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Chinese New Year is coming soon! As part of my preparation for this important holiday, I spent the entire day cleaning my room so I thought I’d share some photos with you.

I’ve been collecting manga ever since I was nine years old. The first title I ever bought was Magic Kaito and I have a complete collection of Eyeshield 21 volumes. Did I ever tell you I love Hiruma Yoichi? I DO. I LOVE HIM. VERY MUCH. HAJSKDHAKDHKAAHDAJDJASDALJ



Anyway, on to other parts of my room… Half of the figures, posters, and other trinkets and decorations on my table and walls are given to me by friends. It feels so good being surrounded by walls of love! ❤ ❤ ❤

Rhys, yelling from kitchen: Hey jack, you wanna help me make christmas cookies?

Jack, yelling from living room: idk babe id rather make cream pies-

*a wooden spoon flies out of the kitchen and smacks jack directly in the face*

Remember what we promised each other an eternity ago,
Under the dawn hued sky with clouds crowding the horizon;
That we would love each other, even past our youth

And during the cold nights, we would gather in each other’s arms under a dust-colored blanket
Whispering about infinities and forevers -

You told me you wanted to buy me roses
To help make this room look bright again,
But flowers don’t grow in winter, and heaven knows you’ve left me colder than before
—  cloud, blanket, flower (suggested by pinkmuffinwithsprinkles) | a.h
  • Norway & Denmark: *Arguing*
  • Finland: Could you please be a little more quiet? Thanks, I don't want to get a migraine
  • Iceland: *joins the argument*
  • Finland: Please stop, I'm feeling a migraine coming...
  • Sweden: *Starts arguing as well*
  • Finland:
  • Sweden: *Eyes widen*
  • Iceland: That was...
  • Denmark: Scary...
  • Norway: Hot.

Truth Or Dare


Pairing: Liam x Reader

Prompt: “Truth or dare, pick one”

Summary: Liam decides to play truth or dare to find out whether or not you like him.

You came over to Liam’s house per his request, you didn’t know why he had invited you over considering there was no homework that had to be done, and Liam and you never spent time alone together. Turning the handle to his room you opened it, while butterflies erupted in your stomach. You saw Liam laying stomach first on his bed, books spread out everywhere.

“What’s all this?” you asked.

“I have an overdue assignment, and I was wondering if you could help me?” he asked moving across to make room for you.

“You could of just called Mason” you said, still not sure why he called you.

“I did, but Mason is busy trying to figure out how his going to impress Corey on their date tonight” .

Sitting on his bed, you crossed your legs and studied the material that Liam had to finish for this assignment that was meant to be handed in a few days ago.

“And what about Hayden?” you asked.

This time Liam sat up and leaned against the pillow, “I called you instead. Why wasn’t I suppose too?”.

“No, it’s just you and I have never really been alone together…that’s all”.

Picking up the nearest sheet of paper you read what was on it, Liam’s eyes were still fixed on you and it was starting to make you slightly uncomfortable.

There were these lingering feelings that you tried to ignore when it came to Liam, but for some strange reason they wouldn’t go away. And now you were a bit nervous to just be one on one with him, without the other members of the pack.

“So what did you need help with?” you asked trying to divert the conversation to a different topic.

“I don’t really get the last two questions” he said, going back to laying on his stomach.

It didn’t take long for you to explain to him what he needed to do, in order to complete this assignment for English. He did most of the writing whereas you just gave him helpful pointless, and tips on how to make certain parts better. The study session or whatever this was only took about an hour max, and just like that Liam had finished his assignment in no time.

“Thanks for helping me Y/N” he said with a smile. He got up and packed the books into his bag, probably so he wouldn’t forget them the next day.

“No problem, to be honest I thought we would be here longer”.

“Hey!” he pouted and that made you laugh.

“I’m just saying it was an overdue assignment after all”.

He sat down back on his bed, but this time he was a lot closer to you than before. Feeling the butterflies flutter faster in your stomach, you couldn’t help but directly stare at him.

“Do you want to play a game?” Liam suddenly asked out of the blue.

“I think I should be heading home”.

Liam placed his hand on top of yours, and the mere simple action meant a lot more to you than he probably realized. “Please just one game” he said while removing his hand from yours.

You couldn’t resist when Liam did those puppy dog eyes, he had the face of innocence that was for sure. “Okay, what’s the game?”.

