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Jane’s recipe for disaster: 1. Get dragged to a party she never wanted to go to. 2. Hide in the wrong bedroom. And voila! A relationship with the school’s resident bad boy that she never wanted.

I wasn’t going to repost this story since I am converting it to an original novel. HOWEVER, the original fiction version, while having the same basic premise, is turning out to be vastly different than the fanfic. (Characters, plotline, everything.) So, I’ve decided to put this story back online and finish it. Yes, FINISH IT!

But I need your help, fellow Lokaners. Some of you remember that this started as a “send me four words and I’ll write you a drabble” challenge. Every chapter included four words that I was sent in that challenge, and I think it would be fun to continue it.

Send me four words and I’ll see if I can write the next chapters with them. Thank you!!


A/N: I’ve only just started writing for MCU and please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes (pointers and tips about my grammar are appreciated since I want to get better). This was just something I wanted to write to help me with my anxiety.

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Reader has a really bad day of anxiety and Bucky is really worried about her. Slight angst/fluff

Warnings: Reader suffers from anxiety

Word count: 2162 (I got a bit carried away, sorry)

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Bucky looked up from his conversation with Steve when Y/N entered the kitchen. Her face was blank of any emotion and she looked drained of energy with dark circles under her eyes. Her head ached as she could feel the anxiety drag her down. She wasn’t sure what was triggering it, she sometimes had these days where she could feel the weight of the world on her shoulders without knowing why. She knew these thoughts were bad but she found it hard to push them away, it was a constant vicious circle. 

 He watched her as she quietly walked to the fridge and opened it, she lingered there for a while staring into the packed fridge before closing it without grabbing anything and sighed.

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Can you recommend some philkas fanfics for me. I'm a little picky with fanfics. I'm okay with smut but like not to deep into it?? And nothing to long cause I get bored easily. So maybe like one shots. I'm really bad at finding fics that match my "taste" and I wanted some help.

yeah definitely!!! im pretty weird about fics too. i have some in my fic rec tag which is here. and this is a post made by someone else with some awesome fics in it!! the authors in my fic rec tag all write awesome fic!

Imagine Owen Helping You After A Bad Night

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Okay guys so I posted this already, but I put it on the wrong blog. And then Instead of just copying the edited version, I deleted the entire thing. And now I am very frustrated, considering that it’s a decent length, my dad is pestering me about what I want to eat, my nephew is making trouble, and my mom won’t shut up. So yeah. This is my like, third time reading through this entire thing. 


Summary: Basically, you and Owen get into a fight and you “break up” with him. Overwhelmed by your mistake, you drink a little too much, and when Owen comes to apologize, he ends up having to clean you up.

Warnings: Could be triggering. Lots of alcohol. Some language.

Requested By: No one, I was just writing it for myself .-.

The empty bottle slipped from your sweaty palms, breaking on the floor by your feet. You groaned, tears leaking from your eyes and your fists clenching at your sides.
To say you were a little drunk would be a lie. You had just broken up with your boyfriend- Owen- and had decided that emotions were stupid and you needed to be a little numb.
Well, sorry to break it to you, but numb is an emotion, and god, it hurts like hell.
Not to mention that it was a stupid fight. You were the one that had ended it. Maybe you were overthinking things, or maybe you weren’t looking at the bigger picture. But you couldn’t help yourself. It hurt so bad.
You dragged yourself over to your sad excuse for a kitchen table, fumbling to open a new bottle of beer. You had always told yourself you would never drink.

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Beauty and the Beast Part 2

Summary: Beauty and the Beast AU

Characters: Eventually Dean x Reader

A/N: So the much anticipated second part. I really hope that I lived up to any and all standards. Let me know what you think!!

Part 1

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“I’m here about the help wanted sign”

The man simply looked at you, confusion evident in his face as he didn’t say anything.

“Is this a bad time because I can come back later”

This seemed to snap him out of it as he quickly shook his head “No no please come in”

You nodded slowly and hesitantly walked through the door, jumping slightly as you heard it shut behind you. The house you had stepped into was not as you expected. It seemed to be larger on the inside and much emptier, old, dusty furniture lined the walls and old pictures hung above them as you were led down the hall.

“Please have a seat” The man instructed you indicating a chair angled around an old fireplace you doubted even worked.

