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Bet you didn’t know I have an Overwatch OC, eh?

I was thinking about Zenyatta’s line in-game when he mentions having brothers and sisters at Shambali, and there’s been a distinct lack of female-presenting/voiced omnics so far, so… I made my own! This is Tekhartha Quanatta–named for Quan Yin, a buddhist figure of mercy and compassion.

Quanatta wanted to help spread Mondatta’s message, so she took to traveling, learning to fight to defend herself (I was inspired by Shaolin Monks) if necessary. She moves from place to place, teaching small groups about human-omnic harmony; especially children, whom she adores. She is soft-spoken, sweet and reserved, adores plants and flowers, and prefers to leave violence as an absolute last resort; she tends to be forgiving of others to a fault.

In a fight, she primarily uses her (collapsible) quarterstaff in swift, close-range combat, rarely staying still–she is fragile but quick, and is capable of blocking some attacks with her staff a limited number of times. She also uses her connection to the Iris to manipulate a set of steel lotus petals, which typically hover around her at rest, and can be shot off as weak ranged attacks (out of combat, she can move them around to make little ‘puppets’ to help tell stories). Her ULT is called Petal Storm, where the steel petal blades kick up in a flurry around her, deadly to anyone who ends up in melee range.

Designing an omnic monk was really fun and I hope to draw more of Quanatta in the future! ♥

I want to give Little Mix a special shout-out for using their huge platform to help spread the message about a couple of kids who are still missing. Celebrity messages of support are comforting, but this is a great way to put their massive social media reach to good use in a time like this. Nice work!


Friendly Shipping Reminder

Shipping Youtubers is perfectly okay. I do it all the time, it’s fun. But don’t take it too far and try to make it a reality when it already isn’t.

Creators like Pewdiepie, Markiplier, VanossGaming, JackSepticEye, DanTDM, NetNobody, et cetera, are real people just like any of us. They have relationships, and aggressive shippers have managed to ruin some Youtuber’s relationships in real life.

But it’s not wrong to ship Youtubers, as long as you ship the username and not the actual life in front of the camera.

Mark Edward Fischbach is a heterosexual male with a beautiful girlfriend and a happy, healthy love-life. He won’t be dating Seán William McLoughlin, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, or any of his other Youtube friends anytime soon.

But Markiplier is as much as a character as Mark Edward Fischbach is an independent person.

Write fanfiction about how Markiplier exists in a world where he’s bisexual, single, and there just happens to be a really hot and gay Irish person that lives down the street. Call him Mark Edward Fischbach, but remember that he’s far from human. He’s fictional, and that’s okay. His ideals are still the same, and they are just as impactful. 

Draw a picture of VanossGaming and H2ODelirious making out or whatever you want, but don’t go forcing it down Evan Fong’s throat expecting him to magically turn bi or gay or whatever and go hunt down his anonymous friend.

Some Youtubers also have children. Adam Dahlberg wouldn’t want the life of his child threatened because he won’t have sex with another content creator. NetNobody creates music, not porn.

Keep their subscribers in mind, too. DanTDM has a young audience, don’t expose them to something mature like smut of the family-friendly Youtubers. Censor your work accordingly and/or upload it to adult-only sites if it has those kinds of mature things. Sometimes it can’t be helped like on Tumblr, when they may not have the safe search on, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious. On DeviantArt, if your work contains mature themes, enable the “mature content” option in a picture’s settings. If it’s really mature, make it “strict” so only people who are 18 or older can view it.

Youtubers create for a living. They do it for us and to support themselves. Don’t scare them away from their passion just because they’re not perfectly aligned with your fantasies.

If it helps, imagine they’re AI, living in a digital world that’s just like our own, but where you have the power. Write about that world, pretend it’s real, but don’t try to make it real.

So go and write or draw your OTP or any ship you like. It’s okay, it’s entertaining, and sometimes you’ll make some friends while doing it.

But please remember.

Ship Markiplier, not Mark Edward Fischbach.

Ship VanossGaming, not Evan Fong.

Ship JackSepticEye, not Seán William McLoughlin.

Ship DanTDM, not Dan Middleton.

Ship NetNobody, not Adam Dahlberg.

