help me name him please!

heh….i decided to try a brand new website! anyone here heard of neopets?

anyways! i am trying to come up with a name for my neopet

he is a blue lupe, i picked him because he resembles my lone wolf personality

can you all please help me name him? i will be forever thankful!


His name is dewey and he’s grey with three white patches of fur, one on his chest and two on his belly. he has green/yellow eyes and is extremely friendly. he is wearing a brown collar with a fish shaped tag with his name and my cell phone number on it. he was last seen at 2311 west grace street apartment 5, right on the corner of grace street and strawberry street. please guys, if you follow my blog you know how important dewey is to me. he’s helped me get through so much, he’s been there for me when i’ve been at my lowest point, he’s prevented me from killing myself, he means everything to me. 

if you live in richmond virginia area, please help me. if you have any sort of information about him, have seen him somewhere, or have managed to scoop him up, please message me in my tumblr inbox or call/text me at 1.804.822.6319. please help me guys.

i need name suggestions...

i’m creating a character.

a white boy, a dickhead. a racist, sexist fuckhead. the kind of guy you cross the road to avoid cos you know what kind of vile shit’s gonna come out of his mouth.

but somehow - to people who ‘matter’ he manages to seem charming - like to his boss, and parents, to cops etc. 

he’s a stereotype of the worst kind of white man, the kind of guy who thinks affirmative action hurts him and reverse racism and misandry are actually things, who purposefully misgenders people cos it’s funny to him, and tells rape jokes especially when he knows a victim is around, makes spastic and retarded and gay jokes, who thinks people who have mental illness are just lazy fucks faking it for attention etc

he’s about 25, has typical ‘good’ white fashion sense.  he’s australian and he’s the kind of guy you just want smash his face into concrete as soon as he opens his mouth. 

he’s the sort of guy who wanks to super violent pornography and thinks women are just sex objects.  who thinks people should ‘go back to where they came from’ but somehow doesn’t apply that logic to his white self even though he’s on Aboriginal land (which is all of australia) 

he’s the sort of guy who thinks he’s always the victim just cos he’s a white guy. he’s the kind of guy that thinks every gay guy and fat chick wants him so he has to violently reject them before they even say a word (in the case of gay guys - that’s any guy he even suspects of being gay)

and he’s a supervillian up against my superheroines

 so what’s this guy’s name?

what name suits him?

what name makes you cringe cos you just know what he’s gonna be like?

what name makes you punch someone repeatedly in the face?


I was in brick lane today (Sunday 12th April) and about 4pm a guy with a purple headband, and a ginger beard was standing on the corner, opposite Truman street, playing his guitar and singing in to a microphone
He also had his girlfriend/wife there and who I’m assuming was his daughter

can you help me find him please, or find his name because he was amazing