help me i am out of control

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How is Bernie a conman when he didn’t even win?? You can’t say he was conning when he can’t even come thru for us to see. And that’s your Americans fault. Not his. It’s your fault Trump is president. Here in Canada we were ALL rooting for Bernie while you dumb Americans called him a socialist. He isn’t a conman. You’re just an angry teenager who wants likes  

Um, might be an idea to read at least some my blog before you a) call me American, and b) call me a teenager. I am neither. And he’s a conman because he helped convince members of the electorate that Clinton was just as bad as Trump. That was the con. A con he perpetuated in his attempt to win the nomination, and which then spread out of his own control when he failed to do that.  

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my friends with superior roasting skills, now found out that I am indeed a furry, and are currently mercilessly roasting me to no ends. Send help.

if this isn’t my biggest fear i don’t know what is. i’ll call animal control for you tho

Eating is necessary.

When I eat, it does not diminish my strength, discipline, or self control.

Eating allows me to be more present in all facets of my life. Being slightly more disconnected from emotional pain is not worth being a spaced out empty shell of a person.

Feeling my feelings is necessary.

I deserve help when I am restricting. I am equally deserving of help when I am not restricting. My treatment team wholeheartedly believes this and will take me seriously without me hurting myself.

Eating is necessary.

The pain you put my heart through taught me something. No matter how much it hurts, how many tears fall from your eyes, how much it feels as though your brain is going to explode; it does get better. For a whole year I couldn't see you without getting that feeling in my stomach, that feeling that made me want to run straight into your arms. But now, whenever I see you I just see a guy I used to talk to, you aren’t some god like being that graces the world with carbon dioxide you breathe out. My heart doesn’t belong to you anymore and there is no way I am going to let you control my happiness. It’s strange though, as soon as I stopped caring, I started seeing you all over the place. I catch you staring at me and sometimes, when our eyes meet neither of us can help but smile. That feeling in my stomach isn’t there anymore and that’s a good thing. I don’t know you anymore. I knew the person you were a year ago. A lot can happen in a year, hey i got over you did’t I?
—  take a deep breath and give it time

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"Just thinking about this has me freaking out. He is going to risk everything to save Alec." Literally crying. Because we have never seen Magnus quite lose control before and when he knows Alec is hurt, he is going to not given two shits about a Shadowhunter in his path and god I am such a sucked for BAMF!Magnus and seeing him use his magic but also I want to see Magnus worried and concerned and wE BETTER SEE HIS REACTION TO ALEC WHEN HE WAKES UP OR SO HELP ME

I am so excited to see him get emotional. I think we are really going to see how deep he really is with his feelings for Alec. There’s been subtle little hints before, mostly through Harry’s amazing acting, that Magnus really is beginning to fall in love. Personally, I really believe Magnus is already in love with Alec but I know most people don’t think this. 

 Seeing him get angry and BAMF is honestly what I’ve been waiting for. I know the episode is mainly about the Parabatai relationship, which I’m excited to see as well, but I’m excited about what it will mean for Malec too. I think it’s going to really push their relationship forward. It will hopefully throw into sharp relief what they really mean to each other and they’ll realize there is no reason for them to hold back with their feelings for each other. Just the thought of what their conversation could be like after Alec wakes up is getting me so excited.

He guys. As you can see Sir and I had a fun play day this week hehehe. This is everything that I bought from this awesome site called they make a while bunch of different kink stuff that is great quality, works fantastic and is reasonably priced :) I juat wanted to do a shot out for an awesome company that helped me break some barriers this week hehehe.

Sir and I got to use the dildo at the club and I have to say OMGods I am LOVING it. At first I was nervous about bringing it to the club because my hole always tightens up when someone else is trying to stuck something up it. When I am not in control my hole tries to shut down. Well I have to say that that didn’t happen with this dildo. It is strong enough that it stays up when I’m trying to sit on it but flexible enough that my ass can take a lot of it hehehe. Sir opened me up real fast and good with it. I was pushing my ass back hard on that dildo to get it in farther. I actaully wanted the dildo in my ass farther and farther hehehe. And the really nice thing is that it is the same size and girth of my Sir so riding it is like riding my Sir. I can now practice taking his dick while he isn’t even around hehehe. Hope Sir can handle all the practice I get while he is on vacation hehehe.

