help me i want a fanfic of this so bad


I can’t get over the idea of Henry and Bendy throwing puns at each other!

Comic inspired by @doodledrawsthings Hells Studio AU
and @whatisthisnonsense ‘s and @squigglydigglydoo ‘s amazing fanfic 
(and with @doodledrawsthings ‘s Henry design)

@everestcresent helped me out with 100% of the puns on this comic and their my bestie. Please go check out their blog!

And this comic, had a LOT of alternate possible routs (5+ written down)
So, below the cut is one of those alt routs (which has bonus panels)
(the rest will merely be in the tags)

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dating nolan holloway would involve...

requested by: anon

  • late night drives to the middle of nowhere and looking at the stars
  • awkward first kisses
  • but it gets much better after that
  • deep life conversations
  • holding hands under the table
  • baking together
  • nose pecks
  • lots of bear hugs
  • lots of forehead kisses
  • lots of cuddles
  • lots of “study” sessions
  • soft sex
  • him pushing you on swings at the park
  • cheering him on like an embarrassing mother at his lacrosse games
  • surprising him with a special present for winning a game ;)));;;);)));;);;;;))
  • you being the one person he trusts the most, even over his parents
  • you falling asleep on his lap
  • him falling asleep on your lap
  • running your fingers through his hair when he sleeps
  • going to every single carnival that happens
  • bumping noses when you try to kiss
  • overprotective nolan
  • inside jokes
  • always being there for each other

note: gif is not mine. also i highkey really want nolan to be a good guy because i feel really bad about feeling emotionally attached to his character but he’s just so adorable i can’t help it fCK me.

Fell!Palette x Fell!Goth

Fell!Goth P.O.V.

I didn’t know being sex-buddies is so painful. Of course he promise he will not be so rough and this will be fun and nice but he lied. But this isn’t hurt only in that way

No feelings,  jealousy or anything like that. Just sex.

It’s not good. Especially if you have feelings for your sex-friend.

Although this more look like he use me as his sex doll. This will didn’t bother me that much if he wouldn’t hit me and act like i’m a slut. I have wounds everywhere on my body, just like the ones i’m healing now.

Everyday it’s getting worse and i don’t know why.

Yesterday was awful and it didn’t look like today will be better.

Just in the moment i end healing myself i heard door open with a bang and someone slammed them. I think Palette is angry. I’m fucked up.

I look out the door to see Palette walking in circle. He was really pissed off because of something. As soon as he notice me with a gesture he showed me to come to him.

I slowly stepped towards him. Before i was in front of him, he said:

- On your knees.

I wasn’t even going to oppose. I tried once. It didn’t end well.

I did what he wanted. Whe i look up first thing i saw was his member. I know pretty well what i have to do but i don’t want to. When he saw that i’m hesitating he grab back of my skull and forced his cock into my mouth. I don’t want to pissed him off more so i started deep throating. I heard some grunts and moans from him.

After some time he climax in my mouth and i swallowed it all.

He throw me on to the couch and ripped my clothes in pieces.

After a while i felt that Palette slamed his whole lenght into me and start thrusting. It was so painful. Twarz forced i my eyes a d fall down like waterfalls but i wasn’t gonna beg him to stop or wait a little. He will definitly ignore me and went harder.

Every second he was thrusting more roughly making me scream in pain.

- W..Who you belongs to, huh?~ W
.. Who is your master, you dirty piece of garbage?~ ngh… Answer! - He said

- Y..You ~ You a..are! - i hate when he call me like that but what i can do?

Passed a long and painful moment before he climax deep in me which caused me to climax. Sperm went on me, him and a little on couch…

When he pull out of me, he notice cum all over him and kick me in the stomach. I bowed in half(?). Palette only look at me .. But… Different than before. Like he felt guilt for what he did…

I tried to get up but fail miserably. Ii hissed in pain and lay on the couch again.

Then Palette picked me up and go with me to my room.

I look at him with gratidute and smile a little. He just glanced at me briefly and put me in the bed.

I think i heard a “goodnight” from him…

I smiled more and fall asleep.

- Next day -

I wake up wih pain in my ass and nausea. I didn’t even make a step forward bathroom and puked on the floor.

“ Meh.. I will clean this later” - i think

I ran to the bathroom and puke again and again until i notice something.

In my belly… There was small soul.

Oh no…
What should i do?!

I know Palette wouldn’t want that child and maybe kill me or it so… I think… i have to ran away.

I don’t want to but i have to.

Hope you like it senpai! And i’m soooo sorry for my terrible English ;w;


On love, lust, and other feelings (Sashea) - wordsmithmaybe

A/N: Hey:) This is my first time submitting anything on this blog, but I have my own blog where I have been posting rpdr fanfictions for a while now (wordsmithmaybe). I’m obsessed with lesbian sashea so I couldn’t help but write this 7k au fanfic!! I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know if you want a sequel x

(sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I’m slightly dyslexic, but i tried my best to proof read) 

P,S This story is inspired by my own experiences. I’m not trying to offend anyone or their religion. 

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Based off of the Coffee Art: Frisk Holding Chara’s Hand

saemi-the-dreamer submitted: 

That wretch.

Chara had walked through these ruins a countless time before, they used to know them like the back of their hand.

Until that damn child fell and took away their power.

The Caretaker gasped as they felt the ground beneath them crack and quickly stepped back. Chara looked around, at loss. Where to go now? They were lost. They could not find their way back home anymore.

The ruins had become a maze to them.

But how was that even possible? Did that little demon use and abuse RESETs so much that Chara was now confused? They could not even clearly remember the previous timelines, when they had been chasing that human.

And of course, they had left their cell phone in their house. Chara wanted to slap themselves for doing such a mistake. But how could they have known?

They should have been more on their guards the moment they realized the child had the control of that power. Since it was just a child, a trusting and naive one moreover, Chara had been over-confident.

That loathsome child!

How Chara despised them!

The moment they would found them…!

A giggle echoed.

“Do you need guidance?”


“I hate you.” Chara hissed as they carefully walked besides Frisk.

“For now.” Frisk answered cheerfully. “Who knows? You might come to adore me someday!”

“I highly doubt that!”

Chara’s eyes shot daggers at the child who sipped at his hot cocoa.

That little demon dared to use my kitchen and helped themselves while I was trying to find my way!

How Chara missed their dagger, they felt powerless without it. But leaving it behind had been part of the deal.

