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Advice for native speakers of a language when encountering foreigners learning their language

Of course this is aimed at people who want to help others learn their native language. It’s based on personal experiences from when I first came to France. If the language learner you meet is advanced and speaks fluently you might not have to do any of these. But I think they’re good to keep in mind when meeting new language learners.

1. Slow down a bit. Don’t do that thing often shown in movies where people speak super loud and as if in slow motion. Speaking super slow doesn’t help much with understanding or learning and shouting is useless unless you’re in a noisy environment. Just slightly slow down your normal talking speed, it makes it easier to recognize more individual words and phrases. And maybe dial down on colloquialisms a bit at first.

2. Give the person time to process what you said. Sometimes it can take a few moments to realize what was just said to us when we don’t speak the language well (even if the person is speaking slower than their normal speed). So don’t just assume the person didn’t understand you if they don’t respond immediately, give them a moment first.

3. Ask if they understood what you said once in a while. Also offer to repeat or explain things. Some people won’t have a problem letting you know if they didn’t understand a word or a phrase, but others might feel bad asking you to repeat yourself multiple times (I know I do). So just ask every once in a while to make sure they’re still following you.

4. Use simple words to explain things. If the person is just starting out with their language learning then they don’t have a large vocabulary so using unnecessarily long sentences filled with fancy words will just confuse them even more. Simpler is always better.

Example: I once had to call a phone company’s help line to resolve an issue. I told the person I didn’t speak French very well, carefully explained the problem and he spent ten minutes talking at normal speed, explaining something to me and I didn’t understand a word. When I told him I didn’t understand he spent even longer repeating what he said and going in even more detail and I still had no idea what he was saying. I was too embarrassed and didn’t want to spend twenty more minutes on the phone with this guy so I just told him I got it and hung up. The next time I called, someone else answered and they explained it to me clearly in a fraction of the time and I understood them perfectly.

So keep your explanations short and simple.

5. If they can’t think of a word in your language and say it in another language you have in common, tell them the word in your language before moving on with the conversation. So many times people have just nodded in understanding and moved on with the conversation without telling me the French word when I’ve used an English word for something in the middle of a sentence. It can be a bit frustrating to have to interrupt the conversation to ask for clarification after every sentence (and for those of us on the shy and/or socially anxious side it’s also nerve-wracking). Conversations will flow much smoother if you just throw in the translation of the word in your language and then move on. Also

6. Don’t automatically switch to another common language after they use a word or a phrase from that language when they can’t think of them in your language. Ask first. It might be easier for both of you, but it doesn’t help them learn your language. If you want to practice that other language with them then make a deal about when you’re going to speak which language with each other. That way you’ll both get to practice your target language. So just ask them if they want to continue in that language, but don’t switch without asking. Again, some people will be more than comfortable in telling you which language they’d rather be speaking in, but others might not.

That’s all I can think of for now. Feel free to add your own advice

Project presentation


If you’re one of the people wondering why it’s 2017 and Sherlock Holmes and John Watson still haven’t kissed on TV, then you might be interested in what I have to say !

As an aspiring writer/director, I want to right decades of wrongs and finally free these characters and finally allow them to be happy together. 

What I offer you is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, both young (early 20s), both queer. The action would take place in modern Paris (because I’m a poor french worm)

Now, why am I telling you all that :

The project is only at its development stage, meaning I’m still working on the story (though the main pitch is already defined). Also, it’s all amateur work, so I’d be doing this on my free time, with my own money etc.. 

So basically, I need people interested in this project to help me out !

  • For the writing phase: as I’m not a walking ACD canon Encyclopaedia, I might need a lot of help concerning the canon and especially the cases. I might also need help writing said cases.
  • For the filming phase: I’ll need actors (preferably french speakers), but also sound engineers, scripts… (but we have time for that)

So if you’re interested in the project, if you’re motivated, send me a PM and don’t forget to share and reblog !


(this is for sen she killed me)

It is summer. Outside the inn, the cicadas have quieted and it’s the crickets that take over, white noise, white music, lulling the boys to sleep. The breaths of heavy sleep can be heard alongside the whir of the fan passing over the room. It smells of tatami mats and Kaminari’s feet, one foot poking Bakugou’s upper arm. His snores sound like whines, just irritating enough that Bakugou’s resting face is that of a scowl.

He considers shoving Kaminari, or more likely, kicking him, but that would require moving, and all four limbs are distant from Bakugou, heavy as concrete and unmovable as the komainu guards that stood outside the inn. He should be sleeping. He needs to be sleeping. Tomorrow, the training camp begins.

