help i still have french to do

Good afternoon everyone!
How is your day going so far? I hope it’s going well.

I’m currently studying for an English vocab test I have tomorrow… luckily I have black tea and Spotify to help me get through it :)
Unfortunately, I still have to do some French later on as well, because I have the written exam for my DELF diploma tomorrow and I want to be prepared. I have to admit though that I’m quite scared of the listening task as it’s quite difficult to understand. I hope it won’t be too hard.
But now back to work!

I hope you’ll have a nice and productive day!
Xoxo Annie :*

Hey! So, I’ve gathered a few tips that can be helpful when self-learning a new language! This is more or less my own method of self-learning which I used to learn Italian when I moved to Italy with my family and that I still use now to learn Korean and Spanish. Of course, sometimes you need a different approach to certain languages but I hope these can be helpful anyways! (✿◠‿◠)

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Okay, I really really adore @camilleflyingrotten​‘s Hannistags verse? Like, I LOVE IT. So I… tried to write something for it. Very big translation thank you to @pieofthelord​ and @camilleflyingrotten​ who helped me do Hannibal’s lines on precious little context, I do apologize for that. Other people who speak French, feel free to critique the French once you see how it lines up.

Following on the heels of the last installment

The winter still hasn’t passed yet. There are mild days when I can go out, forage, stretch my legs a bit, but most days I stay curled up in my… our cave now, I guess.

I’ve let him stay with me. Not like I can make him go away, lord knows I’ve tried! He’s pretty handy to have around. At least I’m not hungry anymore. He’s always bringing me things to eat, especially now that he’s figured out I like food more than flowers. It’s sweet, the way he watches me eat with a pleased look on his face. Kinda creepy, but sweet.

And he’s good to have during the night. He must be a mountain stag, he’s got this thick coat that grows all over his body; it’s double-layered, long and bristly on the outside, soft and plush on the inside, very fit for winter. Unlike me, I have a glorified scarf, REAL useful. He puts his back to the door when we lay down for the night to protect me from the draft. I’ve tried moving around, away from him, but he always pulls me back in front of him. It’s taken some getting used to, but… at least I’m not going to freeze to death anymore.

(And his coat is very VERY plush once you get your hands in it. Sometimes I run my fingers over his chest, his fur is so deep I can’t even see my fingers through it. He’s so soft and warm and… but it’s not like I like him! He’s just… handy. Keeps me from dying. That’s all.)

During the day he goes out for long stretches most of the time. Sometimes he comes back with a huge kill, HOW he takes them down I’ll never know, but that’s probably how he got his ear ripped to shreds, taking down something bigger than he is. Or fighting with another stag. I’d hate to see the other guy if that’s the case.

But sometimes he doesn’t come back with anything at all. I don’t ask him where he goes or what he does, mostly because he wouldn’t understand me if I did. But then sometimes he just follows me around, watches me strip bark to build traps or collect grass to make twine.

“Quel travailleur appliqué,” he says, lazily watching me from the first rock to melt all the snow off it, “Est-ce que c’est comme ça que tu te débrouillais, avant que notre rencontre?”

“You know, if you don’t collect resources now, you’ll be playing catch-up all summer,” I nag, stretching for a branch I want to strip.

With a surprisingly quiet whisper for his bulk, he steps over to me and breaks off the branch with hardly a thought. I stare up at him, study his face as he patiently waits for me to take it, and look away briskly, not even saying thank you. I walk away and he follows me, always three steps behind. I’m never out of his sight when we’re together like this. I try not to enjoy it.

Somedays though it’s FAR too cold to go out. Those days are… interesting.

“Bonjour, bel éphèbe” I hear him murmuring to me as I wake up, “Je ne pense pas que tu seras capable d’aller danser dans la forêt aujourd’hui.”

“Mmmm…” I lift my head out of his arms and look over his shoulder. The cave entrance is COMPLETELY stopped up with snow, “Oh my god! We’re blocked in!” I scramble to my hooves and scratch at the ice, but it’s thick, it won’t budge.

“No no no! Don’t tell me I’m stuck in here all day with… with you!” I pull on my ears, panicking as I turn back to him.