They wanted to wipe that smug off that brat’s face so bad!

“Come on!” Frisk grinned. “We’re almost there!”

Chara hissed like a cat when Frisk grabbed their hand and started pulling them forwards.

Maybe they could still strangle them?

Glitter King

For @memento-scribet because she was asking for ideas for Jason’s Birthday and… IDK this just happened.

It all started when you found out that the next day was your boyfriend’s (of almost a year) birthday was the next day.

Excuse you Jason, how come this never came up?

Obviously, revenge would have to be taken.

Revenge in the form of glitter. Which you flung at him singing happy birthday.

“It’s your birthday?” One of the Penguin’s henchmen asked looking up from his place tied back to back with his partner while you flung handfuls of glitter at a very annoyed Red Hood.

“Speak of this to anyone and I will murder you in your sleep”

“Don’t get any of that stuff on my keyboard,” Tim mumbled as you skipped around Jason showing him with the rainbow confetti. You were now singing “You’ll never get this out of your hair”

You were mid-throw when he grabbed your arm causing you to freeze. “Enough!” he snapped his face hard but you could see a glint of mischief in his eyes that told you that you weren’t really in too much trouble. “If you want to celebrate my birthday so bad we are going to do what I want.”

“Ok fairy king” you giggled as small flecks of glitter rained down from his dark hair. Letting out a soft growl he grabs you throwing you over his shoulder “JASON!?” you cried as he carries you off.

“You said I could do what I want.”

“Tim HELP ME He’s getting the glitter all over me!”

“You brought this on yourself”

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Love It Gone

Writer - Aingeal

Pairing - Dean x Reader

Summary - Laying in bed with Dean after a hunt, the reader can’t sleep. After sitting outside in the rain for a little while, Dean joins her & offers to help her ease some of her stress.

Word Count - 1,423

Warnings - Implied smut, Some angst, Some fluff, Talking of feeling depressed/feeling like a failure.
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - Based on the songs Love It Gone & Strip It Down


After tossing and turning quietly for the last half hour, I couldn’t take it anymore. I glanced at the empty bed across from me, and debated moving over so I didn’t risking waking up Dean, but I knew Sam would be back eventually. Dean and I weren’t together in that sense, though I won’t deny I’d thought about it, but we always shared a bed when we were out on a hunt, or crashing somewhere. It’s been the norm for as long as I can remember. Even when Dean and I would hunt alone, we’d always share a bed.

Not that I wouldn’t sleep next to Sam, but he and I are strictly friends and I don’t want anything to ruin that relationship. And it’s not done to save someone from having to sleep on a couch, in a chair or in the car, but rather because something about being wrapped in Dean’s arms made everything in the world seem okay, if even just for those brief few hours that we slept. I never told him that reason of course, it was my little secret. As far as he knew, it was just because I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with Sam.

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I want to kiss you so bad

*whispered Tanuma at Natsume’s ear

*Natsume blushes lightly and gives him a judging look, like, “what is he thinking? They’re in the middle of a studying section and their friends are right beside them!”

*He thinks for a moment…and then declares:

-I’m kind of hungry, I’m going downstairs to see if Touko-san has something for us to heat.

*He gets up and Tanuma fallows him*

-I’ll help you

-No, it’s ok

-No, no, I insist – says Tanuma giving him a little smirk

*Natsume blushes lightly, again*

-Ok than, after you.

*And the two leave the room*

*After watching the two, Nishimura states:

-they’re really close, huh…

-Too close…

*says Sasada*

-W-what are you two saying, they’re normal, normal

*Says Taki

*Meanwhile in the all way…*
Scu11y22 Fave Fanfics


I remember when the “Scu11y22 Fave Fanfics” tag was born back in February. I was in my car running “mom” errands, and was thinking about the rabbit hole that I fell in that was Olicity fanfiction. I couldn’t BELIEVE that I was reading such amazing works for FREE. Most of it was better than some books I paid good money for! And I couldn’t stop reading. I almost felt guilty to be getting so much enjoyment without giving anything in return, I had to thank them. I had to do it in a big way. And I had seen people do fic recs, and compilations, but I wanted to try something different - and have a little fun! Then I thought -

- what do I like the most about Tumblr posts (other than the interactions with others)? THE GIFS! When authors publish books, they usually get a dust jacket. Sooo…. I made a digital dust jacket. Including art, link to the authors Tumblr, link to the fic (whether AO3 of, even just as a Tumblr text post), and then a line or two from the story - hoping that hooks people in. It’s easy to scroll past text, but when you see this:

Who’s not going to look. TRY NOT TO STARE AT HIM. I DARE YOU. (link to fic rec post Flawless by machawicket here)

But I truly had NO IDEA how HUGE the fanfic base was in the Olicity fandom. So many terrific authors. So many different styles and ratings. It was a virtual smorgasbord of fics! And all of a sudden I couldn’t keep up! (Good problem to have, I know)

And as much as I enjoy reccing the “big names” and popular fics because - HELLO - they’re awesome;  I get the most out of it when I hear stuff like this from people like Dawn, sailorslayer3641, whose fic I recced back in March. She is now one of those “big names”. THIS is what makes me happy. Writers that are either putting something out there for the first time; or are coming back to writing after a long absence. This fandom is so terrific that this is where you chose to share something of yourself. And it’s AMAZING. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - AND I LOVE YOU!

I’ve “met” SO many authors that have now become friends, and they literally thrive on ANY feedback you give them. Kudos and favoriting are wonderful, but comments are LIFE GIVING. I fear that I don’t do that enough - BUT I TRY.

So I’m not going to list authors here, since there are so many that I wouldn’t know where to start. But just know - whether you’ve written one fic or one thousand; have one comment or one million; YOU ARE SPECIAL. YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE APPRECIATED.

(Final Note: I have a “ficbridge” on my page wherein I have tried to link fic authors to their other social media urls (AO3,, Twitter). So if you’re looking for anthfan on twitter - well, no, bad example, she’s Anthfan EVERYWHERE - if you’re looking for diggo26 on AO3, she’s NerdyAddict, and dust2dust34 is Bre. If you want to be added to the list, please let me know here. I really want to help you guys get your fics recognized and get people talking about them on ALL social media outlets!)

p.s. Remember that EVERYDAY should be fanfic writers’ appreciation day. Leave a note when you reblog, click a kudos, favorite, comment on AO3 and and…

Announcement of Prompts!

