help my feels are exploding

someone: haha why are you so obsessed with *insert show/book series/film/etc)

me, internally: because throwing myself into something allows me to briefly forget the constant depression misery and sadness i suffer through every day and when i marathon things my self hatred sometimes starts to disappear because i forget that i’m a real person who exists in the real world. my obsessions help me to cope when i feel like i’m about to explode or cry or scream or all of those at once and once i get into something i barely think of anything else for weeks which is a very unhealthy coping tactic but hey it helps so

me: haha idk :))

Soulmates feel one anothers’ pain AUs


  • ‘I came to stop this street fight because that really big punch you just recieved made me scream at a cashier. Also are you injured?’ AU
  • ‘This public toilet has a knuckle-shaped hole in the wall, is this anything to do with you? Because five minutes ago it felt like my knuckles were on fire’ AU
  • ‘Holy shit you just got stabbed, you need help but also god my stomach feels like it’s exploding’ AU
  • ‘I think you’re my soulmate because you’re biting your lip and mine’s hurting now’ AU
  • ‘I just banged my knee on that table over there and you hissed in pain, dude I think we’re soulmates’ AU


  • ‘Please don’t touch that flame, I’m/we’re in a public place and I don’t want to scream’ AU
  • ‘Why do you insist on taking out staples by hand?’ AU
  • ‘Please don’t hurt yourself, I can’t stand seeing you in pain and nor could I stand the pain myself knowing why I feel it’ AU
  • ‘For the love of God use oven gloves next time, my boss was about to promote me when I swore in their face’ AU
  • ‘I can feel your stress headache is everything okay?’ AU
  • ‘I came to find you at work to tell you to stop knocking so violently on your coworker’s office door’ AU
  • ‘Why must you get a tattoo whilst I’m trying to sleep?’ AU

KaruNagi moments - twentieth

I have so much thoughts for this ep <3 i cant calm down, so please bear with me. for the first photo, im sorry im tempted so much i have to submit. blushing Nagisa for Karma is…… //shot

do you see that? it’s our delinquent red head sulking. he knows already that Nagisa is being wooed by some bastard…unfortunately, he cant do something drastic because of the plan. sulking Karma for Nagisa is…… //faints

Nagisa always notices things about Karma, no matter how subtle it is.

i still wonder tho if Karma was glancing at nagisa …..cant get over it. (*≧▽≦) KARMA HAS A CROSS DRESSING FETISH DAMMIT I BET THAT PHOTO IS HIS WALLPAPER NOW

but the missing pieces are…….

Karma is so shameless! Pointing @ Nagisa’s like that  (/ω\)  and im shameless too thinking that Nagisa swings that way bcoz as he’d said he likes it   (#/。\#) 

so some kid lost his toy heffalump in my town

so some legend gave it a wash and set up a facebook page for it

and every day they update it saying that he’s hanging out with his friends

or eating cereal

or doing some learning on how to survive in wild if he’s lost again

help I swear this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

#3 You Have a Nightmare (Cashton)

Requested: swiftiesince06iwishyouknewthat 

Word Counts: Calum; 383 || Ashton; 689

You can find Luke’s here. || You can find Michael’s here.


Calum Hood

One minute you’re sitting around your family’s dinner table and the next thing you know someone is barging through the door and holding a gun to your head. You try and scream out for Calum, but no matter how loud you scream all that comes out is a whisper. You beg your captor to let you go, and to please not hurt you, but he smacks your temple with his gun knocking you unconscious. You can hear Calum calling out to you, but your body feels like it has weights holding you down. Your body begins to shake and you begin to think you’re dying as you see a small light shining; you begin to walk towards the light when suddenly you’re shaken awake by Calum, the light shining from the bathroom letting you notice the concerned expression on his face.

“Finally, you’re awake!” He exclaims, wrapping you in his arms.

“What?” You ask, cuddling closer to his chest to steal some of his body heat.

“You were thrashing around and whimpering, but I couldn’t seem to wake you up.” He explains.

“Y-yeah.” You stutter, the nightmare you just woke up from slowly coming back to your mind.

“What happened, baby?” He coos, putting a loose strand of hair behind your ear, kissing your temple softly.

“I-I was just sitting at the dinner table, and suddenly a man came in and held a gun to my head, but no matter how much I screamed it wouldn’t come out as more than a squeak, and I was so scared I’d never see you again.” Tears escapw your eyes as you finish the last part.

“Oh, Y/N.” He whispers, pulling your head against his chest, his heartbeat calming you slightly; he tilts your head up, so you can see his eyes. “You know I’d do everything in my power to protect you, right? I love you so much, and I promise I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

You nod, burying your face against his chest again. Calum pulls you down slightly, so you’re head is laying on his chest; he pulls the duvet over the both of you, kissing your forehead.

