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There’s going to be so many opportunities for you to (re)introduce yourself to people. Maybe the people around you right now don’t know you as your preferred name and pronouns, but you will meet new people who will! Your life is never truly stagnant; you can always reinvent yourself.

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hello friends! 

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Hey guys! So in the past, I've made collages for Taylor and she saw them both. I made one for her birthday and one for the release of 1989

I want to do this again just to thank her for being so great to us these past few weeks. I just really need help gathering photos. If ANYONE is interested in helping or wants to send in photos then please let me know! I am trying to get at least 300 photos of different tumblr or instagram users along with messages. Please reblog to help SPREAD THE WORD & let’s do this!



vaspider  asked:

Did you know you're on a meme site now? :) www guacamoley com/the-scoop/2017/10/22/Z1TBqgS/woman-sexist-meme-personal-story?utm_content=inf_10_3742_2&tse_id=INF_10e40ec0b76911e78240a3a6bbddd67d

Yeah, that post got trended on imigur a week or so ago and now all the secondary filter-feeder sites are picking it up.  Which, well I’m glad y’all think I’m funny but:

1. It’d be real nice if the authors of those articles shared some of that ad revenue with me because, You Know.  Made that content.
2. I’m Agender.  They/Them.  Not a woman.

So if anybody knows a free lawyer or how to ask for them to take the content down or share revenue with me, I’d appreciate it.

Help Please (Not​ About Money)

Assalaamu ala al-Muslimin
Hello y'all

I’ll try to make this as short as possible. Here’s a quick summary to why I need help. This is kind of unnecessary so you can scroll down if you don’t want to read.

In 2014 I took the university exam and got into a university, studying the subject I admired for long years (psychology), and I was really happy because it was a little too hard for me to achieve this goal for some reasons. Anyway, at the end of the second year/grade I was on the verge of depression™ mainly because of:

•Islamophobic and irresponsible teachers (almost all of them)
•Unrespectful and irresponsible classmates
•Unrespectful dorm mates

So, I decided that I can’t go on anymore and I should quit. This year was gonna be my 3rd year in university but I suspended it (not really sure if that’s what you call it in English. I’m still a student of that university but I didn’t attend classes for one year). Now I’m about to take another exam for university which, by Allah the Greatest’s help, will help me with these things:

•Studying in a better university
•Not having to struggle with money because I will get a good scholarship
Living away from my abusers
•Getting closer to my future dreams (which is being a neuroscientist and helping+educating people not only about neuroscience but also about life in general)
•Getting a job (well this part is not really clear, but which one of them is 100% sure to happen right?)

Now, what I need help for is, maths.
Yes maths. Due to some reasons (one of which is economical reasons) I couldn’t acquire any maths classes. It has been some years since I last studied math, plus now I need to study it in English. My English is not bad, and I’m not that bad in maths either. I just need someone who can help me out. I only got like 7 subjects to study, not so advanced mathematics.

So if you think you can write some notes down about mathematics for me, in a clear and easy way, and help me with the problems I can’t solve, please send me an ask or a message. I’m not asking for anything big, you obviously don’t need to be a teacher. Meanwhile I will try to find online sources and study myself too but I need someone who I can ask questions. Also I couldn’t find any sources which are easy to understand. So it would be nice if you sent me some.

I’m not asking for Skype lessons or something like that, and I obviously can’t give you any money but once in a while I can doodle a flower or a piece of cake for you if you want.

About two months are left before the exam, and I couldn’t study any mathematics so far. So if you signal boosted this even if you can’t help yourself I’d be thankful.

I’ll write the subjects here. I have more details I can send you if you are interested:
1. Numbers and expressions
2. Quadratic functions
3. Figures and measurements
4. The number of possible outcomes and probability
5. Properties of integers
6. Properties of figures

Even if you can't​ help me with all of them, some is also fine. I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn all of these in such a short time to be honest… But there’s always hope.

Lastly, please make dua/pray for me. May Allah the Greatest makes our struggles easy for us.

Thank you.

I need some help to pay my copays.

So, we all know that a trip to the ER ended up with with having to have surgery. While I am fortunate enough to have insurance, I still have copays I owe for the ER visit and for the surgery!

The number highlighted in red is the ER copay and blue is the copay for my surgery. I owe my insurance 350 dollars and I cannot do it alone.

I would like and appreciate it if I got some help. The surgery was so unexpected and unfortunately, we have to pay for being sick. If I can get help to pay for some of the copay owed, I would appreciate it a lot! Even a reblog to spread this would be greatly appreciated!

My paypal is ! I hope to get help to pay for half of it, but any help is more than enough.

Thanks so much for reading and spreading this!