“Attends quelques jours, ça aura vite fondu. Nous aurons juste à profiter au maximum d’être ensemble.” He speaks unhurriedly, as if he’s completely fine about being boarded up inside four walls. Maybe he is; I don’t really know anything about mountain stags other than what I know about him. I, on the other hand, can’t stand the idea.

I turn back to yell at him and for the first time I notice the puddle behind him, his damp fur, and the snow crystals still stuck to him. He bore the cold and wind all night for my sake.

I relax instantly and approach him cautiously, “Is that… are you cold?” I reach out to brush the ice from him.

He raises an eyebrow, bemused, completely mystified by my sudden caution.

Hesitantly I flick off some of the snow and ice, “Are you cold?” I repeat, then mime shivering, rubbing my own arms, “Cold.”

Recognition dawns on him and he laughs hysterically, voice bouncing off the walls of the cave.

“Je supporterai bien pire pour toi, mon doux faune.” he smiles, holding out a hand to me. I guess he’s not cold then.

I take his hand and he pulls me onto his chest and abruptly rolls me over onto the wet spot.

“EEEK!” I shriek, wriggling under him, trying to get away from the cold. He laughs uproariously again like he’s just played the biggest prank in the world. REAL original.

“It’s fucking cold! Get off me!” I shove at his shoulders, trying to push out from under him, but he pins me there, face pressed against my chest as his laughter subsides.

“Tu es tellement adorable quand tu cries” he grins at me with a knowing twinkle in his eye.

“Fuck you,” I pout. I have no idea what he said, but I know I’d take offense to it. He just smirks and continues to pull me back when I try to squirm away.

I guess we’ve found something to do then. Annoy the fuck out of each other.

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Hi, can i ask for recommendations about music and more in french. 'Cause I'm really trying to improve my understanding of the language but i don't know where to start. If it's not bother only

HELLO! Why of course, I don’t know if you’re still interested in French songs but I do have a ton for you to listen to!!

Starting with Chikita by Jul i’m kidding please that’s like the one embarrassing kid in the family that we’re ashamed of and hide upstairs when guests come over

Anyway, you’re right, listening to French songs can help you handle more the language as it is a very difficult one, but don’t worry friendo I got your back :)

Do keep in mind that I’ve tried making the most exhaustive list I could (it took me 7 hours to compile all of this, I beg for mercy) but if anyone wants to reblog this with additional songs, you’re more than welcome!!

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1. When did you realize you had fallen in love with your target language?

Probably a week into my French class. I was fascinated with the culture and everything about it. It did help that my teacher was fun and you could tell he loved teaching AND he knew what he was doing. But then he ditched us to become deputy headteacher and I was so upset.

2. If you could choose to have any animal for a pet, which one would you pick?

Any animal? Then elephants. Those poacher bitches need to stop killing them.

3. What is a grammatical concept you found/find difficult to understand?

LOL can I say all of them? Listen, I still struggle with grammar concepts in English and that’s my 1st language.

4. At what time during the day do you feel the most productive?

Honestly never.

5. Describe your hometown using one sentence.

Boring? You have to drive everywhere and the public transport is a mess. I miss England sometimes.

6. Have you ever felt at home abroad?

I am abroad 😭. England is my home but lmao yes, I have a lot of family in Jamaica and that always feels at home.

7. What is a habit of yours you find annoying?

Second guessing myself.

8. What do you consider to be your best trait?

I honestly don’t know. I’ll have to think about this one…

9. Is there a song/ movie/ animation that you can’t help but associate with your childhood?

Disney movies for sure and also Power Rangers.

10. You get to tell your favourite celebrity a single sentence. What will it be? (and who would you tell it to)

My favourite celebrity right now is Candice Patton (iris west on the flash) and I guess I’d tell her something about admiring her strength because she gets a lot of racist shitheads attacking her and I love her for being an iconic black woman.

11. What is the first thing you notice about a person you meet?

I try not do that very often so I don’t know…
1. What was the last language you started learning? (Even if you dropped it)

Korean but I did drop it to focus on French alone.

2. Do you play an instrument?

I sure don’t.

3. Where in the world would you be most happy?

In my bed but maybe at Disney.

4. Do you think that your TL will help you get a good job? Or do you prefer them to be a by-side thing?

Speaking a second language is always a plus but erm where I am yes! Creole, Spanish and English are the “official” languages where I live.

