help pick a name


i couldn’t fall asleep and i can’t stop thinking about how matt and pidge are fight side by side but i wanted to see them have downtime to talk about something serious

i remember seeing a post waaaay back on how matt may have helped picked the name katie when she came out as a trans girl and now i wanted to draw the whole what should i call you now convo

this is pretty messy because ive already taken my sleeping meds and i just drew this with inks so my mistakes are visible or crossed out completely the pidge in the last pic was kinda far away but its in response to getting food

matt is a really good support system for pidge :) [the nickname katiebug for pidge came from a post by @klanced]


I just have a lot of writing tips and masterposts and just stuff in my likes and I decided to put them all into this. All rights goes to the people who made them.

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Setting & Making Your Own World

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Helpful Tools & Software:

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say what you want about the live action scooby doo movies but you can’t deny they had arguably the best casting in any franchise ever

terribledactyl  asked:

Uncle ben was trans too but peter didn't find out until after he died

when peter was a kid he would ask ben what the scars under his pectorals were from, and ben would always laugh and say “i just had to get something off my chest” while may rolled her eyes and punched his shoulder. and when he saw ben injecting some medicine into his thigh one night, ben just said it was to keep him nice and healthy, while may told peter to never play with ben’s syringes now that he knew where they were stored. ben still hid them anyway, even though he trusted peter not to play with them.

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New York, New York

Originally posted by shawnskisses

Requested by anonymous: I LOVE YOUR WRITING!!! Can you do one where shawn finished a concert, on his way to a plane to go to you and he get in a car accident. After months in coma he wakes up and your still there waiting for him even if a lot of people told you to move on?

Note: tears, just tears and it’s super long so prepare yourselves



This was not happening.

You were not going to let this happen.

Everyone was silent.

And then you lost it.

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If We’re Talking Bodies (Jeremy/Michael)

Summary: Michael is insecure about his stretch marks, but Jeremy loves them. (Me, chanting: TRANS MICHAEL MELL, TRANS MICHAEL MELL! Shoutout to @the-kin-and-i for helping me make sure I didn’t accidentally say something unintentionally offensive or anything while writing a trans character! And thanks to @bigirlgiggles who asked for some Jeremy kissing Michael’s tum content…Hope you enjoy!)

Warnings for mentions of body image issues, including dysphoria, and brief mention of transphobic parents.

Michael had never liked his body. Way before he even knew he was trans, he’d just…hated it. Not even just the biological part of it all, but everything from his stomach to his thighs was ugly to him.

His body was covered in birthmarks, scars, stretch marks, and so many symbols of the fact that he’d lived. But those symbols were what made him hate it. In his eyes, they only made his skin ugly.

Jeremy had always loved Michael’s body. Always wishing he was as tall or as strong or had a cool scar from falling off a skateboard like Michael did.

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trans chlo and adrien
  • it’s the small things at first. 

  • they have playdates when they’re little. i like your dress, not-yet-chloe says. i wish i could wear it. and soon-to-be-adrien lets him try it on and he says it’s only fair if you try on my clothes too, you know, and when they play house, he’s the mom and she’s the dad and no one else has to know. when they’re pretending, she says you make a better princess than i would, anyway and he(?) rides that glow for weeks.

  • they tell each other before anyone else. they cry. they hug. they help each other pick out names. (i can’t have my best friend have a name that clashes with mine, oh my god. can you imagine if we picked the same name?? or had matching ones?! so embarrassing.)

  • do you think we’re doing the right thing?
    if i don’t do it, i will never feel happy.

  • can you say it again? one more time. 
    adrien. adrien agreste. adrien agreste is my best friend and i love him.

  • chloe’s just started middle school. and she’s chloe now, to the whole world. she’s chloe now and her dad doesn’t know exactly what to do, but he gives her free reign to jewelry and makeup and clothes and when she walks over to adrien’s mansion all decked out, she doesn’t realize how terrified she was until she sees him and everything feels better. 

  • 8th grade. he texts her as soon as he finishes coming out to his father. gabriel doesn’t hug him, doesn’t smile. just says, i’ll make sure to put you in the male fashion line for the next photoshoot then, disinterested and dismissive. and it’s a relief and a disappointment at the same time. adrien leaves wondering what he expected. but when chloe rushes in from his text and hugs him and shrieks i’m so fucking proud of you holy shit, he realizes this, this is what he wanted.

anonymous asked:

what's a cake eater

A Cake Eater was a well dressed loafer who usually hung around drug stores or outside movie theaters - they usually had no fixed employment. He was called a Cake Eater because he spent much of his time sipping sodas and eating cakes bought with his parents money. They were notorious for never picking up a check if they could help it.

 Another name for a Cake Eater was a Bun Duster or a Jellybean. Sometimes Cake Eaters were Mashers, but not always. Sort of like the earlier Dandy or Fop, and President Roosevelt called them Mollycoddles (he meant it in a more political way, in terms of soft voters who voted only in ways that protected themselves, but newspaper reporters used it more generally). Later they were called Drugstore Cowboys (a ‘dude’ who hung around the drug store). 

A lot of the time the terms were used derisively, to insult the man’s masculinity - Dudes, Mollycoddles, Cake Eaters were all considered “soft” and “sissies”, but a lot of Cake Eaters (and Jellybeans and Drugstore Cowboys and the rest) assumed their mantles happily and defended the names proudly!

