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The logical part of my brain knows that Cas probably isn’t going to die. Like, the show’s track record tells me Cas isn’t going to actually kick the bucket this episode. But the emotional part of me and the number of times the writers have burned me has me a little on edge. And boooooyyyyyyy if they kill Cas so help me Chuck I will flip my fucking lid. 


Now that Chuck is God and bi and Metatron is cool…can we…can we like…get this beautiful guy back ? I mean… seems like nothing is impossible rn right?!

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one tree hill relationships

↳Alex and Chase ♔ “I wasn’t taking your money, I was taking your room key. I want you to live here. With me. Chuck helped me move all your stuff in today. Check it out. Glasses are on the end table, the blue sky picture is here, and all the stuff you don’t need to look beautiful is here, too. I know it seems like a big step, but I think it’s the right step because…I love you, Alice Whitehead.”

La Petite Mort - Part 9

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Summary: A new case leads to a hunt for cursed sex toys where the victims die from an orgasm
Part 9 Summary: The reader has late night conversation with her visitor
Word Count: 2012
Warnings:  Fluff, Angst, Smutty Thoughts, Silly Conversations at 4am

A/N: Have I told y’all how much I love @oriona75 ? Such a patient beta, it’s a wonder she hasn’t sent me packing for taking so long to write this series. So help me, Chuck, I need to finish this series this month.

La Petite Mort Masterlist

Time slowed as you stood at your motel room door, like one of those chick flick moments that Dean always complained about. You know, those ending scenes from a rom-com movie - the two leads would resolve all their misunderstandings with a grand confession of love before they’d kiss passionately. Their arms would wrap around each other tightly as if that moment would define happiness for the rest of their lives. The music would swell as the camera would zoom out. Everyone lives happily ever after.

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