You hesitantly took a seat, and tried to take up the least amount of space as possible. However, soon footsteps were heard behind you causing you to stand up and spin around. There stood a man whom you assumed to be Dean, dressed in a long trench coat.

“Ohh visitors” The man’s face lit up with a smile as he walked towards you “can I get you something to drink? Water, coffee, tea?” before you could even form a thought he answered for you “Tea, I’ll get you tea” And with those words he walked off to the kitchen leaving you in stunned silence.

“Uhh look” You addressed the man who had met you at the door “I’m really just here for the job, I just need to talk to Dean”

“Dean right” The man mused to himself, thinking for a moment “Dean isn’t-uh-here at the moment.”

Well that meant the man in the trench coat wasn’t him “do you know how long he will be gone?” You pressed “I really need a job”

“I’m afraid he isn’t hiring at the moment” The man’s words came out much too quickly to be the truth.

“The sign out front says you are” You raised an eyebrow at him “Besides it would only be temporary, just a few days of work”

“He’s looking for someone with experience”

“Which I have plenty of” You tried to keep your voice calm as you spoke to him “Which I would tell Dean if I could just talk to him”

“Look” the man began only to be cut off by the voice of the man in the trench coat.


“Yes I’m looking for him do you know where he is” You spoke up before the other man got a chance to.

“Yes would you like me to get him?”

“Yes” You said just as the other man said no.

The man in the trench coat, however, didn’t even hesitate before retreating back down the hall to get Dean. You could hear the other man sigh loudly causing you to smile in victory. This victory, however, was short lived as two sets of footsteps could be heard coming back towards you.

“I hear you wanted to see me” A deep groggy voice sounded before you saw Dean appear. He had no doubt just woken up, still clad in boxers and a t-shirt, his hair sticking up in a thousand different directions.

“Yes I’m here about the job” You spoke, your breath nearly hitching as beautiful bright green eyes landed on yours.

His gaze quickly skimmed your figure before he shook his head and walked over to the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of what you assumed was supposed to be your tea. “Not hiring”

“Please I just want to work for a little while, until I make enough money to get me back on my feet.”

“Still not hiring” He said in an almost bored tone that was tearing away at your patience rapidly.

“A few days at most, I just need enough money for gas so I can get out of town”

“Listen sweetheart” You had to keep your eyes from rolling at the nickname “In order to work in a mechanics shop you need to know about cars”

“Which I do” You spoke frankly, crossing your arms and clenching your jaw.

“I mean more than just cars need gas to run.”

“Ok then quiz me and I’ll prove I know what I’m doing”

Dean’s eyes studied your figure once again, his eyebrow cocked showing clear doubt “You know what I’ve got an old car out back that won’t start. I haven’t had the time to work on her but you get her to run and I’ll consider hiring you.”


“That’s the best deal you’re getting sweetheart, take it or leave it”

This time you didn’t try to stop your eyes from rolling before you spoke “fine” You extended your hand and Dean shook it briefly before walking back down the hall without a word.

You watched him leave with mild curiosity before turning your attention back to the other two men in the room. They were both looking at each other, their faces showing that surprise as they seemed to be having some sort of silent conversation.

“Well would either of you like to show me to the car?” You forced their attention back to you as the taller one shook his head slightly.

“Right-uh-this way” He led you through the kitchen, grabbing a set of car keys off of the counter and walking out the back door to an old barn.

He pulled open the heavy door flooding the area with sunlight illuminating every dust particle that hung in the air causing you to cough.

Inside was an old 1967 Chevy Impala in pristine condition, the black paint shining brightly in the sun catching your breath. “This is the car?”

“No, you touch this and Dean will kill you” The man shook his head, pointing to the other side of the barn. “This is the car” It was a boring 90’s sedan, beat to absolute hell.

“I’d rather work on the impala” You mumbled walking towards the sedan, inspecting the heavily dented doors and roof before popping into the driver’s seat and putting the key into the ignition only to hear that the engine didn’t even turn over causing you to groan. “You know this is going to be more than a one day job right”

“Probably” the man nodded, “But the barns unlocked so you can come back tomorrow whenever”

You nodded and popped open the hood which only caused you to groan louder.