5. If you ever have children, will you teach them your target languages?

BIG IF! But if I’m confident enough at that time then why not.

6. Did you grow up as monolingual or bilingual? Do you wish that it had been different?

Monolingual and I wish I grew up speaking another language, le sigh.

7. What’s the last book you read and what language was it in?

Shit, erm can’t remember the last but most memorable is the Cupcake Brown one and it was in English.

8. Do you have friends near you who speak more than one language?

Yes, some speak creole and some speak spanish.

9. What is/are the official language/s of your country?

English and Spanish (fucking accept it america) but to be honest, each state is different.

10. Have you ever been to a city where they speak one of your TL?

They speak creole where I live and that’s a form of french but it’s not the french I wanna learn. I pick up on a few words here and there.

11. Have you ever tried to teach your native language or one of your TLs to another person?

Me teach? Lmao I can’t even teach myself. One day though.

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Pregnancy sentence starters


“Do you have a name picked out yet?”

“Can I feel?”

“Okay I know we’re not related, but can I still be an aunt/uncle?”

“You need me to help you bring those groceries in, or do you two have it handled?”

“The only reason I am getting you french fries in the middle of the night is because you’re pregnant and because I’m a good friend, remember that okay.”

“What do you mean I can’t get the baby this hat that looks like a crocodile is trying to eat it for once it’s born? It’ll totally be cute.”

“Wait, are you pregnant? Why am I just finding this out now? You should have texted me the second you knew.”


“Why’s the baby moving so much? I just wanna cuddle it.”

“When’s my friend gonna get here? They’ve gotta be really big now right?”

“Why do babies take so long to make? You’ve been all big forever.”

“How’re they gonna shower the baby when it’s in your tummy?”

To friends:

“Remember how I was sick every morning last week? Well turns out that you’re gonna be an aunt/uncle…if you’re up for it that is.”

“I’ve been having a little trouble making supper with the little one kicking me all the time, want to come over for pizza and hang out for a bit?”

“I finally understand why you like ___ so much, it’s surprisingly good…either that or the baby shares your taste buds because we spend so much time hanging out.”

To children:

“You know how sometimes people get all big then later they have a baby? Well I’m gonna start doing that now too.”

Hey vegan spoonies... help?

Any advice for a fellow spoonie about how to stick to a (healthy) vegan diet when your food budget is tiny and your energy/brain function levels suck so badly that even microwaving stuff is an accomplishment sometimes.  When I stayed with my fiance for a couple of months (we’re long distance) and somebody else was handling the money and making sure we ate actual meals on a regular basis, I did great.  Once I came home and no longer had that support, everything fell apart.  Crappy energy levels meant that staying vegan turned into a lot of french fries.  So then I went back to eating omni, but I’m still really struggling to eat decently at all, and I’ve lost all the ground I’d gained health-wise.  Which I would like to get back, thankyouverymuch.  

To state things more clearly/succinctly…

Do you have any suggestions that might help me maintain a plant based diet as a low-budget spoonie with oft-low energy and executive dysfunction?

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AAHH happy bday!!! hope u have a lovely day 💐💕💗

Thank you beautiful!!!

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Hard work and research paid off 😂

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dw fam lemme help you eat aLL THAT POPCORN IM COMIN OVER (also whaddya mean gr.10 french hell yeah good times)

WHAT DO YOU MEAN GR 10 FRENCH WAS TRAUMATIZING. That exam still haunts me to this day

Je veux dire...

Bonjour! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted! School started with a bang! But I’m glad to be learning a lot again especially with French classes!
Today we are going to talk about something a little obvious that I should have known since I have been studying French for 8 years (holy shit, really? Why do I suck still? Lol)
“Je veux dire…” I always thought that meant “I want to say” which it kind of does… but it really means “I mean.” For example: “je veux manger, je veux dire que j'ai besoin de bouffer” which translates to “I want to eat, I mean that I need to eat.”

I hope this helps!

Bonne journée!

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What languages do mun speak?

I speak English mostly, I am a beginner in German (my family is from Germany and I have a couple of cousins who still live there. I teach them some English and they help me with my German), and okay at Danish (I can ask how to get around and things, hold a simple conversation).

