A very precious sweet dog. His description describes him as very shy and quiet. He had to even endure a special training/program that adjusted him to the bustling environment of a shelter because he was so shy.

Despite his sweetness, the fact that he is shy is making it very difficult for him to be adopted. A shy dog in a loud chaotic environment only equals an even more shy dog which makes it hard for his personality to shine. When I saw him that night, they told me he arrived there from another shelter in the hope that he would have a better chance at being adopted. He was at a special discounted price (the cheapest dog in there in fact) in the hope that someone would give in and adopt him. When I saw him he was exactly as described. Shy, quiet…you’d say something to him, he’d look up at you but that was about as much of a response as one would get. I watched people pass him easily for cute puppies or dogs that would lick their finger through the gate and wag their tail.

I don’t know what happened, but I connected with him. It was very special. With my whole heart and something in my gut told me, he was mine. No intention of adopting a dog, we locked eyes and I felt it in my heart we were meant to be together. I’m not trying to be cheesy. With a semi-difficult childhood, I am known to have a very rational head on my shoulders, I’m not at all impulsive. I am known to be calculated, practical and not give up a lot of emotion to much. But something about him pulled me in from my core. He belongs with me, he softened my heart tremendously.

I went home with him consistently in my thoughts. I thought about him so much, I convinced my friend we had to go back in the morning. We went to the dog kennels and didn’t see him. I asked a worker who’s response was “Oh, you mean the dog that’s been here forever? Yeah let me see.” One checking system would say one thing, another checking system said another. It took them thirty minutes to find out why they couldn’t find him. He was on a bus to ANOTHER shelter (his third or fourth shelter) in the hope that he will get adopted in a new location. He was here at this shelter “too long”. I demanded to know where he was going and they told me a sister shelter. I go home, call his new shelter and ensure that he will be ready for me to see him this weekend.

Meanwhile, I let my parents know of this dog and how connected I am to him. I express my desire to adopt him, I ensure them of my ability to take care him. They have no doubt that I can, I have paid for college entirely by myself and continue to, my transportation, my food, contributed to bills and rent since age 16. I recently got promoted that included a raise beyond my wildest dreams. Beyond living with my parents, I am entirely and 100% independent and have been for years.

They have concerns. Mostly surrounding our condo. Obviously when you are renting a space and you have pets you have to be really cautious of potential damages caused by pets etc. It can be a lot of money to fork over for damaging a rental. My dad is also concerned the dog will take up too much space. Granted, we are a family of five living in a relatively small condo. I understand why he would be wary however five is soon to be four, my sister is moving out in a month.

As of right now, my mom is willing to agree with whatever my dad says and right now my dad says no. After some hard arguing and discussion, he is still no but he is willing to see the dog. I plan to take my dad to visit him on Sunday.

Literally the only thing I am asking for, the only point of this post, is good wishes. 

I really really really need this meeting between the dog and my dad to go amazingly well. If you believe in prayer, please please pray for me. If not, send good wishes, intentions, hopes, vibes…anything. Please, help this poor deserving dog get a home and please help me unite with my companion simply by offering good thoughts in the world. If not for me, wish that this dog gets loving home. Pray that if I can’t have him, that I will easily find someone to take him in or someone will stumble upon him soon and feel the way I felt. That’s all I want. 

I wouldn’t be writing this if my heart wasn’t breaking in half. I wouldn’t be writing this if that dog didn’t deserve to find a home. Please. All I’m asking for is a wish and a good thought sent my way and sent his. I’m sorry for disrupting the tag.

Thank you.