Lovers of Books [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by @memento-amare: “How about reader and Jason meet in a bookstore and bond over similar taste in books? Just a note the “friends to lovers” trope would be really cute here, but I am gonna leave that up to you lol“


It’s a true statement to say you’re an avid book lover. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Historical, you’ve read every genre. Though your favorites being classic Literature. You couldn’t get enough of it. So your parents owning a book store was a god send.

Except for when they were out of town, leaving you to tend to the store and it’s customers, most of those being regulars. Very rarely you’d get someone new to visit your parent’s quaint corner bookstore.

It made things rather boring, especially now.

Leaning against the counter, chin resting in your hand whilst re-reading your personal copy of Pride and Prejudice. Hearing the bell above the door ring you called, “Welcome to [L/n] Family Books, if you need anything feel free to ask” not bothering to look away from the page.

Completely unbeknownst to the handsome, blue eyed, six foot, raven-haired male to just enter the store. 

He went on about his business skimming the shelves as you continued on with reading about the flaw that is Mr. Darcy’s pride. Stuck in the book until you were lured away by a deep voice.

“Excuse me” eyes flickering up from the page to meet stunning blue hues. “Oh, uh, sorry.” Setting the book down. “What can I do for you?”

“Don’t worry about it. Do you know if you have any Hemingway?” Shocked a bit at the author. Not many people around his age, which must be close to your own, read the legend unless they were assigned too. “Oh yes of course” stepping from behind the counter.

Heading to the Classic Lit section. “Anything in particular?” you glanced back at him. “Yeah, The Sun Also Rises?” he questioned.

“Ah, a good choice” you smiled stopping in the front of the bookshelves. “You’ve read it?” he inquired.

“I have, I was surprised to hear you request Hemingway. I don’t normally get requests for it for people under 40.” You chuckled.

“Looks like we’re both two of a kind then” he smiled. You reached up slipping the book from it’s place. “I guess so” handing it to him

“Awesome” he smiled whilst skimming the first page. You took the moment to get a full look at him. He had to be at least six foot, and his arms were huge! Damn he looked solid. Eyes immediately catching the white streak that ran in the front of his hair. You couldn’t help but wonder if it was natural.

Realizing your staring you blushed before saying, “I can ring you out whenever you’re ready” making your way back to the register.

“Thank you, uh” he paused where a name would be. “[F/n]. [F/n] [L/n]” holding out a hand.

He took it, “Ah, [F/n]. I’m Jason. Jason Todd”

You smiled before retracting your hand and returning to your own book. Once he was finished he found two more books and came over. You were impressed by the roster. Devil in the White City, The Sun Also Rises, and Martin Dressler.

“Oh wow I love this book” You commented picking up Devil in the White City. “Really no way! I had to get a new copy of it my brother spilled his coffee on it.” He laughed, a genuine smile gracing his face.

“Oh my god I would commit murder” You laughed totaling up the books. “Trust me I came close, my other brothers had to hold me back when he told me” You laughed, not realizing how true the statement actually was.

“Well your total is $21.09“ you smiled as he pulled out his wallet. “I’m going to have to come back here, usually I’d be paying like $30 for three books” handing you the money. Putting it in the register and giving him his change. “You should, it’s not often we see new faces. Everyone has gone online but I don’t get how you can enjoy a book without paper”

“I know right. But I really should go before my family thinks I fell down a well. It was nice meeting you [F/n] I hope it’s not the last time” taking yhe bag before sending you a charming smile. “I hope that too” smiling back before he made his leave.

And it was indeed not the last time you’d see Jason. He started by visiting once a week, then it was twice, then it was every other day. He really had taken a liking to the store and you guys became friends by bonding over books. Often recommending books for the other, you had even helped him pick out a book for someone named Alfred who’s birthday was that week.

Every time he came in when you were there you’d always insist on helping him even though your parents offered.

And today was no different. You were doing some re-stocking in the back when you heard the door chime. “Good morning Mr. and Mrs. [L/n] is [F/n] here today?” he asked coming to the counter.

“Good morning Jason, Yes –” your mother began but you emerged from behind the curtain. “Good morning Jason” you greeted with a smile. Your parents chuckling at the timing. They were well aware of your feelings toward the man, able to tell the first time they saw you helping him.

“Well we’ll leave you both to it. We’ll finish your restocking” Your father smiled before retreating into the back room with your mother.

“So what can I do ya for today?” grinning at him. “Hemingway? Shakespeare?”

“Uh I’m actually not here for books today“ Scratching the back of his neck nervously. 

“Really, what’s up?“ Face contorting into one that of confusion. “I was actually wondering when your lunch break was?” not meeting your eyes.

“Oh” feeling a heat rise to your cheeks. “It can be really whenever” smiling at the ground. Both shy like a couple of teenagers.

“Well uh, would you like to, um” meeting your eyes. “God why am I nervous I feel like I’m in high school” he laughed as you did the same. “Okay lets try again. [F/n] would you go to lunch with me today? You know, like a date?”

You blushed before bashfully smiling at the floor. “I’d love too” meeting his eyes again.

