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Hi Bronte, I have been struggling with my weight for years and trying to cut off meat. The problem is that every nutritionist I went to (and I've tried a few) always recommended to eat more meat, not less (I've stopped going, but it didn't help with the weight issue). Do you have any resources about veggie proteins (where to find them, how much should we eat, how to cook them...) I'm also looking for vegggie friendly diet recipes, if by any chance you know of one or two websites ? Thanks !

I know this will sound hard to believe because it’s their area of expertise, but there is a shocking about of misinformation regarding meat and vegetarianism/veganism among nutritionists.

When I was about 17-18 I had a massive issue with fainting - I’d faint all the time, often with little or no obvious cause, and it was quite bad because I’d usually have seizures while I was unconscious. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with a genetic iron deficiency and asked how much meat I ate and I said I didn’t, I was a vegetarian, and he said I should start eating meat again and referred me to a nutritionist who said the same. I decided to ignore that because I wasn’t prepared to abandoned my morals (and my parents supported me, because they’ve been vegetarians since the 80s and they were sceptical anyway and my aunt, who’s a nurse and also a long-term vegetarian, also said that she’d take what they said with a grain of salt).

Anyway, skip to last year, I’d been a vegan for a few months and I had to go to the doctor for a blood test because I’d been really unwell (which was horrifying because I’m so squeamish about needles, but I digress). I had my blood taken and I was asked to come back a few days later for the results and when I went into his consulting room my doctor looked really smug and said to me that my iron levels were the highest he’d ever seen them and asked how long I’d been eating meat again, and I was like… I haven’t? I actually just stopped eating animal products completely? He was really shocked, but it was true - I basically no longer suffer from an issue that I was told would keep getting worse unless I started eating meat, and I’m further from eating meat than ever.

Sorry for the anecdote, but I just wanted to prove that what medical professionals have to say about meat isn’t the be-all end-all of valuable wisdom, and I can personally attest to doing better health wise since cutting all animal products from my diet.

In terms of cutting out meat, by far the easiest way to start is just to replace the meat you’d usually eat with substitutes (which are generally higher in protein and lower in saturated fat, so they’re much healthier for you anyway). There are loads and loads available, but the two I eat most often are Quorn and Linda McCartney. They come with full cooking instructions, and they’re so easy to integrate into an existing diet by just substituting meat products!

There are also loads of resources available online, but here are just a few of my favourites on transitioning to a meat-free diet!

Also, if it’s of any interest to you, here are a few more sources on the moral (both in terms of animal welfare and human exploitation) and environmental benefits of removing animal products from your diet:

This video is also brilliant!

I hope this helps, and if I can be of any more help, please let me know!!

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so i'm merging into a vegan diet (few reasons i'm not just switching right to it), and the hardest part for me is when I go out to eat with my boyfriend. I usually end up just picking something vegetarian instead of vegan bc it's easier, and I hate that mentality. Do you have any advice for me to help remedy that? Did you ever have issues with this?

what’s stopping you from going vegan right now? if you need any help with going vegan, please please shoot me another message so I can help you out! also please remember that there are plenty of ways to help animals if going vegan isn’t possible right now. you could buy vegan makeup, skincare items, household items, etc and try to go vegan in every way you can. meatless mondays or going vegetarian is a start at least. but I really suggest that you send me another message so I can hopefully help you go vegan 100% :)

eating vegan at restaurants can be tricky, but I have figured out a few hacks.

1. research! figure out where you are going to eat and quickly google “restaurant name + vegan”. This should lead you to any vegan items on their menu. Also this will give you blog posts from lovely vegan people who have tricks for ordering vegan at that place! This trick has helped me loads of times! My in-laws wanted burgers so they suggested applebees. I searched “applebees vegan” on google and found out they have pretty much ZERO vegan choices. But “red robin vegan” had loads of options, so i suggested red robin for my family instead of applebees. They got their burger place experience and I ended up having way more options (boca vegan burger with a side of broccoli!) 

2. hack that side menu. some places don’t have any vegan options or anything that can be veganized, so try to make a meal out of the side menu. I did this recently when my father-in-law wanted to go to red lobster for his birthday. red lobster has zero vegan choices. everything is smothered in cheese, cream, butter, or seafood so not vegan…but they have steamed veggies, steamed broccoli, baked potatoes, and baked sweet potatoes on their side menu. I ordered two sides of steamed broccoli without butter and two sides of baked potatoes without butter. My meal was a huge plate of broccoli and potatoes with NO OIL and NO BUTTER of any kind, and my meal ended up being cheaper than the people who ordered seafood meals.

hope this helps! these hacks save my butt a million times with my non-vegan family and in-laws and friends! :) also shoot me a message so I can help you go vegan if you need help babe good luck!! 

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idk if you're the right person to come to about this, but like i really want be be vegan, or atleast vegetarian or dairy free or something. but the issue is my dad is a bug hunter, and he would get so mad at me if i told him i didn't want to eat meat or anything anymore. Plus I'm only in highschool so it's not like I can take care of my own meals. I don't want to hurt the cows and all the other animals but I don't have a choice

ok so i didn’t go vegetarian until i was 18 bc my mom said i could do it but i had to buy my own food (she’s vegan now bc of me) but with your dad being a hunter it definitely is a different situation but if you’re eating game meat that he hunts it is still wayyyy better than eating meat from the store! you could also do meatless monday’s where monday’s you don’t eat meat you could maybe talk to him about that since it’s only one day a week and you could talk about how you want to do it not only for the animals but for the planet and your health! or idk if you have acne but cutting dairy out can help clear up acne (didn’t really help me but it can) you could say you want to cut dairy out for that? but even just cutting back a little bit can make a huge difference! even acknowledging it and caring about the animals like you have is huge because most people completely ignore it! so just do what you can and cut back where you can right now while you’re still in high school and once you’re an adult you can go all the way and be vegan! if you want any resources on veganism and recommendations on meatless and dairy free products let me know and i’ll help! thank you for being an awesome compassionate person!!!