Still, there’s the expectant air of something about to happen–the moment before a match is lit, a breath held in until lungs burst, a pause of silence between songs. The room is scattered with pillows and blankets from a pillow fight two hours ago, and the room is heavy with a sense of contentment, apparent in the way Tokoyami cocoons himself in his blanket and Midoriya rests a hand on Iida’s chest. Shouji’s arms splayed out wide and Aoyama with his eyemask on.

Bakugou is wired–restless energy from the pillow fight? Fresh, summer air? Or the tension of training camps past, of being stolen away by villains in the dark.

Bakugou sits up, cards his fingers through his hair.

There’s a beat of silence, and then, “You’re awake?”

Todoroki’s voice is barely above a whisper, dream-like and soft, volume concealed by the sound of the fan. A breeze passes over Bakugou, making his hair flutter. Two sleepers over, Todoroki’s hair ruffles, too. He sits up.

“Go to sleep, idiot,” Bakugou hisses. “I’m not staying up.”

“You feel it, too.”

Bakugou holds his breath. He lets out a louder sigh than he intends. Lying back down, he turns his back on Todoroki. “Doesn’t matter. Night.”

The hair on the back of his neck prickles. He hears the telltale sound of a comforter being pushed back and the gentle thumping of movement across the mats.

If I close my eyes and go to sleep, he will go away, Bakugou thinks.

He manages to ignore Todoroki for a grand total of three minutes before he shoves back his own comforter and sits up, teeth pulled away from his gums. “What.”

Todoroki is sitting seiza at the foot of his bed. “You’re awake,” he says.

“‘Cause I can feel you breathing down my neck, shitstick. Take a hike and get out of my bed.

“We should welcome in summer together,” Todoroki says.

“Do you actually ever listen to people?” Bakugou asks.

“I used to do it with my sister,” he says. “I’m too restless to go to sleep. So are you.”

“I’ll have you know I love sleeping,” Bakugou says. “Get tucked in real fucking tight, snug as bug in his own fucking rug, away from creepy sleep-watchers and their weird-ass ideas.”

“You feel it,” Todoroki says. “Katsuki.”

Bakugou’s breath catches. “I told you not to–even if it’s dire–”

Todoroki holds up one finger, and a tiny flame lights from the end of it. Bakugou flinches. The candlelight reflects in Todoroki’s odd-colored eyes, shiny as glass. It lights a dull glow across molten, scarred skin, bumpy and rough-around-the-edges as the scar’s owner. It casts a shadow across the shape of Todoroki’s mouth, just too close to not-not-smiling to make it hard to look at him.

“Fine,” Bakugou says.

“Repeat after me,” Todoroki says. “Welcome, cicadas.”

“Welcome, cicadas,” Bakugou mutters.

“Welcome, crickets.”

“Welcome–this is so fucking stupid.”

“Just do it.”

A grunt. “Welcome, crickets.”

“Welcome, fireflies.”

“Welcome, fireflies.”

“Welcome, watermelons.”

“Welcome, watermelons.”

“Welcome, sunburn.”

“Welcome, sunb–you’re fucking with me. You’re actually just fucking with me. Is this even a family tradition?”

Todoroki really smiles now, one edge of his mouth turning up and his eyes crinkling. Bakugou moves his glare from Todoroki’s face to the fire at the tip of his finger.

Suddenly, the light goes out.

“Wh–” Bakugou starts.

“We have to seal it,” Todoroki says. “Seal the welcome.” His voice is much, much softer. Bakugou leans forward a little to catch his words.

“Seal it? How? Wait, why the fuck do I care? It’s bull–” Todoroki’s fingers feather along Bakugou’s jaw and he jerks away upon contact, heart racing. Todoroki’s hands hover in the no man’s land between their bodies for a moment. When he moves forward again, leaning forward on his knees, Bakugou doesn’t move. His fingers settle along Bakugou’s cheekbones, pinkies curling under his chin. The callouses on his fingers make Bakugou’s skin tingle. They’re not soft hands, but the hands of a hero and a hard-worker–someone who poured blood, sweat, and tears into his craft.

Through the moonlight that seeps into the room, Bakugou can make out the smile on Todoroki’s face. “We seal it with a kiss.”

Bakugou’s heart stutters. He scowls. He didn’t remember giving it permission to do that.

He feels Todoroki’s exhale as he breathes out. “Kiss me, Katsuki,” Todoroki says.

Bakugou’s hand has found its way to his shirt, clutching at the material over his chest. He doesn’t remember telling it to do that, either. “This is stupid,” he mutters. “This is stupid, you’re stupid, this whole thing is,” he takes a breath, “fucking stupid.”