The man laughed slightly and stuffed his hands into his pockets “I’ll be in the house if you need me, tools are against the back wall” and with that he turned on his heel and walked back into the house, leaving you alone with the cars.


And so you worked all day, when dusk came the man in the trench coat came with it out to the barn, a sandwich on a plate and an old fashioned lantern in his hand.

He greeted you happily as he strolled through the bar and handed you half of a sandwich and setting the plate on the ground.

The two of you talked for a while, him doing most of the talking as you tinkered with the engine until you thought you finally had it figured out. You tossed the man, whose name you learned to be Cas, the keys and instructed him to start the car.

He happily sat behind the wheel and put the keys in the ignition. He turned them and immediately the engine began to turn over which in of itself made you want to shout for joy. However, you forced yourself to stay put as you watched all of its parts, trying to see what wasn’t working. That was, however, until the engine suddenly caught and sprung to life.

The purr of the engine filled the room causing you to jump up, pumping your fist in victory. Cas exited the car and walked around towards you, his face showing obvious surprise.

“You never doubted me for a moment right” You teased him, absolutely thrilled that you got the engine to start, and in one day no less.

“No I heavily doubted you” Cas spoke bluntly causing you to roll your eyes “I can’t believe it worked, I’ll get Dean”

“Nah don’t bother” You shook your head, putting your hand on his shoulder to keep him in place “I’ll tell him tomorrow”

“Well then I will see you tomorrow” Cas grinned at you as you grinned back.

“See you tomorrow Cas”

Time, what a dumb invention.

So I made my first Rhack fanfiction! It probably failed a bit because i really wanted to make it happy but it didn’t end up happy. So it’s probably gonna come across as emotionless :/ First try at everything right?? I would love some feedback from anyone!

Seiously, don’t be scared to criticize me! Thanks guys!!

(It’s PG or G, not sure if a gun makes it PG or not… But no gore, no killing, nothing inappropriate)(So press keep reading and enjoy :))


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The future of the blog

Hey guys, mod Rushdell here.

So, yeah, is been a looong time since I have been here and that makes me a very bad mod for this blog.
But, now, I really want to be focus on it so I will tell you what´s going to happen after the 100 followers special surprise.

1.- After that, the blog will be sequel of the canon according to my latests-not writed-fanfic (which ex-mod Grael help me with). Don´t worry, I will make a quick resume of what happen there so you guys don´t get lost.

2.- Sorry for making it obvious, but Lila (mod Grael´s oc) will not longer appear in this blog unless I talk to mod Grael and make some gags

3.- Don´t worry about the kind-rp questions. Those will be answered in “canon-posts” or will be in short gags

4.- Interactions from others oc with mine will have their own “oneshot” (a short history). Not all the time, but don´t be surprised if one of those history is almost the same with another one

5.- A new oc of mine will appear on this blog permanentely alongside with Gray. So… yeah, new babe coming

6.- This one is more like seeking to the future: I will try to bring some artist into the one-shots

7.- After the special surprise, the blog will be NSFW (only on text, because I´m too por to pay for comissions to often). Will not tell what kind of NSFW but I will advise with every post in big letters so you guys know what you are going to read

I think that´s all for now to the future advises and changes in the blog.

I will try my best to keep this blog alive, so, I would really appreaciate if you stick with me, and if not, well, thanks you for the follow and support for this little time.

Now, is all, so thank you guy for being around evn if this blog is kinda dead, but I will revive this, promise.

Take care everybody, see you!
-mod Rushdell

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Hey! I just finished reading your fanfic 'Forget me Not' and I have to say that I adore it. I've spend all day reading it and I feel really attached to it. Today I was feeling really really bad dealing with my depression. And, believe it or not, your fanfic helped me a lot, even though it's so angsty, it brightened my day somehow. And I wanted to thank you for that. Thank you so much, really. I hope you have a nice day.

You really don’t have to thank me, but I’m really honored and touched that my work would help you with dealing with your depression. If you haven’t read it already, I did publish a side story which you can read here. Fair warning that it is a bit darker than the rest of the series, though.

I’ve also got a tag for all the amazing and wonderful fanart/fanfiction people have written for Forget-Me-Not. I hope you continue to enjoy the story when it resumes in May!