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BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o wearing an ugly picture of them on a t-shirt

Anon Asked: Can you do a BTS Reaction to their s/o wearing an ugly selfie of them on a t-shirt in public? I ALWAYS wanted to do this with my boyfriend but he’s too photogenic uGH

Okay, I’ve totally done this before. Showed up at a friend’s birthday party wearing an ugly snapchat pic they sent me on a sweatshirt lol.

- Admin Dayna


Jin is handsome. He knew it, his fans knew it, and obviously, so do you. But with great beauty, comes great responsibility, and it seems like your boyfriend abuses his good-looks. Jin oozes narcissism. At times it was funny, charming in fact, but there’s only so much of it one could take. Sometimes consequences need to be dealt out to the arrogant. With just enough persistence and creativity, you’ve came up with the perfect plan. You awaited his arrival at the airport, your hoodie zipped up hiding your brilliance. Jin and the boys’ plane had landed and now they were only a few feet away from you. When you were absolutely positive Jin was looking right at you - and you could tell he had by the way he suddenly picked up his pace to a brisk jog your direction - you unzipped your hoodie, revealed your t-shirt with a rather… unattractive picture of him that his Army has turned into a meme printed on the front. You lifted your arms up high, allowing Jin, the boys, and the lucky bystanders to bask in its glory. As Namjoon, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all erupted into laughter, Jin struggled to reprimand you between fits of giggles.

“Wha - jagiyaahh~! How could you betray me?!”

“What have I done to deserve this?!”

“Do you think this was right?! I demand respect!”

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Can’t Remember to Forget You | iv

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,147

Warnings: Language, Angst

A/N: Hopefully this chapter doesn’t hurt too much - I personally recommend listening to Helium by Sia + Song Cry by August Alsina while reading this (mainly b/c they’re the two songs that I listened to while writing this) // also big s/o to my wife Blade, just because I love her and am eternally grateful for her in my life || crtfy masterlist

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Heart on the Line (part 8)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1081

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FTM!Karma (KarmaGisa AU)


Rating: K+/T

Nagisa Shiota thought it was an incredible stroke of luck that he ended up sitting next to Karma Akabane in first period, and even more so that they were in all the same classes but one.

The new student was nearly quaking as he sat down next to the larger boy in his Science class, at his teacher’s request. The redhead had an intimidating aura to him, but he greeted his classmate with a sincere smile and asked if he was new.

“You’re not from here, are you? I think I’d remember someone who looked like you.” He had said. Before the bluenette had time to blush at the obvious nod to his hairstyle, Karma added, “Blue hair, that’s so wild. It’s bright without being obnoxious. I’m jealous, I look like a used tampon come alive.” Nagisa covered his mouth to muffle a snort.

“It’s natural, actually…” Nagisa admitted, scratching at the back of his neck.

Akabane just smiled. “That just makes it cooler! Like fate chose you to look awesome.” He gushed, resting his chin on both his hands like a dazed schoolgirl and laughing.

Within two periods, the two boys had become thick as theives. They had found that they were both obsessed with the same movies, they listened to the same bands (Akabane had been to concert for one of them; the bluenette shamelessly milked him for details), and they had pretty much the same opinions on everything (Except for pineapple on pizza, which Nagisa liked. Karma had almost yelled in disgust so loud the teacher heard him). The smaller boy couldn’t belive the other didn’t have any other friends in his first four periods, because he was so cool, it couldn’t be like he was a loner. Unless that was just the kind of kid he was; he just kept himself on purpose, the strong, silent type. A nice thought, but probably not likely, as he’d chosen to open up to Nagisa so quickly. He didn’t notice the wary glances Akabane was getting at all.

It wasn’t until fifth period that he found out.

“What class do we have next?” The bluenette asked, fumbling for his schedule as the bell rang.

A look of dread flashed across the redhead’s face. “Gym, I think. Ew.”

The smaller boy laughed at his friend’s expression. “What, you don’t like P.E.?”

“Ugh, no way.”

“No way, you’re, like, ripped! I can see the muscles through your shirt sleeves, haha. You’re probably at the top of the class. Look at me, I’m a shrimp: You can’t complain.” Nagisa chuckled, guestering to his skinny, petite frame, then to Akabane’s althletic build.

Karma gave a weak laugh. “I’ve seen gymnasts with builds just like yours, Shiota. You don’t look very out of shape, I’m sure you’ll do fine. But…” He paused, then gave a small sigh of resignation. “…It’s not the curriculum I don’t like, it’s just…Nothing. You’ll see, I guess.” He shrugged and looked away.

“What? Is our coach shitty? How much are they gonna make us run?” The bluenette asked anxiously as they entered the gym. From the opposite side of the room, a tall girl with long, straight, blonde hair spotted Karma and waved. He waved back and giggled lightly.

“Who’s that, your girlfriend?” Nagisa asked. He wished he hadn’t said it after it was out of his mouth; something about the thought of the redhead in a relationship sat wrong in his stomach.

Karma roared with laughter. “Oh my god, no! She’d die if she heard that. She’s so gay, and so dedicated to her girlfriend.” The smaller boy let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as the redhead regained himself. “No, no, that’s just my friend. Her name’s Nakamura Rio.”

“Gay, huh?” Nagisa laughed weakly and wondered if now was the best time to out himself as pan. He bit his lip, and looked up at his new friend. It could just be the lighting, but he might’ve seen a bit of pink on the other’s cheeks as they neared the locker rooms.

“Yeah; thank god her girlfriend’s not in our gym class. Okuda’s actually pretty modest, usually, but when she and Nakamura get around each other, it gets a little wild.” He shook his head at the thought of it, chuckling.

“Hah! Guess you’ll have to introduce me sometime.” He hadn’t noticed Karma’s falling footsteps as students filed into the locker rooms. “But let’s deal with that later, okay? We gotta go get dressed.” He turned back to noticed Akabane had stopped in the space between the locker rooms. His face was red and he wore an embarrassed frown. The bluenette shot him a blank look.

“…Karma? You coming?” he asked tentatively, tugging at his own backpack straps. A few students had stopped to watch the two. Nakamura walked up behind Karma and gently put her hand o his shoulder.

“Hey, Karma,” She said lightly, smiling at him.

“Hey,” He mumbled, looking to her, then the ground, then to Nagisa. He looked like he might cry.

“Um…See you after class, I guess.” The redhead said softly to his confused friend. The smaller boy’s eyes widened as he watched Akabane follow his blonde friend into the girls’ locker room with his head down.



Nagisa couldn’t stop the rising heat in his cheeks as he changed into his gym clothes. A boy with cropped raven hair approached him catiously as he pulled his shorts over his hips.

“Hey…It’s Nagisa, right?” The bluentte nodded. “I’m Sugino, from your second period. I saw you out there with Akabane…Did you know?”

“No…Is that why people have been, sort of…avoiding him?” The smaller teen couldn’t help but ask.

“Because he’s trans? No-I mean-That might be part of it, for some people, but that’s not really the whole reason. It’s…he came out last year. Do you wanna know the story?” The taller boy asked as he slipped on his shirt.

“I don’t know, do I?” Nagisa bit his lip as he removed his pigtails and pulled his hair into a high pony. “I mean…I guess, if it’ll help me understand why it’s a big deal.” The coach called them out of the locker room, and they began to stretch themselves out on the gym floor.

“Well, last year, when-when he was a she-I’m just gonna refer to second-year Karma as a she, okay? To avoid confusion.” The bluenette nodded.

“Well, she was called Kiyoko, and she was, like, the best at everything. She was the best player on the girls’ basketball team, and she had top grades, and, y'know-she was just one of…those girls, right?” The smaller boy nodded again. “So there’s this kid named Asano Gakushuu in our grade. He’s the principal’s son, have you heard of him?” Nagisa shook his head. “Well, you will. Soon enough.”

“Anyways, he was super smart and athletic and stuff too-Like I said, he’s the principal’s kid-And he liked Akabane. Or he just wanted her as a sort trophy girlfriend, I don’t even know. Anyways, he hit on her for a really long time, and she finally hooked up with him. Some people thought it might have just been to shut him up, but she seemed to like him-But whatever, that part’s not important.”

“So, they were, like, the ultimate power couple for a few months. But they started having these fights all the time, like in the middle of lunch and stuff-I think it was about home stuff usually, that’s what somebody told me. Which would make since, Akabane’s parents travel for business a lot, so she’s-he’s, sorry-home alone a lot, and Asano’s got issues with his mom and dad, or whatever.

“But it got really bad, and one day Asano hit her and the next day-He came out as a he. Just like that, it was so sudden. He showed up to school the next day with his hair cut and a flat chest-I don’t think he had surgery, though-and wearing the boy’s uniform….And Asano just lost it. He was so mad. Somebody claimed Karma tried to tell him that he still liked him, and that he just wanted him to change the way he treated some of the students who got lower grades, but that doesn’t really matter, because they’re definitely done now, and they definitely hate each other’s guts.”

“…Damn.” Nagisa whispered softly. He felt like it was all he could say. It was so much. “Really?”

“Yeah, man. They’re rivals in eveything now, even though the school won’t let Karma register for anything as a boy.” Sugino frowned. “I feel bad for him. It must suck ass.”

“Yeah…” The bluenette’s voice trailed. “But that doesn’t really explain why everyone avoids him.”

“Nagisa, if Asano’s dad is the king of the school, Asano is the spoiled prince. He has everyone in this school under his finger. After Akabane came out, he did everything he could to wipe out Karma’s good reputation. He basically got rid of all of his friends, except for a few. His lunch table has, like, three people there only. It was a fucked up thing to do, but no one here’s in much of a position to defy Asano, unless you have good grades. Like Nakamura: you saw her, right? Highest English scores in the grade. She and Karma met on the basketball team, I think. They’ve been best friends since elementary. They used to always pull the greatest pranks together. When Asano dumped Akabane, every meal he and his little clique of friends ate had wasabi hidden all in it for the next week, no matte rwht they did. Asano coupdn’t prove it was her, and no one knows how she did it, but everyone knows she did. It was awesome.” Sugino said almost dreamily, staring at the ceiling as he fondly remembered the memory of Nakamura’s vengance and Asano’s suffering.

Nagisa laughed. “She sounds like a good friend to have.”

“Everyone says she’s crazy, but besides that, I’m sure she is. She and Okuda Minami are dating, so I guess she can’t be too bad.” The taller boy shrugged. The coach had moved on to talking about their curriculum for the following year, but nobody was really listening.

“Where did the girls’ class even go?” Nagisa asked, looking around the gym and laying down on the polished wooden floor.

“The other gym. They always split up the gym classes into guys’ and girls’. Probably hell for Akabane.”



Nagisa ducked into the boys’ changing room as quickly as he could, before Karma and the girls returned. He had seen the girls’ gym clothes, and he was terrified of seeing Karma in it and staring. He quickly changed back into the school uniform and sat outside the girls’s changing room, waiting for his friend. Finally, he watched the redhead and his blonde friend walk out of the door.

The bluenette popped up as soon as he saw his friend, whose eyes widened. He bit his lip and approached the smaller teen. “Sorry…” He murmured.

“For what?” The smaller boy smiled gently. He was tempted to put a hand on his friend’s shoulder, but refrained.

“I didn’t tell you…” The taller boy squeaked his shoe on the ground awkwardly.

“Why would you need to?” Nagisa laughed. “You didn’t need to; what difference does it make?” The bashful smile and glassy, hopeful eyes Karma used on him made his chest light, and he beamed almost giddily. “Come on, let’s go to our next class.”

Just Trying to Help- Peter Parker x Reader

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Prompt: Can I request one where the reader is Starks teen daughter but she’s very shy, on the petite side and very nerdy? While other kids her age are at parties and malls she’s in her room reading comic books and playing with science experiments. But she gets bullied. She doesn’t tell her dad about the bullies but peter Parker does cause he really likes her. So one day tony decides to pick her up from school and brings along Bucky for the intimidating effect. The bullying stops from there on

Word Count: 1248 

Your name: submit What is this?

You stood in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to calm yourself down and hide the fact that you had been crying. The taunts, whispers, and mocking glances had been going on for months, and you told yourself you wouldn’t cry over it anymore. You had hoped you would be able to shrug it off. But you couldn’t. Your already low self -esteem couldn’t take it. You may be a Stark but that didn’t make you bullet proof or confident. You pressed a cold paper towel to your face hoping to diminish the blotchy patches forming around your chin. Regulating your breathing, you slung your backpack over your shoulder and made your way through the hallways, wanting nothing more than to be curled up in your bed or messing around with DIY science experiments with Peter. You became acquainted with him after your dad recruited him and your friendship had been growing slowly. But you’d also be lying to yourself if you said you only liked him as a friend. He just understood you. He didn’t make fun of you for your interests. You couldn’t tell how he felt, so you kept your mouth shut. You were too shy to make the first move anyway.

As you pushed through the doors and made your way down the front steps you spotted your dad’s car. You thought of all the comments, about how you would never be as successful as him, about how you didn’t fit in and would amount to nothing. It was rare for him to have the time to pick you up himself, but he promised you at least once a week. You took some more deep breaths, determined to not let your dad find out about your situation at school. You didn’t even want to know how he would react. He was overprotective, to say the least.

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Request- Hi cuties! Can I request a Namjoon angst/fluff where he never looks at you during sex and you begin to think he doesn’t enjoy it or like he doesn’t really like you? But he’s really just shy or embarrassed? Thank you love bugs! 

Thank you so much for requesting, sugar. I love this request, ugh Namjoon slayyyyssssssss meeeee! 


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He’s pounding into you, his strong arms on either side of your head. Your looking up at him, he is so beautiful. You were drawn to him the moment you first lay eyes on him. He wasn’t very affectionate with you, you thought at the start it was just nerves, but its been a year. Namjoon never looks at you during sex. Never. He always make sure you cum, but once hes done he cleans up and goes to sleep. 

You never had let it get to you, but lately it has. Did he not like you? Was he not attracted to you? Some many thoughts ran through your head. Hes lolling his head back in pleasure, his moans making you come undone around him. Tightening around his cock, he empties his load into your tight pussy. Namjoon rides out both of your highs. 

He climbs off the bed tossing you a towel, he walks into the bathroom. You get off the bed cleaning yourself off, putting on a fresh pair of panties and your night shirt. You climb under the covers, your limbs tired. Namjoon walks out of the bathroom in shorts and a tank top, he gets under the covers with you and turns his back on you. 

A few minutes later you can hear his snores, knowing he went to sleep without saying a word kills you. You lay awake thinking of what you should do. It wasn’t healthy how you were feeling, you felt used. Of course Namjoon made you feel special, you loved being with him. He could always put a smile on your face, you just didn’t feel good enough for him. Did he just think of you as a really good friend hes fucking, but doesn’t want to be fucking? 