Todoroki presses his forehead to Bakugou’s, their noses brushing. “Kiss me, Katsuki,” he says again. And then, “Please.”

Shut up, shut up, shut up, Bakugou thinks, and he pecks Todoroki on the mouth lightning quick.

“There,” he says. “Sealed.”

“Okay,” Todoroki says.

“It’s just for your stupid summer tradition,” Bakugou says. “That’s all.”


“Which is still bullshit, by the way.”


“And it doesn’t mean anything, so don’t go telling Deku about…whatever.”


“And–” Bakugou says, but the words are slipping from his mind because Todoroki’s thumb is on his bottom lip and he can feel the puff of Todoroki’s breath not even an inch from his mouth and Todoroki’s eyes are half-lidded, and it’s all just very warm, and without really giving it much thought, he’s kissing Todoroki.

Todoroki’s fingers are rough but his mouth is soft, none of the sharp words he wields when he picks fights with Bakugou, a choice insult thrown in like a dagger to the side, no, this–this is the smile he wears when he’s helpful to a classmate, the brush of his hair against Bakugou’s palm when he swipes at him while dueling, the press of his cheek on Bakugou’s shoulder when he falls asleep on him on the train.

This is I know you and I have yet to know you and I want to know you, the questioning tilt of Todoroki’s head and the suggestion of tongue. They don’t French but they do kiss, the sound sweet as a cricket’s song when they part. Bakugou thinks he’s in a fever dream, even though the height of summer has yet to arrive and the fan still blows cool air across them every now and then. He feels that if he stops kissing Todoroki he will wake up and it will have never happened.

When Todoroki parts from him, he whispers, “Welcome, summer.”

Bakugou whispers, “Welcome, summer.”

cocostephh  asked:

Do you have any tips for balancing languages in a day😌

I’m sorry for taking ages to answer this… to be honest, I’ve been struggling with balancing two languages and didn’t really have any advice to give. However, I think I’m kind of starting to work out a system. Hopefully this helps you a bit!

1. Make a schedule

I know this sound so, so basic, but I think this was my biggest mistake. I just kind of did whatever, whenever and ended up favouring one language over the other or getting my languages mixed up (which is always a little awkward). This is what I’m working towards:

Monday: Norwegian & French | Tuesday: Chinese & French | Wednesday: Chinese only (lesson) | Thursday: Norwegian & French | Friday: French only (lesson) | Saturday: Norwegian & Chinese | Sunday: Chinese & French

  • On two language days, I do one in the morning and one in the afternoon
  • On days with a lesson, I only study that particular language and take a break from the others
  • Note: this schedule still heavily favours French, but it’s the language I want to improve the most so I’m okay with that

I’m still having a bit of difficulty integrating Norwegian into the mix, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

2. Consistency is King

A 30 minute session every day is always going to be better than a 3 hour session once a week. The consistency will help you retain information and keep languages separate. At least for me it helps. Chinese rules are solidified as Chinese rules… same goes for French and Norwegian. I’m not having to refresh with each session. Rather, I build on what I learned the previous day.

3. Moderation

You don’t have to do every language every day. Try picking one or two a day and rotate through them (see part one). However, if you need to take a day off, don’t worry about it! You see that schedule I wrote? That’s something I’m working towards - I certainly haven’t been doing that all the time. But that’s okay. I have a plan and if I stick to it 80% of the time I’m still guaranteed to be progressing in my target languages. Plus, moderation helps prevent burn out, which is never fun.

I hope that helps! If you have any other questions or want clarification feel free to ask :)

help me out? (this time it’s educational)

As I said a little while ago, I’m looking to become fluent in French and it’s my desire to study the language in France. However, after a couple of weeks of looking into things and getting nothing but a headache and information I can’t really do much with, I have decided to study abroad through a local university.

Pros: so much fucking simpler

Cons: maybe a bit more expensive

They have a French Language major, and it’s a bachelor of arts. Fun fact: I already have a Bachelors so a lot of my credits should transfer! Meaning, if I’m lucky, I could get this degree in a year and a half? Maybe?

I should be able to get more financial aid, grants, scholarships, etc. However, the deadline for some of these is coming up and fast and I need to get enrolled in this university as soon as I can. I’m already pretty late in the game. But I am still unemployed and my family can’t/won’t help me here. Mom says I can do it once I get a job but there is no guarantee I’ll get one any time soon, despite my efforts, and with so many deadlines approaching, I need to enroll in the uni as soon as possible.

The uni application is $55 and no way for me to get it waved.

