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Friendly Reminder

that while you can make jokes about Feyre manipulating Lucien in ACOWAR by using his mating bond with Elain, that will not make him change. It will make him worse. His condition will get worse as the female he saw as a friend, manipulates him again and again. Just as Tamlin did to him.  

You matter. You are valid. You are alive.

You are you.

Nothing and no one can absolutely change that.

Except you.

sorry, i gonna have to come back to this moment because it was such a good moment

bakugou is an angry mess. anger’s a secondary emotion; it’s a defensive reaction to another emotion, e.g. you feel angry because you are hurt, you feel unsafe, etc. bakugou feels angry because he has guilt and self loathing in spades, and anger is the only way he knows how to process it. 

this panel could be seen as bakugou’s typical bakugou-ness – a la “i don’t need your help” / “i want to (have to) be perfect and i have to do that on my own, you absolute cannot and are not allowed to help me” – but this time it feels different. the context is different. this isn’t bakugou trying to achieve everything on his own; this is bakugou feeling like everything is his fault. 

getting kidnapped. all might’s fall. chaos descending on society. his friends nearly being expelled. if he had just been stronger, then none of this would have happened. bakugou’s always been a proud little shit who thought he was better than everyone else, and yet here is all the incontrovertible proof that he is a total failure. that kind of thinking so easily leads to self-hatred, and here bakugou has been marinating in it for days. 

and at that point, when you hate yourself that much – when all you can see in yourself are all the failings, all the bad things, all the ways in which you weren’t good enough and thus the scum of the earth – when you get to that point, someone genuinely caring about you feels like a slap to the face.

it feels like knocking all the breath out of you. it feels like adding salt to your wounds. bakugou isn’t just being frustrated with izuku here. he’s hurt. how can izuku ask if he’s okay? how can izuku still care? 

bakugou’s in such a terrible mental state that he can’t accept any help right now. at least, nothing but a way to vent his feelings and punish himself at the same time. 

i mean, just look at bakugou’s expression here, the way his snarl almost seems like a grin: izuku has just landed a good solid hit on his face, and he’s not even mad about it. he’s getting exactly what he wants. 

throughout the series bakugou has expressed himself almost exclusively through attacks (verbal or physical) or by destroying things. it may be the only way he really knows how to give voice to his emotions. izuku shows talent and power during the quirk apprehension test? attack. todoroki doesn’t fight him full power? attack. bakugou is a failure? … 

attack himself – or find someone who will do it for him. 

i’ve always thought he had something of a self-destructive streak, and here it fucking is. 


        100 lyric starters taken from ‘wild world’ by bastille. change pronouns/sentence structure if necessary!


❝ so, what would you little maniacs like to do first? ❞
❝ what’s gunna be left of the world when you’re not in it? ❞
❝ every minute and every hour i miss you more ❞
❝ if you want to be a party animal you have to learn to live in the jungle ❞
❝ stop worrying and go and get dressed ❞
❝ you might have to excuse me, i’ve lost control of all of my senses ❞


❝ think about the power of your words ❞
❝ oh my god, i can’t quite believe my ears ❞
❝ you’re making me feel nervous ❞
❝ i need to clear my head ❞
❝ how can you think you’re serious? ❞
❝ do you even know what year it is? ❞


❝ kind of hoping this will turn me round ❞
❝ and now it follows me every day ❞
❝ it caught me by surprise ❞
❝ my back’s up against the wall ❞
❝ i feel guilty ❞


❝ never good, just the bad and the ugly ❞
❝ nothing quite like seeing the world through the tv’s window ❞
❝ i can’t stop thinking about it ❞
❝ tell me, did you see the news tonight? ❞
❝ hold me in this wild, wild world ❞


❝ did you ever feel like they were ringing true? ❞
❝ not everything had gone to plan ❞
❝ we made the best of what we had, you know ❞
❝ all their words were glory ❞
❝ stop looking up for heaven ❞

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stop telling suicidal people that they’ll ruin other people’s lives if they die. 

