help me from my mind


Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. 

— Gérard de Nerval 

i just wanted to draw them in suits and holding flowers lol forgive meeehh

Help me

So in Voltron they use coordinates. But how can you measure the vast unknown? Scientifically speaking, isn’t space infinite? What if they get coordinates like infinity, infinity, infinity? It could be anything! It could be something we can easily comprehend like 12, 3, 240 but it could also be numbers incomprehensible! Also how could you tell what axis is what? Where’s the bottom? Where’s the top? Where’s the end? What if space is just expanding without their knowledge and the coordinates stretch and change over time? One day 1, 34, 15 could be somewhere and another place the next. (I think I’m just looking too much into this)

stuff to do tonight before i forget
- katy’s banner ahhhhh
- answer the next batch of russ questions
- message back my partner for the reverse bang woops
- work on mmbtr
- blankly stare at my screen til i remember the other thing ????

i have viktor’s memory i’m not gonna deceive you all. i can barely what i’ve done for the day, let alone remember a to-do list lmao. gonna blame the depression.

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Penetration. Stimulation.

Please me,
mentally & intellectually
not just sexually.

I’m not the vulgar type
but let me be honest and say,
“I need you to fuck me with your intellect.”
teach me things I won’t forget.
Help me to see the world from a different view,
help my mind to positively accrue.

Feed me your knowledge,
let me pay homage
to your mind
not just your physique.
And yes it’s cliché to say,
but I think you’re quite interesting and unique.

A gentleman in the streets,
but a freak in the sheets.
An intellectual mind,
with a heart that follows.
And if you want me to, I’ll promise to swallow
and never make your heart feel hollow.

stimulation is what I crave
in more than just one way.

I wasn’t there when she needed me.

I’m never there when she f*cking needs me.

And that’s what I regret the most.

—  Nicole Torres //
I’m stuck in a city, without an end.
But anywhere I look is beautiful, because my mind is everywhere I haven’t been.
—  Nicole Torres // my mind can be a paradise

I need you more than people know,
more than they’d believe.
You are the only thing that really
makes me want to live.
Your smile can light up my soul
when it is cold and dark
And it’s amazing how your music
Wraps around my heart.

There are times when I give up
and I lose all will to fight.
When everything is wrong
and I don’t even want to write.
Your voice chases away
the demons from my mind.
Your words help me see
When sorrow leaves me blind.

I am sure that it was God
who brought you in my way.
For you are the only one
that made me want to stay.
I know it might sound strange,
but I swear each word is true.
I would not be here today
if it wasn’t for you.

So I wish to thank you, John,
for everything you did.
For saving, without knowing,
the life of this stupid kid.
Thank you for your music,
for each melody and verse.
And I hope I’ll meet you one day,
Across the universe.