Its getting to much for you, you get out of bed, you quickly pack you items you had in Namjoons draws, you get dressed and leave his apartment. It may not be the most logical thing you have ever done. Most people would talk to their significant other, but you would not. You chose the run away, not wanting to get hurt. 

You arrive at you apartment, tired. You get into bed and just sleep, not caring your still wearing clothes. You close your eyes, letting sleep take you away from reality. 

You glut awake, hearing your phone ringtone blare. You sit up in your bed trying to see where it was. You pick it up from under the covers. You had 10 miss calls from Namjoon and over a dozen messages. You scroll down through some of the messages. 


‘Where did you go? I woke up and you were gone?’ 

‘Did you go to work?’ 

‘Did something happen? All your stuffs gone.’ 

‘Did I do something to upset you?’ 

‘Y/N. please answer my calls. I’m really worried.’ 

You feel bad for not even leaving a note of a text, you knew he would get worried. You send him a quick reply before getting into the shower. 

You-  ‘I’m fine, Namjoon. Do you have time today? Could we talk? I think we should talk.’ 

You know you intend to break it off with Namjoon. Not wanting to feel like he doesn’t love you, when you have fallen so deeply in love with him. You get out of the shower just throwing on an over sized t-shirt of Namjoon’s and pjama shorts. You brush your tangled hair and walk into the kitchen, your doorbell rings. Knowing it is Namjoon you take a deep breath and answer the door. 

“What the fuck, Y/N? Why the fuck did you leave last night?” Namjoon burst throw your door as soon as you open it, slamming it behind him. You can see hes angry, its radiating off of him. 

“We should talk.” You state, walking into the living room taking a seat of the single seater, so Namjoon has to sit on the other sofa. He does. 

“What’s going on, Y/N?” Namjoon asks, his gaze focused on you. You look down at your hands, playing with your fingers. 

“I-I think we should break up.” You say it so low, you don’t think he heard you. But he did, he was just speechless. You look up to see his eyes filling up with tears. 


“I just don’t want to be in a relationship right now.” Namjoon stands up running his hands through his hair. 

“That’s such bullshit! I knew you, I know when your lying and you’re fucking lying to me right now! I’m not leaving till you tell me the real reason you want to break up.” You neglected to remember that Namjoon could read you like a fucking book. You take a deep breath and decide to just tell him. 

“ I, ugh this is so embarrassing. You never look at me during sex. You never have, why? Are you not attracted to me? Am I bad in bed? Why even be with me if you don’t even like me, it doesn’t make sense. I want to break, because I have already fell deeply in love with you and I don’t want to get hurt. There will be a time when you finally decide to leave me for someone that your actually attracted to. So if you don’t mind could you please leave, so I can cry by myself and listen to Adele. I will leave anything you have here to your apartment some time this week.” You can feel you eyes stinging with tears, you try to hold them back. You stand up, going to walk to the door, but Namjoon stops you. 

“Are you fucking insane?” His hand his tightly wrapped around your wrist, hes towering over your small frame. His eyes boring into yours. You begin to cry, tears running down your cheeks. 

“Namjoon, please just leave.” You sniffle out, your hands reaching up to cover your face from him. He pulls you down on to the sofa, he sits in front of you on the coffee table. Your legs are in between his, his holding you in place. His hands are rubbing soothing circles into you legs. Your hands still shielding your face from him. 

“Y/N, please don’t cry. I hate seeing you cry and I hate that I’m the one that made you. I love you so fucking much, okay. I know I don’t show it a lot, but I do. So fucking much. I don’t look at you during sex, because I’m embarrassed.” Namjoon confesses. 

“Why would you be embarrassed?” You mumble through your hands. 

“I’m embarrassed, because my girlfriend is the most beautiful girl in the whole world, you’re so beautiful. I just don’t feel good enough for you. Look at Jimin and Jungkook, they both have amazing bodies, and I.. I don’t.” Namjoon looks down embarrassed. You tare your hands away from you face, you hit Namjoon on the arms twice hard. “What was that for?” He asks, rubbing his arm. 

“Why are you such a fucking idiot? I love your body so much. You are probably the sexiest man on the planet. Your the only one who makes me so wet that I’m dripping down my legs, and that’s just from seeing you bend over in tight jeans.” You giggles, cupping his face. You kiss his nose. “ I love you and your sexy body, please don’t be embarrassed, it should be me. You’re way out of my league.” 

“I love you, please don’t break up with me.” His strong arms lift you by your waist onto his lap. Your arms wrap around his neck, nuzzling your face into the crock of his neck, inhaling his masculine scent that drives you crazy. 

“Only if you cuddle me for the rest of the day.” You squeeze him tighter, he does the same to you. He stands up with you in his arms walking to you room. 

“Baby, I will never be letting you go. But we will be doing a lot more than cuddling tonight.” You giggle kissing the nape of his neck. 

“I love you, baby.” 

I am not okay, Nmajoon is trying to kill me with his being. I need jesus. I hope whom ever requested this, likes it. 

Thank you for reading! 

-Admin Abe x

Tit for Tat

Rating: M (for suggestive sexual themes)

Prompt: “I won’t give you roses,  Granger, cliché isn’t my thing.”

Synopsis: His life as a Ministry head was all fine and dandy until a sexy wrench called Granger was thrown in the mix. What’s a hot blooded wizard to do?

A/N: I’d like to thank stellagammadraconis and DayDreamer1123 for beta-ing this and I apologize for such a short notice (a girl loves to cram)! The premise was provided by Di and I just toyed with it. Hope y'all enjoy what we came up with!

Draco must’ve been dreaming. That’s it. It had been five years since he’d last seen Granger, and to say she’d changed a lot would be an understatement. Last he’d heard, she’d moved to Australia to be with her parents. He never did find out why they left Britain, but he assumed it had a lot to do with their daughter’s involvement in the war.

From where he was seated, Draco had a good view of the Muggle-born. He could tell she’d grown taller, her hair was now tamer, and the tight black blouse she wore was pretty distracting, especially since it emphasized the curve of her bosom. He’d surveyed her with a keen eye when she’d entered, her hips swaying as she walked. If someone used a legilimens spell on him right now, they’d be in for a pleasant surprise. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine having a raging hard-on because of Hermione Granger.

The sound of Shacklebolt’s baritone wrenched Draco out of his lustful thoughts and back into the department head meeting.

“As you are all aware, with Mulberry’s retirement, the Magical Law Enforcement Department is currently without a head. Ms. Granger here has worked in the same capacity at the Australian Ministry. She comes to us highly recommended by the Australian Minister himself. I trust that there will be no problems as she transitions into her new role.”

Granger smiled, exchanged pleasantries with her soon-to-be staff and headed out for a meeting with the Minister without even acknowledging Draco’s presence. She looked delightful and he’d be damned if he’d let her escape his grasp before he sampled that fine arse. No one could resist a Malfoy’s charm if he put his mind to it. Draco smirked to himself. Yeah, they would certainly have a great “working relationship.”


Or so he thought. The minx was difficult to get a hold of. When she wasn’t attending meetings, she was busy shirking his advances. Draco started to make a move on her in the ministry cafeteria’s secluded area three days after she assumed the position. He’d subtly complimented her hot ensemble coupled with fuck-me heels that day, he just couldn’t help himself. Hermione stared at him for a whole minute, obviously dumbfounded, before her face scrunched up as if her coffee tasted awful. Murmuring a quick “Excuse me” she left in haste as if Snatchers were hot on her heels. Their succeeding encounters were all similar, always ending with her fleeing the scene from his constant stares and “accidental” touches. Draco was going easy on her, convinced subtlety was the key, but it was all for naught. If witches weren’t throwing sultry glances his way, he would have doubted his Malfoy charisma by now. It was downright insulting, to say the least, but he wasn’t a quitter. Draco would win her soon, he was sure of it. But perhaps a change of strategy was in order.


Hermione Granger, department head of MLE, sighed and leaned back in her comfortable chair. Being back in Britain was helping to slowly mend the gap that had formed between her and her friends while she’d lived in Australia for a few years following the defeat of Voldemort. The kiss she and Ron had shared in the Chamber should have given way to a budding romance, but her heart couldn’t take the separation from her parents, so she’d made up her mind and took a step back. After the battle, Hermione had decided to lift the obliviate spell she’d placed on them before it became irreversible. She hadn’t bothered asking Ron to come with her because she knew he was still grieving the loss of his brother, and his family needed him. It had been painful, though, that he hadn’t offered to accompany her, or just to see her off - even Ginny, who had been in the same boat as him, had the time to spare. Hermione knew dwelling on it was childish, so she’d moved on after some time.

But that wasn’t what had really hurt their friendship. No, what caused the rift was the fact that he carried on with his life as the Keeper of the Chudley Cannons. That, and being a member of the Golden Trio, had catapulted him to stardom. And with fame came parties, social events…and women. She shouldn’t be affected by all of this — they’d never really talked about where they stood, but it hurt her nonetheless.

Her return sparked a change in Ron. It was as if a memory charm had been reversed, and he started thinking about picking up where they’d left of. No longer was he seen out with various witches, as he only pursued her since the day she got back. He sent her roses every day, as if he’d forgotten that she was allergic to them, and chocolates, for which she’d never had a liking. She sighed. After all these years, it was as if he didn’t know her.

And then there was Malfoy, head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation.

Malfoy, who was constantly on the lookout for her like a wolf to his prey, giving her compliments out of nowhere, watching her like he’d devour her. Those eyes, oh those eyes! They made her quiver with want, left her hot and bothered. It was a feeling Hermione was no longer familiar with, having less time for love and the physical needs of her body.

She was unnerved.

This was the same man who, five years ago, had called her a vicious slur she ought not to mention even in her mind. He’d sneered at her, hexed her and thought her way beneath the dirt on his dragon-hide boots. What made him interested, all of a sudden? She wondered. It wasn’t as if he was out of witches. She had seen a couple of them eyeing him like he was sex on legs. The fact that he’d gone from a pointy-faced git to a heartthrob in a span of a few years made her suspicious he had an ulterior motive behind his actions. Oh, she won’t think of him. Not anymore! She had Ron to think about. She wouldn’t picture Draco’s strong arms..arms that could easily hoist her up and fu—

“Ugh! No! Stop it!” She banged her head on her table, hissing at the pain that made her forget her momentary lapse of sanity. She didn’t even hear her door open.

“Hermione? What’s wrong?” Ron entered hesitantly and sauntered close to her.

“N-nothing!”she stuttered, caught in the act having lurid thoughts about Malfoy. “I’ve got a headache, nothing serious.”

“Reckon what you’re doing doesn’t help. Are we still on for later?”  Ron gave Hermione the boyish smile that used to make her heart flutter. Gone was his lanky frame, replaced by muscles from his line of work. He looked handsomer than before. There was no spark, though. It was like the years apart had snuffed the attraction from her.

“Yeah, it doesn’t. I have a potion for it, so I should be okay later.”

He seemed satisfied with her answer and slowly leaned down to kiss her lips. Alarmed and unsure of how she should respond, she moved her face just in time, and his lips landed on her cheek instead. She leaned back, and an awkward silence filled the room.

“Uhm, I’ll see you later then?”

“Yeah, later.” Ron tucked his hands in his robe’s pockets and walked to the door, but he suddenly stopped before leaving her office.

“What the hell are you doing here Malfoy?”

“In case you’ve forgotten, Weasley, I work here,” Malfoy snapped back, his voice laced with venom. “Also, if you can kindly move your arse out of the way, I have confidential things to discuss with Granger. You’re wasting my time.”

Ron’s hands tightened to fists, seemingly ready to wipe the sneer off Malfoy’s face.

“Ron, I’ll see you later. Please,” she pleaded. “I have a case I need to run through with Malfoy.”

Ron faced her, gave a curt nod and left in a huff.

Malfoy closed the door behind him and prowled toward her. Hermione was taken aback by the anger she saw in his eyes and carefully backed away into the corner.

“What is it, Malfoy?” She heard her voice falter.

“You’ve been avoiding me, Granger, and I don’t like it. Why?” he snarled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You know damn well what I’m talking about.” He placed his hands on the wall, effectively locking her in.

She tried to pry his arms off, but he won’t budge. “Get away, Malfoy! What do you want?”

He turned his grey eyes on her and, in that husky drawl of his, uttered the words that shattered her resolve. “You. I want you, Granger.”  

She gasped. Seeing his chance to silence her, Malfoy leaned in and closed the gap between them. His tongue plundered her mouth. Teasing. Caressing. A startled cry escaped her lips and, knees weak from the onslaught of his advances, her hands braced his shoulders out of instinct to keep from falling. Shock turned to arousal, shutting down her sense of right and wrong, and she returned his fervent kisses with the same intensity.

Hermione mewled against Malfoy’s mouth when his hips ground against hers. He did it repeatedly and roughly, seeming completely consumed with need and fueled by the noises she made.

Groaning into her mouth, Draco quickly reached down and lifted her hips to his, hiking her skirt up in the process.

His mouth found her neck and opened hotly to suck at her delicate skin. He tasted her while his hands caressed her arse, still grinding his hips, letting her feel his hard length on her wet heat. This was all unplanned, but he wasn’t about to complain. When he’d seen Weasley try to kiss her, he’d been consumed by a feeling foreign to him. There’s no way he was letting that oaf have his little minx after this. He’d make sure she’d be his. Her lips were plump and red from their passionate snogging, and her eyes were shut tight, lost in the throes of passion.

“Granger, look at me.” She slowly opened her honeyed orbs and couldn’t seem to focus because of his ministrations. “Don’t go with him. This, whatever this is that we have between us, you can’t deny it. Not anymore.”

As if to prove his point, Draco pressed featherlight kisses on her mouth again. She readily parted for him, savoring his taste. Carrying her to a chair, he leaned back and tipped up her chin.

“I won’t give you roses, Granger, cliché isn’t my thing, but I sure as hell won’t leave you hesitating when I give you my attention.” He gazed into her eyes, hoping he’d be able to convey his thoughts. “Let’s give this thing a chance. I saw how you evaded Weasley’s kiss. Say yes.”

In a moment of clarity, she tried to move, but Draco held her hips firmly.

“Let me up, Malfoy. How can we talk properly when you’re holding me hostage?” She pouted those sumptuous lips.

“I think you’re right where you’re supposed to be.” He gave her a cheeky grin. “So? What do you think?”

“Let me up, and I’ll tell you.”

He sighed and gave in, allowing her to stand.

Granger looked away and closed her eyes. “I’m dating Ron. I can’t just up and cancel on him. He’s my friend.” She let out an exasperated sigh. She knew she should feel guilty, but his lips on hers felt so right.

Standing up and feeling incensed by her answer—something he should have expected from this stubborn witch—he marched to the door. Before he grasped the knob, he turned to her.

“We’re not done here, Granger. Think about it. Will you settle for a man you no longer feel like giving a proper snog? I saw you. And I felt how you responded to me.” He scanned her brazenly from head to foot. “You can tell me you don’t want me, but your body sings a different tune. You know where to find me when you change your mind.” He slammed the door on his way out, rattling its frame.

