help i still have art block


here u go

have fun w that

in which i talk about how to get ur shit together so u can be comfy when u do art/ ideas to help you get out of art block adn still feel like youre contributing to your art

original art post;

It’s Been So Long...

Over the past couple of months I had been going through a major roller coaster of emotions because of really personal stuff. Which was so bad that I wasn’t even drawing. It wasn’t an art block. I was very down, like getting the wind knock out of you. It was dark, cold, and awful. So I talked with family which made things a bit better (It helps to have a parent who is a counsellor). I feel like I am still recovering, however the past week or so. I have been able to draw again and possibly better. Which has been a majorly uplifting.

I know that this post my get lost in ethos that is the net. But I thank you for taking your time and reading this.


Dakota Bicklmeier

But now, back to posting some new work.