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Green-blooded Bastards: An Argument Against Hemocyanin

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A counter-argument to a fascinating discussion that blossomed from @storiesfromstarfleet‘s kickass headcanon on Vulcan skin tone. Namely, why it’s not more green.

That spawned an analysis of the differences in hemoglobin and hemocyanin, and raised the burning question, “If Spock’s blood is really copper-based, shouldn’t it be blue, instead?”

I won’t be rehashing the entire conversation. My friends @elsa-lost-in-translation, @outside-the-government, @starshiphufflebadger, and @gracieminabox each made some excellent points, which you can read if you follow the links. 

I’m here to tell you, in a word -


Spock’s blood is green, dammit, and his skin is… well, what we see in TOS. Fleshy-pinkish-yellow-funky-almost-jaundiced-looking-greenifyousquint.

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ha did u think this was a masterpost? think again !!!

actually, im trying to get into honors biology in freshman year via a placement test in early june for my high school.

thing is, i dont know biology,,,

can someone PLEASE help? somehow? some way? obviously i cant learn a year’s worth of information in a month but something is better than nothing (’:

The Effect of Music, Prayer & Words on Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto:

Keeping in mind our bodies are 65% water.
You are what you tell yourself you are.
You are what you tell others they are.
Thoughts truly become things… choose good ones!

Help get Mystery Science Theater 3000′s “Gypsy” renamed!

Hey folks. I’ve been informed that today is International Rromani Day, and I thought I’d inform you of a small thing you can do in its honor. 

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a cult comedy show from the 90s in which a guy and some robots make fun of bad movies. One of the robots was named “Gypsy”, an unfortunate fact that will unfortunately go unchanged when the show comes back April 14th, after almost two decades off the air. 

The good news is that this is probably out of ignorance, not malice. Series creator Joel Hodgson has changed a lot about Gypsy for the revival–specifically, she’s no longer voiced by a man doing comedy falsetto, but instead a female comic named Rebecca Hanson. He’s also changed her personality, feeling it’s unfortunate that the show’s only lady lead for its first seven seasons was defined primarily by being dumb. 

It’s clear to me that Hogdson is open to changing things for social justice reasons–he just needs a push. 

On Sunday, April 9th, Joel Hodgson will be hosting a live video Q&A about the Mystery Science Theater 3000 relaunch. He’s accepting questions at until 12pm US Pacific / 3pm US Eastern time on Sunday. 

I believe that, if enough of us write in informing him that G*psy is a racial slur, and that the name should be changed, he will take action in future seasons.

I know there are bigger issues to solve, but this might be the best chance we get to make our voices heard on this specific issue, and the timing couldn’t be better.


[ 20 • 3 ] science ft. slightly dead succulents!

  • Ferre: Do you guys wanna explain why the fire alarm is going off and we're out here in the freezing cold at 2:30 in the morning?
  • Grantaire:
  • Bossuet:
  • Joly:
  • Bahorel:
  • Ferre:
  • Grantaire: well,,,, the thing is we got hungry and we wanted to see what would happen if we microwaved Doritos
  • Joly: you know, for science!
  • Ferre: *takes a deep breath*
  • Ferre: and what have we learned from this experience?
  • Bahorel: that if college students were ever going to kill someone and start a riot, it would probably be after someone set off the fire alarm in their building at 2:30 in the morning
  • Ferre:
  • Ferre: ...
  • Enjolras: someone make a note of this for future revolutionary purposes
  • Ferre: Enjolras...
  • Ferre: Enjolras, no...

anonymous asked:

I NEED TO KNOW FOR SCINCE: would galra keef have panic attacks due to sensory overload cuz he's not used to noises being so loud or new eye sight and it all HURTS and no one can help because Shiro was the best at comforting him oh quiznack it hurts

*post s2 and keith got the galra transformation we all wanted*

oh yeah, he would be jumpy and flinch at everything. poor little guy doesnt know whats going on why everything hurts why everything is so LOUD.

and with shiro being gone, it takes a long time for the team to notice that keith is struggling.

first to notice is lance. you cant tell me that lance isnt observant and would totally do his best to make sure keith is okay. he tones it down for keith, he isnt nearly as loud around keith as he used to be. kinda throws the team meetings for a loop because theyre so used to lances loud input

the person to put it together next is hunk. hes usually the one to encourage lance and how loud he is by being loud himself. and since lance isnt being loud anymore, hunk isnt. then he starts thinking about WHY lance isnt loud anymore. sure lance and keith stand next to each other all the time, but the causal over the shoulder team hugs have lessened and lance is only loud when hes not with Keith. and then hunk has the aha moment™ and starts following lances lead.