Hermione dropped into her chair when he left.  Now there was no faking it, she could really feel a headache coming.


Fidgeting, Hermione arranged her skirt under the table. She didn’t know how she’d be able to break it to Ron while he was yammering on about the latest Quidditch scores and the proper feints.


Startled out of her reverie, she sipped her wine before she said, “Yes?”

“Did you even hear what I said?” Ron frowned, irked that she wasn’t paying attention.

“I’m sorry, Ron, it’s been a long day and I’m tired.”

“'Are you sure that’s the only reason?” He eyed her pensively.

This was it, she thought. That was the opening she was looking for. She hesitated a little too long and, when she faced him, he was looking at her intently.

“I’m sorry.” She took another sip of her merlot for liquid courage and placed her glass on the table. “I don’t think this is working, Ron. We tried. I know we did, but…I think it’s too late for us. I…I no longer feel the same way before I left for Australia.”


All she could hear were the sounds of the neighboring table’s cutlery. Confused by the lack of his legendary outbursts, she looked up. Ron was blinking and swiped an arm over his eyes.

“'Ron? Are you—”

“I know.” He breathed heavily, regret marring his voice. “I just thought, if we tried, we could go back to what we were before this. I should not have allowed you to go alone. I should have been there for you, too. If I was, then maybe, just maybe, we’d be together and happily married like Harry and Ginny.”

Stunned by his admission, she stood up and moved in front of her best friend. This was the man she’d thought she’d spend her life with. Grasping his hand, she pulled him up and hugged him fiercely. People were probably staring, but she didn’t care. Her sobs were muffled by his shirt. She cried for the love they’d lost, for the chance they would no longer get back.

When she was able to get her bearings, she peered at him, eyes puffy from crying. “I love you, you know? You’ll always have a piece of my heart Ron. I know you’ll find someone who will be worthy of your affection someday. I’m sure of it.”

He patted her back and murmured his acquiescence. They returned to their places and continued eating, foregoing any personal conversation and settling on safer topics like their work and their friends. After settling their bill, he took her home and dropped a chaste kiss on her forehead.

Hermione looked around and when she didn’t see anyone, she whispered a few spells to drop her wards. Letting herself in, she did her nightly rituals and prepared for bed. When her head hit the pillow, her mind traitorously reviewed everything that had transpired during her dinner with Ron, and she felt a stray tear escape her eye. She rubbed her cheek to remove the liquid. There was no use thinking about it. They’d made peace with each other.

She only had Malfoy to deal with now.


The git was still as arrogant as ever. When he’d started flirting with her, she’d decided to investigate what the rotten ferret was up to. What she found out was astonishing. He donated a hefty sum each year to war reparations, funded a muggle-born orphanage for those who’d lost their parents in the second wizarding war and other charity work. It seemed he had also left his prejudiced beliefs behind from what she observed in the office. He was chummy with muggle-born wizards and witches, even trusted by Kingsley. And if those sexy intense looks were a promise of what’s to come, hell, she would be coming alright.

Oh well, it seemed a dreamless sleep potion was in order.


He sought her out every chance he got, even though he said she should be the one to approach him when she’s ready. The witch in question was always nowhere in sight. She should have been sorted into Slytherin with all the tactics she employed to avoid his presence. When he was finally able to see her, in her office nonetheless, she disappeared before he even got the chance to talk to her, leaving via portkey for an international magical conference. He was at his wit’s end.


1 week later

February 12

Draco was shuffling papers at his desk, pretending to be busy despite finishing all of his tasks before lunch time. According to his sources, the conference had been extended from a three day event to a week. He was frustrated, irate and terribly missing the wily witch. He thought about giving up, but changed his mind at the last minute. A Malfoy always gets what they want. He huffed. Fat chance that would come true this time. The witch seemed to have forgotten everything they shared for a few minutes in her office.

A knock on his door pulled him out of his brooding. “Come in,” he called out without looking up. His new secretary had been quite outrageous with her propositions recently and if it was her, he had to appear busy or else she’d try to molest him again. Not that the lady wasn’t pretty, quite the contrary, but ever since that encounter with Granger he couldn’t seem to get it up for anyone else.

“What is it, Ms. Hollingsworth?”

“Last I’ve heard it’s Ms. Granger,” a female said with a teasing lilt in her voice.

Malfoy’s head snapped up immediately when he heard her. It couldn’t be. He almost believed he was hallucinating from his constant thoughts about her, but this seemed to be real. There she was, wearing that tight skirt and shirt he fancied so much. Keep your cool, Malfoy. You don’t want her thinking you’re too excited to see her. To cover his shock, he dropped his gaze and perused the documents in front of him.

“How can I help you, Granger?” he uttered nonchalantly.

She sashayed unhurriedly toward him, and he saw her dainty hands grip the edge of his desk.

“Well, you did say I could come here when I changed my mind. You can stop acting like you don’t care Malfoy.” He looked up the saw those plump lips he’d been dreaming about curl into a smile. “Caught how your eyes almost fell out of their sockets when you saw me.”

The cheeky minx. He was about to stand up and face her when she dropped a piece of folded parchment on his table.

“See you on the fourteenth, Malfoy. It’s a date. Don’t be late.” Granger winked, turned on her heel, and left a gaping Malfoy behind.

Hermione walked briskly to her office, trying to calm her beating heart. She knew it was a bold move, what she’d done. But her mind was made up. The entire week in Paris and the weeks she’d constantly pulled a disappearing act on him had given her ample time to think everything through. Although still a bit unsure, there was no denying the physical attraction she felt for him. The magnetic pull was inevitable, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she caved. Hermione preferred to do it on her own terms rather than his. Feeling confident she’d done the right thing, she slowed her pace and grinned. Oh, Malfoy, you’ll absolutely get it, just you wait.


The parchment held an old brass key and instructions to touch it by 8:00 PM on Valentine’s Day, no less. Figured Granger was a romantic. This was the first time he had no idea what to look forward to, no clue what to even wear on this momentous occasion. Not wanting to come unprepared, he wore a three piece suit, just to be sure. She had said it was a date. Satisfied with his appearance in the mirror, he checked the grandfather clock in his room and when the bell tolled, he gripped the key and felt the tugging sensation always accompanied by portkey travel.

He was whisked to an unfamiliar place, and when he turned, he saw a quaint house with a beautiful lawn. It was filled with orchids of various colors and sizes, the grass leading to the house’s entrance was trimmed short and obviously well kept. Not bad. He trudged toward the door and tried to turn the knob, but it was locked. Remembering the key, he fished it out of his pocket and inserted it into the keyhole. The door slowly opened to reveal a modern looking household filled with muggle contraptions. Did Granger just invited him into her home? Curious.

He called out for her, but when no one answered, he slowly let himself in, hoping against all hope that there were no hexes in place for intruders. He stood in shock when he got to the dining area. There was a table for two, a bottle of wine chilling not too far from it, and a sweet melody playing in the background.

”Like it? Have a seat, Malfoy.”

He saw her, then, coming out of what seemed to be the kitchen. His eyes traveled from her gorgeous face, sporting a pretty smirk that rivaled his signature one, down to her body encased in a little black dress that hugged her curves and flared at the bottom, to the creamy expanse of her legs that went on forever. On her feet were open toed pumps. Draco almost broke a sweat. It seemed he had a foot fetish with the way his breath caught upon seeing her in those.

He coughed to hide his minute ogling, and took a seat.

“This is unexpected, Granger, but definitely welcome. So you and Weasley?”

“What about Ron?”

“You know what, Granger, don’t play games with me.” He narrowed his eyes at her, jealousy flaring up his mood.

She openly laughed, walked toward him and, to his surprise, sat her firm arse on his lap, her arms encircling his neck.

“No need to get all fired up, Malfoy. Ron and I have settled on being friends. Things weren’t looking up on the dating front, and it’s better this way than to ruin years of friendship. Plus, I don’t think we’d be here if I was still into him.” Mischief filled her hazel eyes.

Unable to keep the happiness out of his face, he flashed her an endearing smile, baring that perfect set of pearly whites. The git really was handsome. “So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, what we’re doing right now…we’re sort of dating, right?”

“Believe you me, Granger, if I had my way, that’s not the only thing we’d be doing tonight.” He waggled his eyebrows meaningfully and proceeded to snog her senseless.

Only their moans could be heard in the room, dinner all but forgotten.



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“Oh, Mr. Shelby.” You tried to sing in your most sexy voice, scrunching up your face at your lame excuse of an attempt. You waited outside his office door with a tray in your hand, like you imagined a secretary would do.

“Come in,” he said. You tried to keep a steady face, but realized it didn’t matter as you strutted in, finding Tommy’s head too buried in paperwork to look up and acknowledge you were there. How busy must he be to not even recognize your voice. Your temper running short as you were already standing there for a couple minutes without being noticed, you threw the tray down aggressively.

“Thanks Lizzie, you can go now.”

“It’s not Lizzie you asshole.” He recognized your sailors mouth now, finally looking up to see you standing over his desk with your hands on your hips. “Why the fuck would you think it’s Lizzie?”

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His Last Request - Pt. 8: An Exciting Breakfast

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: “Panic attack hangover,” nosy neighbors, fluff on fluff

Word Count: 5100ish

Summary: Dean and The Reader adjust to their new “apple-pie-life”

A/N: Thank you for being patient with me during my long hiatus. I’m not super proud of this chapter as I was a little rusty from my long break but hopefully its alright. It’s the fluffiest chapter I’ve written for this series so it felt a little awkward to me tbh Thank you @torn-and-frayed for helping me think up a name for the nosy neighbor OC haha Hope yall enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated!




You grimaced and scrunched your eyes together even harder as you felt tiny fingers poking your face.

“Wawa…Wawa! Wake up, Wawa!”

“Nooo, I don’t wanna go to Wawa…” You murmured sleepily, rolling your face into the pillow and away from the disturbance.

“Looks like she’s not budging, Jen,” You heard Dean’s voice pipe up. “Time to take some drastic measures.”

You heard Jenny giggle and your eyes shot open just as Dean yelled, “Baby Bomb!”

You felt a weight slam into your back and Jenny let out a chain of giggles in response to your “Oomph!”

“Wawa! Wake up!” She commanded, crawling up towards your head. You rolled over slowly and gently enough for Jenny to easily slide off of you and onto the mattress. You noticed Dean sitting at the edge of the bed laughing at you.

“What happened to ‘I got her, you just go back to sleep.’” You whined, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.

“Breakfast happened,” Dean chuckled.

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He’s Your Ex Husband and Him and Your Daughter Celebrate Christmas Without You: Part 4

I really should change the title of this..

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Y/n wakes up cold, covers barely covering her chilled body. She closes her eyes again, slumber almost willingly taking over again as she blindly searches for the blankets. Her hands dance along the bed, her arm reaching to pull the corner of the blankets over her body. But there’s a resistance, the covers being pulled back away from her grip whenever she attempts to claim them.

“If I had remembered you were such a fuckin’ blanket hog I would’ve never agreed t’let you spend the night.” 

“Mmm, sorry love, it’s a habit.” Harry mutters, placing the blanket so that it lays neatly against her body. 

He pulls her closer to him, tucking her head soothingly against his chest. He cradles her, warming her up as he attempts to also get her asleep again.

“Better, my love?” He asks.

Y/n smiles slightly, lifting her head up so her chin rests softly on his chest. Her eyes meet his, her chest tightening as she looks up at him.


Harry hums, placing a soft kiss upon her forehead, but Y/n sneaks her lips up to catch his, deepening the kiss by pushing his head closer to hers.

She missed this. She missed this almost too much. Waking up next to Harry is like waking up to the sun shining in your eyes. It’s confusing at first, and a little bit frustrating, but no matter how much you turn, no matter how many blankets you try to put over your eyes, it’s still there, shining directly on you. There is no escape, but the shine is so beautiful, and you hear the birds chirping outside the window, it reminds you of the happiest days in life. It reminds you of happiness and hope, love and beauty, escaping it is the last thing you want.

“I love you” she whispers, “I love you more than anything in this world.”

“Say it again” he mumbles, lips still kissing all of her exposed skin, “jus’ one more time.”

She giggles, “I love you, you idiot.”

“And I love you,” he keeps kissing her, “so so much.”

He leans up to kiss her lips again, fingers dancing along her hipbones.

He backs away from her, placing his head against her chest as he smiles, feeling her against him like the feeling of euphoria and bliss. God, how much he missed her. 

“I love spending mornings with you and all,” Y/n interrupts the beautiful silence, “but I’m hungry. Kale smoothie with bananas?”

Harry’s eyes light up, nodding his head like his entire morning had depended on that moment. 

“You know me so damn well, baby. I’ll shower while you whip me some breakfast.” 

He freezes when he finishes his statement, eyes widening as he looks at her, “or should I say, blend me up some breakfast?”

“UGH!” Y/n groans, rolling her eyes as she pushes his head away from her chest, but she can’t help but laugh, “I thought maybe a different girl would fucking tell you how shitty your jokes are.”

While prepping the ingredients, a small knock comes from the front door. Without giving it much thought, Y/n wipes her hands with a towel before heading toward the door.

“C-Cara, h-hi, what are y-“

“I know he’s here, Y/n” Cara mutters, her voice weak as her hands tremble against her body “you can cut the crap.”

Y/n swallows harshly, reluctantly nodding her head as she steps away from the door, allowing Cara inside her house. 

She closes the door quietly, taking a deep breath before turning around to follow her. 

Once she makes her way into the living room, Cara looks around, trying to see if Harry was attempting to hide somewhere.

“So,” Cara starts, “where is he?”

“Oh, uh” Y/n stutters, “he’s showering. You can sit down in the mean time.”

Cara begins to walk around the living room as she waits for Harry instead. There’s this thick tension in the air, Y/n finds it nearly impossible to breathe. She watches as Cara’s fingers graze the frames of pictures taken over the course of Harry and Y/n’s relationship. She never took them down, she didn’t have the heart to. She didn’t want to get rid of their past, even if what they had was over, she never wanted to clear out everything that had been. It would be like throwing away all the happiness in her life, she’d have nothing to live for.

“You looked beautiful” Cara whispered, carefully lifting up a picture of Y/n on her and Harry’s wedding day. 

Cara had never met Y/n during her time of happiness. She’d only ever seen her when the color of her face was drained, when her eyes looked dull and the bags under he eyes were dark. Thinking of it, Cara had never seen her smile, not truly. She never heard her laugh, never heard her say more than a few sentences. Cara always thought that’s just how Y/n acted around her. There has always been tension with them. They didn’t hate each other, they never fought either, but there was always something in the air and in the pit of their stomachs that didn’t settle right whenever they were near each other. But capturing a moment of Y/n’s truest form, in her mermaid wedding dress and the slight sparkle in her eyes when she laughed, she knew it was far more than the tension between them.