“Great, would you like to go now?” he asked gesturing to the door. “Yeah, sure. Let me get my coat” turning and going behind the counter. Slipping you jacket on and grabbing your bag.

Poking your head in the back room, “I’m taking my lunch break be back soon!” yelling to your parents. “Okay sweetie have fun” your mother called back.

Meeting Jason’s side again he offered you an arm, “Shall we?”

Grinning you linked yours with his, “We shall”

wanna one in costco
  • daniel: normal shopper that goes in with a game plan, but comes out buying too many fruits and a huge box of christmas lights, "idk... it felt like a good decision in the moment", cannot make eye contact with staff out of sheer awkwardness
  • jihoon: kid that's silently fillin' up his parents' shopping cart with an unnecessary amount of snacks, "jihoon you don't need that box of 160 fruit gummies", they can't say no to him so they buy it anyways
  • daehwi: kid walkin' around costco and snatching all the food samples, whines to his mom for a bulk of frozen dino nuggets bc he NEEDS them, "my life depends on it, mom please", leaves all fussy bc she bought healthy chicken breast instead
  • jaehwan: poor boi that works in customer service, "no ma'am you can't return a used or damaged playground set", wishes he applied to work at chick-fil-a instead, probably lost title of employee of the month to seongwoo
  • seongwoo: workin' the cash registers, shoppers love him bc he makes friendly conversation and convinces them to invest in the pricier executive membership, "'s just $120 a year, practically the same as a gold star membership(only $60) and with great benefits(not much really)"
  • woojin: abandoned in the electronics section, but that's fine with him bc he's watchin' ice age on all the tvs, doesn't even notice that his family is prepared to leave without him until he sees them cashing in from the corner of his eye
  • guanlin: kid that you see wanderin' through the wine section n' lookin' at bottles, his fam is shopping for fruits and tbh he'd rather read wine labels than help pick out the best brand of tangerines, "who names a wine 'smoking parrot'?"
  • jisung: tbh probably just goes to costco for a quick lunch, always buys the pizza and chocolate-vanilla ice cream bc the hot dogs are disgusting and are the actual spawn of satan, buys himself a bulk of coconut water just bc he can
  • minhyun: gives out samples, the hair net makes him feel like an ol' lady, moms love him for some reason but that's okay bc he convinces them to buy a huge bag of off brand cheetos for $13 in exchange for a kind n' boyfriend-esque smile
  • jinyoung: kid who gets lost in costco (help this poor child), waits around by the dairy and baby essentials sections for a solid 20min before running around in a panic to find his family, they were only one aisle down, pretends he didn't cry
  • sungwoon: just bought himself an executive membership (thanks seongwoo),goes wild on spending for more "benefits", probably the one to buy those huge boxes of frozen dumplings and noodles to "stock up" but finishes them all in a week
Pieces || Part One: Insanity

After watching Injustice 2 and how sad Damian’s outcome had become, I’ve decided on making it even more sad by writing a angst fic and not just any angst fic, but a series. I won’t reveal anything but small bits so here:

Pairing: Damian Wayne/Nightwing x Reader

Gist: You had a past relationship with Damian, but due to unfortunate events, it came to a halt after taking two different sides and five years since have passed and now both sides have to come together to help save Earth from Brainiac. 


1. Your superpower is controlling elements and your superhero name is Pandemonium.

2. Ending is kinda bad and I can’t get Harley’s dialogue down

PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3

The blinking red light from her burner phone had surprised her. Why would he be calling her of all people? [Name] specifically remembered telling Bruce that she had given up on her title as Pandemonium. The events from five years ago nearly had her taken to a psych ward after realizing the mess they put the world in. No one had fate in the Justice League after Superman’s actions and Batman’s attempts to stop him, thus making it disperse immediately.

Metropolis and Gotham’s population died; no one wanted to live in the cities of the World’s Finest. Most of heroes had given up, retired, or just completely disappeared. [Name] chosen all three. Before she left, she visited Bruce, who gave her the burner phone near the end of their conversation.

“If you ever need help or anything else, this phone is directly connected to me.”

[Name] flicked the flip phone between her fingers as she examined it. Surely there was a tracker device in here somewhere, knowing how Batman was. “To Batman or Bruce Wayne?” She asked the older man who looked at her grimly.

“Whichever one you need to talk to.” He answered back. There was a silence in the Bat Cave, like the two were trying to ponder something. Then, Bruce spoke again, “You going to be okay?”

“After what’s happened? Hell no. But can I overcome it? Obviously. It’ll take time and staying in Gotham won’t help me be okay after… Well, you know. I know it’s selfish to leave but it’s not healthy for…” The eighteen year old was interrupted by her phone notifying her for a text. It was her mother. “I need to go. I’ll miss my flight if I don’t leave.” She picked up her carry-on and suitcase, Bruce helping her pick them up. The two looked at each other again before [Name] slowly came up to give him a tight hug. “Goodbye Bruce. I’m sorry for what happened between you and Damian.”

“You too.” He muttered, patting her back lightly. “I’m sure if he regrets anything, it’d be not seeing you.”

[Name] held back her bitter laugh. Then, without a word, [Name] walked out the cave, out the manor, and to her car. Then she drove to the airport. Hoping to come back to a newer, better Gotham.

