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i read this fic and….goddamn its so good… i love it so much…. i had to draw something… then i had to stop because if not i kinda woulve ended up drawing… everything

im just such a sucker for total strangers becoming friends becoming family FFFUCK YOU DONT EVEN KNOOOWWW


For Anon (3) request: Nico di Angelo wallpaper/lockscreen

art by x 

I should be sleeping/doing my homework/studying for a quiz/finishing up my work but instead I made lockscreens. I had a little too much fun making these. Hope you don’t hate them!

draco and harry making a bet against each other on who could survive the longest without sexually touching each other.

a week in, draco almost catches harry sneaking glances at his lips the next lesson they share together, likewise draco packs his bag as slow as he can to catch a glimpse of harry’s ass as he walks out the classroom. 

two weeks in, harry thinks draco licking his pudding like that should be illegal. draco doesn’t return harry’s gaze but leaves the great hall with the biggest grin on his face.

three weeks in, harry decides “fuck it” and tells goyle to scram as he sits next to malfoy during transfiguration. draco doesn’t bat an eye at the suspicious looks they’re getting from the class because harry is gripping his hand so tight underneath the table and the faintest of smirk is on draco’s face because “Potter best have his money prepared.

four weeks in, draco didn’t know harry could be such an exhibitionist as he walks into potions class with his tie loosened, hair messier than it initially was, shirt untucked and is harry wearing contacts?

on the fifth week, harry completely forgets about the bet as he eats lunch with ron and hermione in the great hall but can’t ignore the sudden sound of muffled whispering followed by people pointing to the gryffindor table when his gaze finally lands on the blonde mop of hair making its way to where harry was sitting. “shove over.” draco sneers as he plomps himself down in between harry and ron. “what do you think you’re doing here?” ron says appalled at his abrupt proximity to malfoy. the hall was quiet by now and draco simply says “what, weasel? a boy can’t sit next to his boyfriend?” as he locks his fingers in harry’s hair and reels him in for a kiss.

draco owed harry 10 galleons.

I’m still thoroughly convinced that everyone has had a crush on donut at least once
I bet back in blood gulch, church was trying to spy on the Reds
And Tucker comes over like “church r u checking out donut”
“what no fuck off Tucker”
“Been there done that man”

anonymous asked:

ok so i literally just put your entire btsgfx tag into my queue because damn i love your work so much. i love how minimal yet beautiful your work is & i couldn't praise you enough!!! but one thing i esp noticed was how well you blend your colours & idk what psds you use (i'm guessing you make it on spot) but can you give tips/a tutorial on how you colour so well??? (like in ur recent listen to my voice: prelude 2/2 gfx). its okay if you don't wanna tho i understand <3 - @bangtaehyungs

first of all, thank you so much! your comments mean a lot to me :)

second, some tips on coloring (kinda??). there’s only really two things i can think of right now which are:

1. don’t rely too much on premade psds. 

i’m not saying don’t use them at all. in fact, i use a couple myself (for both gifs and gfx). however, most of the times, you won’t, or at least i don’t, get the desired coloring you want. you’re half right about me making my psds on the spot. once i apply my base psd, i add several layers under and/or over the psd to achieve the look i want.

my advice (especially if you’re not used to them yet) would be to mess around with a lot of adjustment layers. some are pretty straight forward such as the brightness/contrast layer and the hue/saturation layer. some require a bit more experimenting such as the selective color layer or the channel mixer layer (at least in my experience).

2. layer images and change blending modes.

i’ve done this in the past and now i’m starting to do this more. what i do is layer several images on top of each other to give the gfx more dimension and depth ifthatmakesanysenseatall. 

it’s hard to explain so here’s a diagram:

this is how i created the last image from the ‘prelude (2/2)’ gfx. basically i layered each image (1 on the bottom, 3 on top) and used those settings(?) to create the desired blending i wanted. i can’t really tell you which blending modes are the best to use because it’s going to be different every time. but like with the adjustment layers. your best bet is just to experiment with different ones and see how each one changes the blending with the image underneath.

i’m no ps master so i’m sure there are tons of other ways to achieve better coloring. my biggest tip and the most general would literally just be to mess around with everything. most of the tricks i’ve picked up on the way were just through trying out each tool, layer, mode, etc.

1am rule

Fact, whenever my friends and I had way too much homework (we usually do), we’d all have to work together (like, in silence in a vidcall or smthn) and we HAD TO STOP NO MATTER WHAT at 1am and probably cram the rest the next day. I mean, 12am is already a bad time to sleep but u kno, I come home at 5pm, some of them come home at like 7pm, so it’s :/ But still.

1am rule, guys. Its helped me. Dont pull all-nighters.