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Hello, some of you may have heard recently about Gertrude the sheep, she was the worlds largest sheep and was an attraction for tourists in a farm in Wiltshire, England. Recently, she unfortunately died at the age of 3 which is quite young for a sheep even for her size. It is believed she died because of grief when her health deteriorated after the manager of the attraction, Richard (Dick for short) ordered the removal of her ram companion whom she had reproduced with. Employees have since said the ram (named David) has also gone in to a downward spiral with his health. They have started a protest against their manager, after he refused to reunite Gertrude and David, even when the signs pointed towards their deteriorating health being due to their separation. As well as not giving extra funding to help David to recover. In the name of Gertrude staff want to fire Dick and get some much needed financial support to help aid David in getting better. All they ask for people to do to help them and Gertrude is to share the simple hashtag #DICK OUT FOR HER RAM BAE