Drumroll please! Sorry that this took me a day or two since the initial announcement, but without further ado:

Day 1 (August 13th): Roses

Starting the week off with something a lil’ more soft! Roses can be incorporated any way you like (or not at all! You don’t even have to follow the prompts if you don’t want to!)

Random inspiration ideas: Flower crowns, bouquets, gardens, thorns

Day 2 (August 14th): Time

Make of this prompt as you wish! Let it be in different time periods or a young Chris or improvement over time or anything else you come up with.

Random inspiration ideas: Family, juniors competitions, futuristic Switzerland, the 90s 

Day 3 (August 15th): Relationships

Let your imagination run wild with ships! No judgement on my part! And nothing even has to be romantic either! (reminder to tag any nsfw, please!)

Random inspiration ideas: his family, friendships, that weird acquaintance/friend relationship with that one cafeteria worker at his rink

Day 4 (August 16th): Free Day

Let’s see what you come up with! Whenever, whatever, wherever, I want you to share it!

Random inspiration ideas: crossovers, mafia au, shopping, rinkmates

Day 5 (August 17th): Intoxicated

This was intended to be based off the short program, but by all means, let the absolutely smashed Chris fanworks be shown off!

Random inspiration ideas: picking the program’s outfit, bars, choreography

Day 6 (August 18th): Social Media

Let it be twitter edits, ig posts, reading his own fanfic, let’s see it!

Random inspiration ideas: More of those pool pictures, the “blackmail” photos, arguments over gif vs. jif

Day 7 (August 19th): Smile

You’ve made it through the week! I’m so proud! Show me everything, smiling through tears, selfies, smiling during made it through the week! I’m so proud!

Random inspiration ideas: Podium, media photos, bad jokes

Remember: you do not have to follow the prompts whatsoever (I did a poor job of coming up with them anyway!) Please help me boost this if you can, since I want as many people to participate as possible!

~LIFESAVER~{A Justin Bieber Fanfiction}

Chapter 1.

Alena’s P.O.V.

Feeling the sharp lingering pain across my face coming one after another. “Get up you worthless piece a shit!” shouted the tall rapid man. As I struggle to get on my feet the man grab me by arms as he pushes me into a room with two strange men. “You got 1 hour!” he shouted as he shut the door behind me.


I woke up half naked on a messy bed as my body ache everywhere. The thought of last night made tears rush to my eyes as I hug my body. I quickly got dressed as I was about to leave the cold basement the tall rapid man who happens to be my stepfather came down the stairs with a cigar in one hand and a pile of cash in the other. “Where do you think you are going??” his cold voice asked coming closer to me, backing in tracks as fear full my eyes.”Answer me bitch!” he shouted raising his hand. “I g-ot wo–rk.” I stammered. “Hmmm you better be back before 6 or else.” he threaten, I nodded as I ran out of the house.

You maybe wondering what’s going on so let me explain. At first it was my mom and I after my father passed away we were very happy until she met my stepfather Joe. He made her happy so it made me happy until one night he came into my room while I was asleep and rape me he than threatened if I ever told my mom about this he would kill us both so I keep my mouth shut. Joe was very wealthy man, he has a lot of different businesses around the world. My mom and Joe got married they were happy, my mother’s happiness was all that mattered to me.

A year later my mom died and left me with this monster. He would abuse me physically, mentally and emotionally, he would do anything and everything to make my life a living hell, he tortures me and when I thought things couldn’t get worse he started pimping me out to random men. I hate my life so much! I just wanted it to end. No one knew what I was going through, I couldn’t tell anyone cause if I did my stepfather would kill them that’s the kind of power he had.

Pulling in the parking lot turning the ignition off as I looked myself in the mirror. I wiped the tears out of my eyes as I put on my hat and my shades to hide my messed up face. I’m a cleaner at a studio - Island Def Jam in LA. Popping on my earphones as I mop the white marble floors. Music was my escape from the world it help ease my pain it would take all my problems away. Life Is Worth Living by Justin Bieber came on, I can relate so much to this song as I started to sing just escaping everything.

🎶Ended up on a crossroad Try to figure out which way to go It’s like you’re stuck on a treadmill Running in the same place You got your hazard lights on now Hoping that somebody would slow down Praying for a miracle Who’ll show you grace? Had a couple dollars and a quarter tank of gas With a long journey ahead Seen a truck pull over God sent an angel to help you out He gave you direction Showed you how to read a map For that long journey ahead Said it ain’t never over Oh, even in the midst of doubt Life is worth living, ou ou ou ou Life is worth living, so live another day The meaning of forgiveness People make mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to give in Life is worth living again. 🎶

Didn’t know how loud I was until I heard clapping which startled me. Pulling my earphones out turning around to see the one and only Justin Bieber with a bright smiled plastered across his face. “Oh I’m so sorry. I didn’t know anyone was here so early.” I apologize as I grab the mop and bucket to leave. “I didn’t mean to disturb you. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” I said walking past him. “No no please wait!” he grab my arm as I flinch a little because of the pain my body was feeling not realizing as I drop the bucket causing the water to spill everywhere including on Justin’s shoes. “Omg! I’m so sorry!” I apologized bending down to wipe his shoes causing my shades to fall off. “No stop! It’s okay. Really!” Justin said stooping down with his hand on my shoulder. “Please stop. It’s really okay.” he insisted.

I looked up at him his smile instantly disappeared, his face expression turned into sympathy and sadness as he looked at my brushed face. Realizing I was no longer wearing my shades I grab my stuff quickly as I can. “I’m sorry. I got to go.” I said before leaving. “Wait please!” Justin shouted behind me but I ignored him as I made my way to my car and left.

Justin’s P.O.V

Who was she? What was her name? What happened to her? Why would someone be so cruel to such an Angel? I mean it’s inhumane. I need to find her, I need to help her, I need to protect her…

To be continued….