Ship PewDiePie, not Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.

Ship the body, mind, and soul of the channel, not the spirit of it.

They have feelings too.

Please help spread this message.

Today during Daegu fansign, with the help of masternim ASiGoKi, the message of Gabbie (Youngjae’s fan who has passed away of leukemia) has been successfully delivered to Youngjae. Youngjae was sad hearing the news and wished her be in heaven as an angel. He also said he would sing for everyone forever. Youngjae was thankful for the support. You can read more on Gabbie’s story & her last request which sent by her mom below. I want to thank everyone especially IGOT7 who helped spread the message so the message can reach Youngjae. Thank you.


  • please reply on this post (please don’t spam my askbox and messages, i won’t look at them) with a character (does NOT have to be ML!!)
  • to have some variety, im only going to be doing each character ONCE, even if i get multiple requests for the same character
  • i’ll be posting daily drawings on my twitter (@baraschino), and i’ll post a batch of drawings after each week here on tumblr!
  • all requests are welcome! any character any series! thank you everyone who submits a request, and sorry ahead of time if i don’t pick yours to draw! love you all<33

Thursday, April 20, 2017 is Give OUT Day; the national day of giving for the LGBTQIA community. This year, Believe Out loud is participating in this 24-hr online fundraising competition in order to continue our work—empowering Christians to work for justice for all LGBTQIA people.

Please join in and help us spread this message so we can continue to grow and share the good news of God’s expansive love for all!

real talk

I told this one American-POC who wouldn’t stop harassing Filipinos about slavery to start helping. Since she was so passionate about the issue I figured Hey! Arguing over 2 dead people wont change the fact that so many Filipino women like Eudocia are still suffering right now!

I asked her to help me spread the message on different NGOs who are actively helping in saving these women. And what did she do?

Shut me down. Accuse me of asking for “free labor” (because donations are free labor now?).

And then I get it. Some of you don’t REALLY care about us or this issue. All you care about is lashing out in public, showing how your American-centric morals makes you a better human than people from 3rd world countries. 

You deny to listen to our voices because we are beneath you. You feel accomplished that you enforced your U.S.-centric worldview to other countries because in your American eyes YOU ARE RIGHT. But you won’t REALLY do anything about it. 

Even if you are a POC, remember that you still have AMERICAN privilege. White people can never understand the black experience, and Americans can never understand the Filipino experience. The only way to resolve this is to LISTEN AND ACTUALLY HELP EXISTING VICTIMS. WHICH YOU ARE NOT DOING. 

Please read this is something very important to me!!!

Hey everyone! I’m sure not many will see this, but I’m hoping people will! Mine and my husband’s anniversary is coming up really soon and I want to do something special for him! He’s done so much for me these past few years! So I’m all asking people on social media to help me with present!

Write on a piece of paper(any piece of paper will do!):

Caitlin’s love for you is so big it reached (insert your location here) ❤

Take a picture of the piece of paper with a fun background setting. It can be something from your city like a monument or a cool restraunt, you can be in it, even just your backyard with your dog! Then send it to me please❤❤❤ screenshots from snapchat with geotags will work great too!!! I’d love anything!

You can just put the piece of paper up to the sky and snap a quick picture if thats what works best! In the end I’ll make a huge collage for him!

Send them to me in a message or reblog this to help spread the message!!!!

I have also set up an email if you want to send the picture that way:

Thank you so SO much!

I need blogs

So I was a little inactive on here, I was just updating a queue basically but I miss everyone and I unfollowed inactive blogs and blogs that moved on to other fandoms and now I don’t follow many blogs so… I am still a supernatural blog and destiel is my main ship so if that’s something you like then please reblog this and I’ll check out your blog.

Mutuals if you could help spread the message, that would be appreciated :)

Gay is a sexuality, not an insult.

Gay is a sexuality, not an insult
Gay is a sexuality, not an insult
Gay is a sexuality, not an insult
Gay is a sexuality, not an insult
Gay is a sexuality, not an insult
Gay is a sexuality, not an insult
Gay is a sexuality, not an insult
Gay is a sexuality, not an insult
Gay is a sexuality, not an insult

I’m desperate.