From what she’s seeing on the news, [Name] wasn’t sure about a newer, better Gotham. Or world, for the matter. Alien take over. Will Earth ever take a break? Sighing, [Name] bit her lip. The phone won’t stop blinking. Should she answer it? The call had something to do with the alien take over, obviously. [Name] knew Superman and his… Entourage are teaming with Batman’s temporarily to try and save the world. She knew Bruce was going to ask for assistance.

Its been five years. Five years. Five. Years. Shaking her head, [Name] picked up the burner. What the hell am I doing? “Bruce? It’s been a while.” She answered as she opened her closet, shoving her clothes aside to reveal her sealed uniform. Why did she keep that anyways? Was she hoping for a crisis like now to come so she’d have an excuse to go and help civilians again?

“[Name].” Bruce spoke, sounding more fatigued and older than he usually did. “We need your–”

“–help?” She finished as she crossed her arms.


“What makes you think I’ll help?” She asked, leaning against the closet, glaring at her uniform. I despise you, she thought. So why did I not get rid of you?

“For once you don’t look like a kindergartner, Pandemonium.”

“I didn’t ask for you opinions, Robin.”

“The world is in danger. People are in danger. Your affinity in all four elements can protect them from the Betas.” He droned, as if he were stating the obvious. “You like helping people.”

“It’s been five years. What makes you think I care for the world again?”

“Then you’re just lying to yourself.”

The line was silent for a moment and [Name] fumed as she unzipped the bag and pulled out her suit. “I hate you.”

“One of my planes are heading your way. Suit up.”

“Don’t tell me what to do.” Click.

Was Damian hearing properly? [Name] [Surname] was coming out of her shadow to fight again? His stomach clenched. Holy shit, was he screwed. So screwed. He gripped the table cloth underneath him tightly. Just thinking about her made him uneasy. The good kind of uneasy.

The last time he heard from her was when she left a voice message on Bruce’s phone for everyone to listen to, particularly him. “I’m leaving Gotham. Good luck. Don’t find me.”

“You okay, man?” Firestorm asked as he watched Damian’s face fall immediately. “You look like you just saw a ghost after Batman made that call.”

Blue Beetle, who elbowed him harshly in the ribs, piped up. “Shut up. Didn’t you know?”


Harley was the next one to speak, pushing between the new members. “Don’cha know? Birdie boy and our weather girl were a thing! Always smoochin’ and huggin’ each other after fightin’ me and…” She trailed off. “Anyways, kiddie went nutso and left after lockin’ up Superman and birdie boy over here. Not word from her ever since.”

“So you’re afraid of your ex?” Firestorm inquired, trying to let it wrap around his head properly.

“Dude.” Jaime interjected. “Just let it be. There’s bigger problems right now. Like the planet being in danger?”

He shoved Firestorm ahead and told Harley to leave too, shaking his head and taking one look at Damian again, who was still staring blankly at the table. Man, he’s a mess.

Man, I’m a mess. Damian thought. Thoughts ran through his head. He nearly collapsed the last time they came face to face with each other. Her eyes, tears spilling out of them, his chest nearly dropping to his feet when he was being taken away. There were chances she could have seen him, but didn’t want to. Damian broke her, he knew it, after taking sides with Clark. He was hurt too, when he saw her walk to Batman. The war broke her. She was losing her mind, he remembered. Knees shaking, head in hands, screaming and sobbing, yelling at him when she saw him shove a sword into someone’s chest.

“You can’t play God! You’re so caught up in trying to play it, you’re not seeing what you’re doing to them! The people! The life force!” He heard her shriek. It was one of the first encounters after their separation, when she finally saw what Damian was agreeing to. “You’re killing them all! You’ll kill us all!” She had fallen to the ground and at that moment, he felt the ground give a slight shake.

Her eyes were trained on the dead body, the man’s eyes rolled back, blood spilling from his chest.

Damian took a step, reaching out to her. “[Na-”

Her eyes shot up and he stopped when she slapped his hand away. “DON’T TOUCH ME!” Her palm jutted out, a burst of wind pushing him away a few feet away. “Don’t touch me… You’re a monster… Don’t touch me…”

He couldn’t remember what happened next, but he remembered clearly that Bruce and Clark’s fight had made her lose her sanity bit by bit until it reached her breaking point. Bruce only told him through his cell that she was getting help and she didn’t have anymore breakdowns.

Then she left, without a word to anyone except Bruce for five years, but now she’s coming back. Healthy? Damian wouldn’t know. He hoped. A part of him didn’t want her part of this fight, but another part of him, his old self, Robin, couldn’t help but feel excited for her return.

God, I’m a mess.

The Neighbors( 8/?)

Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing,  flirting, a little angst & fluff , SMUT FINALLY.

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader

                                       Chapter 8 : The Invitation

       You walk back into your kitchen, immediately going to the freezer for an ice pack for your hand.Damn, they never say how much punching someone hurts.Why on Earth do people do this shit for fun? You hold the pack to your hand as you begin making margaritas. You zone out into your own little world, thinking about how good it felt to finally shut Nick up. Huh, I wonder if he’s still in the hallway. You finally shake yourself back into the real world, and are welcomed by your friends proud smiles across all their faces. You send them and awkward smile.

