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as well as being a trans superhero here have some ADHD peter parker things:

- *vlogging in the middle of fighting the avengers* “I JUST HAD A FIGHT WITH CAPTAIN AMERICA AND I STOLE HIS SHIELD AND I THREW IT AT HIM AND I - what the hell, he’s big now-”

- cannot sit still for more than 5 mins in detention once another idea has crossed his mind

- h y p e r f o c u s

- has lost multiple backpacks bc he cannot remember which alley he left them in

- *on the ceiling* *still does The Leg Bounce*

- constantly breaks off mid-sentence when he’s thinking about something and forgets what he was talking about in the first place

-  jumps from project to project whenever he gets a new idea and runs off impulsively when something catches his attention      

-  uses headphones as a stim/distraction to try and void sensory overload

- texts Happy all the time about his patrols as a way to process and order the information and doesn’t understand that Happy not replying is a snub

- was involved in multiple school clubs before spider-man to fill his time almost constantly  

- ‘want to help me build my lego death star? it has over 3,000 pieces’ ‘no way!’ *hyperfocuses on a puzzle to avoid his problems*

- impulsive speaking, no brain-to-mouth filter

- tony thinks peter isn’t paying attention to a Serious Lecture but really peter’s mind has just drifted to already trying to put the pieces together and work out the vulture’s plan 

- then hyper-sensitive to criticism and having tony take the suit from him, literally in tears telling aunt may that he lost the internship

- totally would say ‘I’m peter man - spider parker - fuck!’ 

Kakihara Tetsuya: “The current me would not exist if I had not met Natsu.”

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“I’ve always been blessed with roles. The first TV anime I had the leading role in was Gurren Lagann, a robot anime. Gekidan☆Shinkansen’s Nakashima Kazuki-san, who was responsible for the composition of the series, taught me many important things about acting, just like if I were standing on stage. The next project I had the lead role in was Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail, the guild that Natsu belongs to, is one where the members share a strong sense of fellowship and have bonds like that of a family. The cast playing these characters are also from the same generation, and are talented people capable of taking up lead roles. Meeting friends like these were vital in helping me build up the core of my acting.”

Kakihara voices Natsu of Fairy Tail. He was reading the manga when he auditioned about 8 years ago, but Natsu’s voice did not come to mind. When he entered the room where the auditions were being held, and greeted everyone with “good morning” using his natural voice, a commotion arose among the judges. He thought that he would be asked to continue with his audition, but his audition for the role of Gray was declined with “It’s fine (you don’t have to do it)”. Some time later, his agency informed him that he would be voicing Natsu, and he later learned that it was because all the judges thought “Natsu is here” the moment he said “good morning” upon entering the room.

“If I hadn’t been chosen with my natural voice to voice Natsu, I wouldn’t have had the experience of challenging things with my natural voice, and might have become an actor who can only put on a show by acting cool. I’ve gained many things because I met Natsu, and I have strong feelings about walking together with him these 8 years. The present Kakihara Tetsuya might not exist if I had not met Natsu. Mashima-sensei’s Natsu is gradually becoming an attractive man, and I have to keep up.”

Dating Peter Parker Would Include.....

Homecoming spoilers. Pin for later when you’ve watched the film. :) I repeat, spoilers. SPOILERS.

