help the heroes

Kacchan Blow up Izuku arm by accident when they were childrens, he grew up with guilty and wanting to repair the damage.

He starts a journey to find the best automail specialist.

The Iida Family are the best with Automails.

Izuku learned Martial Arts even with his missing Arm.

All might is a Hero but is Missing, actually traveling around the world wanting to stop AFO (secret mission)

AFO is searching for the philosopher’s stone, already with a imitation of the stone.

Tomura have a thing for human transmutation and collecting hands.

Uraraka is part of the Military for money.

In some point Izuku end traveling with Toshinori, because he found him bleeding in his way home and can’t help to help others (He don’t know he is All might)

Kirishima Alchemy is similar to Alex Louis Armstrong, He want to take the Exam to be a Alchemist but end following Kacchan in his little search.

Everything is a mess because when Kacchan return with Iida and Kirishima, Izuku isn’t in home. and it start in a search for him.

Central get a Call from All Might who need help Urgent.

Remember that chapter in the first full metal with Edward without his arm being chased with the serial killer? Something similar happens to Izuku and All Might.

Uraraka take a rol to save them

Why I’m still awake, is 7AM
I didn’t sleep.

Listen, I love my inquisitor, but I also have this great vision of her and the advisors standing around the war table like “we have so few resources, here in our massive castle where we’re training an army, how can we possibly hope to defeat Corypheus” and then the doors bang open and there stands the Hero of Ferelden. She cracks her knuckles. “Listen up kiddos - oh hey, Cullen - listen, back in my day, I defeated a god with the help of like 5 randos and a dog. What seems to be the problem.”

Rick Riordan books all exist in the same universe…just think about that for a second. How much chaos can possibly exist at the same time in this one universe? Both Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson take place around the same time, then Heroes of Olympus and Magnus Chase are very close together on the timeline. Trials of Apollo comes right after. Did gods from all these cultures conspire and say “Hey, let’s just continuously fuck up the world for a few years.” I can’t handle this. 

He had Hazel draw a tattoo on his biceps with a marker: HOT STUFF, with a skull and crossbones. “What in the world are you thinking?” She sounded pretty flustered. “I try not to think,” Leo admitted. “It interferes with being nuts”

(In which Reyna has no idea that she could possibly be gay, and takes a while to figure it out)

  • Every time the hunters stay at Camp Jupiter, Thalia always insists on training with Reyna
  • Reyna is usually cool-headed and collected but always gets really flustered around her
  • The other hunters always wink at Thalia and give her a nudge and Reyna can’t help but feel like they’re talking about her
  • Thalia constantly flirts with her and finds it adorable how oblivious Reyna is
  • Every time Reyna needs to make an announcement to the whole camp, she has to avoid looking at Thalia in the crowd or she forgets what she’s saying
  • She tries talking to Jason about it and it’s awkward
  • ‘Why is your sister so..I don’t know. Intimidating? But, like, in a good way…’
  • Jason goes kind of pale and pretends he needs to ‘talk to Piper about something really important’ because he can’t breathe from holding back laughter
  • Reyna going to literally everyone and asking them about Thalia because seriously, does no one else get this really weird feeling when they’re around her?
  • Everybody except Reyna knows that she totally has a crush on Thalia
  • ‘Just let her figure it out in her own time, okay?’
  • Eventually Nico sits her down and is like….look…
  • Reyna has training with Thalia the next day and can’t even look at her without melting from embarrassment
  • Oh my gods was it really that obvious?’
  • She tries to admit her feelings to Thalia and expects her to be really grossed out or disturbed but she just smirks and says ‘well it took you long enough’ before pulling her in closer and kissing her.