help out our overlord


Hello guys, we @arimanworb and @irkencasualwear are opening Twintastic Illustration Commissions, to help out our local demon overlord @billciphershouseparty​, who is in a super prickly situation! We charge 25$ per hour since we are very fast. We will time ourselves per design and if it falls under half an our we will charge you 15$! If you have a complex illustration idea or something that will take more time than expected we are happy to negotiate! 50% of all of our proceeds will go to helping our friend!

NSFW is unavailable and any inappropriate pairings will be rejected concerning popular characters! Please remember to choose and email the appropriate artist! 

Contact and Paypal

Left Artist: for both email and payment

Right Artist: for contact and for payment

We are also completely okay with Tumblr chatting as well!

Thank you so much for reading, reblogging is appreciated!