“Oh, uh, thank you” Y/n mumbles, coughing slightly once she spoke.

“You naturally glow,” she nods, “Harry told me you do.”

“Look, Cara, I-“

“I’m not mad at you, alright? I’m not mad I’m just-“ she takes a deep breath, her eyes falling to the floor as she tries to compose herself, “I’m just upset.”

Y/n nods understandingly. She takes in a shaky breath, slinking her body against the back of the couch before letting out a small “alright.”

Silence falls between them, and they both pray that Harry will be coming out of the shower soon. Screams, slurs, curses, anything is better than the silence that consumes them.

They both hear Harry’s footsteps coming down from the stairs, Y/n standing up immediately as Cara whips around to face him.

“Love, have you kept a spare tooth br-“ Harry stops dead in his tracks when he sees Cara standing in the living room.

“C-Cara, I-“

“I knew the second you left last night that this was going to happen,” Cara whispers, her throat clenching as she tries to hold back tears, “but I didn’t want to believe it.”

Harry stood frozen by the stairs, not daring to look away from her eyes. He can’t go back to her, he can’t, but knowing that he’s making someone he cares so much about upset makes him feel like scum. He can’t say anything, as much as he tries. He can’t come up with anything to say other than pathetic apologies. 

“I’m so sorry.”

Cara sucks in a breath, shaking her head harshly before she speaks.

Don’t. You aren’t sorry. You aren’t anywhere near it.”

She begins to cry, and she swore to herself on the drive here that she wouldn’t cry, not over this. Not over something she knew was going to happen no matter how hard she didn’t want it to. She refused to cry over something she knew was inevitable. No matter how much she prepared herself for this to happen, leaving Harry is going to be the hardest thing she ever had to do.

She sits on the couch, burying her face in her hands. She always knew she was a spec of dust in his life compared to Y/n. At first, she could have sworn what they had was love. He sacrificed his marriage for her, he left his wife to be with her. But she isn’t dumb. Months after the divorce, he changed. He wasn’t the same man she fell in love with. The way they made love was different, she felt tears on her shoulders sometimes, he didn’t hold her right. He would barely speak to her after he’d seen Y/n, like he was lost in some unknown dimension. When she met his family, she could tell they barely knew anything about her. He never talked about her, not really to anybody, not half as much as he’s talked about Y/n. He wasn’t in love, he was infatuated. She knew this, but she wanted to change him, she was determined to convince him that what they had was love. But some how, in some way, that was her way of trying to convince herself of that, too.

“I’m so fucking stupid. I knew this whole time you still loved her. I knew it, I fucking-I saw it everywhere. For fucks sakes, Harry, you barely looked at me. I can’t even be mad at you for this because I knew you never loved me like you love her. I want to hate you so bad, for keeping me apart of your life even when you were still in love with your wife. I want to hate you so bad for using me just to make yourself feel better, but I can’t, because it’s also my fault that I still held onto a relationship like that.”

She runs her fingers down her hair, her cheeks soaked with warm tears. She lifts her head slightly, but refusing to look at any of them. She can’t look at them, she’ll break.

“And Y/n, I should be in the middle of plotting your fucking murder. Hell, you should be plotting mine, too. But I can’t look at you and hold a grudge toward you. You didn’t-you never pushed anything on us. You complied to everything. You signed divorce papers, you’ve come to our house, you’ve given me time with your daughter for fucks sakes, you’ve given us nothing but space. You never begged him to come back, you never called him, you never hated me the way you should have. And all this time I thought it was because you were naturally a distant person, but looking at that beautifully disgusting wedding picture, I know you did all that because you love him, and you would sacrifice your entire life to make him happy. Or what you thought would make him happy.”

She sighs, wiping off the excess tears. She stands from the couch, walking slowly to that wedding picture, where Harry was lifting the back of her wedding dress, Y/n laughing and looking over her shoulder at him. That glow in her, when she looked at him, that’s the look she never saw in her. But that look he gave Y/n, like everything he had ever needed was right before him, was so unfamiliar to Cara. Even when they both started up a relationship, he had never looked at her like that. Never.

Cara grips the picture tightly in her shaking hands, lifting it up from the stand as she takes one last look at it. She turns to look at Harry, who still hasn’t moved, as if the entire situation has tied him up against his will. She walks toward him, slowly bringing the picture to him. 

He eyes her, confused by her actions, but still doesn’t move. 

Cara grabs onto his hand, moving it so his fingers clench around the frame. He looks down at it, a small smile playing on his lips when he looks back on the day, that beautiful, euphoric day. 

This,” Cara says, “this is your life. And that look on your face? That’s love. I may be upset, and I may never leave my fucking room after this, but this is your life. This is your love.”

She fists her hand on top of his, squeezing it, closing her eyes to allow more tears to wash down her face.

“Don’t ever let it go.“

In Too Deep (Luke Hemmings) -No Strings Pt 3-

HIIIII! I’m back!!

Here’s part’s 1 and 2 for my No Strings Attached series!! I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I enjoy writing it!


It’s entirely too early for you to be awake and functioning, but you just can’t help it. Ever since you woke up to an empty bed in the middle of the night and you overheard the conversation Luke was having with his girlfriend, you were having a hard time settling down. 

You roll over and look at Luke with his amber curls in a mess all over his forehead and his skin spotted with freckles. You’re drinking in every inch of the piece of art work in front of you. The sun was peeking through the windows and kissing his skin in ways your lips could never. He was literally glowing. Thus further confirming your beliefs that he’s not human but an ethereal being.

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CASUAL | part one

“After spending the night with the university’s basketball superstar and biggest supporter of one-night stands, Kim Taehyung, you find yourself falling for him. Sadly, he doesn’t feel the same.”

Words: 3, 165

- angst, smut (next part)

Originally posted by kths

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i loved you, then i lost you {7}

a/n: oh yeah the story cliche of car accidents, good stuff 

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary:  you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

Originally posted by jungcookie

You braced yourself for the worse as the car screeched to a stop, nudging you in your arm. People around stared in awe and whispered to one another, wondering if they should come over or stay back. Jungkook ran over and pulled you up, eyes glossed over with his tears. “What were you doing?!” 

The man got out of the car and ran over to check if you were okay, apologizing over and over again. You, with your disoriented vision and mind, murmured an “it’s alright,” to every apology you heard. The man sighed and looked at the two of you, then nodded and got back in his car. There was no need to call the police as no one got hurt. Your head throbbed with pain as you fell into Jungkoook’s shoulder, sweating profusely. He looked down at you with worry, glancing back at everyone else surrounding the two of you. “(y/n),” He whispered, shaking your shoulder. “Sorry for yelling at you.” 

You groaned, feeling the world spin around you as you tried to focus on his words. 

“Did..did Hoseok or whatever his name was do something to you?” 

A familiar, fiery sensation began to flame up in your chest and mouth as you gasped, your knees knocking against each other. Jungkook glanced around the street, pulling you off from the road and onto the side walk. The people that had previously gathered around you had scattered out, minding their own business. “Come on,” Jungkook groaned, trying his best to pull you. He sighed and kneeled down, wrapping your legs around his waist and pulling you upwards. Your body leaned against his back as he stood up, stumbling a bit, but did his best. He sighed and began to walk, looking around. “We’ll go to Yoongi’s apartment, okay?”

You coughed in response. 

Jungkook sighed again.

It wasn’t long until he reached for the door for Yoongi’s apartment. He walked in, looking around. “Yoooonnngggiiiii! Jiiiimmmmiiiinnnnnn!” 

“Ow!” You yelped as your head hit the door frame, holding your head. 

“Hey, don’t-”

He stumbled, trying his best to keep balance. He put a hand on the wall to steady himself, his head turning towards a loud thumping sound. “JUNGKOOK, YOU LITTLE-” 

A small fluff of brown hair tackled Jungkook to the ground, sending you down as well. You shrieked as Jungkook wailed and Jimin complained. 

Yoongi ran downstairs in a hurry, staring at the three of you. He stared. Then ran back upstairs. 

“Yoongi!” You barely made out, wheezing from the bodies piled on top of you. 

“J–Jimin, get- get off..” Jungkook gasped, trying to point to you. Jimin’s eyes followed Jungkook’s finger and scrambled off, dragging Jungkook off as well. 

“Ohh my god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” He apologized quickly, lowering his head. You slowly sat up, holding your head and wavering. Jimin glanced at you as he lifted his head, looking back at Jungkook with raised eyebrows.

“I don’t know either,” Jungkook shrugged. “She just..ugh, how do I explain it?” 

“You can leave the explaining for later.” Jimin straightened up and ran over to you, helping you. “Can you get some water for her?” Jungkook nodded and Jimin helped you limp upstairs, being careful to make sure you took a good step every time you went up a stair. He reached for a door knob and opened it up. You could make out a blurry blob of Yoongi with headphones, turning to look at you. 

“What do you want?” 

“(y/n) needs to lay down for a bit,” Jimin looked up at Yoongi, then walked over to the bed and carefully placed you down on it. You coughed roughly as the fiery sensation increased with it’s pain, curling up in a tight ball. Yoongi took off his headphones, shaking his head and looking at you. 

“She’s sick?”

Jimin shrugged as Jungkook walked inside with a cup of water, setting it down on the bed side next to you, whispering into Yoongi’s ear. Yoongi looked at you and walked over, bending over to look down at you. “You. Almost. Got. Ran. Over.”

“Yoongi, she needs to sleep..” 

“God damn it, why can’t you take care of yourself?”

“No, I think it was because of what Hoseok-” Jungkook covered his mouth quickly as Yoongi turned to face him. 

“Hoseok did this?” 

“N-No, who’s Hoseok? I dunno a Hoseok! I meant, uh, peacock!” 

Yoongi glared at Jungkook, gritting his teeth against each other. “I’ll hope you’re joking. I would have beaten the shit out of you, fucking gra-”

“Okay, okay! I get it!” Jungkook stammered nervously. Yoongi huffed and sat down on the bed next to you, gesturing for the rest of the boys to go downstairs. As the shuffling disappeared, Yoongi groaned. 

“Did Hoseok really have anything to do with you?”

You stayed silent. Yoongi shifted around in the bed, waiting for an answer. “Gonna answer?” You shook your head. It was better for you to not talk - whenever you did, the burning sensation would return. “Fuck,” He sighed. “Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkk.” He repeated. You could feel him flop next to you as the bed creaked quietly. “Fuck.” 

It made you giggle at how much Yoongi cursed, muffling your quiet laughs. “Hey, if you can laugh that much then you should answer my question, dumbass.” Yoongi snapped, sitting up and staring down at you again. Your laughter stopped as you also got up, shoving your hand in your pocket to grab your phone. You grumbled when you couldn’t find it, realizing it was completely broken and gone when Hoseok had shot it with his gun. You glanced at Yoongi, who was staring up at the ceiling. “You know, I don’t think Jungkook is joking. But..” He ran his slender fingers through his hair stressfully, closing his eyes. “Hoseok and I have been friends for years now. He’s been your friend for a while, too. He couldn’t have made you sick.” He shook his head, “Jungkook must be sick too.”

“Guess he never told you either.” You whispered to yourself, so quietly that it sounded like a random mumble of words.

“What? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? Are you legitimately sick?”

You shrugged. Not even you, the person that was sick, didn’t even know if you were actually sick. He cursed out loud again and slammed his hand onto the bed. “Where the fuck is Taehyung? He was supposed to come here when his surgery was done.”

You looked up at him and with a weak voice said, “He has to heal, doesn’t he?”

“I checked up on him a few hours ago. He said he’d be coming.”

“..You came to the hospital?”


You lifted your knees up to your chest, rocking back and forth. You imagined how hard it had been - getting his closest friend taken away from him for three years and then getting kidnapped not even two days later, and now this, with him in the hospital and crying because he could no longer have the ability to love. But it was alright with you, since, after all, he only considered you a friend. Oh, what a good, sweet, amazing friend you were to Kim Taehyung.

Jimin shook you awake with his hand, gently shaking your shoulder. You looked at him with tired eyes, swatting his hand away. “Let me sleep…”

“Taehyung wants to see you,” Jimin whispered loudly. Your mouth opened a bit before sitting up, rubbing your eyes. 

“What do you mean, see me? He’s in the hospital, Jimin..” 

“No, he snuck out.”

“HE WHAT?” You shot up, startling Jimin. He ran after you as you bolted downstairs, slamming into someone’s back. 

“Oh, fuck!” 


Both you and the person you slammed into fell onto the ground, groaning in pain. Yoongi scolded you two, telling you how much he regretted being here and having to babysit you two. You rubbed your head, sitting up again. You looked down at Namjoon, who was silently laying down the ground, clutching onto his crutches. “Oh, shit.” You ran over to him and apologized, trying to help him up. Namjoon cracked a smile and signaled a thumbs up at you and got up himself, leaving you in awe as you stayed down on the floor.

“Ahem,” Yoongi cleared his throat. “Care to explain why you decided to remove the core from Taehyung’s body without letting him knowing?” Taehyung leaned against the couch, crossing his arms and looking at the ceiling. 

You gulped. “Uh..because he’d die, duh.” 

“Oh my god,” Yoongi slapped himself in the face. “(y/n) you really..” He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose to keep his posture. “Alright,” He started again. “Tell another reason why, and don’t make it stupid.”

You glanced at Jimin, who shrugged in response. “He refused to get it out, so I had to, he’d-”

“Same goes for you!” Taehyung yelled, turning his body towards you. Jungkook held him back, creases forming across his forehead. 

“Ah, ah, ah, I said no yelling, Taehyung.” Yoongi glared.


“No but’s.”


“Do you want me to send you back to the hospital?!” Taehyung whimpered. 

Yoongi turned back to you once again. “Uh huh. What about you?”

“I thought this was about Taehyung.” You shot back. “Stop changing the subject to me.” 

Yoongi growled, literally growled, at you. “Oh, you little-” He gritted his teeth together. “Just..answer the question.” 

You folded your arms over each other. “What’s wrong with taking care of a friend that’s on the border of dying?”

“When you’re the one who’s closer to dying.” Jungkook piped up, his arms still wrapped around Taehung. You stared at Jungkook with anger, mouthing a ‘fuck you’ towards him. He looked away, avoiding your glare. 

Yoongi sucked in his breath. “Okay, so basically, you did it so he could live..and you wanna die.”

“That’s not-”

“That’s not what? That’s not it?” He walked towards you, lowering himself to match your height. “You can’t say ‘oh, that’s not it, I don’t wanna die!’ because you are going to die if you don’t get the surgery, and surprise surprise, you refuse to get it.” He chuckled under his breath, “Maybe they should knock you out and make you get the surgery.” 

“Yoongi!” Jimin slapped his arm.

“Hey, I was joking!”

You lifted your head up at Yoongi. “My choice, then.”

