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Get over him in 28 days or less:

1. Stay in your pyjamas: cry until your tears are dry, your eyes are red and you can bare to cry any more. Watch your favourite movies and let the grieving begin.

2. Mums really do know best, so if yours comes in for a hugging session, don’t push her away. Then, when you feel comfortable, have a chat to her about it.

3. Start writing a journal and write out everything you want to say to him and everything you’re feeling. Every possible thing you can put on to words; put it on paper.

4. This really is it. He hasn’t called and you’re feeling down in the dumps, but it’s still OK to cry.

5. Don’t forget to eat – depriving yourself of food will only make you feel worse (and personally food helps me feel happy).

6. Get off the couch and go for a run – you’ll feel better if you get active. Try a run around the block, or some sit-ups. Exercise will clear your mind for a while.

7. Call in your support for comfort. Bestfriends + chocolate + comedy movies = a girl who’s having too much of a good time to think about the fool who broke her heart.

8. Step away from the phone! Don’t call him, don’t text him… don’t even look at your phone!

9. Have a shower (wash that hair!) and call the friends you neglected while you were all over that guy!

10. Pamper yourself. Get a massage and a fake tan (one that’s done by a credible beautician – turning orange will not help your self-esteem!). Have a bubble bath and get a manicure or something fun!

11. Anyone else you know been hurt by a crush? Ask them for advice on how they got through it. They might have some useful tips you haven’t thought of.

12. Say “hi” to him in a casual way, letting him know things don’t need to be weird anymore.

13. If you’re emotional from your first contact after he hurt you, have a cry (but make it a good one coz it’ll be the last tears you’ll shed over him).

14. Feel empowered that someone who truly deserves you is waiting for you in your future.

15. Time for an anger-management activity to let go of all that build-up rage! Kickboxing, anyone? Punching bag?

16. Clean out your life – room included – and line your walls with pics of hot celebrities! Get rid of any photos of you together. Don’t torture yourself!

17. Improving your grades sounds boring, but it will boost your confidence and make you feel really accomplished!

18. Reward your hard work with a relaxed, but fun, girly night out with some great mates.

19. Him not liking you back isn’t your fault, so get those thoughts out of your head… today!

20. Get together with a couple of friends and have that awesome bitch sesh you’ve been dying to have.

21. You’re cool, calm and collected… ’til you run in to him. Be strong; you can cry at home. Notice how the tears are struggling to flow now? It’s nearly over.

22. We all love something about ourselves, so list yours – and be honest! Dig deep and make that list a long one!

23. Do something nice for someone who’s been really supportive of you in your time of need.

24. Stop secretly stalking his Facebook page and deleting your history – effective immediately!

25. Do as Ne-Yo says and really own being Miss Independent. You’ll love every minute of it!

26. A change is as good as a holiday, so get a haircut and treat yourself to some new clothes.

27. Going back and forth with your phone is not going to give you closure. Delete his number already! Free yourself!

28. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, so go fishing! If that doesn’t work out, remember where you kept this.

Words: Sarah Friggieri, Girlfriend Magazine, Australia.

Further edited and extended by crush–advice xo


When the season 2 hype takes over your entire goddamn apartment.


I am a big Stormpilot fan but can we not…keep cutting out the first Asian woman to ever appear on the cover of Vanity Fair?

anonymous asked:

For those interested, CP appeared in this week's Life & Style in the Who Wore it Smarter? segment where they rate 6 actresses wearing the same type of outfit. This week it was 'frilly patterned frocks'. CP got third place with the description: "The Flash star CP dress serves up fashion justice! The "tattoo" print adds a retro vibe and the fit-and-flare style carves out curves. A metallic clutch would have upped the dazzle for a fab finish".

Thanks for the heads up! Not sure how to get a better quality picture online, but it’s on pgs. 50-51 of June 9th’s Life & Style for those who are interested!


“When I was auditioning… they would send me the log lines of the character and if it said beautiful or gorgeous or pretty even they would delete it before they sent it me, because I would immediately call them and go ‘I will not be cast, It’s not going to happen!’ Not to put myself down or anything but I just always wanted to be a comedian.” [x]

Crossdress Magazine - It’s Happening!

So hopefully you’ll all remember a few weeks ago where I asked if people would be interested in a crossdressing magazine.

Long story short; it’s happening. I just might need some help.

I’ve started working on some articles and I want to have a full magazine before I go live, however I’m looking for assistance in any shape or form to help build the magazine itself.

Things I’m desperate for:

  • Photos based on a particular topic (doesn’t have to be anything profound, just something that can have some Q&A with it).
  • Clothing advice for crossdressers, new and old.
  • Makeup advice, same as above.
  • Ideas for what sections you would want to see.
  • Questions for an ‘Agony Aunt’ style section.

Things that will be useful:

  • Any article about crossdressing (on any topic whatsoever).
  • Topics you would like to see covered.
  • Photoshoots you would like to see.
  • Makeup advice you want to know.
  • Clothing advice you want to know.
  • Posts about Wig/Hair/Jewellery advice.

Anyone interested in helping me with any of these areas can email me at, I’ll be able to provide you with more details then.

If you have absolutely any questions, feel free to message me, send an Ask, or email me for more information.

And remember…

You wouldn’t say no to this pretty journalistic face, would you?

- Jessica Blaise x x

Here are some sure-fire tips on getting that magazine project finished!

If you’re an Intellectual™ like me, you’ve probably been seated on that chair watching dog videos for the past couple of hours~~

This is your sign to close that tab and start working on that project (wtv project that is tbh)!!!

Headcanon that Pidge and Keith end up making their own Conspiracy theory magazine while in space.

- Lance laughs at the idea but agrees embarrassingly quickly when they ask him to be their marine reporter. He also teams up with Keith for stories on hauntings throughout the galaxy. 
- Hunk always helps proofread the magazine and sends Shay a copy of every issue. He helps Pidge on all of her arguments involving alien tech. He covers the hardware side while she focuses on software and tying the whole thing together. 
- Shiro doesn’t have an official role with the magazine, but he likes seeing all of the younger paladins working as a team on something fun together. He has a knack for coming up with catchy titles for the articles (particularly when he’s half-asleep. Lance and Pidge have an ongoing bet to see who can get the most ridiculous suggestion from him while he’s sleep deprived). 
- No one is really sure whether Coran actually knows about the magazine, but his ramblings are always a treasure trove of ideas for new articles. Usually Lance is sent in to scope them out (since he’s Coran’s favourite), but he loves hearing them so it’s mutually beneficial. 
- Allura is sceptical at first (particularly after she finds out that the team has been projecting the magazine to the entire galaxy from the Castle Ship’s transmission. It takes Hunk over an hour and multiple explanations of all the security measures they’d put in place to calm her down after that one) but in the end she chalks it up to ‘an Earthen thing’ and let’s them get on with it. 
- Slav writes a few articles on alternate realities. No one can fully understand what they’re saying, but they publish them anyway. He develops a cult following and they end up giving him a regular column. 
- The ‘publishing house’ is listed as Kaltenecker inc. 
- Bonus: Matt loves the magazine because it reminds him of home. It isn’t until the team release a special issue all about Earthen conspiracy theories that he realises why.