  • Being his best friend, aside from Ned, of course.
  • Living just across the hall. It was actually how you two met back in the day when he used to visit Aunt May and Uncle Ben.
  • Struggling and mourning the loss of Uncle Ben, because let’s face it, you adored those two with all your heart. (They used to babysit you whenever your parents needed a last minute babysitter)
  • Rubbing the fact that Aunt May loves you more (even though she loves you two the same) in Peter’s face.
  • Enduring all of Aunt May’s larb jokes whenever you join them for Thai.
  • “I larb you, Peter. And I larb you too, [Y/N]
  • “Okay, Aunt May…..enough.” 
  • “What? You don’t larb me? Am I too lame to be larbed? Too cool to larb your awesome aunt? Not enough larb to go around to your good ole aunt? Saved all your larb for you one true larb, [Y/N]? Huh? Hm?”  
  • “Uh….we larb you too?” 
  • “Thank you, [Y/N]. At least someone larbs me.” 
  • Being completely supportive of Peter getting an internship with Tony Stark. 
  • Offering to help him with his internship.
  • Getting slightly offended that he doesn’t want help.
  • “Am I not smart enough to help you?” 
  • “What? God, no. It’s not that…’s um….I just have to do this on my own, that’s all. You know, no help. Strictly myself….” 
  • Competing against him with academic scores. 
  • Being extremely competitive with each other when it came to exams.
  • Going back and forth on having the highest grade.
  • Talking about going to the most prestige college and then changing your minds because you two could never leave Aunt May. 
  • Putting up with Ned being needy. 
  • “Ned….this is a date….between two people.” 
  • “Oh cool, I love pizza. I’ll just sit down right here and take a slice.” 
  • “Ned….” 
  • “Yeah, so anyway, you two should come over and help me build my lego deathstar. It’s legit.” 
  • Bickering with Ned, constantly. (But, loving him just as much as Peter)
  • Getting along great with Michelle. 
  • Roasting Peter and Ned into oblivion with her. 
  • Like full on roasts. It’s fantastic how long you and Michelle can go. 
  • I mean, it’s almost not fair how hard you go. 
  • But, in the end, Peter loves you and is sort of relieved that you get along with the people in his life. 
  • Movie marathons.
  • Cuddles for days.
  • Like the kind of cuddles that make you all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • You know, the ones where you just sigh happily in his arms and think that Disney World ain’t got shit on being the happiest place on earth. 
  • Netflixin’ and chillin’, (if you know what I mean, wink-wink) Forgive me, I forget that’s he’s fifteen. No sir, keep that in your pants now, you little rascal. And you? Don’t be puttin’ out, miss. 
  • Geeking out over Star-Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc.
  • Going to Comic-Cons and dressing up.
  • Building and experimenting to the point where Aunt May and your parents scold you two for almost blowing up the complex.
  • Although, it’s not like you actually could blow up a building to that magnitude. 
  • And after the fire department threatened to arrest you two, you put an end to experimenting. 
  • Peter making you a playlist on your ipod. 
  • Listening to it all the time because you just love the songs he chose. 
  • No seriously, this playlist makes your heart stop with every song.
  • Peter always getting you your favorite muffin for breakfast before school.
  • He’ll even leave it at your front door in a cute little handwritten paper bag if he’s sick for the day.
  • Always being told he loves you.
  • Because, you’re the best thing that ever happened to him. 
  • You being embarrassed when he tells random strangers that he loves you. 
  • Like, you’ll be walking down the street and he’ll look at the old lady walking her yorkie, “Excuse me, m’am. But, I just want you to know how much I love this girl right here.” 
  • Peter.” 
  • Then flagging down a taxi to tell the driver too. “Hey, yeah no, I don’t need a ride. Just wanna tell you that I love my girlfriend.” 
  • Peter even telling Happy who always responds with, “Can’t wait for the day she leaves you.” 
  • Him keeping his double-agent life a secret.
  • Because he doesn’t want you to get hurt. 
  • Constantly wondering why Peter’s free time is slowly diminishing. Because you can’t quite believe the internship was that demanding.
  • Worrying that Peter was going to break up with you. 
  • Peter finding out about your worries through Michelle. (Who threatened to skin him alive should he ever hurt you.)
  • Taking a night off from his “internship” to take you out.
  • “Peter….we’ve been on the train forever.”
  • “Have a little bit of patience, [Y/N].” 
  • “Where are we going? Does Aunt May know you’re out right now? How much longer? Is this going to be forever? Are we running away from our problems? Running from being millennials and trying to fit in with society? I didn’t pack anything. How are we going to survive the outside world?” 
  • Peter intentionally ignoring your million questions by putting his headphone in one ear and other in yours. 
  • Playing your favorite song to keep you quiet.
  • Realizing he’s taking you to Central Park. 
  • Almost on the verge of tears when you find out that he organized a candlelit picnic under the stars. 
  • Seeing Ned in the distance as he walks away and knowing that he had a hand in it.
  • Smiling and feeling secure that Peter is here to stay.
  • Getting a weird feeling that he’s still hiding something.
  • Unsure of how to go about asking him what he’s hiding because you don’t want to cross a line.
  • Michelle not caring and confronting him before coming back to you and confirming that he is hiding something because of the way he acted.
  • Feeling uneasy but forcing yourself to believe that Peter would tell you everything and anything because you two were on the same level and understanding about your relationship.
  • Using the Washington D.C. trip to curve your mind from it.
  • It failing when Peter decides to re-join the decathlon team. 