“Truth or dare?” he wiggled his eyebrow and you knew that this game was all sorts of trouble, even if it wasn’t intended to be.

“Out of all the games that is the one you picked?”

“Yeah it’s the only one I can think of, come on it will be fun”.

Sighing you really didn’t have any choice, Liam seemed very eager to play this game and you knew he wouldn’t let you go unless you amused him by playing at least one round. “So who’s going first?” you asked.

“I’ll go first, okay Y/N truth or dare, pick one?”.

This game was tricky for many reasons, but the safest option was truth at least that’s what you always thought. “I pick truth”. For some reason your answer made Liam grin and he rubbed his hands on his pants, and took a breath.

“If I asked you out on a date would you say yes?”.

Mouth open and extremely shocked that wasn’t the question you thought he would ask. You thought it would be some random, silly question that you didn’t have to think twice about…but no it was a serious question that required a very serious answer.

“You want to go on a date with me?” you asked just making sure that you had heard him correctly.

“Yes I do, wanted to ask you that for awhile now”.

This wasn’t a question that you could have days to think about it, and you owed Liam an answer that you knew.

You didn’t know what it was but you said, “Yes I’ll go on a date with you” faster than you had answered anything in your life before.

“That’s great, I-mean I’ll see you tomorrow at 6?” he said not bothering to hide how happy he was.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then” you said.

You left Liam’s room and now the only thing that was running through your mind was, what were you going to wear.

New Arrival

“Okay Leo, ready to meet her?” I asked him for the first time as he swung his legs back and forth in the over sized chair. Seeing the excitement in his eyes made my heart want to melt as I helped him off of the chair and held his small hand in mine as we went towards the room. 

Walking with Leo like this made me think back to Y/n having Leo, how I waited to be told and all the guys helped me make it to the room in one piece. I remember seeing how happy Y/n looked, sweat like a sheen across her face but a delicate life in her arms. Her smile that formed when she saw me walk in, the guys looking through the window with equal smiles as I laid my eyes on him for the first time, my little boy, my little Leo. 

Now I was helping Leo meet his baby sister, Y/n had been in labour all throughout the night meaning Leo had to stay at home with my mum, but now here he was. As we got to the door I knelt down in front of him, his blue eyes resembling mine wide with excitement and I let out a small laugh. “Now remember, she’s very small so be careful okay?” He nodded eagerly as he jumped up and down with excitement, scenes like this make my heart melt with joy. 

As I opened the door Leo remained at my side, Y/n sat up and let out a yawn. Once she saw Leo an enthusiastic smile formed on her face, “Hey baby boy, are you ready to meet your new sister?” I picked Leo up by his small waist and lifted him up onto Y/n’s bed, she held our newest family member in her arms. 

Judging by the curious look on Leo’s face he looked to me and then back to his mum. “My sister?” He pointed to her small figure as she kept her eyes closed but squirmed in Y/n’s arms. 

We both nodded to him as he reached his small hand out to hers, she gripped onto one of his fingers with his whole hand and I could see the spark in his eyes. Y/n began to tear up as did I as I imagined all the memories we would share as a family from now on, how these two would grow up together and blossom into beautiful people. 

“What’s her name mummy?” Leo asked as Y/n adjusted our newest family member in her arms, bringing Leo closer to her to sit with her. 

Y/n gave me a smile and I came round the other side of her, all four of us sitting close as a family, a unit. The amount of joy I felt could not be contained at this sight, at my family. “Her name’s Lily.” I told him and he gave us a wide smile, nodding.

“Welcome to the family Lily.” 

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

  • lip balm
  • name tag
  • gum
  • keys
  • lots of shopping receipts

5 things in my bedroom

  • two containers of rocks
  • jar of coins
  • ball of moss
  • plants
  • biscuits

5 things i’ve always wanted to do in my life

  • fight someone
  • go hiking
  • publish something
  • learn to hack (never gonna happen lol)
  • go on a roadtrip with friends

5 things that make me happy

  • friends
  • organising/cleaning my room
  • helping a nice customer
  • repotting, tending to, and growing plants
  • the smell of the candle in my room

5 things that i’m currently into

  • overwatch
  • voltron
  • cycling
  • tolkien
  • my high school fic

5 things on my to-do list

  • order new contact lenses
  • petrol
  • sigriel fic
  • next part of my secret santa (lol i’m the worst)
  • delivery for a friend

5 things you may not know about me

  • ??? this is too indirect and idk how to talk about myself???
  • i’m skipping this

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BTS Reaction to their girlfriend thinking they’re fat.