Now our play day started out with Sir being really aggressive. He was certainly in FULL control and was making it know hehehe. He was working my nips and chest HARD! slapping them harder and harder. He was ordering me to strip and I was on my best behavior. No brat was in that room that night lol. When Sir took his shirt off he had a white mesh what looked like a shirt but ended up being a onesie on. It really showed off his nips grrrrrr. He took off his pants and got on the bed with his ass in the air and told me to eat his ass! Grrrrrrr one of my favorite activities. I lept up and devoured ass much Sir ass as I could. Dupping my tongue in and out. Nibbling at his ass cheeks and running my beard all over his ass. Mmmmmmmm. That’s when Sir told me to get my new paddle from the pic. Sadly I had forgotten that item so he had me get out my new dildo and he lubed it up and worked it into my ass. Man did it feel good. I opened up really nice and slowly and stayed open. Sir was able ti stuck his dick directly into my ass without my ass tring to fight him hehehe. YAY! That was such a great feeling. I can’t wait till Sir goes to town with his rock hard aching to get off dick and just ruins my ass hehehehe.

After that play Sir thought we should go to the hot tub but I got him distracted enough by playing with his nips that he wanted to get off first hehehe. I can be such a brat hehehe. I qorked his nips and then slowly sucked Sirs cock till he was nice and hard. Then I pushed a finger onto his hole and worked it on his hole while sucking. It got him so hard and he came really fast after that Hehehe. I like knowing some of my Sirs buttons. Don’t abuse them but know when to use them strategically hehehe. So afrer he recovered which took a minute. He was shuddering for almoat a minute hehehe we when to soak in the hot tub to recover which was nice. Everyone gets a chance to warm up and recover before round two hehehe. And round two to my surprise ended up being for me :) hehehe. Sir had me get out my new vibrator and was working over my whole body with it. My nips, chest, legs, feet…everything. MAN it felt good. Espically when he was working my feet lol. After my body got to feel the vibrator my dick got his turn. He was feeling good and when Sir put it on the spot just below my dick head on the underside of my dick I blew. It was sooooo great and I just let go and came hehehe. And this time Sir didn’t turn the pleasure into pain by continuing to rub my dick head.thank you Sir. It was nice to ride the pleasure the whole time :) remember boys to alwaya thank your Sir qhen you cum. It is his gift to you when he lets that happen
:) mmmmmmm it was such a nice night. Can’t wait to do it again hehehe. Have fun all you nasty fuckers out there. BYES

Difficult life lessons for the Houses
  • Gryffindor: Not everyone wants my help and advice. Sometimes I make the problem worse by stepping in.
  • Hufflepuff: Not everyone appreciates me the way I do them. Sometimes people that I care about aren't going to care about me as much.
  • Ravenclaw: Being smart doesn't always mean being right. I will make mistakes and have to face the consequences of them.
  • Slytherin: I am not always in control. Sometimes people figure out that I am manipulating them; other people actually care about honesty. It takes a long time to rebuild that trust.

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i hope this isn't super personal but how come you are moving out at age 17?? are you going to college??

I’m moving out to improve my own mental health and well-being. I am currently not planning on going to college at least til next autumn. I do better when I’m independently living and have control over my environment. Madilynn and Derek offered to have me as a roommate when they decided not to move back to San Diego and I accepted because they have helped me a lot as a support system and in return I have helped them. It’s a really lovely place to be and we work well together as a little family. 

i need help. my family is extrwmely abusive and unstable, and it has been difficult for me to grow and better myself living here. last night i considered overdosing, and thats when i realized i need out. i have nowhere to go. i am almost 20 and feel trapped, powerless, and out of control. ive started hurting myself again, which i havent done since i was 14. i need a place to stay where i’ll be able to heal a little and look for a job to earn my keep. if anyone knows me, if anyone has any ideas on how to help or can help, please. i cant overstate how desperate i am

