help pls

I don’t get that Claudia is alive just because they don’t remember Stiles??? Like when they remember him she’s gonna disappear like puff?? It has no sense!!!! Someone can explain it me plsss??

…..please…..all I ask for is calypso’s pov when she sees manhattan for the first time……the buildings….the people…..the modern world…….percy’s apartment in 82nd street…….her flower sitting at the windowsill……….please…….;;;,…..



I’m doing traditional commissions to collect some money. These are $50 each and I’ll send them from San Marcos, Texas. So Please people, if someone is interested, drop me an email to!

Long story short: 

My backpack with all my stuff was stolen from the lobby at the Holiday inn in Tucson, Arizona during a trip to visit some friends in Texas after my attendance at the Anime Expo ( k33 k34 booth). This bag contains my work tools such as my Cintiq Companion 2, clothes, some sketchbooks that I bought in the AnimExpo AA, and all my money. So actually I don’t have more than a few bucks to move from here to Texas and then take my flight back to Chile.

Please if someone enjoys my art, tell your friends and spread the word! For more details just email me :D Thanks so much!!

Dilemma ?¿

I have a bit of a dilemma and I was wondering if anyone had any advice??
Basically recently with my OCD I’ve had a lot more compulsions and rituals and it’s very distressing, a lot of them involve touching basically everything I pass on my right and just touching lots of things it’s hard to explain. But basically I was in my biology class the other day and I tapped each desk and before I left I knew I needed to touch my teachers desk but it’s a bit awkward cause it’s small and I’d have to go right up to him?? So I waited for over an hour after school for him to leave so I could go in his room and touch his desk, when I then felt the need to touch of every corner of every table (there are four corners on each of the four tables so I’m guessing the fours had something to do with it) then had to tap each of the four corners of his desk.

BASICALLY I was wondering if anyone had any idea on how I could approach him about this and ask him if I can tap each desk possibly before or after lessons?? I’m extremely terrible in getting my point across and talking to people in general so I’m not sure what to do. I don’t have many lessons left with him so I don’t think it’d be too much inconvenience but I’m just worried and unsure on how to approach this ahh, any advice would be much appreciated!!!!
(Also very worried on being judged or seen as weird and if I tell him I have OCD he may just brush it off and do the whole ‘EVERYONE has a bit of OCD haha!! :))’ thing yikes yikes)

Hey y'all, I need some help.

I’m making a clan with my friend and my cat is the med cat. His name is Gatorfrost and he is, a trans tom. Only problem is, I can’t figure out what he looks like, soooooo I’m asking you guys for help!!

You can message me or send an ask with a possible description, or submit a picture of a cat to me OR send the pic over messenger.