A/N: Hey guys, I’m thinking about making this into a Fanfiction but I’m not sure yet cause I’m not too good at writing so I’m sorry if it’s bad but I want to hear what you guys think so here’s a little preview. Plus I haven’t decided on a name for it so if you have any let me know in the comments or message me. Thanks guys. xx ❤

okay but hear me out: nathan getting hiccups

  • so nathan is this angry smol (we don’t know how tall he is ((right?? do we??) but in my opinion he’s a smol) (at least smaller than gab)
  • so imagine this angry smol getting a hiccup all of a sudden. 
  • it’s really annoying for him because it doesn’t fit is angry, angsty, brooding status you know.
  • but like; hiccups, what can u do about it?
  • it probably happens when he’s alone with gabriel enjoying nature and such (lmao idk)
  • so the first hiccup happens and nathan’s like ‘is2fg why me, fuck you, fuck everything. i refuse to’ *hiccup* ‘have hiccups fucking hell’ 
  • gabriel notices the hiccups and is v amused watching his angry bf having the cutest™ hiccups ever.
  • nathan sees gabriel grinning and just goes ‘fuck you’ *hiccup*
  • gabriel laughs.
  • nathan does some shapeshifting hoping that as he changes into another form his hiccups will disappear
  • haha nope.
  • that didn’t work.
  • wolf!nathan hiccups are adorable.
  • nathan changes back into his human (witch) form and is just so done. *kicks rock*
  • by this time gab has fallen to the ground because he’s laughing so hard
  • and then nathan tells him to fuck off and gives him an Angry Stare™ which gets ruined by a hiccup.
  • gab is rolling over the ground. 
  • nathan leaves. 
  • later gabriel finds nathan sitting somewhere on his own and has to push down a laugh when he hears yet another hiccup coming from nathan
  • (nathan this poor child)
  • nathan’s like “if you’re going to laugh you can fuck off already” 
  • so gabriel doesn’t laugh when another hiccup happens
  • gabriel: “i could help you get rid off them you know”
  • nathan: “fucking hell and you’re telling me now?”
  • oh well, gabriel had to enjoy the show first amirite my friends? (he’s such a nice boyfriend)
  • gabriel just shrugs “do you want help or not?” 
  • “enlighten me”
  • so gabriel kisses nathan, cutting off his breath until the hiccups disappear.
  • gabriel this smooth fucker nathan’s so done 
  • but also yes. yes this is good.
  • au revoir le hoquet
Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 205

Originally posted by jjks

taehyung looks like a fennec fox in here for some reason and ive nothing against it, fuck me, why does he look so good?????????

do check out my selling post with the tag #fafsells

lets start~

1) Blabbering Curse

by @btsinned

a jung kook  xy/n fic 


hogwarts au 

( did i not mention how i am trash for hogwarts au )

this is part of a hogwarts au series with all member x y/n fics, some are one shots and some are series and so far all member fics are up except for hoseok and seokjin

you and jung kook are the best snitchers in your houses but of course, your rivalry could be something yet you both belong in the same group of friends till they decided to put the curse to get you both to stop bickering for once and spill your feelings out mutually 

2) Tamer

by @btsinned

a taehyung x y/n fic 

ongoing series with the 2nd chp called Not a Monster

hogwarts au 

( this has so much fluff inside im crying ahHHH ) 

this is part of a hogwarts au series with all member x y/n fics, some are one shots and some are series and so far all member fics are up except for hoseok and seokjin

you are raised to be a tamer and in hogwarts, one of the best tamers to even tame dragons enough yet when you lied to your favourite professor on the whereabouts of the prankster, taehyung, who knew he’d be the one tailing you 

3) Headphones

by @btsinned

a yoongi x y/n fic 

one shot 

this is part of a hogwarts au series with all member x y/n fics, some are one shots and some are series and so far all member fics are up except for hoseok and seokjin

when you pass yoongi, the cold slytherin who has been in your classes for 12 years, his headphones back, little did you know did it pique his interest in you 

4) Strawberry Village

by @jiminicriket

a jungkook x y/n fic 

ongoing series with 5 parts out 

mafia au 

when you get kidnapped by being one of the biggest gang’s daughter, you find yourself thousand of miles away from your haven - the strawberry village yet you managed to find jungkook who could help you out but little did you know how he actually is linked to you

5) Rose

by @jaxslauj ( i cant tag ahhhh )

a taehyung x y/n fic 

one shot 

part of the strip bar series that are all member x y/n fics, with taehyung out as of now

taehyung isn’t the type to be in the club, but because of his brother’s bachelor’s party, he followed only to be intrigued by you

6) What Happens in Vegas

by @junghoe-seok

a jungkook x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

so when you were dragged to your best friend’s bachelorette’s party, you reluctantly agreed only for you to find out, your ex would be there, and well what happens in vegas stays in vegas right?

7) New Rules

by @angelfacehobi

a yoongi x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

when you see your regular outside of your workplace, little did you know you’ll bend your own rule

8) Insomnia

by @oppamansae

a taehyung x y/n fic 

one shot 

when youre sleeping over at your boyfriend’s dorm only to be woken up late at night to your boyfriend being really needy, not that you mind 

9) War Lords

by @avveh

a hoseok x y/n x namjoon fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

mafia au

( shit this got me so weak oh my ) 

you knew you had to catch them but what happens when they’re the ones who could give you the control you desire

10) Student Council Prez

by @jimlingss

a yoongi x y/n fic

high school au 

completed series with 18 parts in total not including the sub chapters in between 

min yoongi was the president of the student council of a prestigious school and he needs to make sure that you, the scholarship student was doing well

11) Beyond Reach

by @jimlingss

a hoseok x y/n fic 

ongoing series with 3 parts out 

grim reaper au, ghost au 

( trust me, i love this so much, the angst is real and so were my tears )

you had the ability to see ghosts, most of the time you treat it as a curse but when hoseok stumbles upon you for your help, you reluctantly agree though honestly you didnt want to at all 


12) Elevator 

by @jiminisalier

a taehyung x  y/n fic 

one shot 

getting stuck in an elevator wasn’t bad considering you were with a hot stranger 

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~

A kiss never forgotten

*Chap 1: A drunken night*

*Chap 2: A blurred night*

*Chap 3: The bath house*

*Chap 4: A Thousand pieces*

*Chap 5: Heart beat*

*Chap 6: Surprise*

*Chap 7: Sunsets, trees and you*

*Chap 8: What now?*

*Chap 9: Healing the unfixable*

*Chap 10: So, this is it?*

*Chap 11: What now?*

*Chap 12: Kids and kisses*

*Chap 13: Its time*

*Chap 14: Tears*

Chap 15: Somethings different?

Naruto looked at his face in the mirror, his face was drained of pigment, eyes strained and heavily blood shot. He hadn’t seen Hinata or his children in over a week, it was killing him to not go over there and literally bash the door down.

It was hurting Naruto, all of this felt like hell to him, not seeing his children, worrying constantly about what Hinata may have said.