You prepared for the worse as he sucked in his breath for the second time. 

“My god, stop acting like a child!” His hands gripped your shoulders tightly. “Get the damn surgery and take this burden off of us! I swear, if you keep refusing with the excuse it’s your choice, I will make you get that fucking surgery until it kills me.” Everyone stared in shock at Yoongi, including you. He had completely blew off. His hands, already tight from the beginning, were beginning to grip your shoulders even more to the point where prickles of pain were shooting to your brain. Jimin looked down at the floor while Yoongi lifted his hands up. You stood up, brushing off your legs. 

Taehyung shoved Jungkook off, squirming away from his grip. You let out a sigh. “If I’m such a burden, kick me out then.” You grabbed Namjoon’s arm, nodding to the door. He looked around at the others, then lowered his head and walked out the door. He stood outside and waited for you,adjusting his crutches. You shoved past Jungkook and walked towards the door.  His hand wrapped around your shoulder, dragging you backwards to get closer with him. You could hear Taehyung make a ‘tch’ sound. 

“Please don’t get kidnapped again..” He whispered in your ear. You shrugged his hand off, brushing your shoulder. 

“Hoseok is probably far gone by now. Don’t be stupid.” You whispered back, walking out the door. You slammed the door closed, looking up at Namjoon with a small smile. “Lets go back to our place, shall we?” He nodded once again, leading the way as the two of you walked silently towards your house. The streets were bustled with cars and bikers, most people sprinting to their workplaces, purses, suitcases, bags in hand. Some waved at you, as you were a bit familiar with everyone in the area you lived in. Namjoon stopped and turned to you, stopping you as well. 

“Sorry for all the trouble I’ve been causing,” He cracked an apologetic smile. “I hope I it up to you somehow when I get the chance.” You laughed, putting a hand on Namjoon’s shoulder. 

“Don’t sweat it. I know it’s hard for you.” You stared into his eyes. “But..your parents are quite powerful in South Korea, aren’t they? Shouldn’t you at least call them at this point?” 

“Call them?” He shook his head. “Are you crazy? Running away doesn’t mean you call them back. That’s the whole point.” Namjoon looked back at you with wide eyes. “Well, even if they are rich, they aren’t really..that powerful.” He turned around to continue walking. “They wouldn’t really care, anyways.” 

You jogged up to Namjoon, letting out an exasperated sigh. After thinking for a split second, you snapped your fingers. “I know. How about getting some snacks to cheer you up?” His face brightened at the sentence, earning a hearty chuckled from you. “I need to get my car keys first.” The two of you hurried to reach your apartment as you ran into the living room, grabbing your keys and grinning widely. You led Namjoon to your car, opening the door for him. He slowly lowered himself down, cursing at the crutches. You laughed as he somehow was able to get himself into the car and went into the driver’s seat yourself. Shoving the key into the slit, you turned the engine on and turned to Namjoon. “So, what snacks do you want?”

He shrugged with a small smile as you began to drive. “Anything is fine.”

“You sure? Taehyung used to always want these specific snacks,” You smiled to yourself. “He’d keep calling every two minutes to tell me he wanted something new, and-”

“(y/n), you’re rambling.” Namjoon whispered. You blinked before shaking your head.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It just-”

“I know. Don’t worry.” Namjoon reassured you. You groaned as you pressed your foot down onto the pedal. You could see Namjoon tense up, his hand curling around the small handle on the top.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He replied quickly, shaking his head. You stared at him for a while before returning to driving. It only took about five minutes to arrive at a store. You got out the car and slammed the door closed, walking over to Namjoon’s side to help. After that situation was done and over, the two of you chattered every once in a while when inside the store. You carried three bags of chips for him as the two of you walked to the self-check out isle. You grabbed your wallet, reaching out to slide your card down the small machine. “(y/n)?”

You looked up, along with Namjoon, and opened your mouth in awe. Jin stared back at you with a gentle smile. His brown hair was slightly tossed around, his round glasses somehow emphasizing his eyes to look bigger. His shoulders were in their own world, as he was wearing a tank top. You cleared your throat. “Um, hi.”

“You look different.” He said, gathering his items inside his bags. You looked up at Namjoon, who was staring at Jin in surprise.

“Namjoon, you okay?” You laughed, turning to pay for the chips. He stumbled a bit when he turned to you as well, keeping his gaze low. You checked out and paid for the snacks quickly, grabbing the bags and running up to Jin. “You look different, too! I never see you outside the hospital!”

“No, you just don’t go outside.”

“Shut up.” You groaned. Jin looked at you and grinned.

“Knock kn-”

“Jin,” You stifled a laugh as he turned red, giggling to himself uncontrollably. “You really haven’t run out of jokes yet?”

“Nope~” He smiled, glancing at Namjoon. 

You laughed, feeling your spirits lift up just a bit. “Oh well. We have to go. It was fun running into you, Jinnie~” 

“(y/n)! Don’t call me that!” Jin whined, his face burning even  more red (if that’s even possible) as he looked around. “It’s embarrassing!”

“Embarrassing? It’s cute, though!” You teased and grabbed Namjoon’s arm, dragging him away as Jin cursed out loud after you.

“He’s got large shoulders,” Namjoon remarked, looking back. You tightened your arms around the bags. 

“Yeah..they attract a lot of attention. Can’t blame ‘em though. He calls himself perfect, after all.” You laughed as Namjoon chuckled. The two of you walked to the car. You were about to open the door for Namjoon before someone called out your name. 

“Hey, (y/n)!” 

You turned around to the familiar voice. Immediately you could feel your blood boil from the slightly tinted windows. The woman parked next to you and got out the car, along with a man who seemed to be her boyfriend. “Wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you!” 

“Come near me and I’ll rip you god damned head off.” You barked. Namjoon looked down at you with surprise, looking a bit frightened. 

“Oh, come on. Three years have passed, can-”

“I will never forgive you, Suha.” You tightened your hands around the bags in your hands. “You made him suffer so much.” 

“Who? Taehyung? Oh, that boy?” Suha laughed, leaning into her boyfriend’s shoulder. “I only used him for sex. I don’t seem wh-” You dropped the bags and grabbed her collar, slamming her against the car. 

“You fucking piece of shit!” You screamed angrily. You could hear the boys panicking as you yelled at Suha. “You..You don’t deserve any of this! Do you realize how much pain he had to go through?! And to top it all off, you only wanted him for his dick. I bet it’s the same for him, too!” You raised your hand to slap her, only to be stopped by Namjoon. 

“Stop, (y/n)! You’ll get in trouble!” Suha smirked beneath you, whispering in your ear.  

“That’s right, baby girl. Be a good girl.” 

That did it. 

You shoved Namjoon’s arm off and threw Suha to the ground. Both of you slapped, scratched, cursed, all that. It only lasted a few minutes before both of the boys pulled you back. You spat the blood out your mouth onto the ground, struggling to escape Namjoon’s grip. 

“(y/n), calm down! I can’t- I can’t stand up that well!”

“Then let me fight her!” You shouted, glaring at Suha nastily. “I want her to realize how much shit we’ve been through!” 

“Like that’ll happen!” Suha laughed, also trying to escape her boyfriend’s grip. “You can’t stop me. I have the money!” 

“I do too.” Namjoon retorted at Suha, darkening his gaze. “I will send you all the way from the hole where you came from if (y/n) is this troubled.” 

“Tch! You can’t do that!”

“Yes I can.” He sighed. “Leave it at this, please.” He glanced at the other man and groaned, walking over to the passenger seat and carefully opening the door, setting you down. You grumbled under you breath as he slowly lowered himself down onto the seat, setting the crutches in the back seat. “Gimme your keys. I have a feeling you’re gonna make us crash into something somehow.”

“Am not.” You hissed as he started up the engine. Looking down at the pedal, he sighed. 

“I am so glad my right leg isn’t broken..” He mumbled as he began to exit the parking lot.

You helped Namjoon out the car silently, biting the inside of your cheek as you turned to open the door. You slid your key inside, opening it. The door let out a measly creak. 

“We never got those snacks.” Namjoon joked, trying to lighten up the mood while shutting the door. You wiped your mouth, flinching from the cuts. “ should probably get fixed up. I’ll stay here.” You turned and walked into the bathroom, staring at you reflection. Small bruises and cuts were scattered around your face and your lips were a bit purple, but it wasn’t much. You turned the sink on and splashed water onto your face,  gasping from the sudden coldness. You reached out for a towel and wiped your face. You stared at yourself for a while before walking out the bathroom, walking up to Namjoon. 

“Can I have your phone?” 

He shrugged and pointed to the small phone on the kitchen counter. You picked it up and asked for the password. Once you were in, you swiped your finger down to the call button and dialed a number. You leaned against the refrigerator as it rung. Namjoon glanced at you and nodded to the stairs, making his way up. 


“Can you come over?” 

“(y/n)? Why are you calling from Namjoon’s phone?” The voice from the other end growled. You could hear a hint of anger from the tone. 

“Just come, alright?!” 

“Fine, fine..alright.” You hung up and opened the door, walking out and sitting down on the ground in front of the opening. The slight breeze blew your hair all over your face. You could hear small footsteps faintly making their way towards you a few minutes later. Your hand reached up to push your hair away as you looked up. “(y/n)! You’re all beaten up! What happened?” 

“I saw Suha, Taehyung.” 

Taehyung stared down at you and pulled you up, dragging you back into the house. “Did you already clean the cuts?”


“Then why did you need me? I’m already mad at you as it is.”

You sighed, pushing your hair back away from your eyes. “I just needed someone to comfort me.” 

“Namjoon can.” He cupped his hands around his mouth, “NA-”

“I meant you!” You slapped his hands away, groaning out loud. Taehyung blinked, then pulled you towards the couch.

“Oh. Oh. Ohhh.” He sat you down on the couch, sitting down next to you himself. He pushed your head down gently so your head was on his lap, smiling slightly at you. “I’ll take this as an apology.” 

You closed your eyes. Your heart began to race wildly, like it always did with him. You could feel your cheeks heat up as he traced his fingers over your face, down your nose, brushing your eyelashes. His hands combed through your hair as he hummed quietly, and- 

You sat up, coughing into your mouth. Taehyung snapped his head around to look, his mouth widening. You coughed into your hands as you tried to breathe, Taehyung’s hand reaching over to your back. Oh, God damn it. Just when everything felt normal, you had to fuck it up some how.  You let the wet flowers spill onto the couch as you doubled over onto the ground, slamming your back onto the ground. You felt your eyes tear up as you coughed and coughed, turning around onto your fours. Taehyung reassured you that it was okay repeatedly, trying to comfort  you. Your vision blurred as the tears began to drip, your knees trembling. Your elbows had already given up on supporting you, leaving you to stay there, helpless, only to be sat up again by Taehyung when it finally stopped.

His arms were wrapped tightly around your trembling body, rocking  you back and forth. It was funny - it was as if the two of you switched roles. It was quite bizarre, as the two of you, grown adults, were hugging on the floor with flowers on the floor. Although you felt fine, your breath was hitching and tears were continuously dripping down from  your eyes. “Shh..” Taehyung whispered, allowing you to bury your head in his shoulder. Your arms were dropped by your sides, hands twitching to hug him back. “Stop crying. It’s okay now,” He murmured in your ear, still rocking you back and forth. 

“Taehyung..I-I’m not a ba-baby..” 

“But this what friends do, don’t they?”

You stiffened up as you stop crying for a bit. Yes. You were only friends, and will always be friends. You were only committed to being his friend, not his lover. You already ruined his and your chance for that to happen. It shouldn’t bother you, right? It was what you were expecting, anyways. Taehyung looked at you and pulled you back, cupping your face with his large hands. “..Thank you for coming back, (y/n).”

Your lips trembled as your eyes began to water. You wailed loudly and dropped back into Taehyung’s shoulder. 

“I wish I had never fallen in love with pains me so much.” 

a/n: hi omg im sorry it takes so long for these to post, i still have to get used to writing on here every day so im not late (i deadass make a deadline for myself so i dont get distracted) this is super short too, AGHAHhhHhH

but my birthday is coming up this saturday, so the next part might be delayed a little! thank you for reading this series, though. all the feedback makes me feel good im writing <3 (if you guys see any errors, please tell me)

A Little Bit of Jealousy

Hi guys! This is completely random and short. Hope you enjoy! 

Plot: Hardly anything upsets Y/N as much as when her Harry is being hit on.

Warnings: None, it’s pure fluff. 

The picture of this stunning man smiling wasn’t taken by me.

“Ugh I can’t believe she did that!” 

My fingers shook in anger and the blood flowing through my veins felt as if it was on fire. The skin of my arms was covered in a shiver and I itched to slap someone. Hard. Preferably her, so that stupid grin she had flashed me would fall right off and to her feet. 
I should have known she would make a move. She’d been eyeing him from the moment he’d set foot into the club, her orbs trailing over his body as if he were a piece of meat and I could have sworn she had even licked her lips.
Of course I knew Harry was hot. It was a fact impossible to ignore, but so was me holding his hand tightly and him kissing my cheek every ten minutes.
We were a team. 
I let my keys fall into the small bowl we kept by the door, the small objects making a loud clinking noise, before I continued on stomping into our living room where I kicked off my shoes. Harry followed me through the door and shut it behind himself quietly, his concerned gaze never leaving my frame. 

He couldn’t remember a time where he’d seen me quite as mad as I was right now and though the reason for my displeasure upset him just the same, he couldn’t help but smile a little. Firstly he was relieved my anger wasn’t addressed to him as he hated it when we fought about something, and secondly Harry found himself incapable to ignore the small crease between my brows. He’d admit to me later that said crease would always make him want to make up again, as it was difficult for him to refrain from kissing it.

“I mean,” I began, my voice filled with venom and still not facing him, “she knew I was there, by your side! She has even said “Hi” to me only an hour earlier and then she goes off and does that!” 

My foot knocked away the shoes I had discarded angrily and I groaned in frustration.

“Love, calm down,” Harry spoke gently, stepping closer and sighing when I flinched away from the hand he tried to touch me with. 

My trembling fingers pulled at the sleeves of my coat and I released an angry cry when I couldn’t get the fabric off of me. Harry’s wide eyes looked at me with soft worry, waiting for my consent before he hesitantly reached out to aid me. Once the coat was off, my jewelry followed. I threw the earrings onto our coffee table along with my necklace and the rings decorating my fingers, all except for one. 

“She did this on purpose, Harry,” I accused, looking at him for confirmation, “I told you she had no respect for our relationship and there you go! She wanted to provoke me!”

His pink lips were set into a thin line and he stayed silent, knowing that I would probably jump his throat if he spoke any word for her defense. Harry instead bit his lower lip and eyed me with a gentle gaze. Though I loved his patient nature any other time, right now I wanted for him to jump up and join me in my rage. I wanted him to show a sign, any sign, that he cared, too. His soft curls fell over his forehead and he clenched his hands, resisting the urge to laugh and pull me into his body. 

