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Things I expect on the RWBY Volume 4 soundtrack

1. I Burn part 5
2. From Shadows (Liquid DnB remix)
3. Blake has Secretly Been in Love With Russel This Entire Time
4. Qrow’s Bad Luck Gets Him the Clap (ft. Vic Mignogna) 
5. Red Like roses the Blood of My Enemies
6. I Just Wanted to Raise a Fucking Family, Qrow. (Featuring Burnie Burns) 
7. Where the Fuck Am I (Featuring Neo)
8. Knock Knock it’s Knuckles (Featuring Echidna Grimm) 

ITS CONFIRMED ITS OFFICIAL… Written in the stars whatever tf you wanna call it EOS IS A GOING TO BE A BLOODBATH… Heartbreak is Coming and we may not survive it ….WHO TF AM I KIDDING PENCIL IN SEPTEMBER 6th AS THE DAY YOU DIE FROM THE FEEL BISHES … Excuse me while I mentally prepare for September 6th…

( btw ebritter2 = Emily Ritter who works at Bloomburys and reads alllll of sjm book months before publishing and is always in Sarahs acknowledgements)

President Snow is Santa and sends the naughty kids into the Hunger Games (Snow’s POV)

I see you when your sleeping, I know when you’re awake, I sing to myself as I make my lists of all the naughty and nice people in Panem.I know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.

Before the most of the Earth was destroyed my natural disasters, Santa Claus was just a myth, but know that I have been given the Presidency of Panem, I felt it was my duty to keep order and peace in my country and stop any potential rebellions from occurring. To do this, I thought I’d keep the legend alive. With all the plastic surgeries the Capitol has to offer, they transformed me into the one and only Santa Claus in the flesh.

“Ah, let’s see here, District 12,” I muttered to myself as I heaved a great, leather bounded book with the number 12 written in golden letters on to my desk. “Now where was I… Everdeen I think it was.”

I opened to the letter e which I had bookmarked before I went and had a delicious  lunch of warm milk and soft cookies. I immediately tsked at the sight I came across under the name “Everdeen, Katniss”.

“Oh my dear Miss Everdeen,” I muttered to myself, “you have been a naughty girl this year haven’t you? Poaching, sneaking out of the fence, selling game… This is very bad. And you must the punishment for being bad is…” I scrawled her name down under the list of 22 other children’s names who had been just as bad as she had been. At the top of the list was “The 74th annual Hunger Games”. All the naughty children were to fight to the death as punishment for the crimes these children have committed. “Hmm, it says here that you have been doing a lot of the things with your little friend Gale Hawthorne, I think he goes on the naughty list too, don’t you think?”

Just as I was about to scrawl his name along Miss Everdeen’s, and small red bookmark in the “M” section of the book. Curious, I opened it up to the name, “Mellark, Peeta.”

“Oh dear, you have done some naughty things too, haven’t you Peeta?” Next to his name was a list of different offences. Not listening to parents, burning bread, not listening to parents yet again by not giving it to the pigs, and giving away parents stock for free. “Oh this is bad as well. But who do I choose, Mr Mellark, or Mr Hawthorne.”

I knew immediately who I was going to choose. Mr Hawthorne is Miss Everdeen’s hunting partner. I can’t give her that advantage over the other tributes, it just wouldn’t be fair, I thought to myself as I wrote “Peeta Mellark” under Katniss’ name. As I was finished  I checked my lists twice to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake, and then sent my list off the elves to prepare these children.

Merry Christmas Panem, I thought to myself as I went off to get another glass of warm milk.