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The Two-Faced Goddess, Grimdark, Lady Luck, the Seer and Guide and Wand-Wielder, the Hero of Light and Rain. 

Frost and Frogs 
Heat and Clockwork 
Wind and Shade
Crypts and Helium
Mounds and Xenon
Pyramids and Neon 

A sort of sequel for this post  by @eliana55226838.

Just my imagine how Abel using the strange looking string, to stop the rampaging(?) of Deminium (Dylan’s Final Form), thanks for Lilly’s help.

Abel the Angel © @the-vampire-inside-me

Abel’s final form (Seraphim), in Mafia Au  © @eliana55226838

Fun fact:

It is kinda funny that I draw Abel’s Seraphim form more than his normal form… (This is third time I draw him in this form…) 

And yes I did draw @thelostmoongazer‘s version of this form back in July and August

Something I made to show my appreciation for this AWESOME show that has helped me get through sad times AND has helped me make many amazing friends! Happy 10th anniversary, NC! Special thanks go to my best friend @projectsnt for introducing me to his work!


* C-R-O-W-N-E-D *

   * F-L-O-W-E-R-E-D *

       * P-R-O-G-R-A-M *

… And all the friends we made along the way!

My own personal tribute to the recent Kirby games because I love everything about them, but the baddies who turn into your buddies by the end are definitely one of the things I love the absolute most. <3
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