There was something about me being angry he found endearing. He liked how my cheeks flushed because then, they glowed. He enjoyed to see how wide and sparkly my eyes got, ‘cause only then could he see all the different colors in them. He even liked to hear my voice grow louder, though he had learned during our first months of dating that telling me I was cute when I was angry, only prolonged the argument. Still, he didn’t want me to get too worked up.

“Baby,” Harry hummed soothingly, “it’s alright.” 

“Nothing is alright! She tried to kiss you, good damn it!” 

I stared at him in disbelief. My throat was tight and my eyes shone with fury. How could he stay so calm? I could have burst in anger and it only worsened as Harry appeared to not understand why it was that I had got so mad. In fact, that cheeky bastard was grinning.
His green orbs were shining with wit and cheekiness and a smile stretched over his lips so wide both dimples appeared. Was he actually enjoying this?
My eyes narrowed. 

“Are you seriously okay with this?” 

Harry rolled his eyes. “Of course not.”

“Well it sure sounds like you are!” 

I stared at him and Harry visibly shrunk back a little, realizing only now how truly upset I seemed to be. Yet, he didn’t quite know how to deal with me, how to calm me down. Because in his eyes, nothing happened. 
He had pushed her back when she’d tried to lean in. Though firm, but still gentle, Harry had loosened the grip she’d taken on the collar of his jacket and had taken a step back, telling her that he didn’t desire her touch. 
He hadn’t done anything wrong and hadn’t let anything happen, I’d seen it.
Still, I couldn’t get the image of her close to him out of my head. It tortured me and hurt my head, as it was basically the manifestation of all I feared since the moment I had fallen in love with him. And that he was okay with it, hurt me too.

“S’not true and you know it,” Harry argued. 

“Whatever, Harry.”

My shoulder knocked into his arm when I walked passed him and to the stairs. It was when I reached the door to our bedroom that I heard him follow me and I made a point at leaving the door open upon entering, to let him know that I didn’t want him to sleep on the couch, regardless of tonight’s events. 
Without saying anything, Harry stepped closer to where I stood and began to pull at the zipper of my dress. I shivered when it fell to the floor and pooled around my feet. I mumbled a thanks and went to hang the dress into our wardrobe, but was stopped by two arms wrapping around my waist tightly. 
I sighed. 
Harry’s chin pressed against my jaw before lowering to my shoulder. His lips kissed my skin, coaxing a small sigh from me and he smiled. 

“You know I don’t want her,” Harry whispered, “Couldn’t want anyone, only you. Always.” 

Another kiss followed his gentle words and I could already feel the anger drain from my veins. 

“I know,” I admitted reluctantly. 

He hummed and squeezed me. My own hands found his wrists and I grasped them in need to hold on to something.
He’d stepped back and out of her reach, I reminded myself. Harry had come straight to me and kissed me, making sure she could see. 

“Snogged you to make a point,” he continued into my ear with a laugh, “let you mark my neck for anyone to see. Her included.”

I gasped when he turned his head and into my neck and began to suckle on the skin of my neck, similar to how I had done to him. 
My fingers dug into his wrists. 

“You’re so pretty,” Harry complimented, a kiss to my cheek followed, “the prettiest, actually.” 

“Prettier than her?” I asked quietly, surprised by the insecurity in my tone. 

Harry could hear it too and chuckled, not in a mocking way though. “Of course, darling. Lovelier in any way possible.”

“I hate when someone makes a move on you,” I complained, “especially since she was well aware that you and I are engaged.” 

“Yeah, well. A face like mine can be a blessing as well as a curse.” 

“Oh shut up.” I rolled my eyes, but struggled to keep the smile from forming. 

Sensing the change in my mood, Harry squeezed me once more and let go. Reluctantly I turned around to face him, becoming aware of my lack of clothing when I noticed his eyes dart down for a moment. He quickly locked eyes with me again and smiled warmly. 

“I love you,” he spoke. 

“I love you too, Harry,” I replied without hesitation, “but-”

I was silenced with a kiss and my eyes fell shut instantly at the sensation of his warm mouth on mine. He groaned and kissed me deeper and I whined when his arms circled my waist, bringing my body into his. 

“She doesn’t matter,” Harry breathed against my lips, “No one does. S’only you, Y/N. I promise you needn’t worry. Ever.”

Hope you liked this little blurb. It came completely spontaneously and hasn’t been looked over, so I apologize for any mistakes. 

Rest of what I wrote can be found here:

Ikon x Mistletoe pt. 2

(Bobby, Chanwoo, Yunhyeong, Junhoe)

Part 1: Hanbin, Jinhwan, Donghyuk

This is so late. I apologize but it’s been so hectic because I got jury duty -____-

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  • Totally looking forward to Christmas party
    • She has to let me kiss her in front of people now.
    • *Sudden realization* Wait, do people even do mistletoe in Korea?
    • No matter, I’ll bring it myself
    • Laugh like a maniac at his evil plan
  • Proceed to get 10 different bundles of mistletoe
    • Just for safe measure, let’s leave this everywhere.
  • The day of, he calls you over early on purpose to help prepping the party.
  • Smugly giggles at you but refuses to say why
    • Baby, can you come here for a second?
    • What is it Jiwon? Why are you standing so still? You never stand still.
    • Come here!
    • Plant the biggest kiss on your lips the second you’re within reach.
    • What the hell?
    • Mistletoe. *giggle like a mad person, point at mistletoe precariously hang on the door frame.*
  • I need help with the cake!
    • Don’t mess it up Jiwon. I’m not going to get you another one if you do, the line is murder right now.
    • I know, that’s why I need you *Trying so hard not to laugh*
    • What are you doing Jiwon, where’s the cake?
    • Cupping your face so you can’t run away. Lands the biggest peck on your lips then cheeks.
    • Bunny smile beams at you brightly afterward when you roll your eyes.
    • Hehe, mistletoe *points at mistletoe, then run away.*
  • Honey, where did you leave my phone?
    • It’s in the living room
    • Where is it? *Snickering because he’s holding it in his hand*
    • Ugh, Jiwon i swear you’re 3 years old. What the hell, you’re holding it.
    • Envelopes your whole body while machine gun pecking the crap out of you.
    • Stop fighting and let me love you. MISTLETOE, you have to let me kiss you.
  • Totally overdressed for the party
  • Watches your every step in case your within 1 foot vicinity of a mistletoe
  • Rocket over the second you are. Kiss you on your lips, doesn’t even care about who you’re with. Or that you were in the middle of drinking your soda.
    • JIWON!
    • hehe, mistletoe!
    • Runs away before you can hit him
  • Finally the party end and you both retreat back to his room to rest.
  • You were so done with his crazy antics but at the same time happy because face it, who wouldn’t be when he’s so loving and cute.
  • You were in the middle of lecturing him after finding out about his crazy plan when he stood there, grinning like an idiot, Bunny teeth, eye smile, the whole shebang.
    • Oh my god. Don’t tell me. In here too?
    • Still smiling, nodding gently.
    • Damn it, Jiwon. Fine, go ahead.
  • Pulls you onto the bed, arms caging your head, features soften back alluringly. No more playful Jiwon.
  • You know I only did that because I’m completely head over heel for you right? *sultrily whispers*
  • Making you blush and fluster like the first time he asked you on a date from his intense gaze.
  • Leaning into a passionate, gentle French kiss. Doesn’t let you go for another hour before both of you falling asleep, you safely in his arms.

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  • Not particularly feeling up for Christmas.
  • You both agreed to a mutual break up just a few months back.
  • Thought he was over it but something about Christmas brought out the blue in him.
  • Doesn’t know what to do with himself since he always had someone to spend Christmas with.
    • All of Ikon noticed and hatched a plan to get him to feel better.
    • Let’s take him on a Christmas date.
    • Doesn’t want to but agree.
    • At least it’ll distract him.
    • Impossible to say no to 6 relentless guys anyways.
  • Plan totally fails because there’re couples everywhere.
    • It’s okay, hyung. I’ll just go home and clean my room.
    • Spent hours cleaning up since he hasn’t done so in months, not since you left.
    • No reason to clean when there’s no one to impress.
  • Found a box he hasn’t seen in awhile.
  • Open to find his little trinkets from the happy days.
  • Tears breaching, threatening to fall as he go through the contents.
    • The matching bracelets with initials.
      • He had gotten this just before the break up.
    • The necklace and necktie you got for his parents
      • He been holding onto because you were in the process of moving and doesn’t want them to get lost.
    • Plane tickets.
      • He wanted to fly you out for their concert but it never happened for obvious reason.
    • Thick stack of handwritten letters.
      • One for every day he was away from you.
      • Never got a chance to give it to you
    • The mistletoe from a few Christmas ago
      • Bobby taught him what a mistletoe was so he made you one.
      • Used it every chance he get that year.
    • Your couple rings.
      • This done him in as the promise you both had made each other rings out so clearly in his mind.
  • Ran out of the house with the box.
  • Doesn’t care about the cold, he could only think of getting to you.
  • Nearly broke your front door knocking.
  • The second your face appears, he stood there blubbering like a kid while reciting the promise
    • I, Chanwoo, promise to be understanding, to be patient, to always be there, and to always love you…
    • How could we have given up so easily, baby?
    • Please be mine again…
  • A few silent tears fall as the seconds tick by and you still haven’t move one inch.
  • Hands you the box, explaining the letters.
    • Read them, shred them, burn them… whatever you want to do with them.
    • Promise me you’ll take care of yourself.
  • Turn away because he doesn’t want to cry in front of you.
  • Chanwoo ah!
    • Nearly faint when he turns around to see you hold up the mistletoe, smiling.
    • Nearly broke you from his bear hug.
    • Places kiss anywhere and everywhere.
  • Spent the rest of the day inside holding you close, abusing the power of the mistletoe.

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  • Worries to the max about what to do with Christmas.
    • Haven’t been together long enough to do a trip like Donghyuk.
    • Doesn’t know every single details about your interest from being together barely 3 months.
    • Keep doubting himself over every gift he pick out.
    • Do I buy material things or meaningful things?
    • Why is Christmas so hard?
  • Practically dying because he’s scare of letting you down.
  • Found out from your best friend you’re not a big Christmas person
    • How could anyone not like Christmas?
  • On a mission to find out why you dislike Christmas.
    • Pissed you off unintentionally from pressing a touchy issue.
    • Angry at first because you’re being irrational
    • What’s so hard about it huh? What don’t you like about it? The weather? The crowd?
  • When you blew up, he’d feel guilty for making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Hug you super tight despite you putting up a big fight.
  • I’m sorry, baby. I shouldn’t have done that. Tell me when you’re ready.
  • Found out you got cheated on last Christmas.
    • Nearly kill himself over being so insensitive when about your heartbreak.
    • I’m so so so so sorry,baby. I thought it was some silly reason…
    • Feel so guilty he broke down crying because he hurt you, because you got hurt, because he couldn’t protect you.
      • You’re funny, Yunhyeong. I didn’t even know you then.
  • On another mission!
    • Make Christmas as painless for you as possible.
  • Pick you up Christmas eve for the party at the dorm.
  • Stay by your side the whole time
    • I can go to the bathroom by myself, you know.
    • I know… Just in case.
  • Send you home later that night without giving any hint about what he had plan for tomorrow.
    • Don’t worry, we’re not doing anything you’re uncomfortable with.
  • Next morning you woke up from the smell of breakfast.
    • Yunhyeong in an apron cooking for you *hot*
    • Good morning, love!
    • How the hell did you get in?
    • Don’t worry, I have my way. *seductive wink*
    • Force feed you.
  • Set up a countless pillows and blanket on top of a soft fuzzy rug in front of the fire place.
    • I know you’re not overly fond of Christmas so I thought we can spend it inside, just us.
    • I know it’s nothing fancy but I thought as long as we have each other, who care what’s going on with the world.
  • Pulls out a big box of DVDs
    • I didn’t know if you hate Christmas movie too so I got everything.
  • Spent the rest of the day making gingerbread house and Christmas movies marathon.
    • Insisting that he has the better house
    • Sabotage yours
    • You sabotage his
    • Frosting fight
    • Get frosting on your cheeks on purpose ;)
  • Finally clean up and settle down to not really watch movie
    • Sit there with you in his arm
    • Staring at you instead of the movie
    • Yunhyeong, I’m not in the movie.
    • What?
  • Nervous to the max about something
    • super jumpy
    • sweaty palm
    • sweaty in general
    • stutter and stammer whenever you say something
  • Finally fessed up there’s something he wanted to do but since it’s Christmas theme, he got scared.
    • It’s fine, baby. I know you’re not my ex. Just because he messed up doesn’t mean you get all the consequences.
  • Pulls out mistletoe he hid in the corner of the room
    • I never got to do this before and I always wanted to do it with someone that’s special to my heart.
  • Shares with you the most intense, loving kiss of your life.
    • Merry Christmas, baby. I promise you’ll never go through another sad Christmas, ever again.

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  • Totally not liking the hoard of people the holiday brings out
    • why are there so many people, don’t they have work or something?
    • Annoys you to the max complaining about leaving the house because he doesn’t wanna deal with the crowd.
    • Can we not leave the house till like after Christmas?
    • We don’t need to eat.
    • You want me to go outside, like the snowing, storming outside?
  • Turn down all the plan you made for Christmas
    • Presents are over rated
    • Nah, they won’t miss us at the party
    • You want me to go shopping in a zombie apocalypse… uh how about no.
  • Totally doesn’t notice your struggle with getting everyone presents.
  • Absolutely no help at home either because he’s still jet lagged from coming back from the tour recently.
  • Spent most of the week in bed, on the couch, then in bed again.
  • You don’t blame him, touring is hard in general but you were getting frustrated.
  • Nagged you for not cleaning up the kitchen because now he can’t make himself food.
    • You know what, June?
    • What? *retorts sassily, oblivious of your rage*
    • You clean the damn house yourself.
    • You buy then wrap the presents for everyone yourself.
    • I’m done.
  • Doesn’t understand why you got mad then stormed off.
    • Whatever, she’ll come back in a bit.
    • Got worry as dusk settles in and you weren’t back.
    • Oh no, it’s really starting to snow out.
  • Wander around the house to find his phone.
    • Notices the ginormous piles of presents, neatly labeled for both his and yours friends and family.
    • Notices the Christmas tree beaming brilliantly in the corner of the living room.
    • Notices the fridge is full of food prepped for the party tomorrow night.
  • Sudden guilt washes over
  • Blames himself
    • You’re an ass June, your lazy ass left her to do all the holiday shit on her own
    • No wonder she’s angry.
  • Went to get change to go find you
  • Notices the pair of ticket you got for the winter festival for 2 days ago.
    • Feels even more guilty because he turned you down for sleep.
  • You came back late that night to find the house completely dark.
    • Baby, come here. *Calls you from the dinning room*
  • You jaw drop in awe.
  • Table decked out in decoration for a romantic dinner.
    • Candles, flowers, wine, the whole shebang.
    • He walks out from the other room, in a suit, holding a big bouquet of roses.
  • Give you no time to react before walking over, holding something above your head then presses a big kiss onto your lips.
    • I’m so sorry for being a jerk.
    • Forgive me. If only I had known you planned a date for us. I’m so stupid.
    • This totally doesn’t make up for anything but I hope it makes you feel even just a tiny bit better.
  • Totally swoons you.
    • Is that a mistletoe you got there, Koo Junhoe?
    • Don’t tease me, I can get the dinner together I can take it away just as fast.
    • Ugh, you sassy ass.
  • No, YOUR sassy ass. Love you.