“So…who else is having a 10 a.m  margarita?” Gloria comes up to you, forcing you into a tight hug. You squeeze her back.

“I didn’t know you had that in you! Thank you for standing up for me.”

You kiss her cheek. “I will stand up for you  always, my love.” You give her hand a squeeze and turn back to the blender, dropping half a bottle of tequila in with some ice.

“Plan on getting bombed this early, Doll?” Steve asks as he comes up behind you. He wraps his arms around you, placing his face in the crook of your neck. You lean yourself back into him.

“I think I deserve it.” He chuckles, putting his mouth close to your ear.

“That might be one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen you do.” He nips your ear, sending chills down your spine and causing heat to pool in your body. You twist yourself around, pulling Steve’s face to yours, and give him a lingering kiss.

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“Don’t start something you’re not going to finish, Captain. It’s rude.” You wink and turn back to the margaritas. Steve lands a swift smack to your butt, causing you to squeak. You can hear your friends laugh at the what they just witnessed. Just as you’re pouring the drink into cups for everyone, you hear Gloria’s voice.

“Wait, you’re telling me they haven’t had sex yet?!” Oh god. I’m going to kill them. Bucky and Sam let out roars of laughter, while you hear what you assume to be Steve Smacking the backs of their heads. You move to carry the drinks to them but Gloria stomps up to you.

“Is there a reason you haven’t slept with Steve yet? Or are you just out of your damn mind?” Your eyes go wide and you begin to stutter. She rolls her eyes, sending a ‘we will talk about your stupidity later’ look your way. You let out a puff of air. Thank God I don’t have to endure that lecture right now.

After two rounds of margaritas, you remember you still need to talk to Steve. So when he volunteers to help you carry the empty glasses back into the kitchen, you jump at the chance.

        When you’re both out of earshot, you finally speak “Hey Steve, I just want to apologize for the night of the gala.” He goes to stop you but you raise your hand. He takes the hint and lets you continue. “Nick said some things and I let them get to me. I treated you like you did something wrong when you didn’t. I let him get into my head and make me second guess everything. I’m sorry I snapped at you that night, and I let those elevator doors shut in your face.” You’re leaning against the counter now, he’s doing the same across from you.

“What did he say to you that did that Y/n?” I can’t lose him, I have to tell him the truth.

You sigh and begin telling him everything Nick said: about how he is going to realize you don’t belong in his world; how you’re not good for anything besides sex; everything that’s been replaying on your mind, you spill to Steve. You try to hold back the tears, but you can’t. As soon as the first one falls, Steve’s in front of you wiping it away. He pulls you to him, resting his head on top of yours while you cry into his chest.

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“He’s wrong Y/n, you belong here with me. I don’t want you to be anywhere else. You’re worth more than sex, and anyone that thinks other wise is a fool. He couldn’t be more wrong. He just wanted ruin what you have going. Please don’t let him. Don’t let him ruin this for us,” he whispers the last part. You look up at Steve, he wipes away another set of tears.

 “I’m not leaving until you ask me to Steve. You’re stuck with me.” He chuckles, and pulls your lips to his. You don’t know if he meant it to be a quick kiss, but you turn it into a long, sweet one. Only to be interrupted by Gloria’s voice making its way to the kitchen.

  “Y/n, can you come here for a second?” She asks. Oh God, what did they break. You hesitantly pull Steve with you to the TV room. Gloria pulls an envelope from her bag and hands it to you.

“Oh God, this isn’t a piece of paper saying you have 6 months to live, is it?” You ask. She rolls her eyes but doesn’t answer. The boys are all looking at you, making you more nervous. You open the envelope expecting something bad, but what you get couldn’t be anymore perfect. You pull out beautiful card: a wedding invitation. For Gloria and Alexa.

“OH MY GOD,” you yell, sending a wide eyed look to Gloria. “When-” She cuts you off.

“I’ll tell you everything in a minute, flip it over”

You do as she says. Your eyes water as you read, “Maid of Honor is a title meant for someone that knows you better than anyone else in the world. Someone you love with every piece of heart. Will you accept this request, and accept that I love with every part of me?” Tears are raining down your face. So much information so fast.

 “Do you think I’d say no!?” You yell as you pull her to you. You love Gloria and you love her girlfriend (now fiancee ) Alexa. She tells you everything about how she proposed and Alexa’s reaction. It sounded so perfect; you love weddings and honestly can’t wait for your own. You’re surprised she asked you to be a Maid of Honor when she has 3 sisters, but you aren’t going to question it. It means too much to you.

Originally posted by alwaayys-blog

  Gloria stays for the rest of the week, leaving two days before you return to your night shifts. You promise to help her with as many wedding decisions as you can even though you’ll be far away. You have two months until you have to fly home to help her set up for the wedding; two months to prepare for having the boys meet your family, since Gloria invited them to come with.

    It’s been two weeks since Gloria left and she sends you pictures everyday of potential bridesmaid dresses. Not all of them are horrible, just 70% of them. She finally decides on one that isn’t terrible. She refuses to show anyone her or Alex’s dresses, wanting it to be a surprise. You help her pick out flowers over facetime, and do anything else possible using that to help ease her load for decisions. Today, you help her pick out name plates for the guests, and a playlist for the reception. Those are the last things she needed. You guys really got a lot done, and the rest is up to her and Alex. As you’re about to start getting ready for work, Steve walks into your room. He stops in your doorway, a deep blush blossoms across his cheeks as he looks at you. You’re only in a bra and panties, and you raise your eyebrow at him.