Has she said something bad about Naruto? Or worse about Sasuke?

What if they hated him? What if they wanted nothing to do with him now? Did he ruin any chance of having a happy relationship with his children so he could chase his own happiness? How could he be so selfish?

“Naruto your up again? This is not helping, thinking the worst situations. Baby please just give it a week more before you go and talk to her?”

Naruto looked up at Sasuke with deeply heavy eyes, he wanted to hope that he was right that he was only over worrying about the whole situation but in reality, he was crumbling inside, his mind at that moment was his worse enemy.

“Sasuke it’s been a week, she hasn’t come to see me and what if she told the kids some horrible stuff about us?”

Sasuke adjusted his silk night gown whilst keeping constant eye contact with Naruto. He moved forwards slowly. The light bouncing off of Sasuke’s silk gown danced around smoothly creating a midnight sky colour.

Naruto was so mesmerized by his boyfriend, he could not mentally comprehend how he always looked like an angel that collapsed straight from the heavens at all occasions especially considering he just got out of bed.

Sasuke’s hair was loosely dangling in front of his eyes, his long fingers struggled to move some strands which had broken free and started to bother his vision.

Naruto tensed when Sasuke touched his shoulder to comfort him, he slowly came forward and pressed his warm lips on Naruto’s cheek, leaving a trail of butterflies which set Naruto’s skin on fire.

“Naruto, look at yourself.”

Naruto did exactly that, he saw a man drained of sleep. Purple skin deepening under his eyes, golden hair messily tangled in several knots. How has one week of worry turn him into this? How could Hinata do this to him again?

“Can you honestly tell me that worrying is helping? You are running yourself to the ground.”

Naruto was so sleep deprived and swamped with various emotions that the next thing he did he would regret so deeply.

“You would have no idea what I feel Sasuke, you barely see your daughter, I don’t know what kind of family you are trying to hold onto…”

“Fuck I’m sorry, I…”

Sasuke quickly removed his hand from Naruto’s shoulder. “Naruto, don’t treat me like I am your enemy. I am not Hinata, I am not the person who ran you down to the ground. You weren’t yourself for how many fucking years? Your family may have seemed normal from the outside but fuck sake you have been crumbling since the words, I do.”

Naruto was exhausted and mad, he was taking out his pain on Sasuke when all he did was give a shit about him, something he didn’t have with Hinata. How could he be treating Sasuke like this?

“I know I’m sorry Sasuke, I was out of line, forgive me?”


Sasuke potted whilst crossing his arms in frustration, but his breathing had seemed to simmer down to normal capacity.

“I just wish I could see my kids again Sasuke.”

“And you will, in time, if you really want you could go barging in right now, it’s your house after all. But wait one more week, I promise it will be okay.”

Naruto looked at crimson eyes which still seemed a tad pissed off and put his faith in them. If those eyes, warm lips and hands would lead him to salvation, he would follow them till the ends of the earth.

“Okay Sasuke.”


“Hm, yer okay.”

-1 week later-

“I’m nervous Sasuke.”

Sasuke placed a loving hand on Naruto’s shoulder, reassuring him that it will be okay.

“Huh…okay, let’s go.”

Naruto raised his hand, lingering for a few moments in anticipation before knocking three times on the door.

Silence, torturing silence. And then, noise. Food steps coming closer and closer, each creek of the wooden floor becoming louder, echoing in Naruto’s ears. Each creek striking more and more fear into his already flustered heart.

“Naruto, Sasuke… Thank you for coming, we have the house to ourselves so be comfortable.”

Naruto and Sasuke shared a small glance of suspension and fear, but nothing could have prepared them for what they would hear in the next hour. They followed Hinata into the house. They were hit by the scent of fresh baked cookies and rich coffee beans, a welcoming house full of life and colour.

Sasuke wasn’t moved by the homely feel of the place, his defences where still up and ready to jump at any time to protect Naruto from crumbling once again because of this woman.

“Hinata cut to the chase, why did you tell Naruto to come today and pre-warning I’m not afraid to fight a girl.”

Hinata looked up at Sasuke with wide eyes, but in 2 seconds she was laughing hysterically pushing tears aside.

“Sasuke trust me I don’t want to fight you, I actually called you over to apologize, have a seat and I can explain.”

Naruto and Sasuke were hesitant but ultimately complied with her. Once everyone was seated and served cookies and coffee Hinata let out a long sigh.

“So… I wanted to explain what happened to me that night and why I reacted so terribly.” Hinata tossed her dark hair away from her face, she sipped on the coffee slowly as if trying to manifest this conversion in her head, struggling to find a starting point to her plea.

“Look I have nothing against you two, but I was really drunk and I was really upset… after Naruto left, I was so lonely and I realized I had let go of someone really special… I was being selfish.”

Naruto was shocked he didn’t know what to think anymore, last week Hinata was being…well, a bitch.

“But Hinata you said all those things, about me and Sasuke…?”

Hinata stood up angrily.

“You don’t think what I said to you hasn’t haunted my mind this entire week? It took me so long to even get the courage to ask you over.” Tears filled Hinata eyes as she shacked furiously in place.

“Sasuke, I’m sorry, I truly am. I was jealous, I was selfish. Me and Naruto were miserable together, I know that better than anyone else, then why… why did I want him back again?”

Sasuke didn’t looked phased, he just calmly looked at her with a stone-cold expression plastered on his face, whilst Naruto on the other hand seemed like he was about to go into cardiac arrest.

“Hinata, you properly realized what I great human being Naruto is and started freaking out about what you were going to do without him in your life, let me recommend something for you.”

Naruto looked at him with pissed off eyes.

“Sasuke don’t, Hinata has been through a lot as well.”

“Why are you defending her…still? After the shit she pulled last week, after that disaster of a marriage?”

Sasuke stood up from his chair, scraping the wood in the process from sheer force.

Hinata put up her hand towards Naruto to shut him up.

“No, I can take it. What is it Sasuke?”

“Well Hinata you have been a mom for a long time and let’s not sugar coat it… you have been living off Naruto for many years, with him out of the picture you were stressed about who you would be… The wife of the Hokage is no more and let’s not forget if Naruto wasn’t nice enough to let you keep this house you would also be homeless. So, I guess this is why you are stressing out… my advice is to find something your good at and start working again, find a passion or something and stop living in Naruto’s dam shadow, be your own fucking person.”