pidge has already been researching glara-altean relations for science and figures somethings out about the galra. sure all their senses are way more sensitive than humans, but they also arent solitary creatures either. which makes sense because look at the size of their army. the only one to really fight alone was zarkon. and sendak doesnt count, he had people backing him. so pidge starts compiling a list of things about the galra, and hunk lets it slip that since keith turned galra hes been jumpy and moodier than normal, plus lance seems to have quieted down. -insert lightbulb moment here- and she starts to look up stuff that calm galra down.

allura and coran notice her research and offer what little information they can remember to help her along. keith is still apart of this team and they need everyone at full capacity to find shiro and defeat zarkon and lotor. soon enough they have a pretty comprehensive list of how to make your galra happy

they already know that keith likes to cuddles (a fact that he will deny to his grave but cmon keith youre not fooling anyone) and pidge gets the help of lance and hunk to transform the living room area into a cuddle pit. you know the area with the couches. and then once theyre done, lance grabs keith from his room, where the little monster has burrowed into his bed, away from everyone. like no keith youre coming out.

keith gets dragged to the living room, sees thats the lights are dimmed and the couches are covered with pillows and blankets. pidge hooked up a sounds system with hunk and corans help and was playing slow calming music. like the couches area is the place where everyone can just pile on top of each other and relax. but they also set a little place for keith to retreat to when he gets over stimulated.

pidge was able to find a nature documentary and she sets up a projector system and lets it play. like one of those documentaries that has the really good narrator and all is peaceful and you have to fight off sleep to watch it all the way through. im talking one of those.

and keith is just like you guys,, and commence group hug, led by hunk ofc.

then they settle down and just relax. they keep the living room like this until keith is comfortable with himself again and whenever they notice keith getting antsy again, one or two of the others (mostly lance) will just take him there and chill for a couple of hours, time willing ofc. but eventually it takes less and less time in the cuddle pit for keith to calm down and soon enough hes back to his normal self (well normal as he can be being a purple cat and all)

Bonus: when they find shiro again, he makes a joke about wanting a cuddle pit when he was going through that rough patch with his ptsd. lance pats him on the back and is like, dont worry, keith still uses it so he can share. ^^


This is a piece of homework I’ve been working on for the last two weeks. I’m taking it to the printers in the next few days, and i was keen for some feedback if anyone has some? Get as harsh and constructive as you like (as dont just say it’s shit, tell me how to make it not shit)

On this note, if anyone is a botanist or knows a botanist who knows carnivorous plants in depth, I’d love to have them proof the facts I’ve tried to include in this. I am not a botanist, this is all a mish mash of google search info, so I’ll happily collaborate with someone who may want to. I’ll be taking it to the printers in a few days regardless cos it’s due at uni in two weeks, but i do want to get this done correctly for my own personal accomplishment and possible future publication.

So the idea is a stylised but accurate illustration of carnivorous plants, the purpose of which is to impart information that is kinda odd (i didnt know about bladderworts at all and i love them now) and also push home how odd convergent evolution is.

If you think there’s info I’m missing or something i should add, or a design element I’ve fucked up or literally anything, please let me know!

Mental Health is such an important topic to me. Being in a student club focused on promoting mental wellbeing, as well as studying psychology, has given me perspective into the levels of stigmatisation many people face solely because of mental illnesses. It is NOT okay to judge someone based on their levels of emotional distress, and it is NOT okay to judge someone based on a clinical diagnosis.

For those of you who, like me, are passionate about mental health, I recently came across a wonderful text entitled the “Mental Health First Aid Manual”. This not only outlines the variety of diagnosable conditions, but also assists in performing assessment and outlines what you (as an everyday person, a friend, a family member) can do to help. There are many free online texts similar to the one that I have, from an array of amazing mental health services.

Keep going, be strong, take a breath, and breathe. You’ve got this 💕

Me during science class
  • Teacher: Okay. What kind of gem do you think you are?
  • Me: A DIAMOND! *covers my mouth* Ehem... I didn't mean to say anything...
  • Teacher: What was that again? Chloe, please say it again and explain why.
  • Me on the outside: *stands up* I-I want to be a diamond because they are... er... precious! Also it's the hardest substance on Earth!