“I – I should knock next time, right?” He asks awkwardly. You laugh, and slowly stroll up to him.

  “Why would you need to do that, Steve? I don’t mind.” You run your hands up his chest until they land around his neck, playing with the back of his hair. He leans down, wrapping his arms under your butt and lifts you. Your nose brushes against his as you tilt your head and connect your lips. As soon as your lips touch his, you can feel fireworks sparking through you. I will never get sick of this feeling.

Steve lays you down on your bed, placing your legs on either side of his waist. Is this it? Is he finally going to fucking do something? As if Steve’s reading your mind, he leans down and connects his lips to yours, while rolling his hips against you. You gasp into the kiss, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. It turns heated quickly, your tongues moving against each other’s as he rolls his hips harder against you. You can feel yourself getting wet at the feeling of his erection pushing against you.

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Steve moves away from you, a pout forming on your lips from the loss of contact. He leans forward, taking your lip between teeth. Hot damn, Rogers. A whimper slips from you as Steve stands up to remove his clothes. You just watch him as he does, taking in every muscle and line on his body. When he finally slips his boxers down his legs, your mouth goes dry. How is that going to fit? Yikes. He senses your worry.

“Tell me to stop if I hurt you,” He says sweetly. You roll your eyes.

“Steve just touch me, please,” You whine. He smirks, then moves down your body. He removes your remaining clothes, and just stares down at you.

“You are absolutely gorgeous, Doll.” You smile up at him as he leans down for a kiss. He guides his hand down to the apex of your thighs, ghosting over your slit. You move your hips, trying to get him to touch you.

“Be patient, Sweetheart,” he whispers. He moves his lips down your neck, and pauses right as he is about hit your chest. The anticipation is killing you, but he doesn’t speed up. He slowly takes one of your nipples into his mouth, keeping eye contact with you as he swirls his tongue around it. You arch yourself closer to him, moaning at the feeling of him sucking at your chest. His hand finally makes contact with your clit, rubbing slow but hard circles into. You moan at friction he’s giving you, but crave more.

“Steve, please. I need-” You’re cut off when Steve slides a finger into your wet heat. A loud, obscene moan escaping you.

“You need what, Doll? I’m listening.” That smug bastard.

He inserts another finger and starts thrusting faster, switching to your other nipple and giving it the same attention. His name leaving your mouth in moans as he drives you to the edge. You can feel yourself about to tip over when he removes his mouth from your breast, and places it over your clit. A high pitched whimper shoots from your mouth as Steve sucks on your clit while fucking you harder with his fingers.You move your hands to his hair, holding him against you while he sucks and licks at your core. In mere seconds, you’re toppling over into an intense orgasm. When Steve pulls away from you, you see the evidence from you finish coating his lips and chin.

“You taste so sweet Y/n, I’ll never get sick of it”.

He quickly reaches into his pants on the floor and grabs his wallet. He pulls out a condom and quickly tears the wrapper before sliding it on. You pull him down to you into a heated and desperate kiss. You flip yourself so you’re straddling his hips, his rock hard cock nudging at your sensitive folds. You moan at the feeling and begin sliding his dick between your soaked folds. A strangled moan leave his lips at you teasing.

  You send a smirk his way. “Patience, darling.” A low growl leaves his lips. He grips your waist, lifting you to slide you onto his length. You slide down slowly, feeling yourself stretch from his size. The mild discomfort subsides quickly, turning right into hot pleasure. You start slowly rocking yourself on him, lifting whimpers from both of you. You finally break, and start riding him fast & hard. He moves his hands to right under your breasts. You watch him as he watches them bounce from your movements. His hands slide back to your waist, and hold you to him. He starts thrusting up into you, hitting the perfect spot inside you.

 He flips you both, catching himself on his elbows on either side of your head.

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“Steve, harder please!” you beg and he complies, pounding into you as he sucks at your neck. The only sounds that can be heard are your moans, his praises, your headboard smacking into the wall, and his skin against yours.

“Is this what you want sweetheart? What you were so impatient for?” He pushes himself up onto his knees, and holds your waist for more leverage. This position has him ramming right into your g-spot repeatedly, and your back arches at the contact.

“I’m close Steve,” you whimper. He speeds up his thrusts even more, and begins circling your clit. All you can do is moan. You feel the elastic band inside you about to snap, you just need a little more.

 “Harder, Captain.” That does it. Steve moves himself at an unbelievably faster pace, causing both of you fall into your orgasms. You feel the band break, and Steve finishes off inside you. Your breathing is harsh and both your bodies are covered in sweat. Steve rolls off to the side of you, both of you wearing blissful smiles.

 "So, you have a Captain kink?” You ask as you try to catch your breath. Steve chuckles, and you can tell he’s going to deny it. “Don’t even deny it Steve, it’s hot,” you say casually. You look over to him, he’s just shaking his head and laughing.