He stood in the doorway, watching you contort your body in various ways to make your stomach look slimmer. As he watched you he grew more confused and sad. He came up behind you and spun you around by your wrist so you stood, looking at him. You were shocked but warmed up when you saw his face. “I know what you were doing.” He said, raising his eyebrows.“I’m sorry” You whispered, not knowing what to say.“Why would you feel like that? You must know your body is perfect. If you want to change yourself then do it but I won’t tolerate you starving or putting yourself down like this. No matter what you look like I love you, and you know that. Now come on, let’s go for lunch.”


He was working on his music at his desk maybe 10 feet away from you, facing the other way with his headphones blasting, he couldn’t hear you even if you screamed. You were getting ready for the day but when you walked past the mirror you stopped and frowned at the reflection, poking and prodding the places you didn’t like while whispering discouragements. Yoongi turned around in his chair to grab a drink of water and when he saw you he sunk slightly in his chair. “No more mirror for you. Why would you say things like this? You know your body is amazing and you know how much I love you and your body. You shouldn’t feel insecure around me sweetheart


Hoseok:You two were practicing a dance that he wanted to teach you. He went to the washroom and as soon as he left the room you started practicing the moves in the mirror, as you watched yourself you realized that the fat on your arms and legs were moving quite a lot. You had felt like you were gaining weight and you were getting increasingly more insecure as you went on. You grabbed your phone and looked up the healthy weight for your height and age and surely you were over it by 5 pounds. You started looking up diets that maybe you could try and you hadn’t noticed Hoseok walk back in the room and stand behind you. He wa peering over your shoulder at what you were looking up and became sad.

You looked up from your phone to look at yourself again and immediately noticed Hoseok behind you. You jumped a bit, but when you looked back to see he had tears in his eyes you immediately grew worried. "Hoseok please don’t cry, don’t,” You said, hugging him. He hugged you back and you heard him whimper into your shoulder. “Why would you look up those things? You know how beautiful you are and you know how much I love you don't want you to hurt yourself, did I not love you enough? Is this because of me? I am so sorry!” He said, sobbing into his hand. You released the hug and cupped his face and stared into his eyes. “Baby, I promise none of this is because of you, please don’t cry, it breaks my heart. I didn’t mean to worry you, I won’t change okay? I am sorry.” You said, kissing his cheek. “You can come with me more often and we can dance more if you don’t like your body but I don’t want you to do anything that might hurt you. I love you so much and I want you to know that I will love you no matter what.” He rambled, calming down. You took him in your arms again, hugging him tightly. “Thank you”


You two were watching a show, you had just sat down and he was too oblivious to it at first but he soon noticed you playing with the fat on your legs and pulling it and trying to hide it. “No, no, no,” He said while grabbing at your hands. He wrapped his fingers in between yours and brought you so you could lay on him and watch the show. He kissed your temple and smiled down at you, “You are perfect, please believe that I love you no matter what”


“There are no more seats, I’ll just sit on the ground.” You said. Bangtan decided to come over and have a movie marathon at your house and there was were no more places for you to sit. “You can sit on my lap,” Jimin said, smiling at you. You shook your head. “Don’t be serious, ill break your legs.” His face dropped and he grabbed your hand to lead you out of the room. “Why do you think you would break my legs?" "I have gained a bit of weight and I don’t want your legs to go numb, I don’t want to hurt you.” You shrugged, grabbing water from the fridge. He waited until you turned around and picked you up so you were laying over his shoulder. He carried you back to the living room. “This dummy thinks she weighs too much to sit on my lap,” He said while spanking your butt playfully. You heard Jungkook laugh and you felt Jimin letting you off of his shoulders and sitting down behind you. As you were going to sit on the floor he pulled you onto his lap. “See? You aren’t hurting me, you’re not fat, you’re perfect baby.” He said, kissing your cheek and snaking his arms around your waist to hug you.


He knew you were insecure about your weight but he never really confronted you about it. You two were walking in the park holding hands when your feet started hurting really badly. You groaned with each step you took. He looked down, “Do your feet hurt? Do you want to go home?” He asked, concerned. You nodded to him and squeezed his hand more. He broke his hand away from yours and stepped in front of you.

“Let me give you a piggyback ride home.”

