help omg she's being taken over


okay so here’s some of my thoughts on big brother Percy 

  • For breakfast he always gets his blue pancakes and when his little sister saw them she just had to have purple ones
  • Percy acting like this is a big disgrace because she doesn’t want blue ones but by the third morning hes eating purple pancakes too
  • Him literally doing anything for this girl 
  • like he can not say no to her no matter what 
  • so you have Percy dressing in a princess outfit way to small for him drinking imaginary tea out of an equally as small cup with awful makeup, but the hugest smile on his face when he sees her smiling
  • Walking her to school and picking her up, piggy back rides on the way home 
  • Percy reading to her then giving up and making up these outrageous stories that are pretty similar to him and Annabeth’s quests, but their earlier quests 
  • Percabeth babysitting 
  • Percy’s little sister thinking Annabeth is the coolest person ever 
  • Her and Annabeth teaming up to take Percy down in every game 
  • until Percy promises her ice cream later then they team up to take Annabeth down
  • Sally looking at them and seeing how much Percy has grown and how gentle he is with her and then remembering the childhood that he had and knowing that he doesn’t want her to have any fraction of that 
  • His sister having nightmares and screaming in the middle of the night and Percy running into her room with riptide and trying to put it away as fast as he can before she sees it once he figures out that its not a monster
  • Her having another nightmare and running into Percy rooms screaming “I had a bad dream Percy” “I know, I know. I get them too.” Then her sleeping in his room to the point where they are practically sharing a room 
  • she sleeps between him and the wall where its the “safest” 
  • Once she started sleeping with Percy both of them rarely have nightmares 
  • Percy teaching her how to do the perfect baby seal face and her mastering it in minutes 
  • Sally noticing that Percy taught her that and going to “yell” at him but then he does the baby seal eyes with his little sister to get out of it
  • They really look nothing a like other than there dark hair since Percy looks like Poseidon and she would look like Sally and Paul but when they do that face they look almost identical 
  • Annabeth coming over one night and getting ready to get in bed with Percy when she looks over and sees that Percy’s little sister is in her spot 
  • Percy and his sister giving her the baby seal eyes 
  • “She get nightmares Annabeth, come on. This helps them. Helps me too.” 
  • Annabeth caving after three seconds 
  • They start the night with Percy in the middle and Annabeth on edge but somehow it ended up with Percy’s little sister between them with both of the putting an arm protectively around her
  • Percy and her watching The Little Mermaid and Moana because its their favorite and Percy doesn’t object  
  • Just Percy being the best big brother anybody can ask for and Sally just being so proud of him.