help i still have art block

having had a major art and writing block since may, i finally sat down and started working on my fic again and got out some semblance of a cover! the last chapter + the beginning of the sequel will be coming out by the end of the month (i hope). thanks to everyone who messaged me and asked if it was still happening, because it helped me get motivated to sit down and finish it.

This is a call for aid! As @intra-fiducia announced previously, the Boueibu Game is closing down on 10 May and will no longer be accessible. That means no more of the gorgeous art or hilarious and adorable stories. (And no more puzzles, but that’s not why I was playing it.) After wracking our brains and frantically calling for people to take screenshots or video as best they can, we’ve hit on a better solution, but we still need your help.

If you have the game, please reblog or respond to this post and tell me:

  1. What platform do you play on? (iOS, Android, etc. Bluestacks included)
  2. What visual novel routes do you have?
  3. What puzzle blocks do you have, and how many of them are complete?

If we can figure out who has what and where, I have a plan to save as much as we can, using the assets and scripts from the game itself.

anonymous asked:

Hi gwendy85, I heard you're suffering from writer's block. I was wondering if doing some art on your story, 'What She's Worth', might help you get past the writers block. Also I was wondering if you were thinking of doing a piece of art on this scene from Chapter 3 of 'What She's Worth': "The purple petals, discarded by the tree above lifted themselves off the grass and into a mesmerizing dance against the wind. The petals surrounded both himself and the girl, flying, whirling and... "

Yes, I’m still suffering from a writer’s block. Worse, I’m also suffering from an art block so it’s really hard. The block is mostly because of plot holes that I didn’t realize were there but I think with the help of my betas, I have a way around it but it’s still gonna be a while before I get to post the chapter. Thank you though, for thinking of What She’s Worth. This is a boost I need: knowing readers are counting on me to finish and don’t worry, because I will finish this story :) Thank you dear anon!

Wow, I have to say I’m really happy with my growth over the last few months!
The first picture I made back in mid-July 2016. And the second one I completed earlier tonight.
That’s only 7 months of progress and I feel like I’ve already come so far!

I still have a long way to go, but this just goes to show that you literally can do anything if you put your all into it, never let your passion die, and stick to the things that you love💜

To all my fellow creative minds out there, keep your heads up! I know sometimes it feels impossible, and you can’t help but think that you’ll never be where you want to be. But only you can get yourself there! One step at a time. When that art block hits, push through it. Don’t let it win. Even when you dislike something you make, keep it. You can look back on it and learn from those mistakes. But most importantly, don’t ever forget the reason you do what you do!

We do this, we create things, because of the feelings that we get from it. The joy, the sadness, the angst, the laughter, etc. We do it because we love it. Never forget!


painted-cat  asked:

I'm gonna have to draw your characters again sometime ;w; It helped with a little art block I've had recently, and I think it's inspired me a bit!! Thanks ya for letting me draw them!

!!!! Of courSE! OF COURSE!!
Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much for drawing them 
and I’m honored that you want to draw them again!!
I’m glad drawing them all helped you, too!!

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to accept that I’m still a beginner, that I don’t and shouldn’t have it all figured out yet. Art making has always been part of my life, but this ~ post-college, making coffee to live and making art on the side, moving around and trying to gain footing ~ lifestyle is still new for me. I’ve always been an art student, never just an artist with no assignments and no direction being handed to me, and no one figures everything out in just a year. Accepting that I’m still beginning is helping my art block and art fear so much. Even though I’ve been lost lately, I’m starting to feel more confident and happy with what I’m making again. I’m just an art baby still and I know that everything I make is bringing me closer to more comfort and confidence in what I’m doing.

I am actually working on getting rid of the art block… it’s still some way to go to get is behind me, but MacCready is helping in some way ;)

I managed to recruit him today… (I am glad I managed to talk him down to 200 caps… though I would have paid the 250 for his mercenary services, too
I think June and MacCready will get along quite well… they both are the kind of guys who shot first and ask questions later… 

Sorry this is just a random sketchy thing.

Loving How They’re Writing these Two

this loser and his Pepe Le Pew pick-up lines!

then Ladybug finishing it up smooth as glass! following it with a gosh darn adorable wink!