I have to have 2 transcripts ordered, both of which are $12, for a total of $24. (1 from my alma mater, 1 from the college I did some dual credits through).

All in all that is $79.

If anyone can help, even a little, it would be greatly appreciated. My paypal email is  Anything extra I get goes towards paying my bills.

Thank you.

Language of Love (Lafayette x Reader)

Requested by anon: sorry to bother u but: readerxlaf, the reader works at a book store and laf is trying to get books to improve his english but keeps coming back even after he speaks english very well

TW: Poorly translated French, Swearing in French

A/N: I feel like this was really sloppy. I am so sorry.


Lafayette wonders the large bookstore, dragging his fingers across the spines of the books that he can’t read. He picked up a few words when he arrived, but he still barely knows how to say “Hello”. He looks at the covers for some sort of picture to represent translating. Since he isn’t paying attention to where he is going, he bumps into one of the most beautiful people he has ever laid eyes on.

You bend down to pick up the book you dropped. “Do you need help?”

“Oui,” he answers.

You nod slowly. “Translate?”

He nods frantically. “Oui.”

You smile and motion for him to follow you. You guide him to the front where the reference books are. He flips through a few of the books to make sure that they actually are French and heads to the front desk. After the old lady in front of him leaves, he approaches you with a stack of books. You smile when you see him. “I see you found some books.”

He gives you a confused look.

You giggle. “Hopefully, these will help.”


You wipe down the counters one last time before you have to open the store. You walk passed the door to put the rag away and see the same man who bought the French books about a week ago standing outside. You smile and open the door for him.

“Bonj-or hello,” he greets.

“I see the books helped.”

“Yes, but I was wondering if you had anything else.”

You will admit, his English is still broken, but you are able to understand him. You nod and lead him to the same section.

“Mer-thank you.”

It doesn’t take long before he approaches the front desk with a stack almost as big as last week’s. You laugh and shake your head slightly. “You’re going to speak better English than me before long.”

He chuckles. “Personne ne peut être meilleur que vous.”

You raise your eyebrows to ask what he said, but he shakes his head and swipes his card to pay for the books.

Not even a week later he comes back at opening. “Hello again,” you greet. “I assume you know where the language books are.”

“Yes, but that’s not what I’m here for.” He speaks slowly, trying to process the words.

“What do you need help with?”

“Mon ami, Alex, l'anniversaire est- oh, désolé. Je veux dire, my friend’s birthday is soon, and I have no idea what he would like.”

“What does he do?” you ask in an attempt to be helpful.


You giggle. “That’s it?”


You lead him to the back of the store and show him the collection of journals and other things that Alex may like.

“Thank you!” he calls as he runs out the door.


You walk around the store, looking for the French man. You still don’t know his name, but he came in almost every week for a few months. You knew he had to speak perfect English by now, but you never questioned him because, frankly, you enjoyed spending time with him. It’s been a week since you’ve seen him.

Suddenly, you hear a familiar French accent. “Alex, please don’t embarrass me.”

The other man, Alex, starts laughing. “You know me well enough to know that I will definitely embarrass you.”

“Why did I ask you again?”

“Beats me.”

You walk closer to the pair and watch as the French man lowers his voice and points to you. Alex nods and walks over to you.

You smile. “Hi, do you need any help?”

He turns so his back is to his friend and you are facing him. “Listen, my friend, the one who owns everything that remotely translates French, has a huge crush on you.”

You blush and smile.

“It seems like you feel the same. So, since he doesn’t have the guts to ask you out, I’m going to. I just need you to pretend to flirt with me, then give me your number. Knowing Laf, he’ll get really jealous and ask you out. Sound good?”

You stare at him for a few minutes, trying to process everything he just said. You press a kiss to his cheek, causing him to blush at the unexpected contact, and write your number on his hand before walking away, swinging your hips, leaving the men dumbfounded. Laf doesn’t wait for Alex to come back before following you. “(Y/N),” he calls, prompting you to turn around. “What did Alex tell you?”

“That you liked me,” you confess as though you were back in high school.

“So you kissed him?”

You shake your head and sigh. “He said that I should make you jealous. It seems as though his plan worked.”

“Cette putain de…” he mutters. “Pardon, my French.”

You laugh, causing him to smile. “I would much rather kiss you.”

“Then, could I have your number?”

You give him a toothy grin. “Oui.”

