help pls



I’m doing traditional commissions to collect some money. These are $50 each and I’ll send them from San Marcos, Texas. So Please people, if someone is interested, drop me an email to!

Long story short: 

My backpack with all my stuff was stolen from the lobby at the Holiday inn in Tucson, Arizona during a trip to visit some friends in Texas after my attendance at the Anime Expo ( k33 k34 booth). This bag contains my work tools such as my Cintiq Companion 2, clothes, some sketchbooks that I bought in the AnimExpo AA, and all my money. So actually I don’t have more than a few bucks to move from here to Texas and then take my flight back to Chile.

Please if someone enjoys my art, tell your friends and spread the word! For more details just email me :D Thanks so much!!

…..please…..all I ask for is calypso’s pov when she sees manhattan for the first time……the buildings….the people…..the modern world…….percy’s apartment in 82nd street…….her flower sitting at the windowsill……….please…….;;;,…..

My laptop really gave me a scare yesterday and i realized that i need to get a replacement desktop as soon as possible! My laptop is pretty much my prized possession, its my only source of income and my only source of emotional support! I have about the half the money necessary to get myself a new desktop but i really need help to get the other half.

Please please consider commissioning me! I can do anything on this sheet + anything you may see in my art tag, i can design characters, i can draw yours! 

I’m also accepting donations! even small amounts would help! even a dollar! 

you can donate here or if that doesn’t work my paypal is 

Thank you so much also if you decide to reblog! every bit would really help me out  ; v ; <3
Top Surgery
As many of you know, top surgery is something I've needed for a long time. Even having a full time job is not enough to meet the challenging price of the surgery. The money I'm raising here is only the cost of the surgery itself, which doesn't include the other costs: transportation to Florida,...

Help my best friend get top surgery. I love this human so much and you have no idea how much this would make his life better. I know I have a lot of you following me, so I’m gonna use these powers for good instead of evil! As should you!

D O N A T E  T O  H I M or just MAKE IT VIRAL OR SOME SHIT IDK  do something. Help. Pls.