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Prompt #152

“How do you ‘accidentally’ become the leader of a creepy ghost army?!”

“You know, it’s a really long story.”

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What are your favorite Ships in BnHA?

puttin the Oh… in OTP ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  

“I said I wouldn’t cry!”

I was going to colour this but I feel like this looks a lot nicer as just lines.

The Vlog really got to me… gah………>>>…>>. I tend to internalise a lot of my problems and lash out when people try to ask me about them. I push people away because I don’t want to be the one who gets rejected. 

It’s nice to know that I’m not alone.

Also, Dreamworks put klance in the tags. Dreamworks wyd :0

ALSO also, I really like the Korean Keith AU. Maybe it’s because I’m Korean. Idk. AAHHHh

There’s an AU where Haggar shows Lance his greatest fear (being ignored by the team and made insignificant and unneeded basically) but the vlog made me think of what Keith would see. Probably Shiro taking the Black Lion and him being sent back to his shack on earth because he’s not needed anymore. He probably sees himself staring up at the stars, trying not to cry, wondering if someone, somewhere actually wants him around.

“We don’t need you anymore.”
"I- I…”
“Go home.”



I saw that the reaper76 tag was lacking a BikerAU (or maybe I didn’t search well enough I dunno) and I was like: “WTF where is the BikerAU at?!?!” So having not seen any fanart of that I decided to make some practice drawings. Heavily used google images as reference xD There’s more sketches and even tiny pieces of fics I’m working on. I’m seriously in love with this AU. Also, go listen to Hands by Barns Courtney.

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love is in the air

Prompt# 150

“I am not sure if you’re about to kiss me or kill me, and honestly at this point, I’m not sure which I would prefer.”

“Both sound pretty good to me.”


I shifted my face back into my own, raising a hand to my lips as Azriel knelt before her. I kept up my litany of praying, beseeching the Cauldron to make my womb fruitful, on and on—
Azriel gently removed the gag from her mouth. Are you hurt?
She shook her head, devouring the sight of him as if not quite believing it. You came for me.” The shadowsinger only inclined his head.

for thai. :)

stan the man and mike fall in love and become an iconic power couple, sorry i don’t make the rules:

-they initially bond over their mutual fear of disappointing their fathers (or grandfather) and once the bond is made, it’s unbreakable

-stan will often come over and the two boys will just lie on the grass behind the barn and make up stories to take their minds off of whatever’s going on thats upsetting one or the other  

-their first kiss is when they’re on the grass and stan is rambling off a story about an animal ghost town living among them, mocking their human ways, when mike put his hand in stan’s hair and leaned in

-stan was frozen for about five seconds and mike was just about to pull away when he felt a hand on his face and insistent lips on his own

-they become inseparable after that, and it doesn’t take too long for the rest of the losers to find out

-richie is the first to find out. he will go to his grave insisting that “his gaydar is the high quality shit” but really he saw them holding hands at one of the losers club movie nights

-eddie is next because “guys you have to let me tell eddie! he’s gonna be so psyched that we’re not the only couple in the group! please please plea-” 

-they tell the rest of the club and no one is particularly surprised. everyones happy they’re happy

-they are definitely the Old Married Couple, everyone comes to them for advice

-stan brings out the snark in an otherwise quiet mike and mike brings out the soft in an otherwise rigid stan. the losers club is shook when they see how soft stan is around mike 

-they’re just totally in love and fully respect and understand each other?? 

I-I… I have felt… 
I’m officaly a huge slut for this show.
And you may see from here who’s my fav… IT’SRADOK?ILOVEHIM. HISBLUSHISMAKINGMESMILE
Also I hc that everyone is gay for Enid… oh wait… that’s canon-

I hope I did well on trying to fit with show’s artstyle. Tbh it’s really funny, cause my artstyle is p similiar so… I hope I fit in?
I still can’t draw K.O. tho


#this episode was gay as fork