Misc. — pt. 3  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Bite me.”
  • “Just kiss me.”
  • “You’re NOT okay.”
  • “I’m just doing my job.”
  • “I won’t let them hurt you.”
  • “What, are you TWELVE?”
  • “There’s no shame in crying.”
  • “You need to leave. Right now.”
  • “Do you need a hug right now?”
  • “If I don’t do this, then who will?”
  • “Is that a warning? Or a THREAT?”
  • “Just punch me. It’d hurt a lot less.”
  • “Time to destroy my sleeping schedule.”   
  • “I get what you’re trying to do… but stop.”
  • “Well, karma’s just a bitch, now isn’t she?”
  • “You can’t keep hiding. You need to fight this.”
  • “Why can’t you just leave me ALONE already?”
  • “Who needs friends when you have french fries?”
  • “What if I just punch them in the face… repeatedly?”
  • “I can’t ever help myself, but I know I can help others.”
  • “This doesn’t change the fact that you still really sicken me.”
  • “I try not to make a habit of fraternizing with people like you.”
  • “Wait, you’ve never played _____? We’re fixing that right now!”
  • “Go away. Don’t come back. I don’t ever want to see you again.”
  • “I’m neither overwhelmed, or underwhelmed. I guess I’m whelmed.”
  • “Listen, stop me if I’m being too forward… but I wanna hold your hand.”

anonymous asked:

Where do you think someone who knows maybe 5 words/phrases in French should start if they're going to France in two months (i.e. I am) ? I really don't want to just be speaking Spanish and English in France haha

Wow that is quite the predicament you’ve got there. I would say use some language learning apps like Duolingo and Memrise (my personal favourite). Remember to use them every day, and that the best way to learn is to spread it evenly not do one massive learning session once a week. A little bit every day goes a long way.

Here is a list of a whole bunch of PDFs of English books in French eg Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series’. If you’ve previously read the books then you’ll be able to focus more on the language learning part rather than the actual plot and getting lost when trying to figure out what’s going on. Here is also a website where you can read and listen to books in French with the English on the other side, so if you get lost then it’s there to help you learn. Write down new words that you find and look them up after you have finished that chapter, that way you focus more on the book and don’t get confused with sentence structure.

Look up French music and when you find a song that you like, go and look at the lyrics and see what you can translate for yourself, then find an actual translation and see how close you were. Write down words that you don’t know/understand/recognise and look them up. Write down new words so you can look back at them later. Do the same with some French YouTubers. Some have English subtitles and are actually there to help you learn french whilst still being like normal English vloggers. I really like Antastesia as she makes videos in English too.

In terms of translating stuff, I find WordReference really helpful. It’s a website and an app where you can look up words in English and French (and other languages). It’s much better than Google Translate, as it gives you possible translations of words, and what they mean. So if you wanted to know what something meant in a specific context then it would give you different options and you choose the one that best fits the situation you need it for. I don’t know anything other than Google Translate for phrases (other than Memrise or Duolingo), so if you have specific phrases then I think Google Translate would be the best, but make sure to double check the words in the sentences with WordReference before you use it as some can be wildly wrong. And, of course, you can just google it and see what comes up. 

For help with conjugating verbs, I recently found these two sites (x) (x) to be really useful. 

Write down any questions you have about the language and then if you have a teacher or someone who knows French either online or in real life, then ask them.

Practice speaking/writing as much as you can. Find someone to help you with the language and use them as a language buddy. If you can find someone online, even better. You most likely won’t know them so you can use all of the basic small talk that you will use in France. 

For learning the words for objects around the house try writing the names on sticky notes and placing it on the object, this way you’ll remember the word when you see the object.

Learn how to ask for tickets/directions/suggestions for places to eat. These are very important if you are new to a place and doesn’t just apply to France. Also, when learning how to ask for things, remember to learn some possible answers to these questions, as when you ask, you probably want to understand their answer, right?

Read articles or things in french out loud to practice pronunciation. Do the same with writing. Say the sentence you want to write in French out loud. Speak each word as you write it down, and when you’ve finished writing it down, say the sentence out loud again. 

Mnemonics and puns are your bet friends for remembering certain words. For example, when remembering ou (or) from où (where), I remember it by the phrase where is the graveyard, as the accent on the u is called Accent Grave and où means where. 

For a brief rundown of uses of accents and how to pronounce them, I have a post here of my notes from a French class where we did just that.

In terms of writing accents online, is really good. Basically, it just lets you add accents to letter then you copy and paste it to wherever you need it. Woo.

Learn the grammar rules. I know it’s boring, hard, and confusing, but trust me, once you learn it your life will be a whole lot easier. Speaking of, grammar books are better than phrase books in this sense as with grammar books you can actually learn the structure of sentences and learn how to make them yourself where as with phrase books you’re more spoon fed.

