help i'm getting emotional about this picture

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.

This is it. This night killed me.

I’m still shaking so I apologize if things don’t make sense… And of course most of these things happened while I wasn’t filming so you’ll have to take my word for it.

So my dad and I had front row seats for section AA, I stood there wrapped in my rainbow flag the whole time. Before they started singing Clouds Louis came to our side and I held up my ‘my dad is Louis af’ sign and pointed to my dad. Louis pointed at us and gave us a thumbs-up.

After that everything’s a bit of a blur. Liam saw the ’you make this feel like home’ sign during Fireproof, pointed and smiled. (got that on video)

When Harry saw my 'It’s my 22nd birthday’ sign he said happy birthday (I think my dad recorded that but I haven’t had time to go through all my videos yet). Liam saw it later and said happy birthday too.

My dad’s sign said 'Thank you for helping my daughter come out’ (I wrote that but he came up with the idea and coloured it himself) and he tried to get a reaction from Harry for the longest time and we could tell he’d seen it but he didn’t react during the songs but before DFWYB (I think) he took his time to read it (and I had my home sign up as well then) and my dad saw and pulled me in to give me a kiss to the top of my head and Harry touched his chest and blew us a kiss.

My dad really wanted to give Harry a rainbow heart so he threw his on stage and Harry didn’t catch it but he made sure to let my dad know he saw and after WDBHG he picked it up, put it into his pocket and pointed at us.

THEN before (I think) DMD I saw Harry talking to someone for quite a long time and I just took my flag off so I could wave it for the last part where the boys run off stage. During DMD a guy came over to us and looked a bit confused but when I took my flag out to wave he did a double take and asked if he could get a picture of me and my dad (he didn’t have a professional camera though). After the show I asked one of the security guys if he’d seen that and knew who he was and he said he’s with the band. Make of that what you will.

When the boys left the stage after DMD I waved my rainbow flag and Harry pointed right at me while he ran out.

If anyone thinks they caught any of these moments on camera pleeeease let me know, that would mean a lot.

This was all about the boys now, I’m gonna do a RD related report tomorrow.
(the hotel wifi won’t let me add pictures here so they’re coming tomorrow as well)

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I watched the first episode and didn't get hooked. But I've seen it on a lot of blogs that I stalk so I'm thinking I should like it, so wanted to ask what's so good about Steven Universe? Thx.

I’m not one for telling people to keep watching until X if they don’t want to watch something, so if that’s what you’re looking for I won’t be much help.

It’s about a precious cupcake and his numerous gay space rock moms. It’s optimistic and funny and kind and loving and emotion destroying and gut wrenching and hopeful.

It starts off episodic, only carefully parceling out dribs and drabs of the greater picture, then shit keeps getting increasingly real, the stakes are revealed to be increasingly higher, the characters and relationships are revealed to be increasingly complex, all while still maintaining its cute funny wonderfulness along with race, gender, and sexuality diversity that puts almost everything else on US TV period, much less other cartoons, to shame.

This is a very, very incomplete summary of why I love Steven Universe and it’s hugely important to me, but if you’re not into it and you don’t feel like you want to watch past the first eleven minute episode, then I’m certainly not going to convince you otherwise.

Habits - Requested (Michael)

This was requested by Anon (Can i have a mikey one?? Based off the song habits (stay high) by tove lo??? Plz i love your account btww) okay s i have never heard this song before, i had a little and its not too bad haha, anayways ENJOY!!!!

Your head is banging, you groan feeling the warm glare of the sun on your face and fours yourself to open your eyes, when you do you squint from the light coming through the window. You let out a tired groan as you rub your face into the pillow, your body stretching to wake itself up. You push yourself up and shuffle into your bum, sanding and looking around the room for your clothes. Getting dressed you take the time to look at the guy lying naked in the bed, his blonde shabby hair messed, his lips slightly parted and his stubble covering what you imagine an amazing jaw line. Over all he is one of the best looking guys you have found yourself with this week, you’d stay, if you could remember his name. So you leave checking your keys and phone are still in your bag and slipping out of the door.

As you walk down the street there is a couple, laughing, their hands locked walking on the other side; you remember the picture Calum took of you and Michael walking down the street. You need to see it, so you pull out your phone and scroll through your pictures but your eyes fix on one with you pulling a strange face while Michael’s tongue is pressed against your cheek. You can feel it, everything, you can feel as your coming down and you know you need more.

‘Hey Slim I need more’ your voice is groggy from the long night and lack of sleep.

'No worries darlin, same place?’