“You’re really something else, Doll.” You wink at him in response, then sit up quickly. You turn and look at your wall behind your headboard. You burst out laughing, resulting in Steve getting up to look.

“Holy shit,” he mumbles under his breath. Your wall is dented from the force of your headboard, the paint cracking around it.

“Well, Captain Rogers, I’ll take that a sign we did it right.” He rolls his eyes and pulls you down to him. You snuggle into him, ready to fall asleep, when you hear your front door open. Bucky and Sam appear in your doorway, and you pull the blanket around just barely in time.

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“Dude, next time warn us. Jesus, I could hear you both through my headphones!” Bucky barks.

Sam just send you a sly wink, then pushes Bucky back towards the exit. “I want a kid named after me!” he yells over his shoulder. You groan, going to lay back down before Steve stops you.

“Doll, don’t you have work in,” He looks at your clock, “25 minutes?” Your eyes widen and you shoot out of bed.

“Great timing Steve, I don’t even have time to shower!” He laughs as he watches you fly around your room, looking for your scrubs. You give him a quick kiss, then bolt out your door.

  It’s been a week since you’ve been back at work and you already want to sleep for eternity again. Steve’s been gone on a mission with Bucky for a couple days, and you haven’t been able to sleep well without him there. Sam stayed behind , helping ease your anxiety. You end up cuddling up to him when you get home from work hoping your body will think it’s Steve and lets you sleep, but it doesn’t work that well. The soldiers come back on day 3, but not exactly how you want.

You’re standing at the nurse’s station, organizing files since it was a slow night. The entry doors fling open, revealing your two extremely beaten up soldiers on the other side.

Originally posted by queennymeria

“ Oh my God.” You sprint to them, helping Steve hold Bucky up. “What the hell happened?” You ask as you guide Bucky onto a gurney.

“This was closer than the tower, and I don’t think he can wait. He’s losing a lot of blood.”

 You look to Bucky, evaluating his injuries. “Karen, page Dr. Johnson, NOW,” You yell. You grab gauze and place it down onto Bucky’s cuts. He has shards of glass along his flesh arm that have tore through his uniform. And a deep gash on his thigh that’s leaking blood into a puddle on the gurney. You wheel him into a room, waiting on the doctor.

Two other nurses come in, you direct them to put pressure on all open areas and to avoid the glass. The Doctor rushes in, taking in the scene before him. He comes up next to Bucky, looking him over before going to leave the room.

“There’s nothing I can do for that man,” He spits out. Your mouth drops open, and you run after him.

“What the fuck do you mean there’s nothing you can do? You’re a fucking Doctor. He’s bleeding all over the place, with glass sticking out of his body for God’s sakes. What is your problem!?” You shout.

He turns to you sharply, stepping directly in front of you.

“I will not attempt to save the Winter Soldier. I’m doing the world a favor. He’s a murderer.” A growl rips out of your throat, you grab the doctor by the lapels of his white lab coat and slam him into the wall. His eyes go wide.

Originally posted by dailymeredithgrey

“That man is not the enemy. He is my family. If you don’t get your ass in there and help him, you will be sorry. And that’s a fucking promise,” you growl at him. You feel an arm around your waist, and then you’re being hauled off the Doctor.

“I stand by my prior statement, Nurse. You are on your own, and there will be consequences for your actions.” You growl again and Steve’s grip tightens on you. The doctor walks away, and you break away from Steve and rush back into the room.

“You two,” you point to the two nurses in the room, “go get an IV Stand, forceps, stitch kit and cleaning kit. NOW,” you yell. The nurses scramble out of the room, returning no more than a minute later with the supplies.

“If you don’t want to get in trouble by superiors, I suggest you leave now,” You state. They all leave the room without a glance back. You look down to your broken friend, then to your distressed boyfriend, then at the medical supplies in your hands.

Alright, let’s do this.

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Dauntless: Daddy, Dearest

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language

A/N: CURSE YOU @pathybo

Dauntless (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, ​Part 8​, Part 9​, ​Part 10​, ​Part 11​, ​​​​​​​Part 12​​, Part 13​​, Part 14​​, ​Part 15,​Part 16,   Part 17​, ​Part 18,​Part 19​, Part 20, Part 21)

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​Dauntless: Uh oh

​Dauntless: What Are You Afraid Of? (​Part 1​, ​Part 2​)

Dauntless: Where is He!? (Part 1, Part 2)

Dauntless: Happy Birthday (Coming soon)

Dauntless: I Love You

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Dauntless: Caffeine, Baby?

Eric POV

“Listen here, you motherfucker,” Camille snarled, glowering at me from across the table. “So help me if you don’t pick one fucking name, I’m drawing them out of a hat!”

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Someday Your Child May Cry

Previously: Question | Preparations | Irrational | Confession | Collateral | Thoughtless | Interrupted | Recovering | Irresponsible | Possibility | Devastation

12. Confrontation

Mulder blows straight past Dr. Parenti’s receptionist, with Scully doing her best to ignore the sharp pains in her gut and keep up. In his fury, he’s forgotten her still-healing injury, and from the look he’d had on his face when he’d gotten out of the car, he’s not likely to remember it anytime soon.

She’s never seen him this furious.