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Can you please help me respond to this? "Veganism is nothing more than a first-world luxury. You're spreading your filth of a lfestyle around claiming it's healthier & it's better than a normal diet, but there's a reason why veganism & vegetarianism only sprouted up in the last century, it's irresponsible & irritating. It doesn't make you better than everyone else, & frankly, no one gives a shit. It's not even worth giving you a legitimate explanation because face it, you are so brainwashed."

  • “Veganism is nothing more than a first-world luxury” The most vegan country in the world is actually Israel, with India, Taiwan, and Jamaica following the same trend. The country to take the most effective national stance on animal rights is India and their strict ban on animal testing. Leading Western countries for veganism and vegetarianism are the UK, US, Germany and Belgium. Notice how the total of countries listed above is not predominantly Western, but a 50/50 split.
  • “claiming it’s healthier & it’s better than a normal diet” Veganism is not a diet. Veganism is a way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose. When someone talks about going vegan, they are talking about making changes throughout their lifestyle to benefit animals, humans, and the environment. While a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be healthier than a diet that includes animal products in order to legitimize our ethical stance, the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada have stated that at all stages of life, a properly planned plant-based diet is “healthful, nutritionally adequate, and provides health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.” Large-scale studies have shown that mortality from ischaemic heart disease was 30% lower among vegetarian men and 20% lower among vegetarian women than in non-vegetarians. Plant-based diets offer lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol and animal protein, and higher levels of carbohydrates, fibre, magnesium, potassium, folate, and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and phytochemicals. Is this a claim that eating a plant-based diet is healthier than all animal based diets? No, just that it can be healthy. All we really need to prove is that eating a plant-based diet is not a detriment to one’s health, because our point is not to say that it is healthier - which has nothing to do with the ethics veganism - but to say that it is the best choice you can make for animal rights, human rights, and environmentalism.
  • “but there’s a reason why veganism & vegetarianism only sprouted up in the last century” One of the first recorded individuals following a clearly vegan diet and lifestyle was Dr. William Lambe in 1806, more than two centuries ago. Early Egyptian and Greek philosophers also incorporated many aspects of vegan ethics into their teachings. These philosophers are retroactively labeled “vegetarians” even though most did not consume or use animal products in their daily lives, simply because the term “vegan” was not coined until the 1940′s - nor did it need to be, because before then it was generally accepted that vegetarians did not exploit animals in any fashion.
  • “no one gives a shit” Millions of people worldwide have listened and adopted a vegan lifestyle in the past few years alone. The dairy industry has been considerably declining, and a more vegan future has been predicted by many officials including Nobel Prize winners and world renown entrepreneurs alike. Clearly people give a shit, and if you’re the few who continues not to care then you’re going to be left in the dust of progress and find yourself in a world you cannot relate to or function in.

hi everyone! i’ve recently started the journey into veganism, and this time i am 100% committed to staying that way. i’m doing everything i possibly can to keep on my track. so, i am looking for vegan friends! if you are a vegan please please private message me and we can chat. if we make a good connection maybe we could become friends! (i don’t want to force friendship) please help support me in being a vegan for life! thank you!

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I am really struggling to understand how the fuck it is ethical at ALL for any vegan to own pets. I don't understand this apparent lapse in judgement when it comes to the vegan community. Help me out here please what kinds of lies are these pet-owning "vegans" telling themselves so they can sleep at night?

To be honest I’m a little tired of people trying to move the goal-posts for what counts as vegan and what doesn’t. So long as you have adopted an animal rather than buying them, you are providing them with excellent care and you are not allowing them to breed then there is no moral issue with keeping an animal as a pet. We are supposed to be against animal use and exploitation, not just any contact with animals. In most cases, pets are not being exploited for our personal gain. There are millions of companion animals in shelters who will be killed if no one adopts them. Would it be kinder to allow this to happen? I think it is a wonderful thing for anyone to give an animal who needs it a loving home. We need to be a lot less black and white and a lot more critical in our thinking than this, and consider whether or not any actual harm is being done before we dismiss something as not being vegan. 

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Hi! i was wondering if you could help me out- i've been a vegetarian for a couple years now and i initially became a vegetarian as a stepping stone to going vegan. my parents are totally against me being vegan though because they think the lack of protein i have right now is bad for me as is, do you have any tips for the protein issue?

hey there:) thank you for coming to me with this because i was honestly in a similar spot when i first went vegan. (I was 15 and my parents were totally against it, too). now my mom and sister are vegan, too. all 3 of us are much healthier and have never had a protein deficiency.

that being said, you can DEFINITELY get enough protein on a vegan diet. actually, most Americans get way too much! it’s almost impossible not to get enough protein while eating a plant based diet as long as you are eating a variety of foods and getting enough calories. Even the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has specifically stated that a vegan diet is capable of providing plenty of protein. plant protein is much healthier and easier for our bodies to digest and use than animal protein because our bodies THRIVE on plants. i’ve attached this to an anon recently but i feel like it’s relevant here too:

here’s some other sites i found that also support a vegan diet providing ample protein/show some plant-based protein sources: 

dr.mcdougall, MD

physician’s committee for responsible medicine

the vegetarian resource group


it might also help showing your mom some vegan athletes who clearly get enough protein. people like robert cheeke:

venus and serena williams:

and countless others:

you can google vegan athletes or vegan bodybuilders to find more. even mike tyson is vegan now. (which is still pretty crazy to me but hey)

i hope that’s helpful. please feel free to ask me anything else you might need!