I hate to make posts like this but I’m in a bit of a situation.
I’m in desperate need of a job/money. 2 years ago I got diagnosed with autism officially. People started to mock me for it and I lost my job.
After falling into a depression I finally started to pick myself up again and started studying Media&Graphic design. 1 year later I passed all my exams with flying scores, teachers were impressed, other students are super happy I’m able to help them out besides doing my own projects. But sadly I can’t be there for them anymore next year.
I have no money to pay for my next year. So I’m basically forced to drop out.

Unless I manage to get something of an income for the next 1,5/2 months.
People in my region are hella ableist and prefer neurotypical employees over autistic ones. Trust me, I have applied at several places but the only reason they could give me when they declined my offer was “ Someone with no mental disorders applied too so we are gonna give the job to them “.

So now I’m here struggling to find a way to get money.
I’ve started up commissions and I got a redbubble if any of you want to help me out.

More examples of what i make:

You can send me an ask or an email at for commission requests and further payment info.
Don’t send money to paypal on that emailadress, that adress doesn’t have a paypal. Just email me for the info.

Reblogging is appreciated, please, I really want to continue studying.
Your support now helps me create more and beter things in the future.

I’m so sorry to selfpromote like this but im really desperate im going to end up without college for the 3rd time in my life.

Activation of the Inner Fire

Note: “There will be a massive meditation session all around the world on the 9th Thursday for Peace, unification. There is only one word of energy to spread: Peace/Unity. Please if you believe in the truth of this word you can help spread this message however you like. This is your free will. Thank you, namaste and best wishes! ✌️🌎 Be part of the change”

Tik: The mail men are taking a nap after playing!

Tok: They still got lots of paper tho! You want paper? We’ll give you some!

[ The notes on the original Flora Ball post broke on us so we’re unable to send invites to the people liking and reblogging that post. We’ll now be using this post to send invites through! 

Please Read

  • Invites are not mandatory to attend! They’re just fun prompts to let you draw your character reacting and getting ready.
  • If you do not get a personal invite from one of the mods, you can still participate!
  • All pokemon character blogs whether text based, art based, ask blogs, rp blogs, or daily blogs are welcome
  • Reply to this post to get your invite. Reblogs and Likes will not count here as to avoid mixing people up who already got their invites!
  • If you’re a side blog, put the url you want us to use in your reply!
  • Original Flora Ball post here for info about the event and the mods running it!
  • If you already got your invite, you don’t have to do anything but helping to spread the message would help.]

So, who wants an invitation?

It’s been brought to my attention that there are Bechloe fans that still threaten and insult the PP3 cast and crew to make Bechloe happen. Stop. If you do this please don’t.

I respect the hell out of everyone involved in PP3 and will do everything in my power to stop people like that. Spread this message and call these people out. I hate to do this but I am sick of it. If you see someone doing it, tell them to stop. They need to understand that they are not helping anything and they are just being plain selfish.

I beg of you to get as many people as aware of this as possible, they are giving us and everything we believe in a bad name.

Help me spread this message.

@MTVAUSTRALIA: Join @Caradelevingne and more and throw up your W’s, take a selfie & support @drop4drop today on #WorldWaterDay! #W4Water 👐

@caradelevingne: Everyone should have access to clean water….
Support @drop4drop this World Water Day
#W4Water 💧post your own W pics and help spread the message

So my friend is really interested in homestuck, but he says he's too ugly to cosplay as Dirk Strider.

Now listen a second. 
You all need to help me prove he’s wrong and he could



a great Dirk because

fuck look at him.

Ok now please, do what you want, but help andreaharumonia’s self esteem explode because he thinks he’s ugly.
Thank you for your help :v

Presenting to you the Wonkru Network!

This network is being established to discuss theories, share creations and ideas and to help get through the hiatus until the next season!


  • Must be a 100 fandom blog (you can be multifandom).
  • Must reblog this post, likes will be considered a bookmark. (you can delete post once you’re in) & (reblogs help the word spread)
  • Message me here what character you want to be (first come, first serve).
  • Be a(n) semi-active/active blog.
  • Be friendly :)

Happy reblogging!