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Happy birthday, Logan

Prompt: “You’re actually a man child”
Pairing: (my pick) Logince!!!
Requested by: @killerfangirl3
Tagging: @velocifoxy
AAAAH OK SO this is one of s e v e r a l prompts I got tonight, and while it was gonna be short and include multiple prompts, I CANT HELP MYSELF so hopefully you like fluff. Because that’s all this is. It’s just. Really a lot of fluff. Princey is too fun to write. Btw it’s p late when I finished this, so please forgive any typos/grammatical errors… please take this away I’m so tired. (May have been inspired my Thomas’s actual birthday coming up 🎉)

All I can think of is that someone gets tackled to the ground, theres consent talk (always ask, kids. Princey just forgets people can’t read his mind), they kinda argue a little mid kiss, and they… might makeout a little. (Spoiler: they definitely makeout a little).

Logics birthday was going to be perfect. Not that he cared. Logic thought it was silly to pick separate birthdays from Thomas, just to celebrate themselves, but Roman considered himself very convincing. So, if logic wouldn’t do it himself, he’d just do it for him! Easier said than done, however.

Roman ran a hand through his hair, which was a lost cause at this point, sending down a shower of cheap craft glitter. Parties where his thing! He loved them. The attention, the excitement, everything! Unfortunately, planning… wasn’t.

So here he was, midnight, the night before the party, with tape stuck to his everything, in a hell of his own creation, surrounded of a nest of craft supplies and ripped paper, trying to figure out how to wrap things so perfectly like he sees everyone else do. It works in his head, he just… the black and white chalkboard themed wrapping paper ripped. Again.

He threw his head back in frustration.
“UGH, You’re actually such a man-child, Roman, what is wrong wi-”

“I don’t think you’re a man-child.”

Roman fell backwards onto a pile of tissue paper. Leaning on the door frame, looking at him over his glasses with his ‘teacher with an idiot student’ face, was Logan. Princey glared at him from the floor.
“You shouldn’t scare a man with scissor, Logic. You should know that… how long have you been standing there?”
Logic shoved off from the door frame and walked towards him, keeping his arms folded.

“A while. Did you know you talk to yourself in spanish sometimes?” Roman nearly forgot what he was doing, watching logic try to keep his mouth from smiling. When he remembered, he fell dramatically back onto the pile of half wrapped books. (Ow, part of him said. Worth it, said the rest of him.)
He pointed the scissors in his hand at Logan like a sword, though it was somewhat diminished by the fact that they were kiddy scissors.
“Stay back!”
Logic snorted, trying to see around him to what he was covering. “There’s no reason to hide them. If you wanted to throw a party, you should have just said so, here, let me help-” “No!”
Princey jumped up, tackling logic to the ground. All he could think about was 'this birthday has to be perfect he works so hard and wow our faces are close now hang on w h a t’
“…Okay.” Logic said slowly from the floor.
“I have… several questions.” In his excitement, Roman had actually pinned logic to the ground, his hands braced on either side of his head. He froze. 'This is it. The most. Unsuave moment of my life.’
Logic adjusted his glasses.
“First of which. Is that glitter in your hair?” Princy felt his cheeks heat up even further. “…yes.” His voice cracked a little. … ok maybe more than a little.
“That’s going to be hell to get out. Alright… now, why exactly… do you have glitter in your hair at midnight?” Roman sighed, shifting uncomfortably. “…Because it’s your birthday tomorrow.” Logan furrowed his brow. “I do not have a birthday.” Roman sat up, throwing his hands in the air in frustration.
“I KNOW! You don’t have one! You don’t care about birthdays! You don’t care about picking on movie night, you don’t care about telling us what your favorite food is, you just eat, and sleep, and work without asking us for anything! It’s like we aren’t allowed to care!” He let his hands drop to logics chest, trying to keep tears out of his eyes.
“I just. I wanted to do something. For once. To say that I see how hard you work. It was foolish of me I- I apologi-”
Logan moved remarkably fast for someone with a grown man sitting on his stomach.
He sat up and grabbed Roman by the collar in one move, pulling him close, so close that he could feel tears on logics face too and they were almost touching and WHY wasn’t he DOING ANYTHING- “… Roman?”
He had his eyes shut tight. He might have been holding his breath. “Yes what?” “Can I kiss you?”
His eyes snapped open. “What!?” “I sai-” “no I heard you, I’m just confused why exactly you would ask such an idiotic question!” Logan pulled away slightly, or as much as he could in the situation, looking away and readjusting his necktie.
“I should have read the situation better, my apolog-” “IM SITTING ON YOUR LAP CRYING ABOUT HOW MUCH I CARE FOR YOU, WOULD YOU JUST KISS ME ALREADY?”
Roman felt ridiculous. He had his arms folded like a three year old and tears running down his face, but Logan still leaned in, smiling like he was the sun, ghosting a thumb over romans cheek. “Consent is important.” “I know….” princes didn’t pout. But Roman didn’t care about being princely at that exact moment. “Do you forgive me?” He huffed. “I’ll forgive you when you stop running yourself into the gro-”

logic pressed his lips to his, gently, hands pressing lightly at the small of his back. When Roman threaded his hands in his hair by the back of his neck, pulling him closer, he sighed, and began to kiss in earnest.
Roman, growing less upset by the minute, still mumbled between kisses.
“Ok well- I don’t think- this is- a reliable debate tactic-” Logan hummed, moving to pepper kisses to Romans jawline.
“A-and you really ruined the- the surprise. I was so looking forward to- you are being very distracting!” Logan grinned up at him sheepishly.
“I’m sorry. Did you still want to wrap the presents?” Roman sighed.
“I… not that I’m not enjoying this but… kind of. I know it ruins the surprise, but I… wouldn’t mind some help.” He put his hands up defensively “I know it doesn’t make sense, I just. I really wanted this to be nice. For you. Stop looking at me like that.” “Like what?” “Like I’m doing something amazing! I’m just. Doing normal people things. Like being bad a wrapping presents.”
Logic picked up one of his hands, and brushed his lips to the back of his knuckles, like in a romance novel. “You are being amazing, Roman. You always are… wait. is there- is there tape stuck to your hand-” “THIS IS NOT MY AREA OF EXPERTISE, LOGAN!”

The few short hours before sunrise were spent attempting to wrap the every book neatly, although most of it ended up with logic flipping through them, enthusiastically spouting out facts while Roman leaned on his side, filing away all the exited looks on his face, and occasional kissing. They only got through about half by morning, and morality woke up to them lying in a tornado of tissue paper and tape, Logan with a book on his face, and Roman curled up besides him, tucked under one arm. He smiled at the two over his coffee cup while anxiety took as many photos as he possibly could.
“Happy birthday, Logan.”

Insecurities {Pt.2}

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Genre: Fluff, angst? 

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 4k+

A/N: A lot of yu guys responded really well to this fic, and honestly, I’m having so much fun writing this too. OMG I FINALLY LIVED MY DREAM TODAY! I basically spent 4 hours in a cafe, with calm music playing in the background, having a cup of coffee all while writing and editing this part. I was so inspired! Just a brief update, I’m going to Vegas this weekend, so I’m trying to work on as much as I can before I go. Also, there’s a one shot coming your way! Be prepared! 

[Jimin’s P.O.V]

I paced back and forth the narrow hallway that led to the bathrooms, waiting for her. What am I going to say? I mean, she’s cute and all, so how do I start talking to her? Obviously, I don’t want to look creepy by standing out here. Why does she seem so familiar though? I thought. I haven’t met her before. I would remember if I did! But why…why does she look so familiar? The realization suddenly hit me, but the effects were agonizing. I walked into the small table that was in the hallway, which was the perfect height for my utmost sensitive spot. I walked into it hard too, hard enough to make a small thud sound. Too embarrassed to face her, I bolted back to the booth where all the guys were at, tears almost streaming down my face.

“Hey, what took you so long? Why does it look like you’re gonna cry?” Jungkook asked the moment I approached the table.

“Uhh, nothing. Kinda ran into someone back there, as well as something” my voice hoarse from being in pain.

“Who?” Taehyung added. Everyone stopped talking and decided to focus in on me.

“Just someone” I reassured them as I sat back down in the booth.

“Ooo…was it a girl?” Jungkook teased. I flushed a little at the thought of me running away. “IT WAS WASN’T IT!” Jungkook shouted.

“Could you not?” I tried shushing him. The last thing I wanted was for everyone to know what we’re talking about. Worse yet, for the girl to overhear what was going on.

“Was she cute?” Yoongi hyung asked.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Was she cute?” he reiterated

“Well…I mean…yeah, but” I could feel myself starting to blush again.

“SEE! I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO RUNS AWAY FROM GIRLS!” Jungkook mocked, in hopes of keeping his tough guy image.

“I didn’t run away because she was cute!” I defended “I ran away because, well, because there was a small accident back there. I was going to talk to her, but in the midst of thinking what to say, I ran into a table.”

“What do you mean you ran into a table?” Namjoon hyung questioned.

“Exactly that. I was pacing, walked into the table, hit my dick, and bolted back here. Why am I going to talk to a cute girl while holding onto my crotch with tears in my eyes?” I explained. The table erupted into laughter. And as if my life couldn’t get any worse, she passed by the table the moment the guys started laughing. Jesus, I hope she didn’t hear that last part. She gave me a quick glance, looked back down, and walked on over to her booth. Great…she heard it. I’m done for. I have no chance now. I looked down, too embarrassed at the amount of mistakes I’ve made in such a short time.

“Woah, dude! Is that her?” Hoseok hyung surprised by the girl’s appearance.

“Yeah.” I nodded. When I looked over my shoulder to see her sitting peacefully in her booth, I noticed she quickly turned the other way. Was she looking my way? I glanced back, trying to see if hopefully, she’ll meet my eyes. After a few seconds, I noticed that the guys were looking at me.

“Dude, just go over and talk to her.” Taehyung nudged me.

“No way man. I’m done for.”

“C’mon, we’re not doing anything for the next while. Just invite her over, maybe she’ll want to hang out with us” Jin encouraged.

“I don’t know…” I hesitated.

[Reader’s P.O.V]

I could see from my peripheral that Jimin was looking at me. Why? Why is he staring at me? Is everything ok? Is there something on me that I don’t know? I mean, they all laughed when I walked by. Were they talking about me? Just stop Y/N. Everything is ok. You’re fine. It was probably just a joke…about you. I drooped my head down when I suddenly startled by the waitress. “Here you go Miss, a glass of water for the moment. Is there anything I can get you?” she asks.

“Umm..can I just get a burger with a side of fries?” I ordered, unsure if I should be eating that this late.

“Sure thing.” and off she walked away with my order in her notepad. Thank god she brought water, I can feel myself really heating up from the embarrassment. I placed both hands on either side of the glass and stared into the ice cubes. God, I really hope I didn’t make a joke out of myself.

“You know, I kept wondering and wondering as to why you looked so familiar.” Jimin’s voice was suddenly above me. I shot my head up, curious to see if it really was him. “And then I remembered. You threw that pink mochi plush at me didn’t you?” Yup, it was him. Frantic about our chance encounter, I forgot that I did that earlier today. A look of horror must have come across my face because Jimin suddenly felt the need to comfort me.

“It’s fine, I’m ok. Thanks to you, I have an adorable plush, and I’ll never forget the face who gave it to me…more like threw it.” He chuckled a little.

“Oh.” was all I could muster out. Surprising, considering I was talking to him less than 10 minutes ago. Where is this coming from? Why am I not talking? Why am I so shy? I was just talking to him. C’mon Y/N, you can do better than this. Right when I thought things couldn’t get more insane, Jimin decides to sit across from me…IN MY BOOTH!

[Jimin’s P.O.V.]

Wow, she’s so cute. And the fact that she’s blushing…ugh, I can’t help but want to place my hands on her cheeks. Ok, Jimin, get a hold of yourself, that’s creepy. I sat in front of her, and before I knew it, I was staring deep into her eyes. As I looked down her perfectly shaped nose, then her heart shaped lips, I noticed she had a faint scar above them. I wonder how that happened. Her brown hair framed her face perfectly into the beautiful person that she is. To avoid myself from staring for too long, I made an effort to start a conversation.

“So…how was, how was the concert? Did you enjoy it?” I instantly regretted asking the questions. Scared to think that she noticed my mistakes, or better yet, didn’t like my performance at all. I might as well ask her for a report card on my performance.

“Mhmm” she quietly nods. Shit. Maybe she’s just being nice. She’s holding onto the glass of water as if someone is getting ready to take it out of her; lifts it up and places her lips onto the glass, slowly drinking the water. I look ahead and notice the guys watching us. It’s now or never Jimin.

“Uh…so, we’re going to be in town for a while. And well, we’re going to explore tomorrow. Would you like to join us?” I hesitantly ask. I guess she wasn’t expecting that question since I was given a mouthful of water to my face as an answer. I hear the guys laughing in the background, but at this moment, I’m more focused on her. If anything, she probably feels humiliated. I was so focused on her that I failed to realized she was apologizing to me the same way she was earlier at the concert.

“I’m…I’m so sorry.” she coughs lightly and continues “Here, take these napkins. Excuse me!” She flags the waitress in a panic, “May I get some more napkins please?” The waitress comes back with a handful of napkins and hands it to her. “Such great timing Y/N…you couldn’t wait to drink the water now, could you?” I heard her scold herself.

“So that’s your name then. Y/N” I couldn’t help but let a smile appear after her name left my lips.

“Yeah.” she nodded. She couldn’t bear to look me in the eyes after what happened. I’ll admit, that was the last thing I’d expect, but then again, my request did come out of nowhere. She focused on wiping away the water off the table, so I took that as my cue to leave. Maybe she doesn’t want to go out. Besides, I think I’m making her uncomfortable.

“I’ll uhh, I’ll save you the embarrassment. It was nice meeting you Y/N. Thank you for the plush.” I got up out of the booth and started to walk back to where everyone was at.

“Wait!” I heard behind me. “I’d love to join you. You guys I mean, I’d love to join you guys” she smiled.

“Great. Well, we’ll be at the promenade that’s 10 minutes from here. How about I’ll meet you there?” I suggested.