Inside Parenti’s office, Mulder doesn’t pause before grabbing the doctor, lifting him bodily from his desk chair, and slamming him against the wall. He brandishes the test results in the terrified man’s face.

“Who do you work for?” Mulder demands. “Whose orders were you following when you did this to my partner? To our child?”

“I’m not working for anyone!” Parenti gasps desperately. “This is my practice! I own it!”

“Then who paid you?” snarls Scully, stepping up to Mulder’s elbow. “How much money was your Hippocratic oath worth to you?”

“They never paid me anything, I swear!” Sweat rolls down Parentt’s face as he twists in Mulder’s grasp. “You have to understand, they threatened my family! They told me they’d kill my wife and kid if I didn’t do what they told me to!” Mulder releases Parenti abruptly, and he slides down the wall and crumples on the floor.

“What did they make you do?” Scully asks, stepping closer and looming over him. 

“They… they sent someone to take the embryos after insemination, and then they brought them back the morning of the transfer.” He massages his neck where Mulder had grabbed him. “A different man, both times. I don’t know how they altered the embryos. Whatever they did to them, they didn’t do it here.” He looks up at Scully pleadingly. “They swore that nothing they did would hurt you, or the embryo. In fact, they said it might even help your chances of conception.” Parenti struggles slowly to his feet. “Please, you have to believe me, I never would have agreed to it if they hadn’t promised that it wouldn’t hurt you. I would have taken my family and gone to the police instead.” Mulder glares down at Parenti, his lip curling in disgust.

“I’d advise you to go ahead and do that now,” he says coldly. “I know these people. They don’t take failure lightly.” He turns and storms out of the office, and Scully, with one last contemptuous look at Parenti, starts to follow- until something occurs to her, and she turns back.

“My ova,” she says. “Whatever you have left. I want them back immediately.”


Out in the car, they sit silently across from each other. Scully is looking down at the little red and white medical cooler in her lap with an unreadable expression, and Mulder wishes he had some clue about what she’s thinking.

“You okay?” he asks softly, and she nods, slowly, not looking at him.

“I’m just… wondering where we go from here,” she murmurs.

“Well… first, I think we should take your ova back to the cold storage facility where I kept them before,” he suggests. “And then… the rest is up to you, Scully. If you want to keep trying, then so do I.”

“I want to, Mulder,” she says, still not looking at him. He can tell by the way that she’s biting at her lip that she’s trying to hold back tears. “I just don’t know how to go about it.” Now she raises her eyes to his, and he can see that she’s terrified. “How did they find out?” she asks. “ I chose Parenti from a list in a medical journal. How could they have know who we’d go to for treatment? The only people who knew what we’re doing, besides Parenti and his staff, are the two of us and my mother.”

Mulder is actually on the verge of opening his mouth to add “And Diana,” but he stops himself just in time. Scully still doesn’t know about his thoughtless slip-up in June, and given her initial reaction to Diana, he can pretty much guess how Scully would feel about it. And besides, there’s no possible way Parenti could have found out from Diana. She’d been badly wounded by his admission, and unless her personality has changed drastically since their days together, she’s not the sort to vent about her hurts or humiliations to an outside source. She had always been more likely to bottle the hurt up inside, until finally, it would explode outward in the face of whoever had hurt her.

Anyway, who could Diana have told that could have made something like this happen?

“The insurance,” says Scully suddenly, and Mulder looks over at her. “Parenti’s office would have filed insurance claims. If the wrong person at the bureau saw them, and passed on the information….” Mulder nods slowly.

“You’re probably right,” he says. “If we’re going to continue, we’ll have to be more careful.”

“I don’t see how,” Scully sighs, leaning her head back against the headrest. “If the insurance claims are really how they found out, that means I’d have to pay for the next attempt out of my own pocket. I think I might have enough in savings for one more try, but that’s it.”

“Scully,” says Mulder quietly, “I have money.” She smiles sadly at him.

“Oh, Mulder,” she says, reaching out and taking his hand. “I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you would even offer, but I can’t ask that of you, not when I’m already asking so much.”

He lets it go, for now. But if this next attempt doesn’t work… well, he’s not taking no for an answer. He’d meant it when he had told her that he is willing to try as many times as she is, and he’s not above writing checks to whatever doctor they try next and forcing him to cash them before Scully finds out, if that’s what it takes to get her to accept his help.

“Whoever we pick next,” Mulder says, “we can’t use our real names. It would be far too easy for someone to access the records of every fertility clinic in D.C. and find us again. So… as much as I’m sure you don’t want anyone else to know about this, we’re going to need a little help.” It takes her only seconds to figure out what he means.

“You want to tell the Gunmen?” she asks, aghast. “You want to share all of this with Frohike? The king of inappropriate innuendo?”

“I think he’ll surprise you, Scully,” Mulder says. “He’ll have nothing but compassion for the entire situation, I promise you that. And if we’re using fake names, we’re going to need documents to back them up.”

“Fine,” Scully sighs. “We’ll go to the cold storage facility first, and then to the Gunmen’s.” Mulder nods and puts the car in gear.

Tonight, he decides, he’ll go back and visit the Gunmen again, alone. He’ll have them set up another bank account under whatever aliases that he and Scully choose, and he’ll have Frohike transfer all of the money Mulder’s father had left him into it.

Just in case.