help pls

Help Please (Not​ About Money)

Assalaamu ala al-Muslimin
Hello y'all

I’ll try to make this as short as possible. Here’s a quick summary to why I need help. This is kind of unnecessary so you can scroll down if you don’t want to read.

In 2014 I took the university exam and got into a university, studying the subject I admired for long years (psychology), and I was really happy because it was a little too hard for me to achieve this goal for some reasons. Anyway, at the end of the second year/grade I was on the verge of depression™ mainly because of:

•Islamophobic and irresponsible teachers (almost all of them)
•Unrespectful and irresponsible classmates
•Unrespectful dorm mates

So, I decided that I can’t go on anymore and I should quit. This year was gonna be my 3rd year in university but I suspended it (not really sure if that’s what you call it in English. I’m still a student of that university but I didn’t attend classes for one year). Now I’m about to take another exam for university which, by Allah the Greatest’s help, will help me with these things:

•Studying in a better university
•Not having to struggle with money because I will get a good scholarship
Living away from my abusers
•Getting closer to my future dreams (which is being a neuroscientist and helping+educating people not only about neuroscience but also about life in general)
•Getting a job (well this part is not really clear, but which one of them is 100% sure to happen right?)

Now, what I need help for is, maths.
Yes maths. Due to some reasons (one of which is economical reasons) I couldn’t acquire any maths classes. It has been some years since I last studied math, plus now I need to study it in English. My English is not bad, and I’m not that bad in maths either. I just need someone who can help me out. I only got like 7 subjects to study, not so advanced mathematics.

So if you think you can write some notes down about mathematics for me, in a clear and easy way, and help me with the problems I can’t solve, please send me an ask or a message. I’m not asking for anything big, you obviously don’t need to be a teacher. Meanwhile I will try to find online sources and study myself too but I need someone who I can ask questions. Also I couldn’t find any sources which are easy to understand. So it would be nice if you sent me some.

I’m not asking for Skype lessons or something like that, and I obviously can’t give you any money but once in a while I can doodle a flower or a piece of cake for you if you want.

About two months are left before the exam, and I couldn’t study any mathematics so far. So if you signal boosted this even if you can’t help yourself I’d be thankful.

I’ll write the subjects here. I have more details I can send you if you are interested:
1. Numbers and expressions
2. Quadratic functions
3. Figures and measurements
4. The number of possible outcomes and probability
5. Properties of integers
6. Properties of figures

Even if you can't​ help me with all of them, some is also fine. I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn all of these in such a short time to be honest… But there’s always hope.

Lastly, please make dua/pray for me. May Allah the Greatest makes our struggles easy for us.

Thank you.

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What the heck is Yuri on Stage???? Like is it a video, a script? I can't find it anywhere and I wanna be involved in the fun ;-;

omg it’s okay anon idrk either??? like i know the voice actors were there but like,, idek if that whole drunk drama was animated or whatnot BUT i do know that a dvd of it will come out in a few months!!! (does anyone know wtf it was??)


I seem to recall reading a line somewhere about a mythology wherein the dead are silent and cannot speak; what’s coming to mind is “Homer’s silent dead” although some quick googling reveals that in the Odyssey at least, spirits do not have this problem. Does this ring a bell for any classics or mythology experts?

Okay friends, here’s the deal with this painting;
My boyfriend lives in Germany and I’m from Canada, so we can’t really see each other and I’ve never got to give him anything really so i was thinking about sending him this painting. I really want to make sure it good and that he’ll like it so any advice/tips/feedback or something I could add to the top part, would be greatly appreciated :3
(Don’t ask about that mark above xayahs mouth I noticed it now and am going to fix it since it’s really bothering me now lmao)

Please help if you can?

So I’m about $300 behind on my electricity bills,, the company called up today and said unless I pay them tomorrow by 5pm they’ll be cutting me off. I already had a payment extension, however it’s expired.

I’ve had my electricity cut off before and it sucks;; I won’t have money again til the 26th so I’m extremely stressed out;; I’ve been trying to apply for more jobs but bc I have a psychiatric disability people are extremely hesitant to hire me…

I hate to ask (again) but if anyone can spare anything could you maybe consider donating to my PayPal? I can write fanfics and such for anyone who donates,, I just have no idea how I’m going to manage $300 by tomorrow, or even manage without power…

If you can’t donate could you please maybe just share this post? I’d really appreciate it, I hate having to ask people for money but I have no family so… This is like my last option.

My Paypal is :

thank you for reading, sharing or donating