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Moana helping the turtle as a child was a metaphor for how the ocean helped her throughout the film.

Moana didn’t pick up the turtle and carry it to the ocean, which would have been easiest for the both of them. She protected the turtle and let it make the journey itself. Because it was important that the turtle got to the ocean on its own.

This is why the ocean chose Moana. Even at a young age, she understood why the turtle needed to make its own journey.

Throughout the film, the ocean guides and protects her along the way, but it most certainly does not carry her to return the heart of the sea. It is important for Moana to make the journey by herself. She needs to fight her own battles, endure her own hardships, and forge her own path so she may become stronger.


“Of course only that most SUPER name!!”

Welcome to the Strawhats, Nico D. Olivia!
((the ‘D.’ was at Luffy’s insistence, for good luck. parents-Frobin AU!))

Date Ideas For Different Witches:

I thought this would be fun lil game, feel free to add! Now go ask your local witch out on a nice date!

Kitchen Witch: Go to a homey bakery and let them go on and on about all the ways to enchant blueberry muffins.

Green Witch: Go to a botanical garden and point to the prettiest flower and say “that’s you”

Sea Witch: Go to the beach and help them look for sea shells. Help them carry all the ocean water home. 

Cosmic Witch: Take them star gazing and come up with stories about planets falling in love.


          I can’t help but love you
          Even though I try not to
          I can’t help but want you
      I know that I’d die without you

   I can’t help but be wrong in the dark
‘Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts
    I can’t help but want oceans to part
'Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts

            War of Hearts - Ruelle

THIS WHOLE SCENE THO OwO!!! the iconIc wedding scene!! I just had to draw sth based on it! and fuck exams! i need to draw :’‘D!!! take some time off an be a fangirl that i have been for years xD!

I appreciate that climate change gets a lot of attention (possibly because it has the potential to have the highest economic costs if left unchecked) but it is my duty to remind everyone that the biggest threat to wildlife and ecosystems today is habitat loss. Not climate change. Not trophy hunting. Not even pollution–though a habitat can become so degraded from pollution that it becomes unusable.

The very best way to curb global destruction of habitat is to implement large-scale changes to our development patterns, energy production, and agricultural system. So be sure to support those efforts politically. You can also support sustainable, multi-use development in your communities(many municipalities talk about community-wide projects at city counsel meetings!). Live densely. Eat less meat. Call out self driving cars for the sprawl-supporting pact with satan that they are. Support public transportation! Don’t support sprawl and McMansions! Recognize that suburbia in general and lawns in particular are a facsimile of greenness that destroy actual usable habitat and replace it with sterile monocultures that require gallons of water, pesticides, and fertilizer to maintain. Stop using products with neonicotinoids altogether. Make your yard wildlife-friendly. Consider a brush pile. Keep your damn cats indoors. Plant native plants. Remove invasive plants. Maybe don’t freak out and call animal control every time you see a bat or snake or coyote in your neighborhood since they were literally there first and we’ve left them no place else to go. Watch out for herps crossing the roads in the breeding season, especially our salamanders. Plant a NATIVE tree. Support your local parks, forests, and waterways, big and small. 

Scientists are trying a new, interactive way to understand ocean current data with the help of high-resolution global ocean simulations. In the part of the global visualization shown, the Gulf Stream features prominently. Surface water speeds are shown ranging from 0 meters per second (dark blue) to 1.23 meters per second (cyan).

This video is running at one simulation day per second. A team from our Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) facility at our Ames Research Center has developed a new visualization tool that is being used by researchers to study the behavior of ocean currents. The new visualization tool provides high-resolution views of the entire globe at once, allowing the scientists to see new details that they had missed in previous analyses of their simulation, which was run on our Pleiades supercomputer.

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For a prompt maybe... what if Lance was actually terrified of water despite him being associated with the element of water and the blue lion and coming from Cuba. The team go to a beach type planet for more bonding time and everyone finds it suspicious that Lance avoids the water. Maybe some traumatic backstory like almost drowning... cue major langst and maybe also some klance. Lance gets thrown in the water or ends up there and Keith comes in ... I leave it to you Thanks

I actually really love this idea? I always think that Lance is like One With The Water but him being freaked out by it is such a cool idea? Thank you so much!

Flashback TW(?), Almost Drowning TW(?)

It was supposed to be a day of fun and rest for the Paladins of Voltron. The beach and tropical forest islands of Lamprev were uninhabited by any intelligent life, and perfectly safe for humans. What made it better, or, to Lance, worse, was the massive blue ocean, a seeming replica of the oceans of Earth. The sky was a gentle green-blue, and the massive sun appeared much smaller and slightly warped in the thick atmosphere. 