  • Forcing yourself to ignore the gut feeling that Peter is hiding something when you asked him why he decided to re-join.
  • Peter being completely oblivious to your uneasiness.
  • Pushing it to the back of your brain when Liz scolds you for not having your head in the game.
  • But it coming back when Peter doesn’t show up for the decathlon. 
  • Corning Ned and demanding where Peter is and why he isn’t answer his phone. 
  • Getting irritated when Ned stumbles over his words. 
  • Becoming so upset that you tell Ned to tell Peter that he better have an explanation or else they would be over. 
  • Visiting the monument with everyone with the exception of Peter (obviously) and Michelle who passed on the tour. 
  • Ignoring Ned when he tries to talk to you.
  • Liz concerned that you were upset and asks if you want to talk about it.
  • About to confide in her when the elevator of the Monument starts to malfunction.
  • Peter freaking the hell out when Michelle screams, “My friends are up there!”
  • Panicking and pleading Karen to help him find a way to save you and everyone else.
  • Trying to stay calm even though your heart is about to flip out of your chest.
  •  Getting mad all over again because you were going to die pissed off at your boyfriend. 
  • Spider Man saving you just in the nick of time. 
  • Being so traumatized over the ordeal and Peter not being there, you lash out on him when he finally decides to make an appearance. 
  • Michelle shaking her head, “You messed up, dude.” 
  • “[Y/N], wait! Please, I can explain.” 
  • “Explain? Explain?! I’m going to need a whole encyclopedia of an explanation, Peter. Can you give me that?
  • Ned trying to diffuse the situation. 
  • Getting even more pissed off and breaking up with Peter.
  • Michelle whistling (because she didn’t see it coming), “Man, that’s rough. You gonna be okay? Actually? I don’t care. Bye.” Running after you to make sure you were going to be okay. 
  • Ignoring all of Peter’s texts and phone calls.
  • Having your parents stop Peter from coming into the apartment even though they felt you were being silly. (They adored Peter)
  • Sitting in your room with a pint of your favorite ice cream while watching stupid rom-com films. 
  • Crying when the guy gets the girl.
  • But telling yourself, you’re better than that and that you don’t need Peter.
  • Crying again because you need Peter. 
  • Hearing a knock on your bedroom door and getting mad because you just know your parents let him in. 
  • Yanking open the door to find a worried Aunt May.
  • “May? What’s wrong?” 
  • Her coming into your room, “I know you and Peter are fighting right now but have you heard from him?”
  • “No, I haven’t. I actually haven’t received any texts or calls from him today….” 
  • “Where is he? He’s been gone all day. I’m freaking out, [Y/N]. I’ve called every precinct and coroners office.” 
  • Being speechless because it is very unlike Peter to not check with Aunt May. 
  • Her on the verge of tears, “I can’t loose him too.” 
  • Grabbing your jacket and your phone, hugging Aunt May tight and telling her you’re going to find him. 
  • Spending hours before finding him sulking in hello kitty pajama pants and an awful touristy tshirt. 
  • Awkward tension as you text Aunt May and telling her you found him and that he was on his way up.
  • Knowing that there was something wrong but not wanting to engage because you were still mad at him
  • Eventually breaking because you still love him.
  • “I lost the internship with Tony Stark……” 
  • “I’m so sorry, Peter. I know how much that meant to you.” 
  • “Yeah…..” 
  • Letting him go. 
  • Regretting not hugging him or comforting him. 
  • Going back to your apartment to sulk and eat another pint of ice cream. 
  • Turning on the television to torture yourself with more rom-com’s. 
  • Witnessing Spider Man and Iron-Man save a bunch of people on a ferry.
  • Dropping your spoon and ice cream as it hits you. 
  • Running into your room to grab your journal. (you wrote daily)
  • Comparing the dates and times of when Spider Man was spotted and whenever Peter claimed he had the “internship”.
  • Finding a consistent pattern. 
  • It dawning on you that Peter Parker is Spider Man. 
  • “Holy shit.” 
  • “That little shit!” 
  • Running out of your apartment and across the hall.
  • Banging on the door. 
  • Aunt May answering with a concerned look.
  • Ignoring her and pushing past her to go straight into Peter’s room.
  • Busting in and then closing the door behind you. 
  • Marching straight up to his startled, adorable, puffy eyed self. 
  • Punching him in the arm and then covering his mouth when he lets out a yelp.
  • “You’re Spiderman?! Spiderman? Seriously? That’s what the internship with Tony Stark was about? What the hell, dude.” 
  • Peter being completely in shock that you found out. 
  • Standing there in complete silence for almost half and hour. 
  • Him finally explaining how it happened. 
  • Understanding why he didn’t want to tell you but still a little salty about it. 
  • “So…..are we okay now?” 
  • “……..” 
  • “[Y/N]?” 
  • “……..”
  • Baby.” 
  • “Fine. We’re okay but don’t you ever keep secrets from me ever again.” 
  • Everything going back to normal. 
  • Him showing you all his nifty tricks.
  • Feeling bad that he got his suit taken away. 
  • Trying to make him feel better by telling him he doesn’t need the suit. 
  • Ned being ecstatic that you know. 
  • Because now he can finally talk about it with someone other than Peter. 
  • Ned not shutting up about it. 
  • Peter showing you a different view of the city.
  • Planning romantic dinners on roof tops. 
  • Or well, kind of romantic.
  • It’s mainly subs and sodas.
  • But it’s the thought that counts, alright.
  • Making you promise that you will run away whenever something bad happens. 
  • Vowing that he will never let anyone hurt you for as long as he lives because aside from Aunt May, you are the most important person in his life and he does what he does to protect you. 