'I’ll be ten minutes’ with that you hang up and quicken your pace.


You slide into the bath, once your body is enveloped in the warm water and fluffy bubbles you reach out for your pot noodle. Dinner in the bathtub this is your life now. You don’t take long to dry off and throw on some clothes, adding some mascara and eye liner and heading back out. You can spend a night in this empty house.

'This is weird, you’ve been really off lately’ you friend shouts over the blaring music as you watch two women pull at each other’s cloyed as their mouths move on each other. 'Can we get out of here, I don’t like it’ she tries again. 'You can’t keep doing this shit because Michael left’ hearing his name is like a knife through the heart.

'Just go home’ you growl at her before walking through the people to the bar, you’re not alone long as a girl slide over from her bar stool. And after a couple of minutes a couple of guys join you, shot after shot, and his lips are in your neck, you can’t go home alone. It’s only in the taxi you notice this guy is easily thirty plus, probably some bodies daddy. His hand is traveling up your thigh and you whisper in his ear 'make this fast and greasy’ you know you’re numb and way too easy.


Not sure what day it is but your craving Twinkies, so you open the bag full you just bought with the last of your money. Pack after pack your starting to feel sick, the bile raising in your throat and you run to the bathroom, throwing yourself over the tub, and it comes, the smile making even yourself crunch your nose, you’re tired and want to sleep so you climb in the tub, sleep wake puck, it goes on for about an hour before you really do fall asleep, right there in your sick.

'Fuck, hey, (Y/N), babe wake up’ his voice, it’s as always, playing with your sleep, pushing into your dreams. How you’d love to see him again. Feel his arms around you like you do now, if only it was real.

'Drink this, (Y/N), fuck what have you done to yourself’ he sounds sad, you worry, he can’t be sad in your dreams too. 'I love you’ he whispers, you feel his breath against your ear, and smile, that’s how it unused to be. If only you could reach out and touch him, get him to hold you.

You push your hands out wishing he was there when you hand hits something, soft, you flatten your hand and stroke a shirt, a shirt, a person, someone is here, but you came home alone tonight, your eyes fly open but before you see them you eyelids drop again.

'That’s it babe, wake up, open your eyes’ no could it really be, was he really here. This time you open them and they stay open. 'Michael’ your voice his baily a whisper your body holding no energy.

'Baby, what have you done, sleep, just sleep, I’ll stay right here’ you don’t need any more encouragement you fall asleep.


Your eyes fly open and you see your in your own bed, alone so no one wanted you last night, you don’t remember much from last night, nothing really but you do vaguely remember dreaming about him. You force yourself out of bed and into your living room, you hear a clatter in the kitchen, your heart beats fast against your chest as you slowly and quietly make your way in.

'Michael’ you’re frozen in your spot and he spins around, a small frown in his face.

'Your awake, I made breakfast, sorry about the mess you know I’m not much of a cook’ he is casual, like nothing has changed.

'Why are you here’ your voice is baily a whisper, so many emotions rushing through you, god you can feel it all again, it’s time you have to numb yourself.

'We need to talk’ his words distract you. As he sits at the table a pile of pancakes in the middle. He takes one and rips a little off popping it into his mouth. You lower yourself into the seat opposite him.

'Gina called me, she said you were bad, I dunno what I was expecting but not this, this isn’t you, you’ve always been so against drugs, not a huge drinker, your different, I don’t know who you are like this’ him words only hurt you but you are blank, you don’t want to speak just listen, listen to his voice, watch his lips, take in his smell not knowing if you will have the chance again.

'I did this, I left you, god I’m such an idiot, I never thought, I dunno, I didn’t really think at all it just happened, at the time everything I told you I meant it but as soon as I was gone I hated myself for leaving you, I’ve thought about you every day, missing you, driving myself crazy looking at our pictures. I love you, god I always will love you, please, please let me help you, get us back to normal’ his words are sincere, his small smile genuine, his eyes locked with yours.

'Michael you didn’t want me before, I’m even more fucked up now’ you sigh, remembering the day he left you. Remembering his words.

'I can’t deal with you, your so closed down all the time, you can’t even tell me you love me half the time, I need more, more emotion, I need to feel needed and you’re not doing it, I can’t love you anymore’

'I was an idiot, I was having a bad day, you are closed up but that’s part of you and all I can ask is that you give me the chance, the time to study you, and one day I will know how you feel without saying a word.’ He explains.

You smile a little before looking down, you can feel the words on the tip if your tongue, 'I love you’ his hand wraps around your, 'I love you too’

From Chelsea