Advice For The Signs

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Aries - Admitting that you care about someone isn’t weakness.
Taurus - Everybody is not your friend.
Gemini - It’s cool to ignore social norms, but don’t make fun of people who DO abide by these social norms.
Cancer - Remember the things that you’re good at, even when it seems like your life is falling apart.
Leo - A few close friends are better than a huge group that doesn’t care about you.
Virgo - It’s okay to take a study break every once in a while.
Libra - Appreciate the people that have helped you in the past.
Scorpio - Stop leading people on and making them feel special when you’re just gonna leave them.
Sagittarius - You need to know when to tone down the sarcasm, sometimes it’s inappropriate and hurts people’s feelings.
Capricorn - You won’t ever be happy if you continue to compare yourself to others.
Aquarius - Don’t change yourself for your crush.
Pisces - You’re special whether the people around you recognize it or not.

I hate you │5

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summary:  The fuckboy can’t help it but get protective when you’re in danger
member: Jeon Jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, romance, angst
word count: 2.5k
warnings: fuckboy!Jungkook badboy!Jungkook
I hate you Masterlist 123 4 5 6 7 (ongoing)

A/N: For some reason, “I hate you 2″ doesn’t show up anywhere as if the post doesn’t exist, even the link doesn’t work on my phone. Do you guys have any idea why? please message me if you do. P.S I have the next part planned out, but it’s gonna take awhile, so please don’t expect it to be posted tomorrow. I’ll post it somewhere this week though. 

You have successfully ignored his presence the whole day. Meeting him, looking him in the eyes would once again remind you how much you actually hated him. He didn’t seem to mind ignored by you either, but then after the class ended he approached you in the hallway.

“Hey” -he greeted you as if nothing had happened yesterday. What else did you expect? an apology? from someone like him?

“Your turn”- you said with as indifferent and uninterested tone as you could. You would never show him that he had any kind of effect on you. You took the diary out of your bag and threw it at him, just like he had done to you the day before. 

“I know you have every right to be mad at me but let me explain”-his words were barely audible, clearly not used to explaining his actions to others and feeling ashamed because of it.

“I’m not angry at you and you don’t owe me any kind of explanation, it’s none of my business, remember?”

“It’s not like that, I.. uh just hear me out”-he reached out his hand to touch your arm but stopped in the middle. To hide what he intended to do he took his hand back and placed it on the back of his neck. 

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I don’t know how to say this without blushing, without wishing to run away from both you and myself. But I love the way that you touch me, and there are too many parts of me that believe it for me to push the thought away anymore. I’m confused, and I don’t know what to think. I’m terrified, for to confront something is to make it all too true. I wish that I knew how to make it stop.
—  🖤

hey hey what about the boys with an s/o who constantly insults themselves? calling themselves worthless, ugly, boring and the like

This is relatable… 

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Of course, Shinguuji immensely disapproves of this… habit of yours.
  • It frustrates him that you can’t see the wonderful things he sees when he thinks of you.
  • Every time you insult yourself, he’ll just stop what he’s doing, turn to look at you, and raise an eyebrow disapprovingly.
  • It’s actually pretty intimidating
  • He tries to talk with you about your “habit” - lets you know that he’s there to support you, and you can always talk to him if you’re feeling down
  • And most of all, he warns you not to throw too much poison into your own well…
  • The more you let yourself think this way, the harder it’ll be for you to stop

Rantarou Amami

  • Amami tends to deal with you in a kind of silly way
  • If he hears you insult yourself, he immediately responds with a resounding “No!”
  • Half of the time, he pounces on you and wraps you in a big hug, one you can’t wiggle out of
  • And he’ll counter your insults with five or even ten compliments
  • You’re a bit frazzled by this,, because you tend to insult yourself… often.
  • But it is very flattering and heartwarming. You can tell he really cares.
  • It’s also kind of funny because sometimes you’ll insult yourself and hear a faraway “No!!!” before you see Amami sprinting down the hallway towards you

