help i'm falling in love and i can't get up

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All I really wanted from the end of Cursed Child, tbh...
  • Scorpius & Albus: We're getting married.
  • Harry: I'm so happy for you both.
  • Draco: We will help you plan a perfect wedding.
  • three months later...
  • Draco: POTTER, you peasant! We can't have chrysanthemums at a fall wedding! How is it possible that you have such plebeian sensibilities? Were you raised in a barn?!
  • Harry: No! In a cupboard, under some stairs! Thanks for bringing up that painful memory, Malfoy!
  • Scorpius & Albus: *cringing, rolling their eyes, seriously considering an elopement*
  • and a few months after that...
  • Scorpius & Albus: *happy, in love, dancing and grinning*
  • Draco & Harry: *drunk, hugging each other, and sobbing about their babies all night. won't stop shaking hands with each other. won't stop toasting to the most noble and glorious house of potter-malfoy. have to be carried home by Ginny*

Someone has probably already pointed this out…..butttttttttt…..Mari gets tripped up by a BLACK CAT aka a CHAT NOIR XD I think Mari’s going to fall for a certain black catttttttttttt XD
I know, I’m marichat trash! It can’t be helped 😂😂😂😂

  • everyone: are you getting enough sleep?
  • me: no. I exist in a perpetual state of exhaustion which, overtime, has allowed me to develop a particular knack for operating on minimal to no sleep with no obvious side effects, such as falling asleep behind the wheel
  • me:
  • everyone:
  • me: what I'm saying is I found a new show to watch on Netflix and those 5 seasons can't watch themselves if I'm unconscious

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AAAAGGGHHHHH😭 please rec me some hopekook, ive read probably everything at this point-been through the tags and masterlist, but I love the pairing sm and I'm gonnaaaaa dieeeee, Fml, I just reread "like everybody else" by shikae (39smooth) on AO3, and omfg can't deal with Hobi taking care of cutesy jk, and that daddy kink exploration ended my life, please help a sista out 😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭

- lost and found by xxdevilishxx
- falling, catching by anonymous
- all i ask of you by romantium
i’ll take you on by lilacflowers
‘cause i’m burning up, burning up for you baby by malignance; hoseok/jungkook/yoongi
to the places you will be from by krissy
- mommae by 2kitsune
vagabonds’ chaos theory by astringxnt
the feeling of getting you closer (is taking me under) by 19970901
- go by exfatamorgana
your warm embrace by jiminiebabo
- break your plans tonight by xxdevilishxx
neon sign by hobilu
- double texting by kaihansol

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I want to write about a girl who falls in love with a boy she meets during study abroad, but I'm lacking ideas for a main conflict. I have ideas for plot devices, like missing a flight or getting pickpocketed, but those feel too contrived. She wants to go around and see new places and enjoy new experiences; I can't come up with good obstacles for her goal. Any ideas that can help point me in the right direction?

So you’re looking for obstacles to a girl traveling? 

  • A stolen/lost passport could be huge obstacle. Especially if she doesn’t have other valid forms of ID. This could get her stuck in a country for while, make her lose flights, miss events she was planning to go to…it could also be how she meets the boy. Maybe he’s fighting with someone at the consulate when she goes to get a new passport or maybe he offers her a “faster” way of getting a passport…
  • Weather/power outages/security problems can all ground or delay flights, trains and other forms of transportation. If she had planned out all her travel dates and everything was already booked, that could be pretty hard to deal with. 
  • Medical issues could make her lose a flight (so it’s not too contrived) or if she does get on it could make her feel even worse and force her to miss out on things she had planned.
  • Since this is for studying abroad maybe something goes wrong with an assignment or test and she has to redo it all. Or the teachers involved have strong rules about where she is allowed to go and what she can do.
  • A misunderstanding gets her put on the no-fly list.
  • An emergency/mistake makes her to spend a lot of her money. She doesn’t have enough now to keep traveling and still make it home.

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Yamaguchi is feel really depressed because he's just tired of college, he has a stressful job, and he hasn't talked to Tsukishima in a while and then all the sudden he gets a Skype call from Tsukki and he sees Tsukishima with a Ukulele and he starts performing "can't help falling in love with you" by Twenty one pilots and the whole team plus more is singing it to him and he's crying because he's so happy (I'm sorry, i want some sweet/fluffy Tsukkiyama Because it's some good shit 👌🏼)

Yama’s having a shit day and Tsukishima can tell through his text messages he gets regularly that he’s not feeling well and so Tsukki calls up everyone he can. The idiot duo, Daichi, Suga, Tanaka and Ennoshita, Nishinoya, and some kouhai, and when time comes for their usual Skype call, Yamaguchi is surprised to see Tsukki with a ukulele, their friends behind him, and then they’re singing, and he cries he’s so happy. 

“No.” Jim whispered taking a step back shaking his head and staring at the ground. “You can’t say that. You can’t say you love me." 

 "Yes I can.” Leonard took two steps forward for every one Jim went back. He would not let the man retreat from him. “I do.”

 "No. You can’t,“ the tears that had gathered in Jim’s eyes cascaded over slipping down his cheeks and dripping from his chin. His back hit the wall, he’d trapped himself. "You can’t love someone like me. You deserve so much better Bones, don’t you understand? You don’t deserve someone as fucked in the head as me. I’m dirty and I’m broken. I’m not even whole. I’m not going to press myself on you because I don’t want you to deal with all this… You shouldn’t have to deal with me." 

With his last words mumbled from his mouth Jim slid down the wall into a heap on the floor. Leonard came to him slowly saying nothing but wanting to yell, wanting to scream at the stupid, hardheaded kid at his feet. But he held himself back sinking to the floor beside Jim who had his knees drawn to chest, his dirty uniform still stained with blood from the latest fuck up of a mission soaking up his tears. Leonard McCoy collected his captain - no, his Jim in his arms and held him tight. 

 "Jim… Jim, I love you. I love you so much darlin’.”

 "I don’t want you to leave me.“

 "I won’t,” Leonard swore. He swore with his whole heart, his entire soul. “I’ll never leave you, Jim. Never." 

Together they cried. For all that they had lost, for all that they could have been and for all that they were. Leonard kissed Jim’s forehead with a promise whispered into his hair. The promise that he would never leave him alone. No, not ever. 

 "You and me, kid. Forever.”