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I have a personal head cannon that dick Grayson suffers from anxiety attacks. How do you think the rest of the family helps him through these/how do they react when they find out? Thanksiloveyoubye

I feel like Dick wouldn’t want anyone around him if he’s having a panic attack because the chances are that they would only make it worse, especially if he was experiencing sensory overload. So his family members would probably just lead him somewhere quiet and relatively empty so he can calm down on his own terms. However, if there was a specific cause or trigger and he started to get really worked up, they would make sure he was separated from whatever was causing him this level of anxiety and would attempt to calm him down with soothing words and soft voices. They would make sure that he’ s safe, even if it would be somewhat terrifying/heart wrenching for them because they can’t do anything. This isn’t like the usual villains they face against because it’s inside of Dick’s mind and he’s really the only one who can cause it to simmer down. In the end they just wait for him to get himself calm and collected and okay with them coming closer so they can check if he’s really okay.

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hey, I live in a really abusive home and I wanted to know what I should do, like my Mom keeps saying she's going to kill me, and she wants me to kms. I have no friends anymore and I'm kind of considering it? Do you have any advice that could help, I mean all I have is tumblr everything else sucks, but i really love to watch you and i really like your blog too, but what should i do?

Definitely get away from her. Thats no way to treat a child. If U don’t want to go to the police for help there must be another family member or family friend you could ask to stay with? Whatever u do dont kill urself. Some parents can be terrible but once ur 18 u can get the hell out of there and u dont need to see or speak to them ever again. Im just worried that she will legit try to kill you someday. If u think she would do that and she’s not just trying to scare you u gotta get out of there

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I lost a necklace that I've had since I was a kid and I can't find it anywhere my entire family helped me look we searched the entire house and cannot find it is it possible to communicate with spirits to have them help you find it?

If you have spirits you work with you certainly can ask them for help!

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Wondering if you can help: History of a Family is SUPER long! It looks really good, but the 'one-sided attraction' tag worries me. Is this end-game stucky, and how long in the fic (generally) before they get their act together?

spoilers under the cut

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Red Light Special (Jonathan Byers x reader)

Summary: A late Valentine gift from Jonathan

Warnings: smut smut smut

Request: My I please request some Jonathan Byer smut? I’m thinking maybe Valentines Day Smut. But really there just needs to be more smut fics about this beautiful boy!

When Jonathan told you he couldn’t spend Valentines day with you, you were more than disappointed. Jonathan was your first real boyfriend, the first boy to be fully committed to you, and he couldn’t spend the most romantic day of the year with you. You understood why he couldn’t, he had to work that night to help support his family. But just because you couldn’t spend Valentines together, didn’t mean you couldn’t have your own day. Jonathan had weekends off, so you planned for the Saturday after Valentines day to be the two of yours Valentines day.

Jonathan waited for you to show up to his house, with a bouquet of red roses in his hands. To say he was nervous was an understatement. The time he waited, he was messing with the bowtie Joyce helped tie, and kept mussing his hair. (Y/n) rushed up the driveway to his front door, knocking loudly. She kept adjusting her favorite dress, a dress that fell just below her knees; that she adjourned with jewelry. Jonathan opened the front door with a quick movement and invited her in.

Reaching forward, he placed a delicate kiss on her cheek, and handed over the bouquet. “Happy belated Valentines darling,”

The two of you went to the kitchen to have dinner. The small kitchen table was decorated lightly, with a white tablecloth and because Jonathan didn’t know what to cook that night, Chinese takeout. It wasn’t the most romantic thing ever, but spending time with Jonathan was enough for you.

Dinner was normal, but something about Jonathan seemed… off. He kept fidgeting in his seat like he had something to say, something to get off his chest. Just as you were about to ask him whats wrong, Jonathan reached across the table and grabbed your hand.

“(Y/n) baby, you’re one of the most important people in my life. I really want to make sure this Valentines is special,” you could feel his hands get clammy, something that only really happened when you two were close. Whenever you kissed him or tried to go further, he’d tense up and his hands would get clammy. But this time he was bold, and leaned across the table and captured your lips in a kiss. “Ah baby,” He moaned into the kiss and reached to the back of your head, deepening the kiss.

