help me ashlee

All Hayley has to do is enlist Caroline’s help…? That blonde list-maker will have those 3 cures and Klaus un-walled in a freaking SNAP!

Hayley: Look, I know I snapped your neck and you’re still not over it–

Caroline: –You’re right, I’m not.

Hayley: –but I have a Mikaelson-riddle that needs to be solved as soon as possible. Suffice it to say–it’s big, it’s bad, and it’s ugly.

Caroline: When did this all happen?

Hayley: (pauses, bites lip) …3 years ago.

Caroline: Wait, WHAT. You mean to tell me that Klaus has been barricaded inside of a wall in New Orleans while the rest of the Originals snooze like Sleeping Beauties and you waited not one…not two…but three freaking years to ask for my help?

Hayley: I figured it was my problem.

Caroline: Well, now it’s our problem. Time to channel Khaleesi, kick some ass, and cure some Mikaelsons!

Hayley: How?

Caroline: (Rolls eyes. Drags Hayley along behind her) Let’s go. I already have about 5 contingency plans…


RIGHT i really need to stop procrastinating this dumb essay i have to write so i need to leave for today and maybe tomorrow. 

here’s a sneak peek of the current percabeth fic i’m working on. which i will finish when this essay’s done.

“Hi, Annabeth,” Jason stuck out a hand for her to shake. Annabeth took it, hoping he couldn’t feel how clammy she was. When she dropped her hand back to her lap, he moved to the side and said, “This is Percy.”

Percy. Of course it was Percy. Of course, out of all the people in this god forsaken city that Annabeth could have slept with, it had to be Jason’s friend Percy.

When she’d left, he’d still been fast asleep, stark naked and drooling all over his pillow. She’d gathered her things and crept out, content with the knowledge that she’d just had the best sex of her entire life and could now leave and never see him again.

What an excellent plan that had been; Until he’d ruined it by showing up for brunch in a button down that showcased the definition of his arms, with his hair still slightly wet and the edges of the hickey she’d given him barely visible over his collar.