You stood there, not moving because you were afraid of hurting him. “Uh, Taehyung I think I should just walk. I don’t wanna hurt you” You said, walking in front of him. He furrowed his eyebrows together and stared down at you.
“I promise you won’t hurt me, stop thinking you’re fat because of you aren’t. Now get on my back so we can go home before your feet start hurting more” He stated in a dominant voice. You sighed and he walked in front of you again, you hopping on his back and wrapping your arms around his shoulders.
“I think I actually got lighter once you got on my back” He chuckled. You rolled your eyes from behind him as you two made your way home.


You two sat on the couch, Jungkook had some ice cream in his hand, putting it towards your lips in an attempt to feed you. You shook your head and looked down to your phone. He frowned. He had realized that you hadn’t been eating much in the last week and he was starting to get worried. “Why don’t you eat much anymore? I’m getting worried about you” He said while looking down at you. You looked up and him and shrugged. “I guess I am just not that hungry. Don’t be worried I am fine” You smiled, kissing him lightly. He still stared at you, not taking that as a proper answer.“I will stop worrying when you tell me why you won’t eat.” He said, adjusting himself on the couch, snatching your phone from your hands. You looked at him, sighing. “I told you already. I guess I am just not hung-”

“Is this a body image thing?” He cut you off. You shook your head in an attempt to lie but he saw right past it.

“I want you to know that you are so perfect and beautiful okay? Please start eating normally. Your body is perfect, I love it and I will be very sad if you get any skinnier” He said, kissing your cheek. You smiled at him, shaking your head and sighing. “You always know what to say to make me feel better.”

juggaloopuff  asked:

AAAAAAA ur back i was wonderin bout u boi, how is the family, what fancy games u got now hhhOOOOO

Family is good, kids are very energetic as always :D My daughter helped me make a cheesecake today while my son eyed it across the room. 

(I may be totally eating a piece.. ok I’m on my second… right now.)

I have fallen back hard into my animal crossing new leaf town. After I abandoned it for so long after SuMo came out. I’m finally playing around with the amiibo part of it and quite enjoying it. 


I made lots and lots of envelopes yesterday and hope to make some more today.  Here are my favorites! 
Now, a favor to ask of you tumblr folks.  Please help me continue to hide in my room making these by telling me addresses (yours or perhaps a friend who might need to be cheered up) that would welcome these quirky envelopes.  

Also, if you’ve sent me your address before just send it again cause I’m terrible at remembering.  

Thank you in advance for keeping me busy! 

stop trying to cheer me up; nursemaid dean means well

“How do you feel?” Dean asks, pausing in the doorway.

Cas shrugs. “Like half my leg is on fire.”

“Did you take your pills?” Dean asks, shooting a narrow look at the little bottle on the night stand. Every time he sees it, his first instinct is to hide it, but this Cas isn’t that Cas. He shouldn’t be treated like a baby because of a crazy vision Dean had five years ago. “It’s been six hours.”

“They don’t really help. They just make me sleepy.”

Dean comes into the room, pausing at the foot of the bed long enough to squeeze Cas’ good ankle. “If you’re asleep, you won’t notice that half your leg is on fire.”

Cas shrugs again.

“Come on,” Dean says, climbing onto the bed. “The ER doc said it was a clean break. You’ll be up in a couple weeks. And – hey, Sam was just saying the other day that you’re not really a hunter until you break something.”

“He’s said the same thing about dying.”

That’s an unpleasant thought, so Dean leans in an kisses the corner of Cas’ mouth. He smells like their bed, sleep-warm and familiar. Dean presses in closer, humming under his breath; Cas allows it at first, but when Dean lingers he sighs and pulls away, bristling like a hedgehog.

“Stop trying to cheer me up.”

“Hey,” Dean says, stroking his hair. “I’m sorry your hurting.”

“It’s not that. I just – I fell down the stairs.”

“It happens.”

“I tripped over my own feet.”

Dean snorts out a laugh against Cas’ shoulder. Cas makes an indignant noise, but Dean just noses his way up to Cas’ neck and hides a kiss below Cas’ ear. Dean knows it must be irritating for him; he used to be light and grace and intend and now he’s stuck in a clumsy, human body that doesn’t always follow directions.

“Come here,” Dean says, wrapping his arm around Cas’ shoulder. “Lemme tell you about the time Sam lost his shoe down a storm drain.”