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So I’ve read a lot more shortaki fic since the last time I did this and I’ve come across some amazing ones and decided to make another recommendation list for anyone interested! I’m gonna try and keep it at stuff that’s been finished unless it’s been updated recently-ish because I know it can suck getting into something that’ll never probably update again.

The Sensation of Falling by Reinamy. Starting off with one of my favorite HA authors. Guys, seriously, give this a read, her writing is lovely and I can’t even begin to express how excited I was to see this story updated each time I’d get the notification in my ask box. The basic premise is that Helga’s receiving notes from a secret admirer. The way she handles Helga throughout the story is amazing and so spot on, and each note always left me feeling so warm because I’m a hopeless romantic. There’s going to be a part 2 and I’m anxiously awaiting it. I also recommend reading everything else she has of these two because they’re all really great and you’ll see why she’s one of my fave authors.

Keeping Arnold: Or, How to Get Disowned by Lachesism. This is still ongoing, and it’s a very interesting take on all the characters and how things ended up in Arnold’s absence. Lila in particular is pretty interesting, even though I prefer stories where she’s actually an ally to Helga, she’s really fascinating in her terribleness in this story. And of course the Arnold/Helga stuff is really great and nicely done, their way with words is amazing.

Second Helpings by AibouFTW. There’s so much to love about this, mostly Arnold hilariously not leaving Helga alone until she finally talks to him about the encounter they had and it just ends up being really great because he just refuses to back down for once and refuses to let her runaway again until she tells him the truth about her feelings. The sex scene part is also really nicely done, I just really love it and you have to read it to see why. I also really like the other story they have, it’s funny and cute too. I’m looking forward to any other H/A fics they decide to write in the future.

En route by Smarty0007. Man I love all of smarty’s stuff, they have a link to their older account too and I definitely recommend reading all their fics they are A+. Meditation and Festival of Cheese are two other really great ones. But anyway, En Route is focused on Arnold slowly learning more about Helga on their walk to school every morning and also falling for her along the way. I always love stuff from his perspective and this is a nice cute instance of that.

Aiyta’s Challenge by Aiyta. This is a bunch of one shots based on requests but some of my favorite stuff I’ve read is among them and they’re all written really well. The other stuff they have on their profile is definitely worth a read too!

Hidden by Avogadro602. Gosh this one’s great, it’s got wacky shenanigans, believable budding romance on Arnold’s part, and even suspense. The premise is that Helga’s found herself in a dangerous situation, a serial killer has his sights on her because she came home at the wrong time. She’s left with no choice but to be hidden away until it’s safe her, she ends up having to go to an all boy’s summer school type thing because there’s no other option so she has to dress as a boy and pass as one too. As fate would have it, the roomate she’s assigned is none other than Arnold. Gerald is also attending and man, just the situations are hilarious between these three and they’re all written so well, it’s a must read.

And I think I’ll stop at these for now, I’ll probably do another at some point. For the previous recc post you can look under my tag “fic recc” btw.


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cmao is reading The Secret History for the first time, which means I’m fully sucked back into the whirlpool of its fabulous trashiness. In the fandom family that raised me (namely quigonejinn) this was all but required reading, so it’s almost unthinkable to me that someone would graduate college and not have already read it, but now is always the right time to lose yourself in the best AU of How To Get Away With Murder ever written. It helps that The Secret History is basically a forerunner for my love of Brideshead Revisited. Is it too late to make The Secret History a runaway summer fandom? It’s basically Lana Del Rey meets Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby with an extra helping of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Isn’t that all you need?

(Also, this is an excellent fanmade trailer, but the best unintentionally made trailer for The Secret History is jj’s “let them.”)

Runaway Bride

You are a runaway bride from an arranged marriage to a man twice your age, and while running away you get almost hit by Hongbin’s car. After such a meeting, Hongbin helps you out and the both of you fall in love. With Hongbin by your side you decide to go back and confront your family and your fiance.

Alright my darlings, here is the first part of that scenario an anon requested a while ago. It was originally supposed to be a one-shot but since I’ve been having way too much fun with this one I decided to expand it and make it into two, more likely three parts. Hope you guys like it since this is the first scenario I’m publishing here since being made Admin. Please do send me feed back to let me know how am I doing.