Sasuke took in a deep breath and glanced over at Naruto who was absolutely shocked. His jaw hitting the floor and eyes widened in disbelief. Hinata was looking down towards her coffee, a face full of sadness and annoyance.

“It pisses me off to say this… but Sasuke is right.”

“Hinata no, don’t say that.”

“Sasuke is right Naruto, you can’t be defending me for the rest of my life, protecting me from every little thing. I guess I needed to hear that… thanks Sasuke.”

“Don’t worry, blatant truths are my specialty.”

Sasuke looked at Naruto and grimaced, Naruto still didn’t know what he was feeling. His face was as white as a ghost and his expression may as well looked like he saw one as well.

Naruto was used to being the one that had to bend, to accommodate. Did Sasuke just make Hinata change…? Did she really just say that… that she was wrong? Nothing was making sense to Naruto’s brain, he was not used to this at all.

“Naruto, we should go soon.”

Sasuke was walking over to Naruto, bringing his slender hands forward to reach for Naruto and pull him up before Hinata stopped Sasuke, laying one defiant hand on Sasuke’s shoulder.

“Please, let me fix this? I feel like Naruto hasn’t forgiven me yet.”

Sasuke’s eyebrow rose in annoyance, his shoulder tensing in frustration.

Naruto got up still in utter confusion.

“Um Hinata, thank you. I promise it will be okay in time okay, when…” Naruto stopped mid-sentence.

“When what Naruto? Tell me!” Hinata’s eyes turned desperate for restitution, for forgiveness. She needed it, she had to hear it if she was going to survive the guilt that was eating her from the inside out.

“When can I tell the kids about me and Sasuke?”


The room rang quiet, the floorboards making more noise than any living creature in the room.

“Oh, well… I guess whenever you’re ready, but…”

Sasuke and Naruto now both tensed with anticipation, what was Hinata going to say? Did they already know…

“Can I please be a part of it, I want to show to you guys I support you two, so can I help as well?”

Naruto looked at Sasuke with absolute shook, a wave of relief washing off his face. Sasuke also had a slight glint of relief in his eyes but he was much harder to read unlike Naruto who was practically crying from happiness.

Naruto moved towards Hinata, taking her into a tight embrace.

“Thank you Hinata.”


The two ex-lovers smiled and wiped away tears that escaped their eyes.

Sasuke was happy for Naruto, unbelievably happy for him. And in that moment, it hit him, he had never been so invested and joyous for someone else… he was falling for this man so quickly it was nearly terrifying how Naruto could evoke so much emotion in him, but he knew he would never replace this, never in a million years.


Naruto woke up different, much different. He felt as light as air, like he slept on a bed of clouds or something like candy floss. He tugged out of the blankets stretching each muscle whilst nearly melting off the bed and gently landing on the cold floor which was weirdly refreshing. He looked down towards Sasuke who was still peacefully sleeping, his hair falling on his lips, hands softly cupped near his white pillow which cradled like beautiful face, so at peace.

Naruto smiled and walked out, going straight for his daily shower.

The water was gloriously warm it slowly washed away everything that had happened, revealing a different Naruto. He walked out of that shower, changed, lighter and new.

His skin glowed, it radiated like golden sand on an isolated beach, his freckles danced softly across his masculine body, he was more painting than person at this point. The perfection that was the man who walked out the shower was no mere human but more a god finally at peace.

Naruto walked to the kitchen, surprised Sasuke hadn’t woken up yet, his curious mind had him double and triple checking the room to see if he had finally woken up.

He toasted some bread and started to heat up some coffee. He took a bite of his toast and sipped on the steaming coffee, it all went down happily making his stomach dance in joy. Everything was different, for some reason the coffee tasted sweeter, the air sweeter, his body lighter.

Naruto finished his breakfast, leaving the plates in the sink for later. He walked over to the room, slowly looking in to see a sleeping Sasuke. He curiously looked at Sasuke, questioning the absolute impossible.

“Sasuke never sleeps in…”

Naruto started to walk forward ready to wake his boyfriend, but before his fingers could touch warm skin he retracted. He walked out and decided to let him keep sleeping, after all he felt strong enough to walk out that door, into the world alone.


Naruto walked out of his new house, a beautiful little brick house on the outer area of the village, near the forest a beautiful little house with many small animals crawling all over. He loved this new area, this new house, this new feeling.

This was one of the first times Naruto was going to work without Sasuke, it was widely strange but he felt strong enough to not need him. He felt for the first time in so long that he could stand on his own two feet and feel strong, secure and happy.

He had never felt so refreshed and alive. He practically skipped to work, smiling at each villager that passed by.

Naruto picked up some apples to nibble on at work, talking a little bit to the merchant, who was widely inquisitive about the new merchants coming in from other villagers.

Naruto reassured him that Konoha Merchants would not be affected by the changes to occur, that they would actually profit from this decision. The merchant sceptically looked at Naruto but took out his hand to shake Naruto’s and told him he believed in Naruto and his choice. The merchant even threw in some extra apples for free as a gift for Naruto.

Naruto happily accepted and was on his way to work.


Naruto walked into his room, the paper work seeming less intrusive in his room, the atmosphere clean and welcoming. The sunlight coming in from his window welcomed him in, pulling him forward to his seat.

“No Sasuke?”

“Oh Kakashi, nah I let him sleep in.”

“Tch, why not me too?”

Naruto smiled brightly, chuckling lightly at Kakashi’s comment.

“One-day Kakashi if you work harder then maybe, just maybe, I will give you half a day off.”

“So, either something really good happened or Sasuke is mystical in bed for you to be in such a good mood?”

“Yeah something amazing happened yesterday, but we have work to do Kakashi, don’t think changing the subject will let you off.”


-10.30 am

Sasuke ran into the room bashing down a pile of paper work Naruto had neatly stacked together.

“Your cleaning that up” Naruto said whilst lovingly smiling at Sasuke from his desk.

“I’m so sorry I’m so late, why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Yeah why didn’t you wake him up?” Kakashi said sarcastically from his corner.

“I wanted to let you sleep, plus you looked way too cute to wake up.”

“Pff, I would have woken him up with a brick.”

“Oh, hush sexually frustrated grandpa” Naruto mocked whilst standing up from his chair.

Naruto walked over to Sasuke and took him into a deep kiss, long enough for Kakashi to start making gaging noises in the background.

