help me i can't colour


battle couple - the kind of couple where bullets figure prominently in the story of their early romance. where “war buddy” and “significant other” are synonyms. where if you harm either one, the other will kill you as surely as the sun rises.

for @jammeke

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(@princess-ariel-dreemur) Excuse me, but I can't help but notice that you do colour-in WOF dragons. May I trouble you to colouring a SkyWing dragon with white scales, silver horns/talons/spikes, blue eyes, and some blue-purple scales and membranes? It's alright if you don't want to though!

I think she looks wonderful, and I hope it meets your needs. This OC belongs to @princess-ariel-dreemur, I do not own it. The colors came out better than I thought they would. It may seem boring or bland, but I think it looks amazing ^^ great colors picked out Dreemur. Enjoy!