Finally, there’s a whole lot of French blogs with lots of vocab words and grammar posts to look at and learn from. One of my personal favourites is @frenchaise . They were the first blog I came upon when starting out in the French Tumblr community and all of their posts are top notch. Highly recommend you check them out.

There are a ton more resources on the web (as the kool kidz say) that you can find but these are just a few that I use. These are just a few tips to hopefully help you survive on your trip. Bonne chance!

Sundry random facts about Charles II:

  • He never swore if he could help it. He didn’t like it.
  • Every morning, at about 6am, he got up and went swimming in the Thames. He might also play some tennis or go for a long walk. Often, his brother accompanied him.
  • His favourite food was ambergris; he had it served with eggs and he ate it so much, he smelt of it. Apparently, it smells divine (once it ages, it smells deep, spicy and very much like alcohol) but what is it exactly? Well, it’s regurgitated whale phlegm. Very popular amongst the rich in Stuart Britain. Absolutely not on my bucket list of food to try anytime soon.
  • Just like George III was prone to saying “What! What!” all the time, Charles II’s favourite phrase was “Odd’s fish!” which is a corruption of “God’s flesh.” He said it so much that Nell Gwynn would often imitate him and use the phrase when doing so. Interestingly, Captain Hook (who looks very much like Charles) uses it too in Peter Pan.
  • His voice was very deep but very clear.
  • He could play guitar.
  • He was fashionable but not ostentatious. He wore very dark, sometimes plain clothes if he could (though even he could not escape glorious petticoat breeches.) Still, contemporaries said that nobody “wore clothes so well” as he did.
  • His hair, which he hath in great plenty, is of a shining black, not frizzled, but so naturally curling into great rings, that it is a very comely ornament. His motions are so easy and graceful, that they do very much commend his person when he either walks, dances, plays at pall mall, at tennis, or rides the great horse, which are his usual exercises… To the gracefulness of his deportment may be joined his easiness of access, his patience in attention and the gentleness both in the tone and style of his speech.” ~ says an unknown author of the period.
  • By Charles’ own admission, it was his brother, not himself, that was the great ladies man. He told the French ambassador: You may not believe that there are men who love women more than you or I do, but my brother, devout as he is loves them still more.
  • Once, when he was hailed as “Father of the People,” he laughed and slyly remarked “Oh, I have certainly fathered a great number of them.”
  • During the Great Fire of London, Charles & his brother, the Duke of York, helped pass buckets of water down the lines to help put out the fires. At the National Portrait Gallery, he is recorded officially as a king, and a fireman.
  • He loved science and had many laboratories in in his palaces. After a lady (probably Winnie Wells, one of his flames) miscarried at a ball, Charles decided to examine the foetus in one of his laboratories to see what had caused the tragedy. It is believed that he induced his death after using mercury in one of his laboratories, too.
The Tutor

lafayette x reader

prompt: Can you do an imagine with #2 where laf is tutoring you in French and I think it would be cute and ily a lot :)

a/n: ah i’m finally getting back to writing the requests i received about a month or so ago. the person who requested this fic probably wanted a cute, fluff fic but honestly i turn everything into a shitpost so i apologize greatly.


You raced across your neighborhood, your bicycle’s wheels on the pavement of the seemingly empty road the only sound filling your ears alongside your heart pounding in your chest.

You saw the houses you passed each day when riding over to Laf’’s, your test clutched and most likely crumbled in your fist as you bounded towards the Frenchman’s house.

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(more) random french phrases and expressions i’ve picked up from marathoning french tv shows all night

continuation of this post

  • tu veux parier ? = wanna bet? 
  • moi, c'est [nom] = i’m [name]
  • tout aussi bien = just as well / just as good
  • se mettre en colère = to get angry
  • qu'est-ce qui t'arrive ? = what’s the matter ?
  • faire l'affaire = to do the trick / to fit the purpose
  • bien joué = well played
  • en quoi puis-je vous être utile ? = how may i help you? / what can i do for you?
  • c'est à moi = it’s mine 
  • trou perdu = middle of nowhere
  • je regrette = i am sorry / i regret
  • en vrai = for real
  • mes gamins = my kids
  • on se débrouillera = we’ll manage / we’ll take care of things

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I don't know how to French kiss or introduce tongue when kissing. HELP! Does this make me a bad kisser?

First of all not knowing how to french kiss doesnt make you a bad kisser. A lot of people dont really like french kissing, its all down to personal taste. If you wanted to get really good at it have someone to maybe practice with, and how you introduce your tongue might just come naturally to you.

