YES HELLO EVERYONE !!! This is my commission page pls help out someone who needs da money //crie

-I recently resigned from managerial position for a few reasons, including stress levels going up, unfair treatment and pay, also trying to find somewhere closer to home to work (previous job took me at least 30 minutes to get there by car and my car likes to consume my entire tank in a week orz). We also just recently had to put my dog down,  I’m still paying her vet bill from her last visit, and just today one of my tires blew on my way to work today (let me just clear out, i am NOT unemployed, I actually still work at the same job but I only do as a cake decorator, which is p much like an “on-call” kind of job so income is not the best when im trying to pay for a bunch of things at once) 

BUT ANYWAY, the money will help me out a lot right now so if you guys could help me out and buy some drawings, or just pass this around, reblog as many times, it will mean so much! ;v;

now for some specifications:


•traditional drawings will be rendered (if paid for) with COPICS SKETCH/CIAO
•All of the art will be made by me
•No refunds/Returns once paid and product has been finished
•if you wish to resell your piece, DO NOT sell it at full price. Sell it at half of it.
•All credit goes to me (except character creation)
•I can reject any requests I do not like(most likely none but jic)
•I will not take any NSFW, no pairings of “OCs + Anime/Series/Movie/game Character”
•lmao no MLP sorry
•no Minions (I’m not playing)

• anime characters
• Ocs
• anthro
• GirlxGirl / GirlxBoy / BoyxBoy
• series/movie characters (ie: Captain Dorito, Black Widow, Agent Carter, Dexter, Hannibal, Sherlock, Elementary, etc)

****If desired to, as well, I CAN send/mail you the sketched/rendered pieces, you’ll just have to pay extra for postage (which i will figure out and let you know how much it is.)

Thank you guys so much! ToT here is my email for those interested:


or just hit me up in an ask! thanks again!!! EDIT: I FORGOT TO MENTION These are paypal only commissions idk if that makes a difference but just in case//weeps



And those things include!

Medicine for anxiety and birth control!

A binder!

A Doctors appointment!


So for the next 12 hours I’m have a super fucking cheap sale (again sobs).


5 ADOPTS! I’ll make a sheet of 5 adopts, all for you, of absolutely anything you want. Keep all 5 or give them to friends, it’s your choice!

A cutesy doodle of whatever you want! Your troll and their friend, a doodle of your fursona, whatever!


A fullbody ref of your OC! Head to toe, just gimme the details!


A mix-and-match talksprite! 4 eyelid options, 5 pupil options, 5 eyebrow options, SO MANY MOUTHS (At least 6 but all of mine end up with like 12) up to 3 outfits, removable accessories and a cute-ass style!

- - - 

I really need cash for so much shit. I have a little cash now but not nearly enough for all the shit I need to buy, and I’d like to have a little in case of emergencies (Like when there’s no food at the house and I need to feed myself and the kid I babysit.)

I HAVE 5 SPOTS OPEN NOW, send me a message if you want one!







Mark hair references? I know some of you guys have made reference sheets in the past for that type of thing. I have a mighty need for them at this particular moment! Just repost or reblog it and tag me, pretty please? It would help me so much. Calling on people like monodes, hittower, citycatslack, sconeo / sconee, and the rest of you lovely arteests! (‘・ω・’)


- someone turning around. preferably sorta dramatic or sentimental with some wind blowing hAHA

- someone covering their ugly crying face

- someone getting brUTALLY KILLED dramatically 

- someone desperately chasing after something

- birds eye view of someone lying down and staring at the sky (does not have to be a gif)

if you know of anything that might be of any help, pls send it my way

CODE RED!!!!!!!!!! Guys pls I think my mum might’ve walked in on my getting off fuck fuck fuck like I didn’t bother locking my door because it’s 4am and I walked out of my room to get cereal and my mum’s door was more open than I remember which means she probably woke up and when she wakes up she just peeps into mine and my sisters room but I was under my blanket SO SHE MIGHTVE SEEN SOME WEIRD MOVING UNDER MY BLANKET BUT IM NOT SURE BUT IM P MUCH CERTAIN SHE MIGHTVE WALKED IN ON ME GUYS WHAT DO I DO??????

Hey I’m selling my Super Nintendo (with six games) on eBay if you guys could help me pass this around.

If anyone can buy it for $130 that’s amazing, but really I’m just looking to get $100 or so. I will gladly work with you! 😊

My name is tyle.dress on there and I’m just looking to make extra money so I can pay my court fines, get my transmission repaired, and pay rent for this apartment I’m moving into.

I appreciate any and all forms of help!


“And then my mom told me that I was an adult now and that I had to start scheduling my own doctor’s appointments now and that’s how I ended up here. In this bar. Sad and alone and I'm freaking out inside because I have no fucking clue how I am to go about calling the doctors office but I have to go because I’m having weird twitchy problems with my arms. See.” Then he proceeded to hold his arm up and Y/N  watched as the dudes pale arm shook. “I could ah- I could call the doctors office for you?” Y/N  scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, not sure if maybe this dude thought that was creepy of him to offer. But the thought went away as fast as it came as he watched the dudes face light up, “Yeah, that…that'd be great”

good prompt yes or no??

also, feel free to point out grammar/spelling mistakes because I literally have the grammar of a fifth grader. 

Marshie seriously wants this spot and as fed up as I am, I’m considering it. This last time I completely shut off and he just moved to the same exact place. Does it look bad? Maybe it’d be cute since a lot of times they chill by their house and Diana one of his neighbors. Matching pastel bby's☺️