a few Akaoi HCs

why? … well WHY NOT ~ Oikawa loves taking photos of Akaashi, especially when the latter doesn’t notice. He keeps them all (and it may be the reason why he’s almost out of storage space on his phone). ~ upon seeing Akaashi play, Oikawa insisted to teach him his serve. It’s a good excuse to spend more time with him and it’s actually pretty helpful. Now whenever they play against each other in practice he regrets his decision (Akaashi lacks power, but has the control part down completely. It’s a menace). ~ they frequently share clothes since they are almost the same height. It all started when they had to share a wardrobe because their room was very small and it just kind of stuck. ~ Oikawa is a morning person. Akaashi absolutely isn’t. For the first hour or so of the day he just spends his time leaning onto Oikawa, not saying a word unless he absolutely has to. ~ Oikawa also sleeps significantly less than Akaashi in general, whereas the latter needs at least 7 hours a day to function, so Oikawa ends up gazing at his sleeping boyfriend a lot of the time. ~ the Seijoh group chat has to endure lots of photos with messages the likes of “jealous?” whenever Oikawa and Akaashi do something together. They’ve considered blocking him. They never follow through though. ~ Akaashi wore Oikawa’s Seijoh jacket once and Oikawa just about died. ~ they like to watch movies together. Akaashi deliberately chooses the scariest ones because he knows Oikawa will get scared and cling to him for comfort while he himself stays unaffected. (Akaashi has seen enough. Nothing can shock him anymore.) ~ both of them like to go stargazing and it’s the cutest thing. Akaashi tends to fall asleep though. ~ Akaashi can play the violin. Ever since Oikawa found out, he urges him to play for him. Akaashi doesn’t usually cave in, but sometimes he does. There are tears. ~ they actually gossip about others quite a lot. When Oikawa first heard Akaashi trashtalk an annoying blocker, he was shocked and intrigued. ~ Akaashi is pretty protective of Oikawa, be it when someone talks bad of him or when he’s surrounded by fangirls. He can and will make sure that everyone knows how amazing and off-limits he is in subtle, but effective ways. ~ even though they are in different grades, they help each other out – Akaashi is great at science and usually gets the things Oikawa has problems with. ~ Akaashi got Oikawa a plush owl for the first of his birthdays he celebrated with him. It has a special spot on their bed (and it’s really fluffy. Its name is Touya). ~ Oikawa switches between “Akaacchi” and “Keiji” at random. Akaashi uses “Tooru” when they’re alone and “Oikawa-san” when they aren’t, unless he needs to prove a point. ~ they didn’t even confess properly, Oikawa just started introducing Akaashi as his boyfriend someday and was never corrected. ~ Akaashi frequently steals Oikawa’s food. Oikawa has no idea. ~ “Keiji, I miss you.” - “I’ve been gone for five minutes.” ~ Oikawa wears his glasses much more ever since he found out that Akaashi likes them. ~ neither of them is a great cook, but they can handle themselves. Oikawa can make awesome pancakes though, so their breakfast is usually that or just milk bread (and it’s solely Oikawa’s fault for making Akaashi like it). ~ they have a notebook full of bucket lists and places they want to visit that they always fill when they see something new. (“The moon” is on there somewhere, obviously written by Oikawa.) ~ they share an apartment with Bokuroo since Oikawa’s last year of college and they’d probably all be dead without Akaashi. ~ Oikawa thought Akaashi would be intimidated by Iwaizumi, but the two quickly become friends. Bokuto and Oikawa are also a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on how you look at it).

I just… dear Lord in heaven I have no words. It’s 7:20 AM and I’ve been awake all night reading the latest chapter of “Take a Deep Breath” and then thinking about the chapter. This story is so good it won’t leave my mind. I need to sleep, I have to work tonight, but I just can’t. I can’t stop thinking about it.

@beth-barton , you magnificent bastard, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!

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The last few days have been extra rough to deal with everything happening in my life, things just feel like they are starting to spin out of control. I don’t deal well with this at all and really need to regain control of my life, but until then, I am angsty af so my New Discoveries and Drunk on You series will be held off a little while longer til I work through some of this.  Perhaps, you will see some angst drabbles from me as I do.  Who knows, I have yet to write much angst so we will see.  Perhaps I’ll write some pain, anguish, and death soon to help me be able to write the challenges I have on my plate and work through some of these feelings that are threatening to send me back into a tailspin.

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Just Breathe

Imagine: Helping young!Derek learn to control the shift when he was still in high school.

Possible Derek x reader? Eh.

“Jesus could you keep it down a tad? You’re not the only one fighting primal instincts here and I’m managing not to alert the whole school.”

He’s standing in the middle of the locker room, fangs and claws out, eyes glowing blue and right where anyone could walk in and find him.

“Hey! Hale, are you listening to me? Are you in control right now?” I take several steps closer but stop when he snarls at me. “Chill, would you? I’m trying to help.”

“Who. Are you.” he manages to grit out between panting breaths.

