help someone save me


maybe we are all wrong. Maybe Keith isn’t the one with the temper.

Maybe it’s Lance.

keith (for the most part) is calm, quiet. Sure, he’s angry and confused, but he doesn’t want to bother other people with it. He only few times he’s really gotten angry is when Lance is involved, or when the Galra hurt the rest of the Paladins.

Lance? Everything he does is to the fullest. He doesn’t strike me as someone who’d just slip away when he’s upset, not when there’re others around. Not when he can blame someone.

Because Lance is a freaking time bomb, and in the back of everyone’s mind, they all know it’s gonna end in flames. But until then, Lance is fun and happy and okay.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.


I feel his pain.
I see his fear.
But it’s his undying courage what’s breaking my heart.

Nothing hurts a hero more than being unable to protect someone. Nor wounds, nor hits. Only the feeling of being useless. Of being powerless.

Kirishima is a true hero.

Jimin: “We have had so much I couldn’t keep the count.”

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Jimin: “Jungkookie likes to make everything into a date. Like that time when I was practising late at night and he bring snacks and make me sat down with him in the middle of the practice room… and we had the snacks and talk about the day…”

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Jungkook: “That was our best date ever.”

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- Jikook.

Virgil was wearing his headphones and jamming out to But it’s better if you do you by P!ATD. He huffed. Why did emo have to die? Sure there are still a few emo bands but the holy trinity is dead. The age of emo is no more. Suddenly, an idea struck Virgil. It was probably a terrible idea and it would never work, but it was for a good enough cause to try. Virgil teleported to Roman’s room and shouted, “Roman! We have to save emo! You need to write some music! I know how Logan and Patton can help but you’ve gotta do this! You’re vital to #SaveEmo2k17!!”