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To Build a Home

Summary: Reader and Bucky are trying for a baby
A/N: I was going through my prompt tag and came across this prompt and had to write it. It’s named after this song which helped inspire me To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra. Please come let me know what you think.
Word count : 1419

Originally posted by relationshipaims

You stare at the test in your hand, a tear slipping down your cheek. It’s only when you feel a warm hand wiping the tear away that you remember Bucky, your husband is sitting next to you. “It’s okay darlin’, we can try again” he murmurs pressing a kiss to your temple. It was the third test in the last few months and you wondered if you would ever have a baby. “It’ll happen” he whispers, taking your free hand in his. You knew he was also trying to reassure himself. Both of you had been tested after fears of infertility but the doctor had claimed you were both fine in that department, so now it was a waiting game. 

You get up throwing the test in the trash before laying down on the bed. Sadness tugs at your heart as your mind races with questions and possibilities. Bucky kneels on the bed gently rolling you onto your back, he leans down kissing you gently.

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that is all. 

Imagine Castiel helping you put the baby crib together becaue your boyfriend, Dean, is away trying to find a ring to propose.

“(Y/n)” you heard a rough voice and you looked up from the floor you were sitting to see your best friend looking at you with that characteristic head tilt of his.

“What are you doing?” he frowned and you looked down.

“Oh just trying to find my way around this thing but to be honest putting together a gun is so much easier.” you let out a frustrated sigh but ended up chuckling.

“(Y/n)” Cas sighed himself “I told you I was going to do this, you don’t have to stress out yourself. We don’t want any complications with the baby.” he said as he knelt next to you.

“Cas, relax.” you giggled at his worried expression “Despite how effin messed up this is, the baby will be just fine, he or she’s a Winchester with Dean Winchester as a father. I think that if we can be sure for one thing is the stubbornness this baby will have in it.” you chuckled and Cas gave you a half smile.

“Dean would probably try to deny this but… I must say I agree.” he confessed as he came to sit next to you and you giggled at him.

“Besides, if anything: I have had to put up with him during my entire pregnancy with all my hormones going crazy. I think I have so much patience now to last an entire life!” you said as he took the manual from your hands.

“That I know, but Sam and I are here for you too (Y/n). Well, Sam is technically gone at the moment but-” he nodded his head with a frown “I promised you that whatever you needed help with, I would be here with you to help.”

“I know, Cas, but at the same time it’s not really your job. I know you consider the baby family, as I consider you one but-”

“But if I can then I will help you.” he said gently but firmly “Besides- I’m very good at following instructions.” he said as he flipped through the pages.

You smirked slightly, your hand landing on your belly almost out of habit now “Is it the angel Castiel that rebelled against heaven and broke every rule known to them speaking?”

Castiel looked at you opened his mouth before closing it and pursing his lips. He squinted his eyes before clearing his throat and looking back down at it.

“You’re just amazing.” you chuckled, kissing his cheek and making him relax “But I’m just kidding, Cassie. You know I always appreciate your help.” you placed another hand on top of his and he smiled softly.

“It’s always my pleasure, (Y/n). Anything I can do to make you feel better. Speaking of which- How are you feeling?” he glanced down at your hand and you did the same.