When you start kissing the other person dont immediately go in with your tongue. Start off gentle and slow and when you feel like the mood is good try opening your mouth a little during the kiss. Dont fully opening your mouth like youre trying to eat them, but something similar to pursing your lips. When you finally want to go in with your tongue DONT just shove it in ok. Poke your tongue out a little and lightly lick their lips while kissing them. Keep doing this lightly and slowly add more pressure until they start doing it to and then BAM french kissing achieved. 

Honestly this is a little awkward to explain and id fully recommend asking a friend or whoever you want to help you practice. Tell them that you want to try and learn how to french kiss and if you dont have anyone to practice with use your hand and try it out. :)


Hey guys,
This is more of an informal questionnaire. I have been wondering what I could do more lately with teaching French (and learning myself) and I was wondering if I made a YouTube channel about French grammar, language, etc would you watch it? I know YouTube can be overdone, but I think it’s helpful especially when learning a language because: 1. It can improve the pronunciation of the listener 2. Helps clear up concepts that can be difficult to read/write 3. Keeps better attention 4. It can be very time-consuming writing long grammar posts.

If I made a YouTube channel, I’d still post here too. Let me know what you guys think. 😊

more headcanons (fluffy edition, sort of)

(because i have knowledge on mafias and the italian culture and so help me i’m going to use it.) 

these are just what i think would happen with chuuya and dazai during the mafia!era and still in relation with my semi-analytical headcanon. these are the funnier and cuter ones that i think would happen

  • everyone loves french!chuuya and i do too but i think chuuya might be prolific in the italian traditions on the side. his buongiorno might sound more like brad pitt’s though but his vocabulary is okay. chuuya does all the talking. dazai sucks at foreign languages, period.  
  • elise makes chuuya play dress up because elise thinks mori’s taste in frilly dresses is terrible. kouyou takes pictures because how often do you catch your son looking so pretty and dolled up i mean dude looks like he came out of a french bordello i’m sorry but dazai kind of has a point
  • dazai took (dragged) chuuya on a spaghetti date at least once. the whole scene looks like lady and the tramp including the bella notte being sung out of a harmonica from the kitchen. it’s probably kajii. 
  • once in a while during a mission one of them would say something like ‘leave the gun, take the cannoli’. my money’s on dazai. 
  • speaking of which, if they ever got on a movie night at some theater, chuuya would insist they pick a film noir with gangsters in it or something starring audrey hepburn.
    • also hc, chuuya and dazai once saw gilda and during an undercover mission they ended up reenacting this scene when really they were bickering and they were so spot on it’s not even funny (imagine chuuya disguised as the target’s ‘wife’ and dazai in the role of johnny ‘the answer’s no’ farrell. besides, chuuya is practically rita heyworth in male form) 
  • dazai rarely dances. he and chuuya tried their hand at tango during a milonga and dazai ended up stepping on chuuya’s toes. chuuya’s a great tango dancer though. kouyou wouldn’t expect anything less. 
  • now we know chuuya raps/sings/makes poetry in his spare time while dazai paints. so they tried to go to an art museum once but it backfired because “what do you mean that’s not a pipe? that looks like a pipe” "it says ceci n'est pas une pipe, can’t you read?” …really they can’t agree on anything
  • dazai hums la vie en rose when chuuya’s not listening. half of his playlists are vintage french songs from edith piaf to yves montand. chuuya never knew dazai still listens to them when he turned to the agency
  • when chuuya gets a little tipsy dazai would give him a piggyback ride because chuuya is smol and god forbid if drunk chuuya starts singing ‘when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amoreeee’ 
  • chuuya taught dazai how to enjoy his liquor. he totally did, knowing that chocolate and whiskey goes hand in hand isn’t something you’d know without experience, especially since chuuya’s favorite booze is wine. he probably found out the sweeter chocolate tastes pretty icky after a swig. maybe it was dazai who suggested he tried whiskey instead. 
  • they made up their tactic names together. they could’ve gone with numbers but nooo they had to be all artistic about it and you can’t tell me they didn’t stay up all night crossing off suggestions like why do you even
  • chuuya cooks. dazai mooches off of him. ‘we can’t order take out, chuuya, i predict we’ll get tracked’ yeah sure dazai 
  • ‘hey, chuuya, a little help here’ ‘did you get your neck stuck in a noose again?’ ‘yeah, how did you know?’ ‘…i’ll get the knife’ and this happens on schedule like on every tuesday
  • dazai pointing out chuuya’s terrible taste in hats is his way of saying ‘i wish you wouldn’t be in the mafia anymore’. that hat makes him look like a mafioso. without the hat, chuuya is his red-haired partner that he deeply cares about 
  • i probably have more but i’m sleepy 

tl;dr more mafia references for soukoku. now. 

