help long haired punk is the best

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¬ met online

allison argent is a girl living in a world of black and white. in love with her former best friend and lacking any kind of social life, she’s pretty sure that her life until the end of high school is going to be hell.

that is until she meets stiles stilinski and scott mccall during the summer, two unpopular students from the year above who, to her suprise, run a well loved blog on tumblr with the dorky, long-limbed brunette as the model and his best friend as the photographer. and it seems they want the help of allison as their former female model left town.

with not much else to do with her days, allison agrees, and falls in love with being behind the camera. and by the end of the month, she’s receiving compliments left and right online. and one of these admirers stands out the most.

known as coyote to her followers, allison finds some comfort in malia, a punk who dies her hair a different colour every week and posts her own photos to her blog. but then, when she’s back at school, it turns out her help is closer than she thought.

“malia?” allison said, taking in the red hair and the cigarette at the other’s lips.

the girl stopped, hand in mid air, staring, eyes wide, at the brunette. “allison?”