“Huge, that’s for sure.” you laughed “But I won’t bother you with that, I always take it all out on Dean anyway.” you shrugged and he smiled.

“It will soon be done, there’s not much time left until the baby comes. And I know for sure that’s when Dean will make up to you for all of this.”

“I don’t doubt that Cas.” you smiled down at your belly “He is already an amazing father even if none of us really expected this to come. It’s just-” you sighed, looking around your mood almost instantly changing but it was less intense than the first months of your pregnancy.

“Just what?”

“You know, Cas, the thing about this is not that I don’t want you to help me build up the crib. It’s that it should be Deanhere with me, not you, not Sam not anyone and not me myself, putting all the pieces together like every couple should. But no- hunting always comes first as it seems, and he and Sam are gone the moment they catch wind of some case.”

“(Y/n)- it’s not like that.” he looked down.

“Then what is it like? I mean I’m not always demanding things from him, actually never, but for this I hoped that- that he’d really want to be there. I guess- I just need to be a little more patient.” you shrugged, almost tired and Castiel only looked at you with a frown.

He wished so bad he could say something, anything to make you feel less bad about this but then how could he utter that Dean had left you all alone because he was trying his best to find the perfect ring to propose to you but never felt anything was good enough for you?

Sometimes I’ll be at work and won’t be able to get out of a brain fog. I can’t speak for everyone, but when I get this way I have trouble understanding, paying attention, retaining information, and acting on orders. This is not a great mental state to be in while at work- where all of those things are important. People get frustrated if you ask them to repeat things several times, and often it’s not a great idea to just wing it. There is also a factor of shame that comes with responding to orders with ‘huh?’

Here are a few phrases that I have learned over the years to help with communication when I’m dealing with this:

  • My memory is playing tricks on me today- can you repeat what you wanted me to do?
  • I am having trouble conceptualizing what you’re saying. Can you show me?
  • I didn’t process what you said, can you repeat it?

The pattern here is:

  • Address that the problem is on my end. 
  • Recognize that I do want to do the task
  • Request additional help. 

While not everyone will understand a bad brain day, most people will understand that sometimes senses are not reliable all of the time. This kind of formula for communicating has helped me build a positive relationship with my co-workers. 

@anothermarkiplierfan has a “Bunker” we can all take shelter/ refuge in whenever something happens.

Can… Can theorists have their own place to theorize/ plan/ discuss? Where would it be: a hideout? A fortress? A secret lab? Command post/ HQ? What would we call it?

What would it have? 24/7 coffeepot/ maker? Fire extinguishers everywhere (not that it would do any good)? Plenty of space for charts/ graphs- right? “State of the art technolo”- nevermind.

Help me build guys! But can we all agree that it has to be fireproof? I’m tired of going up in flames after every hint after hint is dropped. :P


IDK if they’d help anyone but I’ve made a few shape build studys and stuff to help me learn how to draw the characters more on-model? Of course, they aren’t perfect but they helped me and they might help some of you guys out?

So here’s Black Hat and Flug. I haven’t done ones of Demencia and 5.0.5 yet but if people want em I’ll try to make some!

Badass Makeup Witch Tips

This is from my old blog, @scrying-with-skeletons! 

I’m a makeup and skincare lover. I’m also a witch. So I’ve went through my makeup bag and given each of my items a particular glamour enchantment, which I’m so happy to share with you all! Feel free to do the same, share your ideas, or generally do something along the same lines!

Cleanser: Wash away all negativity
Toner: Act as an active agent to scour away any evil or mischief
Moisturizer: renew me, charge me with life and beauty
Primer: Coat me in a sheet of enchantment, make me magical
Eye-shadow Primer: Help me see, and allow that which is psychic and prophetic stick to my eyes
Concealer: Cloak me and my mistakes, help me hide my blemishes
Foundation: Help me build a beautiful day and create a masterpiece. Be the beginning of a glamour spell
Contour: Sculpt my face, make me a statue of grace.
Highlight: Bring out my features and my attributes and traits.
Blush: Bring life into me, revitalize every cell of my being.
Powder: Veil me in secret, keep my thoughts well hidden.
Eyebrows: Stay my expressions, make me hard to read.
Lipstick: Make my words magical, lips desirable, and soft as can be.
Eye-shadow/Eyeliner: Enhance my sight, bring me information from my plane and others.
Mascara/Fake Eyelashes: Give my sight a radar, expand my horizons.