“Ok. I know exactly where. But since it’s really easy to get lost, how about I meet you in front of the movie theater there.” She said.

“Sounds like a plan. Does noon work for you?” I asked.

“Perfect.” she smiled once again.

“Can’t wait to see you then Y/N” I said and strolled back to the booth where all the guys were sitting at. I caught Tae’s face gleaming, while everyone else had smug smiles on their faces.

“What?” I asked shyly.

“I told you you could do it.” Hoseok hyung chirped.

“No, you didn’t! I did!” Jin hyung corrected him. “See, it was simple. Did she say yes?”

“Of course she said yes, look at that smile.” Yoongi hyung pointed out. I didn’t realize I was smiling all this time. Did she notice it? Is it that noticeable? Did I give myself away? Am I that easy to read? I felt myself get hot and sat down immediately. I stared ahead thinking about the moments leading up to our meeting when I realized there was food in front of me. “Uhh…I don’t remember ordering food.” I said.

“Mmm…we ordered it for you while you were you know…trying to ask a girl out,” Jungkook responded with a mouthful.

[Reader’s P.O.V.]

Did. That. Just. Happen? I sat in the booth paralyzed. Am I really going to hang out with Jimin tomorrow? No…this is just a dream. When the server came back with my food, that’s when I realized it wasn’t a dream at all. Clearly stunned, I forgot that I was hungry in the first place. I pulled out my phone and quickly texted my closest friend.

Guess who has a date tomorrow?

 I quickly typed. Within seconds I got a response.


Yeah, I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. Help me pick an outfit yeah? 

I responded


Cool, bet at my house at 10 am then. 

I took maybe 2 bites out of my hamburger, ate the fries and packed the rest for to-go. My heart is racing and I need to drive back home. I got up, walked over to the cash register and paid for my meal. Sneaking out of the restaurant, I’m hoping Jimin doesn’t notice me leaving because the last thing I want is to have more conversation with him. I’m nervous about tomorrow, and if I talk to him right now, it’ll definitely show.

By the time I got home, it was 1 am. Exhausted, I dropped my bag at the front of the door, and crash landed on the couch. Within a few seconds, I drifted off to a peaceful sleep, only to be woken by loud boom’s hours later.

BOOM BOOM BOOM! BOOM BOOM BOOM! I jolted awake scared that someone wanted to break into my house.

“Y/N! I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE” Crystal shouted while continuously pounding the door. What the hell is she doing here? I walked over to the door to open it for her, and as soon as I did, Crystal made her way into my home. “DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?! Girl, you gotta get ready.”

“What are you talking about?” I muttered in confusion. I had no time for the gears in my head to start turning. “I literally woke up seconds ago.”

“Your date! How could you forget about your date?” She exclaimed.

“Oh shit.” Whatever fatigue I had vanished once I remembered my date with Jimin. “Quick! What time is it?” I ran to my room to start getting ready.

“It’s 10:05 am” I heard Crystal shout from my living room. Ok, I’ve got an hour to get ready, and it takes me an hour to get to the shopping center. I can do this. I stared at my wardrobe wondering what to wear, and what felt like 10 minutes of white t-shirts, lace cover ups, and a row of jeans, I decided to walk over to my bathroom. “Hey Crystal” I shouted, “Can you pick out something for me to wear, you’re kind of good at that stuff.” Unless it’s a special occasion or a party, I really don’t know how to dress myself up. I’m an avid wearer of graphic tees, t-shirt dresses, t-shirts under dresses, and converse. Anything else is relatively fancy for me. Crystal, on the other hand, she dresses like she’s going out all the damn time. Her motto: dress like you’re going to meet your soulmate. My argument: If they’re my soulmate, then they won’t care what I’m wearing.  

By the time I’m done with brushing my teeth and facial routine, I return back to my room. I noticed on my bed lays an off-the-shoulder blue striped shirt with a circular flounce sleeve, cute boyfriend jeans, and a pair of tan sandals. “Woooow” I chuckled. “I never would wear this. This is too much!”

“No. This is date appropriate.” Crystal assured. “So, how’d you meet him?”

I slipped on the shirt and jeans and hastened to put on my makeup. “I uhh..” How do I mention Jimin without mentioning Jimin? I can keep the meeting general. Or I can just change the story a little and she won’t know. Yeah. I’ll do that. “Well, remember the plush I bought to take with me?” I asked.

“Oh yeah!” Crystal said.

“Well, I wasn’t watching who was behind me, and when I swung my arm back to get ready to throw the plush, I socked someone behind me.” I lied.

“OMG Y/N YOU DID NOT?’ she laughed.

“I did. But, he was ok. And funny enough, we both end up going to the same diner to get something to eat. I was walking towards the restroom, and he was walking out of them, and we ran into each other. Literally.” There, I told her mostly the truth. “And then we just sort of decided to go out today?” I added.

“Oh. My. God. That is insane! How is it that you manage to hit people, but they never get mad at you?” I’m sure Crystal was alluding to that kid Jose back in 4th grade.

“I don’t know. It just happens?” I shrugged my shoulders. “What time is it by the way?”

“ It’s now 10:15 am.” Crystal paused. “Why did you decide to go to the promenade?”

“I don’t know? Because that’s one of the easiest places to acquaint yourself with someone?” I responded. By the time I was done with getting ready and putting on my makeup, it was already 10:35 am.

“Hey Crystal, thanks for coming and helping but I’m good now.”

“You sure? You don’t need me to drive you over there?” She asked

“I’m sure. Besides, I would rather drive in case I have to leave early.” I reassured her

“Ok, well good luck! Knock him dead and don’t be nervous. Love ya!” and out Crystal went, leaving me to finish off the little details of the outfit. I checked myself out in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect. “The last thing I need is for Jimin to think I’m a slob,” I said.

I walked over to the fridge in hopes of getting a small bite to eat. Rather, I’m met with a little note on the refrigerator of a small to-do list. Great, I have to wash the dishes before I leave. Ok, shouldn’t take me long…hopefully. I started cleaning the pots and pans that were in the sink, grateful that it was only 4 pans that I had to wash. I looked over my shoulder to see the wall clock, which currently reads 10:50 am. By 11:00, I was done with all the dishes. However, the water wasn’t being drained which is always problematic. I quickly reached for the kitchen plunger underneath the sink and began a swift succession of push and pulls. There was a small gurgle, and everything was draining until it stopped again.

“Ughhh…Why?” I impatiently shouted at the sink.I resumed the motions once again, and I pulled the plunger out of the way. Once I did that, there was a massive spew of water along with food remnants. The sink decided to regurgitate all of yesterday’s food onto my shirt. “No no no no NO!” I yelled. “Now I have to change! Really? Today, out of all days!” I bolted to the washing machine only to find clothes both in the washer and dryer. I couldn’t just take the clothes out of the dryer and abandon them in the hamper. If I’m going to take clothes out, I have to fold them. That’s the rule…or at least my mother’s rule. Not wanting to stain the shirt, I dumped the clothes from the dryer into the hamper, transferred the clothes from the washer to the dryer, and finally tossed m shirt into the washer. By now, it was 11:20 am.

As I was folding the clothes in my bra and jeans, I quickly spotted a large white t-shirt and a long spaghetti strap dress. I hastened to put the t-shirt on and the dress over, creating my casual, everyday look. Great, I hope he thinks I look a little decent. It was 11:45 by the time I was done folding clothes. I bolted for the door and jumped in my car and made my way over to the shopping center. I hope Jimin doesn’t get there earlier than me. Better yet, I hope he’s not already waiting for me.

[Jimin’s P.O.V]


“Ahh, you’ll be fine” he responded. I swear, Taehyung can be the most helpful person when he wants to be, but when he wants to see you suffer, he’ll leave you out on your own.

“Oh come on! I don’t know what to wear, and you’re always so great at that stuff.” I begged

“Stuff? STUFF?” He exaggerated. “Jimin, clothing isn’t just stuff. They are a form of artistry, a kind of expression! They determine how a person sees you, how they base their judgments off of you. Your outfit can determine whether the person wants a second date or not.” He mocked, trying to freak me out a little.

“Yeah yeah…just help me pick out an outfit already,” I said,

“Look dude, we’re going to a promenade. Just wear something casual, but not too casual. It’s still a date.” At this point, Taehyung was just pushing my buttons. I’m feeling extremely nervous because if I underdress, then she’ll think I wasn’t interested. But if I overdress, I could intimidate her, and I don’t want that to happen.

“Then. Help. Me. Pick. An. Outfit.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Alright alright. No need to get snappy.” Taehyung walked on over to my wardrobe and picked out two denim pieces. “Here. Denim on denim. It’s not too hard, and with the right shirt, it will look great. Wear it with that black turtleneck of yours. Don’t forget, we leave in 20 minutes” He finished. It’s currently 11:10 am, and it takes us about 10 minutes to get to the promenade. The guys wanted to go a little earlier that way by the time it was noon, they were already out and about doing their things. I got dressed, tousled my hair a little and my way out to the main room.

“Wow…look at our cute little Jimin” Hoseok admired. “I think she’s really going to like you.” I couldn’t help but blush. Hoseok hyung always makes me feel a little shy with all the compliments he feeds me.

“We ready?” Jin hyung asked.

“Yeah!” We all said. We made our way to the promenade and when we arrived decided to split into groups.

“Who’s doing what?” I asked.

“Namjoon and I are gonna go to the bookstore. I want to see what mangas they currently have right now. He just wants to go see if there’s a ‘modern classic’ he hasn’t read yet.” Jungkook teased.

“Whatever. I could say the same the same thing about you and your mangas” Namjoon hyung defended.

“Well, Yoongi and I are probably gonna go eat at some places there, try out snacks and stuff.” Jin hyung added.

“We’re going SHOPPING!” Hobi hyung and Tae said in unison, grabbing each other’s hands and jumping up and down in a circle. I don’t know what it is that the two love about shopping. I mean don’t get me wrong, shopping is fun, but when you own a whole bunch of clothes, then you shouldn’t feel the need to shop. They should take Jungkook with them. He needs variety other than those large plain white t-shirts. 

By the time we split off, it was 11:50 am. I began walking towards the large movie theater that was on the far left of the promenade. There are shops everywhere and little places to eat as well. With a large fountain in the center and grassy patches for people to rest at, it’s a great place for lunch dates, especially during the spring time. With many different flowers like tulips in the flower boxes everywhere, it’s hard not to be happy here.

I pull out my phone to check the time, which reads noon. I glance up hoping to see Y/N, but with no luck, she’s nowhere to be seen. Maybe it just turned noon. I can’t expect her to be here exactly at noon. Hell, I can’t expect myself to be anywhere exactly at a given time. I’ll be on time to things, just not exactly. I’m sure she’ll be here any minute though. Standing alone in front of the movie theater, I see some couples walking in to catch a movie. The promenade is a bit busy for a Monday. I’m starting to feel a bit more nervous than I was before, I feel like a complete idiot just standing out here. I always do whenever I wait for someone though. If it’s longer than 10 minutes, I feel like a fool. It’s as if people judge me for standing too long; wandering side glances from others, people whispering about me, probably thinking I was stood up. What other’s think really eats at me. No matter how normal it is to wait for someone, it still feels odd.

I wait a bit longer before I rechecked my phone, this time, it’s 12:05. She could be running a little late. After all, we did get a tiny bit of traffic coming here. Maybe she’s finding a parking spot. Or maybe she parked far and had to walk? I was coming up with different things as to why she could be late. There was a small bench, which I decided to walk to and sit on. Time was crawling at this point. I couldn’t help but have my nerves eat at me, and the longer I waited, the worse I felt. Checking my phone on a constant now, I hoped that a 10-minute wait felt like 2-minute wait. Did she actually decide not to come? Did I do something wrong? Did I misread her? She definitely said yes right? Did she feel bad for saying no, and just said yeah? I really hope she comes soon though. It was 12:30 at this point and I was feeling down. Slumped on the bench, face in my hand, I was feeling defeated. Maybe if I just wait a little bit longer, she’ll come. I’ll give her another 10 minutes, besides I could use something to drink. I’ll wait 10 more minutes, and if she’s not here, I’ll go get something to drink. But I should come back, right? But by now, I feel like more than just a fool. I feel like a complete idiot. I’m sure the people passing by having already made their deduction that I’ve been stood up; which could be true.

Maybe she decided not to show up after all. I let out a large sigh of defeat, got up and walked towards the coffee stand that was 20 feet away from me. Maybe coffee will perk me up, and I can wait just go back and wait a tad bit longer. When I reached the line for the coffee stand, I wasn’t expecting it to be long, but then again, I really have nothing better to do than just wait.

Stripped (Part 4)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 5035 (sorry??)
Warnings: Angst, some language, brief mention of violence against reader

Summary: You are a SHIELD agent working undercover in a strip club whose owner is involved with organized crime. When you find out he might be in talks with HYDRA Bucky is brought in to help.

You wake up feeling refreshed. You can sense that you had a nice deep sleep and you definitely needed it. Stretching your arms over your head as you yawn you get up, looking in your mirror to wipe your eyes and fix your messy hair.

You leave the bedroom and smile as you see Bucky sitting on the couch, head down staring at the tablet.

“Good morning,” you cheerfully say, walking past him towards the kitchen.

You look around for coffee, assuming he had brewed a pot for you as he did the day before but the coffee pot was untouched. You grab a filter and the container of coffee, ready to make some for yourself.

“Do you want any?” you asked Bucky, suddenly realizing he hadn’t responded to your earlier greeting.

You look towards him. He’s still focused on the tablet. Maybe he’s lost in the book he was reading. You walk towards him and place your hand on his shoulder. He flinches at your touch.

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Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a fluffy one shot with Kylo and a sick reader where he takes care of her and cuddles her :)

A/N: I got this done so quick bc I was in the biggest of moods to write fluff and like 90% of my requests are anything but so thank you, anon! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.3K+

The excitement of moving off of the Finalizer and onto Starkiller Base had become a faint memory. At first, you were more than thrilled to be surrounded by nature and not open space. Sure, seeing nothing but stars was quite pleasant, but you grew to feel a bit of cabin fever when all you ever saw was stars.

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Let Me In {6}

Sequel to The Sun and The Stars

Previous parts: | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Word count: 2524

Warnings: swearing, birth, light angst

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

Pain. Dizziness. Exhaustion. It’s all you feel the second you open your eyes, your face pressed into your suddenly too soft sheets. A throbbing headache pulses in your temples and you groan as you lift your head off the pillow. Your brain feels all jumbled up.

Shit, you think. What the hell happened? 

You push yourself up off the bed but you feel shaky and weak and your head instantly swims the second you stand. You sway and lean against the bed and groan in pain as the dizziness hits you in waves. You hear Layla laughing in the next room, loud and piercing; her shrieking giggles feel like shards of glass stabbing your skull but then, you hear heavy footsteps coming to your door, and then a gentle knock on the wood. 

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