help someone send help

yo fam i need ur help. can someone send me that pic of JReds in the chair with the newspaper over her face??? i thought i saved it but alas i am a fool. pls i need it for reasons.

Mum: I am going to have to go grate some cheese for this

Me: you don’t have to do anything.
You don’t have to grate cheese.
You don’t have to eat tonight.
You don’t HAVE to breathe.
You don’t HAVE to keep fighting the ever marching beat of time.
You dont’ HAVE to struggle against the constant but steady decay of your body

Mum: are…. you ok…?

Me: i have got to slow down on the night vale podcasts

I need a Tumblr best friend. Honestly no, I need a best friend on here and off here. Having no friends sucks.

  • Sakura: Undressing must be difficult with just one hand. Right, Sasuke-kun?
  • Sasuke: Not at all. (approaches her)
  • Sakura: ???
  • Sasuke: (takes the front zipper of her dress between his teeth and starts pulling down while staring intensly into her eyes)
  • Sakura: (instant tomato face) OMFG