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soooo I finished reading Be More Chill yesterday (the ending was incredibly anticlimactic and a bit of a letdown tbh. I’d recommend that you stop reading when the play starts then start listening to The Play). Chapter 40 in particular I really liked for some reason, so I decided to read it into a microphone!
and if you can’t tell from the picture, this is the chapter where rich sets a fire and burns the house down WHOAOHaoh

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So, this fic is not cooperating, and I’m sitting here thinking instead, right? 

And anon, I am deeply grateful to you for thinking that I’m ‘the best’ (even though I disagree with you)–I’m flattered and honored and I appreciate the sentiment so, so much! Thank you, for thinking so highly of me <3 

…That being said, I’m also uncomfortable with the idea? I love when people respond to what I write, I love that people enjoy it, I adore people who say kind and thoughtful things and I strive to deserve those comments. But while I want–I want very much–to be good at what I do and to contribute something meaningful, something of quality to the community, I don’t really want to be 'the best’. For someone to be 'the best’ it implies that someone else is 'the worst’, or at least that other people are less good, and I….don’t really like that.

I have really strong feelings about the importance and value of individuals–some of you have gotten passionate messages from me about it :) and all of you have gotten passionate thoughts about it that I was too shy or embarrassed to put into a message and send. I find the idea of individuals amazing and miraculous. You realize that every single one of you is unique? You have memories and ideas and thoughts and a perspective that are completely and totally yours, and when you die (I hope peacefully, after a very long and blessed life) something intangible but completely irreplaceable will be gone forever from this plane of existence. Every one of you is inherently amazing

And fandom is what it is because it’s a mesh of these unique perspectives, these individuals souls. It’s people coming together for love of one thing, and even as that fixed point brings us together, we each love it a little differently, and we express our love differently, and we fill up the space of this community with our individuality to make a new and special whole, which is what the fandom is. It’s effervescent, it’s ever changing, it has ebbs and flows, and it’s always made out of love. Fandom is a community defined by love. If we didn’t love, we wouldn’t be here. It’s why fandom hate is so painful, because it undercuts the very foundation of everything. 

Everyone in the fandom is so very important, intensely and completely important, because the fandom would be nothing without the individuals. And although I know every social group will have, or at least appear to have, a sort of hierarchy, that there are always going to be people who seem to get the most attention or whose opinion is the most sought after (I know that there are names I consider to be 'the greats’ of the Kristanna ship, for instance), I think it’s a mistake to think of those people as inherently more important–maybe they’re just able to be very present, maybe they’re just good at reaching out to people, whatever the reason for their apparent popularity, it’s important to remember that they’re also individuals, and they’re here because they love the same thing that the new person with five followers loves, and in that we’re all equal. 

This is turning into a speech, I’m sorry, good grief how pretentious. But let me come to my real point which is this–as much as I love and feed off of praise and comments, and as much as I cherish the sentiment and your good opinion, anon, I don’t want to be ’ the best’. I don’t want to feel ranked and compared to other people, and I don’t want other people to feel ranked and compared to me, because I want us all to be the best, and to love what we love, and make things that express our love in the best way we can. I want to be good, and I want to give my best, but I don’t want anyone to see me as the best, if that makes sense. 

I love you, anon, and I’m grateful, I’m immensely grateful <3 But I feel like the praise you gave me really belongs to a lot of other people, because I’m nothing without the community. I wouldn’t be writing Frozen fics at all if I hadn’t stumbled on the community. But I am here, and I love this community and these people–they're my frohana. And they’re the best. 


lovelies, okay.. i haven’t been really posting much lately.. and i’m sorry.
trying to be active again seriously, but life has been a bitch, walking around with a depression makes me feel worthless but alright, LIFE GOES ON.



i’m literally so happy, and a little bit confused that you all stayed with me to this point like.. WOW. thank you soooooooooooo much!!!