Sasuke was still a tad flustered from the sprint, but he was soon soothed into Naruto’s embrace. Something about his beating heart, his hugs and his scent just calms Sasuke in seconds. By the time Naruto let go of Sasuke he was fully composed and ready for some paper work.

“As I said Kakashi it was a good day yesterday.”

“Honestly what the fuck happened? Or do you have some magical sexual powers Sasuke?”

Naruto ignored Kakashi by taking Sasuke into another deep kiss.


7 pm

The day was drawing to an end, a perfect day for Naruto, work went so well, everything falling into place smoothly. Kakashi, Sasuke and himself had worked throughout the day without a break, but it hadn’t seemed draining to Naruto he was still wide awake filled to the brim with energy, he was so deliriously happy, he had never felt so alive.

Naruto stacked the last papers into their files whilst Sasuke and Kakashi teased each other on the opposite side of the room. Naruto looked at the last piece of paper that was in the room, he packed it away neatly in the file named ‘A’. He closed the cabinet and let out a deep breath and smiled.

He turned around to look at the room, it was empty, actually empty, everything was done. He couldn’t believe it after months of being under so much pressure he was done. Naruto could feel a small tear escapes his eye, which he quickly wiped away.

He let out a happy and accomplished sigh, walking slowly over to Kakashi and Sasuke.

“Hey guys let’s go out to celebrate, we finally after months have finished every paper in this room.”

Kakashi looked at him with questioning eyes.

“Fine…Ille pay.”


“You would think we was broke and homeless” Sasuke said whilst rolling his eyes.

“You would think you had your job because you were talented but in reality, you only got here by sucking dick” Kakashi proclaimed back in annoyance.

“Oh, burn Sasuke, even I can’t save you from that, that was good Kakashi.”

Naruto high fived Kakashi whilst walking out the door, whilst Sasuke stayed behind literally engulfed in flames, preparing to kick both of their asses.


Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi walked out the room laughing and smiling. Joyous and proud energy literally seeped off their bodies like rays of sunshine. There boisterous energy followed them everywhere they went, infecting others as they went along. Soon enough they lead a group of friends to the bar to celebrate a night of drinks and laughs.

*Chap 16: Its time*

One of my lovely readers asked me if I could write Peridot comforting Amethyst like she does Lapis and a scene like that was way overdue for my human AU.

So this is for you, Aly on AO3!

“Beach day” ended early for Peridot, the sun became unbearable even under the shade of an umbrella. She didn’t really mind. …Apart from the fact that she was no longer able to see Amethyst in her two-piece swimsuit.

When she finally dried off Peridot heard the front door slam and then saw Amethyst bolt through the house with her head hung low.

This was an extremely concerning sight, especially with how happy Amethyst was just moments ago.

Peridot quickly went up to Amethyst’s room and knocked on the door.

“May I come in?” Peridot asked.

“No,” Amethyst did a poor job of hiding how upset she was.

“Will you be willing to talk to me? We can do it through the door.”


“Amethyst, what happened?”

The bed creaked and before Peridot knew it the door was open.

“We ain’t doin’ this through the door,” Amethyst said. Peridot couldn’t help noticing that her eyes were red and that she had put on huge baggy clothes.

Amethyst flopped onto the bed and Peridot sat at the desk and turned the chair to face her.

“What’re ya doin’ over there?” Amethyst asked. “Don’t wanna be near me?” She barely audibly added, “Don’t blame ya.”

“I simply feel that this arrangement will make it easier for me to play the type of supportive role currently necessary.”

“This how you do things with Lapis?”

“Pretty much,” Peridot said with a nod. “Now, please tell me what happened to upset you.”

“Got called fat.”

“There’s more to it,” Peridot decided to press the subject.

“Yeah! There is!” Amethyst sat up, her anger very clear. “It reminded me why I don’t swim in public. Especially during tourist season!”

Amethyst ran her fingers through her still-wet bangs. “Fucking Canadian tourists looked at me and said,” Amethyst put on a “Canadian accent” which in Peridot’s opinion sounded way more like a Minnesota accent, “Ah gee, lookit that. Americans really are big, aren’t they, eh.” The fake accent stopped. “Like, it shouldn’t bug me ‘cause I’m happy with how I look but-” Amethyst rubbed her eye “-still stings, y’know.”

“I know, things accumulate and old wounds can still hurt,” Peridot decided to add with a touch of humour, “I banged an old knee fracture recently and it hurt like the dickens.”

She continued, “Amethyst, how you felt is perfectly valid; what they said about you was awful. Don’t beat yourself up over reacting like a human being.” Peridot made eye-contact with her girlfriend who was currently her patient. “What action do you think you should take?”

“Throw ‘em in the ocean,” Amethyst said bitterly.

“What would that accomplish?”


“What would accomplish something?”

“Making out with you.”

Peridot’s face turned bright red, that response made it a bit difficult to remain impartial. “A…and why would that accomplish something?”

“‘Cause you love my bod and I need somebody other than me to right now.”

“Ummmm…” the redness worsened, Lapis never asked to be made out with; apparently Amethyst required a different technique. “I was thinking something along the lines of you listing off five things you like about yourself.” Peridot had a little trouble breathing, normally that request wouldn’t get such a reaction but the forwardness and timing.

And Amethyst knew exactly what she did. Seeing Peridot so flustered greatly improved her mood and self-esteem. “I can list things later, I’ll even write ‘em down for you, doc.”

“Please don’t call me doctor right now, kissing your patient is highly unprofessional,” Peridot felt in the mood for some roleplay. She sauntered up to Amethyst to the best of her klutzy-one-footed-unfeeling-feeted ability. “I don’t want to have to stop seeing you.” She put her hands on Amethyst’s love handles and leaned in.

“But Doctor Hōseki, I never learned your first name,” Amethyst played along.

“It’s Peridot,” her voice was as smooth and low as she could get it.

“Like the space-gem?”

“The very one.”

Peridot closed the gap between her mouth and Amethyst’s. She gently coaxed Amethyst’s lips open and ran her hands along her girlfriend’s hips. Peridot was still pretty bad at starting tongue-kisses so Amethyst more than happily did. She found the uniqueness of Peridot’s tongue very fun to explore.

They separated for air.

“Y’ever make out with your other patients?” Amethyst kept up the roleplay.

“No, you’re the only one to get me to break my code,” Peridot smiled. “You’re special.”

“Thanks,” Amethyst rested her chin on Peridot’s shoulder, she stopped playing. “You really helped me out Peri.”

