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I’m sick of hiding who I really am, so let me explain a few things about myself.

1. I’m independent- so independent that I don’t get attached to people at all. But just because I’m independent and like doing things alone without help doesn’t mean I don’t get lonely. In fact, I get lonely a lot, and I crave attention even though I can’t stand getting too close. Maybe I just feel vulnerable and don’t want people knowing too much about me, but the last thing I want is for no one to ever really know me.

2. I like to pretend I have my life together, but I don’t and that terrifies me, so much that I don’t like to talk or think about it.

3. I love giving people advice, but I’m terrible at taking other people’s advice. I love to suppress all my feelings and problems until I can pretend I don’t have any, just because I don’t know how to deal with any of it without thinking thoughts that I’m too scared to think.

4. Sometimes I don’t care at all and other times I care too much. There aren’t too many times in between. And I don’t tend to care about things that other people care about. I don’t care about the little things. I’m not being indecisive when I say “I don’t care.” I really mean that it doesn’t make a difference to me.

5. Sometimes I won’t tell you things because I don’t think they matter. Other times I won’t tell you things because they matter too much to me and I can’t risk being hurt by what you think.

6. I have a fear of annoying people, so I tend to not talk a lot, but I’m still an open book. If you ask me about myself and I see that you actually want to know the answer, then I’ll tell you.

7. I’m awful about talking about feelings, so I’m sorry if I don’t apologize or if I don’t tell you I care about you enough, but it’s too uncomfortable for me to bring those things up. Just know that if I don’t tell you something in person, I still mean it and you can be sure that I’ll write about it later.

—  Everything I wish I had the nerve to tell someone
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OK…wow a lot of you really liked that metaphor doodle I did.

Thanks for that, however, it seems most are not noticeing that my friend was the one that created that metaphor and it is really personal to them. Due to this - I deleted the post. And I ask everyone who reblogged it to also delete it. 

I should of communicated with her first prior to answering the question and now I know that lesson. I’m gonna tag everyone I can who has reblogged it in hopes that they can help me out here! I really do not want to be the credit taker of this - I want it to all go to my friend. Sorry bout the misunderstanding!

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If you are able to reach the ones I couldn’t tag, that will be great! ^^

anonymous asked:

Why are you posting all that personal shit on tumblr? It's always vague, not enough for anyone to actually give you support or help. It's like nothing positive ever comes out. Leaves me personally feeling drained from reading it. I'd like to help somehow but god, you are just negative over everything and never give enough info for anyone to try and make a difference. I don't want to unfollow you, because you are a good writer, but this stuff is just idk, a lot.

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on a roman holiday (1/1)

AU / Emma wasn’t exactly expecting to become a princess after 28 years separated from her family. Killian Jones might help her come to terms. 

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Emma turns 28 the day her life is turned upside down.

All she wanted that year was a nice, peaceful birthday. She didn’t want to have to chase a bail jumper at the last minute. She didn’t want to have to explain to her son (sweet, sweet Henry) that their plans would have to be held back an hour or two. She didn’t want to finally catch her breath and start cutting the cake with Henry when she got home only to hear a knock at the door and a woman on the other side telling her she was a long lost princess.

The last part isn’t even a joke, as much as it feels like one.

Emma just blows out her candle (well, let her eleven year old blow out her candle) when she hears the knock. She’s mildly irritated to have her peaceful night in interrupted yet again, so when Emma swings open the door she’s not at her most sociable.

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