“Seriously? We have first period together?And I sit right in front of you in English.” I snort.

“But you don’t mean who am I, do you.” I continue, “You mean what am I. How do I know about you already.” I allow my eyes to glow yellow for a moment before blinking them back to normal. “Because I’m like you.”

“You don’t,” Derek pauses, focusing intensely on trying to get the words out, “you don’t smell like werewolf. You-”

“Smell pretty much like a human, yeah I know. I can mask it pretty well at school. The woman who sired me taught me how.”

I continue rambling on about inconsequential things, watching as Derek’s nails slowly retract back to human and his fangs disappear. His eyes won’t stop glowing though.

I close the last few steps between the two of us and place a hand on his arm. “How do you normally control the shift, your eyes aren’t changing back.”

“I don’t know, it doesn’t really work very well for me.” As he grows frustrated again, his fingernails start to change back to claws.

“Hey look at me alright? Focus just on me, nothing else. Can you focus in on my heartbeat?” I now have both hands locked on Derek’s shoulders in case he tries to bolt for the (still very full of students) hallway.

He nods slowly in response.

“Okay good, now I want you to try to match your heartbeat with mine. You hear how much faster yours is beating? Try to slow it down. Just deep breaths, you’re doing great.”

Slowly, slowly his eyes turn back from bright blue to their more human color.

“Thank god. I thought I was going to have to drag you out of the school. Are you in control now?”

He nods, still breathing heavily. “How did you do that?”

“Focusing on something else makes it easier to stay human.” I smile gently, “Now come on, we’re already very late for class.”

I move to take my hands off Derek’s shoulders, but he catches them in his own.

“Thank you. For that. Whatever that was.”

“You’re not very good at apologies, are you.” I say teasingly. “But you’re welcome. And I’m (y/n) by the way. Might as well know my name since I pretty much saved your life right there.”

ok my brain is still scrambled and buzzing too much for me to dissect robron other than OMGTHATWASAMAZINGAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

but i am very concerned about finn. clearly this story isn’t meant to have a happy ending anytime soon, and i just don’t know where they’re going with this? i mean i’m excited to see it, but i have no idea what could be coming? when even emma, emma!!!, is telling you to calm down things are bad, and finn is out of control. he needs help

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i had a strange dream last night.. at first i was shouting out to a girl who was standing on the edge of a cliff and she had a blank look on her face. she reached her hand out to me and suddenly i was on a beach controlling the waves? i don't really know what to make of any of it.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it means. I am not good at interpreting other people’s dreams - I don’t make a habit of doing it regularly. I think that @polar-solstice has said they are okay with people asking them for help determining the meanings of their dreams, perhaps you are better off asking them? Or maybe one of my followers has an idea of what it may mean? :)

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6 😊

i am in a way better mental state than i was two years ago- i stopped being angry at myself for things that i can’t change or that i have no control over and i found people- whether it be online or in person that truly care about my wellbeing and those people have made all the difference in my life. i can’t tag all of them- some of them don’t have a tumblr and i might forget to tag some but i love you guys so much and thank you so much for helping me out at times where you didn’t even know.

@jolie156123 @wolfy1881 @boss-headcanons @sweaterkitty-fluff @imagineham @love-doesnt-discriminate @lifeinfandoms @and-peggy-yall @the-gay-anomaly

I'm in hell so join me

So new trollhunters blog because I have no idea how to control myself and I’m on mobile so sorry for the weird setup of this post

Anyway I wanna have people to interact with so reblog if

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-please any trollhunter fans out there come talk to me

So yea please reblog!
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Today marks my 1 year surgiversary of my #verticalsleevegastrectomy! Those who are not familiar VSG is surgery to help with weightloss. A large portion of my stomach was removed & helps me feel full faster. This surgery can help you lose weight but will not instantly cure your obesity. It’s the push you might need to help change your lifestyle. Eating healthy foods. Working out, using portion control are a must after weight loss surgery. You WILL NOT lose weight if you don’t follow directions! My beginning BMI (body mass index) was 47.9 & it is now 31.8. I have gone from 288 lbs at my highest to 191 lbs. I have lost 97 lbs! I am not where I want to be but I am closer than I have ever been in my entire life! This journey has saved my life, and has helped me make so many new friends. I am eternally grateful! Thank you ALL for motivating me and pushing me to become a better version of myself! I couldn’t have done it without your support!