Kokichi Ouma

  • You can’t get away with insulting yourself in front of him, really
  • If you try, he’ll whip his head around to stare at you, smile (creepily), and say “But that’s a lie, isn’t it~?”
  • If you protest or say you’re telling the truth he’ll do one of two things
  • He’ll either throw a mini tantrum until you take it back
  • Or he’ll flop down on the floor, latch onto your leg with a death grip, and refuse to let go until you take it back.
  • Whenever his chaos has run it’s course, though, he’ll usually tell you why he likes you
  • Hearing him say such things in such a serious voice really comforts you

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He’s rather taken aback at the beginning of your relationship
  • You’re this incredible person that he’s had a major crush on. You’re inspiring, and sweet, and he feels like the luckiest boy on the planet to be able to date you.
  • So why… would you say such harsh things about yourself?
  • He’s not really sure how to handle the situation
  • He wants to help, but doesn’t know how, and he doesn’t want to overstep any boundaries
  • Eventually, he asks to have a serious talk about it.
  • Do you know why you constantly say these things? Have you been saying these things for a while, or is it a newer habit? Was there a certain event that caused you to say these things?
  • He feels like if he knows exactly why you’re saying it, he’ll be able to help you stop, or feel better, or something.
  • He also makes sure to ask how you think he can help
  • You’ll work through this together, no matter what.

Kaito Momota

  • Whenever you insult yourself Momota takes it as a personal insult
  • It doesn’t matter what you say; he’s still personally offended and boy, does he let you know it.
  • “Weak? Useless?? How dare you say those things about yourself - I can’t believe - Jesus Christ, babe, what the fuck?!”
  • He’ll counter your insult with antonyms after his initial outrage
  • “Weak? Strong.
  • “Useless? Necessary.”
  • “Boring? …Um…. Uhh…. okay, not boring! How do you like that!”
  • Well, he’s trying


  • Kiibo genuinely doesn’t understand
  • What exactly makes you feel the need to say such things about yourself?
  • It’s clear that none of these adjectives describe you in any way.
  • For some reason, it bothers him to hear you say these things. And not just because you’re incorrect.
  • It makes him feel… discomforted. Wrong.
  • If you say bad things about yourself, he makes a face like he’s a puppy who’s just been kicked
  • …Well, when he does that, you can’t help but make an effort to stop yourself.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta usually responds to your insults by simply asking “why?” in his innocent voice. Why do you think you’re worthless?
  • You try to explain… you keep messing things up, and you’re not a good person…
  • “But Gonta messes up, too! Does that mean Gonta is a worthless person?”
  • You hurry to tell him that no, he isn’t, and he sighs in relief. “Okay, then neither of us are worthless, then!”
  • Huh.
  • He got you.
  • And so the cycle continues.
  • “I’m just… ugly because I’m… bigger and… I don’t like the shape of my face, and…”
  • “Gonta’s bigger, too! Does that make me ugly?”
  • “……..No”
  • “Oh, thank goodness! Gonta thinks your face is great the way it is now, by the way!”
  • You’re definitely not going to win this.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • If anything, Hoshi would have an insult-off with you
  • You think you’re boring? Well, he’s cold.
  • You think you’re ugly? He’s been compared to a troll, a dwarf, and a gremlin. And that’s just from today.
  • You think you’re worthless? No way. You’ve never purposefully hurt anyone. He’s… a murderer.
  • He kind of helps put things in perspective for you.
  • He does let you know that he thinks you’re amazing person later, though.

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

I’m tired of having a past filled with emotional abuse. I can’t even mention the non-traumatizing, non-abusive aspects of living with my abusive mother without my friends and loved ones saying things like “There’s a time and place for this kind of stuff. Stop talking about it because it’s making me feel guilty.” I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty. I’m just trying to casually talk about the past the way that people do all the time. I’m just trying to feel like I belong with everyone else.
—  Posted by Anonymous