The food was abandoned at the table, but the food was the last thing on either of their minds. The two grabbed at each other roughly, messing up both of their hair even more. Jonathan’s right hand held on tightly on the lower back of her dress, with a strong grip on her dress. The closest they had ever come to this moment was the time in Jonathan’s car, but thats a story for a different time. Jonathan was thankful that his mom was working that night, and Will had a sleepover. They made a mess, (Y/n)’s dress dropped to the floor, and she started quickly taking off Jonathan’s shirt and quickly reached for his pants.

Jonathan led her to his room, moving the activities to his bed. Jonathan reached into his bedside table, pulling out a condom. They laid together, skin rubbing oh so nicely. The sounds of moans and Jonathan’s grunts filled the air.

Jonathan pulled her in by the hips, whispering in her ear “Shit! That’s right, thats good baby,” The two finished together, bringing them closer than ever before.


Hope you guys liked it!! I’m not the best at writing smut but I tried my best! IF you want to be added to the tag list feel free to dm me! Requests are open, feel free to drop a request in our ask box. Please do not reupload any of my stories! Gif is not mine. Feedback is welcome and very wanted! Up next is a Percival graves fic!




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I'm going to kill myself tonight

no no no, please don’t, what’s wrong? talk to me, or talk to someone close to you please just reach out to someone and ask for help, a family member, a friend, me, someone else on here, please just don’t do this, you aren’t alone okay? whatever is happening in your life isn’t permanent even if it seems like it, you will be okay, i know it’s hard but death really isn’t the answer x

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Hi, could I have a prayer request for a friend of mine? She's having a difficult time at the moment, as she's having several health issues, her family is going through a rough spot financially, and she's having a lot of conflict with her father being verbally abusive; and while she is a Christian, she's having a very difficult time leaning on God at this time. I've been praying for her a lot recently, but extra well-wishes/prayers are appreciated. Thank you, and God bless you!

Hi friend,

Of course. I’m so sorry your friend is going through all of this, and I pray that she does indeed grow closer to God at this time, and I pray that she knows that He hasn’t left her, that He is right there with her in the thick of it, and I pray that God helps her and her family to be strong and to remember Him and His Word. 

Sending so many prayers. God bless you. Feel free to keep me updated on how your friend and her family are doing. <3

All my love,



There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…


“Also, I’m not eating dinner unless it’s artisan.”

“…He is our Yurio, right???”

“Maybe he’s going through a phase?”

this was funnier in my head

my favorite homestuck thing™ is when something you bump into is so vague and casual that like anybody could see it and enjoy it… but your homestuck sense………. that filthy fuckin homestuck radar you’ve got there….. that thing you earned from homeshit stuckademy after thousands of pages of asinine yet captivating circlejerk web content……. it just starts beeping.

and you know

you just fucking know

Today I wore my Winchester Bros t-shirt and my KAZ 2Y5 necklace, both of which I got at NJCon this year and which I was wearing for the first time. I knew Jared and Gen were in NYC and I was walking to the bus home, texting my friend jokingly that I was keeping an eye out for them. Two minutes after, I look up and I saw something familiar. A split second later I recognized who it was, and my legs legitimately turned to jelly and my heart felt like it had stopped. He noticed me before I even started walking up to him, and pointed at my t-shirt and gave me this big grin and said “Hey! Like your shirt!” And I said “Thank you!” and asked if we could take a photo. Gen smiled and offered to take it for me, and I asked her if she could be in it too, and she said “Sure!” I took out my phone and opened the camera, and Jared reached out and took my phone, saying with a little smile, “Here, let me take it. I’ve got longer arms!” And I said “Yeah, good idea. I’m too short.” And we took the photo and he said “Is that good?” And I said “Yes thank you!” He complimented my t-shirt again, and then noticed my necklace and said he liked it too. I told him “I just got them! At NJcon on Friday!” And he gave a huge smile and said “Oh cool! What’s your name?” I said “My name’s Tova!” And he said “Nice to meet you Tova, I’m Jared and this is Gen” and I replied “Oh, wow yeah, I totally didn’t know that” to which he started laughing, and as they walked away I told them I hope they have a good time in NYC, and they both smiled gently at me and walked away.

….I don’t think I’ll forget this for as long as I live.




If this isn’t love then I don’t know what is.

My father is one of the strongest people I have ever met, but also very stubborn when it comes to admitting pain. I saw him become very ill, he couldn’t even get up from his bed without crying. He refuses to go to hospitals because we are not so financially sound.

The affordable care act helped my family with a lot of little things, but I am most grateful that it saved my father back in February 2016. 

Thank you.