“You’re alright, baby girl. I’ve got you. I won’t let anyone hurt you. My arms will always be a safe place for you.”

Ashton Irwin

You feel the tears begin to burn in your eyes as you see Ashton making out with another girl. You want to march over there and put him in his place, because who the hell does he think he is? How could he ever do this to you? You’re engaged for pete’s sake! You try so hard to move your feet, but it’s like you’re glued to the cement. You try and call out to him, scream at him, anything, but nothing comes out of your throat. You begin to crumple to the ground, sobbing in the middle of the sidewalk as you see Ashton with his hand on the small of the other girl’s back as he directs her inside of the hotel the two of you were staying at. You can’t believe he doesn’t even have the decency to cheat at another hotel. You try screaming again and again, but still nothing comes out. Everyone walks past you as if you don’t even exist, and you continue to sob as you wish the ground would just open up and swallow you whole. You suddenly hear Ashton calling your name over and over again, but see no one in sight. The whole street is completely bare, and you can’t seem to find him. You’re jolted awake as Ashton has you in his arms, rubbing your hair softly. You blink a few times, taking in your surroundings; a sigh of relief leaves your lungs as you realize it was just a nightmare, but as you begin to think about it silent tears slowly fall down your flushed cheeks.

“Hey now, what’s wrong pretty girl?” Ashton asks, holding you tighter in his arms.

You shake your head and mumble a quick “nothing.”

Ashton sighs, lifting your body, so you’re sitting on his lap facing him. You avoid his gaze as he runs his thumb along your cheek.

“Princess, what’s wrong? You seemed like you were having a pretty bad nightmare.”

“I’m fine.” You answer, looking down at your lap.

“Y/N, I know when you’re lying. Come on, it’s me. You know you can tell me anything.” He reassures, tilting your chin, your eyes meet his pleading ones. “Talk to me.”

“I-I had a nightmare that you were cheating on me.” You mumble.

“Wh-what?” He asks incredulously.

“Don’t make me say it again.” You mutter, turning your attention to your lap once again.

“You don’t really think I’d do that to you do you?” He asks, sadness lacing his tone.

“No, but I’m afraid one day you’re going to get bored of me, and you’ll realize that you deserve so much better! I mean, what if one day you just wake up and see me and you’re just like “ew, why did I ever marry her?” and you leave me for som-“

Ashton quickly cuts you off, pressing his lips against yours feverishly, he places his hand behind your neck, pulling you as close to him as possible. He pulls away, pressing his forehead against yours.

“Don’t ever, and I mean ever, think I would leave you for someone else. I love you and only you. I asked you to marry me, Y/N, and I understood what that meant when I asked you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Every morning when I wake up, and I see you next to me, your hair a complete rat’s nest, a few eye boogers, and yes even your morning breath; I still can’t help but feel like my heart is going to explode from how much I love you.”

“I love you too.” You smile shyly.

Ashton smiles, kissing your nose. “Want to go get a burger and a shake?”

“Ashton, it’s 2 in the morning.”

“I know, but we used to do it all the time when we were teenagers. Come on, split a shake with me my darling Y/N?” He asks with pleading puppy dog eyes.

You giggle, slipping his shirt on. “Fine, but I want fries too.”

“Anything for you, princess.” He chirps, kissing your lips quickly before throwing some clothes on.

so I’m sick, meds dont help so my head feels like its gonna explode, I’m losing my voice, I cant breathe out of my nose so my lips are really really chapped, I’m also on my period so I feel sick and am cramping
but I still went to work, mom needed to use the car so she dropped me off
“just text me” she said
“I’ll come right over and pick you up” she said

but here I am walking home while its starting to get dark and while I’m nearly high on pain meds and cold medicine.

thanks mom.

What are you doing to me Westallen!!?

I just saw the leaked images of Iris and Barry kissing in s3.


Then I hear that they (Grant & Candice) were dancing and shit in between the many takes of this scene. 

This is one of the few moments I am not exaggerating when I say…I feel like my heart is going to EXPLODE!!

Help me! No actually don’t. Let me drown…let me drown in these feelz. I am happy. 

Ships Sailing (Part 2)

The thng about this is the fact that Erza’s okay with it. She’s OKAY with it. For Erza that may as well mean that she maybe liked it. After all, when has Erza ever said yes to things she couldn’t stand?

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tensai-shoujo  asked:

So I just uploaded a song called "Running With The Moon" and I was wondering if you could write a drabble based entirely on the lyrics. I think the song is absolutely PERFECT for post-LR Hope and Lightning!! *squee* Nothing really angsty, just awkward and timid Lightning in denial. X3 Thank you so much for hearing my request and I hope this inspired you, even in the smallest way, to work your magic!

How often now did nights like these happen? And when, she wondered, would anything change?

Maybe never, Lightning knew. She was fine with that.

Just fine.

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