Lance watched Pidge and Hunk run onto the beach in their swimsuits, their feet kicking up grains of silver sand. Pidge held an inflatable doughnut which Lance offhandedly wondered where they had gotten, and Hunk shrieked as he disappeared under the water after running past a drop off. Keith threw himself onto the beach, hands moving up and down to form a sand angel, and Shiro and Allura, who had wisely brought fold-able chairs, sat on their strange hovering seats.

Lance dug the large umbrella that he had brought into the sandy beach next to the box of food and refreshments he had carried down as well. Hunk beckoned him towards the water with a hand as he desperately tried to stay above the surface with just one hand, and Pidge casually kicked water in his face. Lance plastered a grin on his face, but instead fell backwards into the sand.

The sky was almost cloudless, and Lance stared up at it, imagining the vast expanse of stars that stretched out beyond the atmosphere, stars that he had seen only hours before, and somehow already missed. He missed the stars not because he wanted to be back around them, rather he missed them because of the mass of undulating water only feet away from him. The water seemed to coax out memories he had tried so hard to forget with each lapping wave against the silver sand. 

Suddenly, someone grabbed his ankle, and Lance bolted upright as Hunk pulled him into the air upside-down. Lance let out an angry protest as the tried to release himself from Hunk’s grip. The Yellow Paladin, unfortunately, held fast.

“Stop it, man!” Lance shouted, his words on the edge of panic as he fought against the memories that were steadily building up in his mind. He clawed at the ground, only stopping when the waves reached up to the sand that Hunk was walking on. The surf surged, and Lance’s head was nicked by the water. 

Fear seized him, and Lance stopped trying to protest. The memories gripped him, and Lance was dragged away from the sunny beach and into the deep, dark ocean of Earth.

Lance was seven at the time. He was a master swimmer, and he spent nearly every day at the beach and in the waves practicing and playing and enjoying the feel of the sun on his face. He didn’t realize he was out too far until he was gasping for breath, the feel of the water now totally foreign and unwelcoming against his burning, exhausted muscles. Lance let out a piercing scream, but the ocean swallowed it beneath a wave that dragged him under the surface, throwing him into its relentless tide. 

It was then that Lance realized the ocean was not his friend. The ocean was not kind to inexperienced children who thought they could do anything they pleased. The ocean was not kind to him. He realized this as the breath was knocked from him by a second wave which dragged him under before he had the chance to take a saving breath, and he knew, despite his age and limited knowledge of death, that he wasn’t going to make it back to the beach. Not alone.

Still, he struggled, pushing his muscles as fast as they could go, but he could feel everything fading. He pushed one last time, and he could see the light of the surface above him, and he couldn’t reach it. The current slowly dragged him down as the light faded.

Lance screamed as he hit the water and was immediately dragged under again. Again. He was going to drown. The panic clawed at him, and he flailed in the water, fighting against the horror as he tried desperately to remember how to think. He hadn’t saved his breath, and he could already feel the oxygen slipping out of him as he convulsed. The water dragged him downwards, and he reached for the surface in a last desperate attempt, but he couldn’t see the surface. He couldn’t see anything, save the deep blue that was crushing the air from his lungs. 

Suddenly, someone was grabbing his shoulders and turning him. Keith. Keith was holding him by the shoulders, and their eyes met. Keith’s purple eyes were calm, so calm it was infectious, and as he pulled the both of them through the water, Lance could feel the panic in his gut slowly subsiding.

They broke the surface, and Lance gasped, his lungs filling with as much oxygen as he could put in them, and he could feel tears running down his face as Keith swam the both of them to shore. He pulled Lance up and carried him to dry land before gently lowering him to the ground. Everyone was crowded around him, and Keith barked at them to back off, the look in his eyes scaring away even Allura.

“Lance, look at me.” Keith said gently, and Lance turned to the Black Paladin. He raised two fingers up, and Lance raised an eyebrow.

“How many fingers am I holding up?” Keith asked.

“Is this really necessary?” Allura blurted, and Shiro hushed her.

“Two.” Lance whispered, his voice still shaking from the fear.

“Good,” Keith looked up, and his eyes met Shiro’s, “I don’t know the proper procedure for checking if he’s okay. We need Coran.” 

Shiro didn’t bother replying, instead he bolted off, leaving the Paladins alone. Hunk was crying, Pidge silently comforting him, and Allura was staring in confusion at Lance.

“Lance, are you okay?” Keith asked gently, and Lance nodded as he pushed himself up. Sand clung to his wet clothing, but he barely noticed as he hugged himself.

“When.. When I was seven, I almost drowned in the ocean.. I don’t even know what happened, who saved me.” He finally explained, and Keith touched his shoulder gently. Lance pulled Keith into a tight hug, and tears ran freely down his face.

“Thank you, Keith. Thank you so much.” He whispered, and Keith’s arms tightened around Lance as he returned the hug.

“What can I say? We make a good team.” Keith replied, and Lance chuckled softly into Keith’s shoulder.

They totally kiss after Coran checks on Lance. Thank you again for the prompt, I loved writing it!