“You’re welcome,” Peridot rubbed her thumb across the ripples on Amethyst’s back. “But I’m serious about the list.”

“I know, I need to see the good parts of myself for myself.”

Peridot nodded. “I’m glad you understand that.” She backed up so she could kiss Amethyst on the forehead. “You’re going to be fine. And if you ever stop feeling fine, I’ll be there for you.” Peridot’s mind went to their fight at the rave.

“I promise.”

shiimada  asked:

omg can i please get a scenerio where mercy comes home exhausted from a long day of stressful work and so her lovely wife!reader helps her relax/makes her a nice coffee so she can have a moment of peace for once ? :3c

kk i’m gonna try not to fuck up this time! :) also this turned into angst oops, i got carried away. if you wanted something fluffy, send me another request!

Mercy’s wife helps her relax

  • Angela has had a bad day. Not only did she have to take the role of head surgeon in an agonisingly long heart surgery after her colleague called in sick last minute, but of course today was the day when talon would plan an attack. Hundreds of casualties flooded the emergency department, spreading staff ridiculously thin as everyone dashed around to save and preserve as many lives as possible. Mercy tried impossibly hard to help everyone that needed her, but she was only one woman, and so, so many people needed intensive surgeries that just couldn’t wait.
  • It broke Angela’s heart when she heard how many people didn’t survive. She chokes back tears as she reads the names of people that passed away, her breath growing shallower by the second. Overwhelmed by the news, the doctor slowly rises from her chair and excuses herself quietly. The room falls silent as they hear Angela, the world’s most acclaimed doctor, loose all composure and sob violently on the other side of the thin door.
  • She isn’t anywhere secret. She’s right there, trembling in the hospital’s bustling corridor, but nobody notices her. Why would they? Everyone there is wrapped up in there own lives, probably searching for loved ones. She feels as if the air she’s breathing is suffocating, and tries stumble to the exit for fresh air when she sees a very familiar face.
  • Mercy throws her arms around your neck instantly, trying to babble out words but only managing to hysterically cry out something incoherent. Before she has time to fully explain, you quickly press a kiss to her lips and take her strongly by the hand, intending to drive her home right away until you remember that she has to sign out before leaving. Hurriedly, you swing open the staff room door and tell them that you’re taking your wife home. They all consent. Major surgeries were done for the day and they could certainly manage on their own.
  • The ride home is silent. Only the hum of the engine is to be heard. You want to start conversation, but Angela looks far too overstimulated at the moment. She’ll tell you everything in the warmth of her house, but for now, she’d rather let the night breeze ruffle her hair and cool her flushed cheeks, head pressed against the car seat as her breathing gradually evens out.
  • Pulling up at the house, you rush to her side as she goes to step out of the car, promptly swooping her into your arms and kissing her forehead on the way to the front door. As soon at you get in, you set her on the couch and get her something more comfortable to change into, along with a warm blanket fresh from the dryer. You’re so tempted to get under the blanket with her, but decide to make the two of you hot chocolate instead. While your wife definitely prefers coffee in the morning to give her energy for the day, she definitely appreciates a hot chocolate at night to help her wind down.
  • You pass the drink to her slowly, letting go of the handle when she has a strong grip of the handle and flashes you a weak smile. Taking a small sip, Mercy pats the space next to her, encouraging you to sit with her. Without hesitation, you gently slip under the blanket with you wife and wrap an arm delicately around her neck. Angela rests her head against your shoulder after setting down her drink, taking a deep sigh as she whispers “Ich liebe dich” and drifting to sleep. Tomorrow, you’d talk to her about what happened, but for now, physical affection is all that is needed. Eventually, you carry her into bed with you and snuggle her close into your chest, planning something relaxing for the two of you to do tomorrow as you stroke her back.
(requests are open for female characters currently)

do you ever have one of those writing formats, tropes, or style tics where you suspect it’s frowned upon, but you can’t help but love it anyway

for me it’s epistolary stories. i’m sure people associate them with dusty 18th-century morality books, or that period of time in fanfic where everyone was making lolrandom chatlogs, but i just love writing it. i’ve never had a bad time writing epistolary fics. it’s 99% dialogue voice, which is my favorite thing to write, and because i RPed for so long, it’s a really effortless way for me to develop characters. i just wish i didn’t get weird vibes that it’s unpopular as a format. i know, i should just write whatever i want, but… you know how it is.

“Glottis…?” he gasped. Everything still felt surreal. “H-how did you find me?”

“You were out real late. I felt bad ‘bout the piano thing, and the girls were getting worried. I thought I’d take a drive around town, see where you’d gone, but I couldn’t find you! ‘Cept then I heard this awful scream, and looked where it was comin’ from, an’ saw your lighter on the ground, and…”

In spite of the pain that was making him feel dizzy, Manny managed a half-smile. “So you took care of those burros, huh?” he asked, slipping his scythe back into his coat. The money was still there.

“W-well… I didn’t hurt ‘em that bad,” Glottis said, flashing his fangs—this time in a nervous grin.

Manny wheezed out a laugh. “It’s good to see you, carnal.”

-from Lucky at Cards, Unlucky in Everything Else

Commission for @babycharmander! She wanted me to surprise her with a sketch of a scene featuring Glottis from any of her Grim Fandango fanfics, so I chose this scene with Glottis helping Manny because I really liked it, it’s just heart-warming.

Uh, unfortunately Glottis came out kind of small here. He should be… somewhat bigger…

Ah well, hope you like it, BC!

my thoughts on fanfic readers

I write fanfics on aff (kaisoo, baekyeol, xiuhan, other pairings), and a lot of people read them. According to the statistics, 16,000 people have read one of my newer one shots, and I worked really really hard on it. I guess I can’t help but feel kind of taken advantage of when so many people read it, but can’t be bothered to leave a single comment, subscribe or even upvote. I know it’s not all about that stuff, and that I should be happy people even want to read my stories, but out of 16k people, only 30 or so bother to leave any type of feedback. Makes me wonder if the story was good, bad, whether I could’ve worked on the plot better, or if there was anything worth reading in it. I spend so much of my time writing and updating, but people to just read and move on.

I’ve also noticed this on soooo many other fanfics. Some stories are brilliant, plot is so well written, but they have like 10 subs and 2 comments, but the views are in the thousands.

I wish readers would be inclined to leave feedback, that’s all I wanted to say I guess