I would also like to learn Italian and maybe French!

So I feel like lately I’ve been kinda in a slump. I still do a lot of stuff in French but I feel like at this point it’s mostly just about learning more vocab or some more native sounding constructions. That being said I really want to find a language to focus on, I’ve been thinking about Farsi or revisiting German but I really don’t know. So if you have any advice or recommendations hit me up!

Thanks for tagging me @language-amante!!  I’ll do my best to answer!! 

1.  When did you realize you had fallen in love with your target language?

As soon as I left the school I studied it in.  I spent 12 years learning French in French Immersion (50% French school) in Canada but we were very unengaged and although I’ve always loved French, I’ve always hated studying it in school. 

2.  If you could choose to have any animal for a pet, which one would you pick?

Still a dog tbh.  I love my dog so much.  

3.  What is a grammatical concept you found/find difficult to understand?

I remember my Grade 9 French teacher struggling to help me understand several concepts and grammar still isn’t my strong suit…  I have a lot of trouble applying the grammar I know to my writing.  

4.  At what time during the day do you feel the most productive?

Never.  Or the morning.  

5.  Describe your hometown using one sentence.

White parents prepared to petition to change the airline routes so they don’t have to hear a faint plane overhead every hour or so while sitting out on their million-dollar patio.  

6.  Have you ever felt at home abroad? 

I haven’t ever been abroad for longer than about ten days so it’s always been a whirlwind but someday hopefully… 

7.  What is a habit of yours you find annoying?

Too many to choose.  I guess procrastinating.  

8.  What do you consider to be your best trait?

A love of learning maybe?  I’m very enthusiastic about things I love and I love to teach other people about them.  

9.  Is there a song/ movie/ animation that you can’t help but associate with your childhood? 

Almost every Disney movie.  

10.  You get to tell your favourite celebrity a single sentence. What will it be? (and who would you tell it to)

I’m in love with so many celebrities wow I don’t know.  I guess I would tell someone how much they mean to me and how much they affected and helped me.  I feel like that’s one of the best things to tell someone.  

11.  What is the first thing you notice about a person you meet?

I’m not sure.  After their appearance, I guess the way they speak (accent, dialect, etc.)   


1.  What was the last language you started learning? (Even if you dropped it)

American Sign Language?  I watched several beginner videos on Youtube the other day and plan on convincing my siblings to learn it with me this summer.  Also Spanish.  

2.  Do you play an instrument?

The trumpet!!  I haven’t played in a while though.  My sister plays it now.  

3.  Where in the world would you be most happy?

In my bedroom at home.  With my friends.  I miss home and I miss them.  

4.  Do you think that your TL will help you get a good job? Or do you prefer them to be a by-side thing?

Definitely.  My mom always told me how being bilingual in English and French opens so many doors to me.  Especially in Canada.  

5.  If you ever have children, will you teach them your target languages?

I don’t think so.  I don’t know if I’d ever be confident or competent enough.  

6.  Did you grow up as monolingual or bilingual? Do you wish that it had been different?

I grew up monolingual but I started learning French really young so even though I’m horrible at grammar, I have a good grasp of the language in general and can hear words I don’t know and understand what they mean without thinking about it like I can in English.  I definitely wish I had more opportunity to speak it outside French class.  

7.  What’s the last book you read and what language was it in?

Great House by Nicole Krauss in English.  

8.  Do you have friends near you who speak more than one language?

I can literally only think of one friend who doesn’t speak more than one language.  

9.  What is/are the official language/s of your country?

English and French.  

10.  Have you ever been to a city where they speak one of your TL?

Actually no, come to think of it.  I haven’t been to Quebec but I’m going to France this May with my Grandpa and cousin!!  Which is really intimidating because neither of them speak French and we’ll be in smaller rural towns for part of our trip so I’m tasked as being the translator.  

11.  Have you ever tried to teach your native language or one of your TLs to another person?

In Grade 6, a girl who ended up becoming one of my best friends was new to the school and didn’t speak much English.  I’m pretty sure I talked at her so much all day that her language learning process was sped up.  I often help my sister with her French homework.  I’ve never officially taught anyone a language.  

