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i'm trying to do some skelebun, but wow! drawing is hard!, especially certain poses and um...positions. like you know hugging or trying to lift up your drunk pal that just pass out.

o gosh. want some pose bases? i wouldn’t normally do this… for anyone… but since ur drawing skelebun… which somehow is still stupidly important to me… i… oKAY

if you want some POSITIONS… it’s…….. i can’t help u with that

The Parents of Overwatch
  • Soldier 76: Of course he's at the top of the list he's The Dad. Mega dad. Ultra dad. So dad it hurts.
  • McCree: Unwilling dad. Why are there so many anklebiters running around oh my god. Will claim he's too mature to hang out with the "youngins" and then two seconds later will be playing Dance Dance Revolution with D.Va.
  • Reinhardt: The Ultimate Grandpa(TM). The coolest out of all of them.
  • Tjorborn: That grumpy grandpa who's always complaining but really does care about everyone a lot.
  • Mercy: The Mom(TM), but also very much Wine Mom. There's just too many people in this fucking house. Heroes never die my ass they're gonna start dying if they don't start pickin up their shit.
  • Hanzo: Unwilling dad 2.0. Does not intend to be fatherly, often is anyway. However will join prank wars at the drop of a hat. Claims he's only playing Dance Dance Revolution to kick McCree's ass.
  • Reaper: Tries to be a dad, fails. Really just that creepy uncle no one likes.
  • Pharah: Unwilling mom. How can any of you function without sleep and proper meals for the love of god.
  • Widowmaker: Vodka Aunt


Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 41 Spoilers

Shigurae is touching Saiko’s face
Shigurae: You are like manjyuu
Saiko: Owaaa…
Shigurae: A messy manjyuu. mochimochimochimochimochimochimochimochimochimochi
Saiko froze out of terror

Urie fighting Kanae. Urie pushes Kanae against the wall and Kanae lets out his kagune Urie charges his quinque towards Kanae’s face
Kanae: !?
Kanae dodges his attack but Urie still manage to break Kanae’s mask
Urie: !?
Urie: (This guy is…!?)
Urie: …!!
Kanae tries to flee
Urie: Shirazu!!
Shirazu: Ah
Seems like Shirazu is still unable to move
Urie: Tch…
Urie: (Move!!)
Kanae manages to flee successfully
Urie: (Damn…!!)
Urie: (He got away.. I had him.. I had him..!! Its good now! If I remember this feeling…!!)
Urie: Lets go
Shirazu: eh…
Urie: Its a trap

Mutsuki is fighting Hakatori. Urie comes to save Mutsuki.
Mutsuki: (He is fast…!! The fact that he is with Torso does it mean he is from Aogiri…? This guy is using a quinque… is he not going to let out his kagune…?)
Mutsuki uses his kagune against Hakatori
Hakatori: !!
Hakatori’s quinque stucked on the ceiling
Mutsuki charges to Hakatori
Mutsuki: (Got you…)
Hakatori: Interesting
Hakatori lets out his kagune
Mutsuki: !!
Mutsuki: (Kagune…!!)
Hakatori: Bikaku user, shall we compete

Hakatori attacks Mutsuki
Hakatori: If I use my bikaku, I will use too much energy, thats why I use my quinque
Hakatori: …I am Hakatori…also known as Quinque Hunter. Your quinque too, I am taking it!!
Mutsuki: (I lost-!!)
Urie came to rescue
Mutsuki: !?
Urie: Mutsuki, get down
Hakatori: A new guy!!
Hakatori: (That rose guy… did he lost…)
Urie: (Move)
Urie: Shirazu!!
Hakatori: They even have a Ukaku user…
Hakatori: (…lets back off)
Hakatori flees

Shirazu: Are you ok?
Mutsuki: Y, yes
Urie: (First class (Sasaki) is fighting alone…)
Urie: Lets go
Urie: (…I wonder how is the situation there…)

Upon reaching where Sasaki is, they are surprised of what they are seeing
Qs team: !?!?
Sasaki is using both quinque and kagune, surrounding are ghouls he defeated
Hooguro: Guhh..
Shousei: He is good!!
Urie: (What…to say…)
Hooguro them flee

Sasaki: …haa…haa…
Sasaki: (They fled… their rate…should be around A+…)
Sasaki: Everyone…! Are you all ok?
Mutsuki: Yeah, somehow…
Sasaki: …! How is Saiko chan!?

Saiko: …Ehh…ha…hii…
Shigurae: I am going to bend it~ If you move I am going to bend it~ bend your bones~
Shigurae: …Help
Shigurae: ppp~ppp~ppp~
Saiko: tsuuu!! Taaaaa!!
Shigurae: Hungry~ nonononoooon
Saiko: Waaaaaaaaa!!

A mysterious ghoul comes to rescue Saiko, seems like that guy is wearing Arata armour. He blows Shigurae to the wall
Shigurae: Habyooooo!!
Saiko: !?!?!?!?
Shigurae stands up
Shigurae: My wrist, hurts
That ghoul fires something out of his hand and it pierces through Shigurae’s body
Shigurae: !! Im roasted…
Shigurae falls down
Seems like this mysterious ghoul only has three fingers
Saiko: T..thank you?
Amon?: …

Sasaki them found Saiko
Mutsuki: Saiko chan!!
Saiko: !!
Mutsuki: Thank goodness… are you fine…!?
Saiko: Maman… A big black guy…
The hooded guy is gone

Tsukiyama visits :re
Touka: Welcom…
Tsukiyama: bon soir (hello)
Touka: !?