@softlams please enjoy this fic! You mentioned having a bad mental health week, and I feel that on a deep level so I thought I’d try to write you something. It probably won’t do much, but I hope it makes you a bit happy to read! 

It’s laflams, because I know you’ve written it (your vampire fic was very good, also very painful) but I don’t see it around too much. It’s also probably too long. Please enjoy anyways! It’s not proofread either, sorry, I just kind of started writing to see where it got me.

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But I love the sound of all of your ideas! 😭😂 either: fluffy, French graves or the soulmate AU - really haven't helped have I? I'm sorry, I'm really trying but they all sound so good


(though you guys kind of know it already BUT. STILL.)

  • They’re soulmates 
  • neither of them want to be this person’s soulmate but they don’t really have a choice 
  • fighting or ignoring it is useless 
  • they keep meeting in dreams over the years and get to know each other 
  • neither of them admit their love because ?? lmao?? but they do helplessly love each other 
  • Graves is torn between what he knows of Grindelwald and what the MACUSA tells him about the dark wizard 
  • one day Grindelwald fucks up and tries to peer into Graves’ mind to see shit about the MACUSA 
  • Graves rejects him and drugs himself on sleeping pills to avoid dreaming 
  • and then his soulmark is revealed 
  • the MACUSA locks him up 
  • and after another attack an advisor suggests to Seraphina that they use Graves to get to Grindelwald 
  • (read : torture the man until his defenses break and they can see where Grindelwald is) 
  • Seraphina refuses at first. it’s Graves. He’s protected the MACUSA since the beginning - 
  • (or has he? her mind whispers) 
  • she has to protect her people 
  • they Crucio Graves over and over again. 
  • on the other side of the sea Grindelwald is howling in pain and twisting on the floor in the middle of a meeting with his followers 
  • “I have to go,” he pants, “I have to save him -” 
  • they heal Graves and put him back into his cell 
  • Grindelwald meets him at night in dreams, and he sees the state Graves is in 
  • “don’t come,” Graves whispers. “that’s exactly what they want you to do.” 
  • “I’m not leaving you with them.” 
  • “they’ll kill you, Gellert.” 
  • “this is non negotiable, Percy. I’m coming to America. after all,” he smirks, but its a bit forced, “it’s about time that we meet each other in person, dont you think?” 
  • “please,” Graves says, and he’s not sure anymore whether its a cry for help or if hes still begging Gellert to stay away. 
  • Gellert comes to America 
  • the MACUSA knows it cause Graves gets tortured again and lets out that bit of information 
  • bla bla bla stuff happens and Grindelwald manages to get Graves out of his cell and out of the MACUSA entirely 
  • cue healing 
  • cue them trying to navigate their own feelings and Graves trying to figure out what the fuck he’s going to do now 
  • he’s lost and hurt and betrayed 
  • Grindelwald fusses over him 
  • and then i dont know what happens. 

Ok ok, so guys, I finished this instagram collection. I really hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have some advices, remarks, deceptions. 

Thank you so much for supporting me ♥ I also wanted to apologize for my english, it can be really not perfect, my native language is french so I still learning english. I am so sorry if I made errors ! (you totally can tell it, it can help me to improve myself) 

If you are interested, I could open some instagram aesthetics requests for your own character, but after my exams. Let me know if you want it !  (if you do, I will make a post after my exams to open it)

Tomorrow I will propose you something quite different - some MCL/Eldarya gifs. I hope you will find your happiness in it, and if you have ideas, you can send them to me. 

A lot of kisses to you ♥

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Hi, can i ask for recommendations about music and more in french. 'Cause I'm really trying to improve my understanding of the language but i don't know where to start. If it's not bother only

HELLO! Why of course, I don’t know if you’re still interested in French songs but I do have a ton for you to listen to!!

Starting with Chikita by Jul i’m kidding please that’s like the one embarrassing kid in the family that we’re ashamed of and hide upstairs when guests come over

Anyway, you’re right, listening to French songs can help you handle more the language as it is a very difficult one, but don’t worry friendo I got your back :)

Do keep in mind that I’ve tried making the most exhaustive list I could (it took me 7 hours to compile all of this, I beg for mercy) but if anyone wants to reblog this with additional songs, you’re more than welcome!!

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Hey! So, I’ve gathered a few tips that can be helpful when self-learning a new language! This is more or less my own method of self-learning which I used to learn Italian when I moved to Italy with my family and that I still use now to learn Korean and Spanish. Of course, sometimes you need a different approach to certain languages but I hope these can be helpful anyways! (✿◠‿◠)

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