This is the kind of interaction I like to see, where the attraction is MUTUAL!

Not person A constantly harassing person B with romantic advances despite the fact they have never shown anything but discomfort and annoyance towards such things.

I was a little concerned about Chat Noir’s flirty behavior from the previews and concept art but even moments like this

that in the preview seemed like the problematic trope i was talking about-

When watched in context and with the dialog this interaction still communicates a flirty banter between the two.

in the translation of this scene Chat thanks her for helping him up  and tries to go for the kiss on the hand but she blocks him with a smile on her face telling him (according to the translation) “ You know we don’t have time for this!” then she gives him a playful up and down glance and comments on how he seems fine despite his fall.

she doesn’t say, don’t touch me or cut it out- she says now is not the time.

It seems like in her perspective they have a very Morgan and Garcia from criminal minds sort of relationship (if you haven’t watch the show and you like crime dramas i suggest it) in which both enjoy furiously flirting with one another, but it’s the product of a strong friendship while Chat is looking for a little more.

Either way much like Morgan, she seems to be the one to steer focus back to the task at hand while like Garcia, Chat much rather continue their banter.

either way i am relieved to see that they are going for a fresher and less problematic relationship for these two then the relentless womanizer and the rejecting prude.

(wow this was a long post… and this only after bootleg episode 1 came out!…

to be fair i’m procrastinating on an essay.)

About the Reposted art... (I need help with reporting ;;;)

Since I’m blocked by this user I made another IG account just to show you the re-posted arts ;;; Previously, I tried asking him/her to put down the posts and I got this reply:

And I get a feeling that it was an insult… my art is still there along with other artist’s arts ;;;; If it’s okay with you, I tried reporting this guy but since I got blocked.. I haven’t got much luck ;;;

Please help me report this person, I have also screenshot’d some of other tumblr artist’s works that have been reposted without permission ;;;;

This is the account that I talked about…

Basically you can see art by @ritsunekohoneybee​ ;;;

And here’s my post that he reposted ;;;;

and there’s @naixyai​ -chan’s… ;;;;;

@shirodebby ‘s ;;;;;;;;;

​ ‘s arts…

@daekiri ‘s arts…

There’s a lot more that I swear is an artist on tumblr but I forgot who afkjahsdkfsd orz

Please please please help me report this guy……
The Instagram user is kaneki_badass3 

PSA - Reposter to avoid

Dear fandom, the user v-i-v-i-e is a reposter who is constantly posting arts without permission and proper credits (it’s all sourced from Zerochan website…).

I already contacted them once because they posted an art against an artist wish. They replied at first positively by deleting it, but even after asking them to not continue to post without permission and good credits, they still do it and even blocked me in the end….
So they really don’t care and since contact is not possible, it became impossible to avoid these reposts…

I’ve noticed sadly that many of the unauthorized reposts have many reblogs, that’s why I write this post so people could be aware of it and avoid the reposts!

Please, help me to stop these reposts by spreading the word! Let’s respect the artists! Signal boost please!

Here, just with the first pages of their blog, you can see how many times they went against the artist wish :

ect….it’s just a part of it. So please, respect the artists and be careful with the arts you reblog. Thank you for reading!


I need your help

I suffer from art block, but screw it. I can still take commissions and I need the money.

I have bills to pay by the end of the month and I am not sure if I can, so please, please, please, if you would check out my commission info and commission me, even if it’s just a sketch or something …

I need help.

I’m living with my parents, but they won’t pay the bills for me, they already made it pretty clear. I have to pay them on my own and I fear I can’t handle them with what I have on my bank account. 

Here’s my commission info.

Please help me!


I finally finished all three of them!!! Not sure if I’m going to do more or not, but I had a lot of fun with the concept. 

There motivational posters for people who feel depressed or lost in life. I’m just out of college, well its almost been a year and I’m still trying to find my way in the art world. I was having one of those artist block moments when I decided  to pick up an app called doodle that! and the first thing that popped up was a sea captain riding a yak. I sketched it out and was like “At least I’m not as lost as him.” From there it kind of took off and I was like what other characters can I put in different environments from their own. 

This helped me get motivated to put my art out there more. I plan on using these as mailers for freelancing! So wish me luck:) And Don’t worry you to will find your way!!!