Who do I tag?  How about @strugglingtofrench, @queerwug, @in-languages-i-wander, @polyglossa, @langsandculture, @linguist-breakaribecca, @polyglotical, @thelanguagelover, @languagesandculture, and @laviedulinguiste!!!  

I also tag anyone else who sees this post!!  

  • Chas: Have you come to say au revoir? Bring us some wine back, will you?
  • Aaron: You want that bag-in-a-box stuff again, do you?
  • Chas: Oh, yeah. Classy stuff.
  • Liv: I still think you should take me with you. It would really help my French.
  • Aaron: You're not even taking French.
  • Liv: Exactly. Need all the help I can get.
  • Robert: Yeah, nice try. Now get to school. Remember, I'm in charge while he's away.
  • Aaron: Tell you what, I'll even drive you there. Help you with your studies by actually getting you to lessons on time. How's that sound?
  • Liv: I don't need lessons anyway. My inheritance will be here any day.
  • Chas: And held in trust until you're 18, remember? Essentials only. And before you start, I decide what essentials are.
  • Aaron: You sure you're not gonna miss me?
  • Liv: I choose the music in the car. Can't be seen anywhere near school playing your stuff.
  • Robert: Well, I'm gonna miss you. (KISS) Drive safe.
  • Chas: Call me when you get there.
  • Robert: And good luck.
  • Aaron: You're looking after Liv, mate. You're the one who needs luck.

I can’t help but wonder… Did Legolas french braid the sides of his head every morning? Like was Aragorn all like, “Come, we still have a six days journey ahead”, and Legolas all like, “Sorry, no can do, halfway through a braid here.” 

I can imagine Merry and Pippin teasing him for it at first but then Legolas teaches them how to braid and they get all into it… And Gimli being all like “Yar not real braiders ‘til you can do yar own beard!”

Excuse me if I swoon over the Rumbelle reunion scene

(We all agree that Belle’s script in 3x10 and 3x11 didn’t make any sense, so I’m going to focus on all the emotions Emilie poured into her actions and words.)

First of all we have this

Amazing surprise kiss, basically a fanfiction coming true.

Belle has tried to stay away from Rumple. She obviously still loves him, has never stopped doing so, but she knows her impulsiveness has already caused her a lot of trouble, so for once she tried to act rationally, and to walk away from Rumple. After all she’s been through, it’s understandable. 

So, what made her change her mind?

She discovered that Rumple had almost died. Again.
She’s lost him, for different reasons, an awful lot of times, so much that her wedding vow mostly revolved around that. And since their marriage she’s lost him again and again, and he nearly died another couple of times.

So when she learns he was about to die she realizes she could have lost him another time, maybe forever. And the thought kills her. In my opinion, this makes her desperate to be with him again, because it makes her really realize just how much she couldn’t bear it if he died. 
She doesn’t even let him talk, she basically throws herself at him because she needs him.

And what about Rumple? Well, his “wtf, why is she kissing me?” face is one of the best things of the episode. So, at first he’s just bewildered she’s kissing him, then during the kiss he has that “sooo, should I hug her?” moment, then he finally goes “well, I have no idea of why this is happening, but I’m not complaining”. And when he accepts that this is happening, well, then he makes my heart stop. Because after lifting his arms somewhat awkwardly, he finally wraps them around her, holding her close, because he loves her, he loves her and he needs her so desperately.

They kiss like their life depends on it. And when Belle starts to pull back, Rumple leans into her, like he’s saying no, please, one more second, just another second, because he’s no idea of what will happen when the kiss ends.

And when the kiss does end, Rumple still finds it hard to believe that she’s actually back

Belle, on the other side, has absolutely no more doubts, and is being her usual super-tactile self. When she kisses him, she aims straight for the floof (lucky girl) and keeps touching him: his hair, his neck, his face, his shoulders. 

And when he finally realizes she really is back, he smiles like the happy puppy he actually is, and they share one of the greatest kisses ever.

I mean, they’re not kissing they’re clinging desperately to each other.

Look at my lovesick puppies swinging as they kiss (Belle would be on her tiptoes if she weren’t wearing heels <3).

Somebody help me, I have already watched this scene 14327658936904753458249854639485230427963985 times and I have no intention to stop.

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