help support autism awareness

Don't forget: Light it up blue for April!

April is Autism awareness month, starting April 2nd. Wear blue, change your porch light to a blue party bulb, and show support for families and children with autism-whether you know them or not!

Also, please spread the truths about autism around your community. Together we can all help to reduce and eliminate the misconceptions about children with autism and their parents, and do away with “the Look” completely!

The Autism community will thank you for spreading awareness about this increasingly prevalent disorder!

Autism speaks is, in all honesty, a greedy organization that takes advantage of a disorder for well wishing citizens who would donate. Even though they started the Light it up Blue campaign, they don’t benefit unless you actively donate! This is a prime opportunity to help spread autism awareness WITHOUT actively supporting them- remember, they don’t have any shareholding on blue clothing or blue lightbulbs that are not their own, and cant benefit from this if you dont donate! Make Light it up Blue what it should have been in the first place; a genuine effort to spread the truths and awareness of autism, without a greedy monopoly behind it!!! :)

Even if you are a goth who has sworn to wear all black, spruce it up with some blue accents or some subtle puzzle piece jewelry!