Love, Admin AA

Part I

You were standing in front of the full length mirror on a corner of your room looking at yourself all made up and you had to admit you looked absolutely stunning. The perfect picture of a bride, almost as if you had stepped out of a magazine. And it was no wonder why you looked so perfect, stupid amounts of money had been spent on the shoes, the dress, the veil, and you calculated you were wearing at least 2 million dollars on jewelry alone, all courtesy of the pig (as you affectionately called your fiancé). But the more you looked at the reflection the more you were disgusted by it. None of it was you, not the dress or the shoes, not even the hair since half of it was extensions because the stylist had decided that even your own hair wasn’t enough. Everything had been either picked out by the pig or your mother and you had limited yourself to simply smile and nod in agreement with every decision they had made for you. You had acted like nothing more than a doll, and the result was evident, you looked fake. Beautiful but fake.

You dared to look at yourself in the eye and see your face….it was flawless. The makeup had been expertly applied the way you had always wanted to know how to do, but then when you looked at your face more closely you could see that something was off. A lot of blush had to be applied on it in order for you to look normal, but you could see that beneath the mask of makeup and fake lashes, you were sheet white, petrified.  You had never been this scared in your life, so much so, that you noticed you weren’t even breathing and upon realizing this you began gasping for air. Panic was setting in. In a few hours you would be that pig’s wife, that man who was almost as old as your own father would become your husband. A husband, who had bought himself a wife but that just like any other husband in the world he would want to kiss you, to touch you, to have you….

A full blown panic attack took a hold of you. You crouched on the floor almost on your knees, hugging yourself gasping for air to no avail since your lungs refused to expand; tears refused to come to your eyes even though you wanted to cry, it was as if your entire body had been frozen. How in the world had you allowed the situation to get this far? You asked yourself, still struggling with your body. When did you bury your mind and soul so deep that you had gone along with this charade and had agreed to marry such an old man for you? And how in the world had you allowed your family to sell you in such a way!? What had happened to you? To your strength, your dignity, your heart, to all of… YOU!? The questions swirled in your head one after the other making it even harder for you to take a hold of your body and you could feel yourself close to fainting.

This situation was wrong on so many levels! However it was still not too late, you were still not married and now that you were finally asking yourself the right questions you realized, you could not and would not continue on with it!!

“I can’t!!! I won’t!!!” You said aloud struggling to get the words out. But as soon as you said them it was as if a spell had been broken, your body was released from the chains. A full mouthful of air finally managed to reach your lungs and some tears finally escaped your eyes. You breathed heavily, sucking in great mouthfuls of air in order to get oxygen to your deprived brain, the lightheadedness you had been feeling quickly subsided and you were left shaking all over from having been so deprived of air. After a couple of minutes of this you finally steadied yourself, making sure your lungs would not shut down again, and you managed to stand up.

Strangely, with a steady breath and with this new resolve, a calm and peace you had not felt in years took a hold of you. You knew what you had to do now and before driving your brain to think quickly on how you were going to do it you took one more look in the mirror. You could finally see yourself; your eyes finally had a spark of life back. You had been freed.

Now quickly, how were you going to get out of here? You finally asked yourself allowing your brain to run full throttle, taking your eyes away from the mirror. By a struck of luck you were now in your house without your family or any of your fiancé’s staff that might try to stop you, maybe this had happened because you had agreed to everything so readily that no one had suspected you of trying to run away at the last minute, but whatever the case, now was your chance. The only people remaining in your house now were a couple of your maids and the photographer that was waiting to take pictures of you as you came down the stairs, all of which were easily avoidable if you were careful enough. Planning the escape was going to be simple enough, getting away might be another matter seeing as how you only had about 15 minutes before the limousine that was going to pick you up arrived at your house, maybe 20 minutes total. Time to work.

First thing first, get the hell out of that infernal getup, you thought. You ripped the veil off your head and threw it away on the floor while kicking off the high heeled shoes. Struggling with the corset back of the dress you somehow did manage to loosen it enough for you to peel it off your skin and not caring about it one bit, you left the dress piled up on the floor next to where you had thrown the veil. Taking pins off your hair you walked towards your bathroom to wash your face free of makeup. You had no time to take the extensions off, so you settled for grabbing all that hair and putting it up on a lose bun atop your head. You ran back to your room and took a backpack out of your closet; you were going to have to travel light if you wanted this to work. You stuffed in a pair of jeans, and three shirts, plus some underwear and socks, and afterwards you put on another pair of jeans and a comfy black shirt with your favorite pair of short black leather boots for any type of weather since you still had no idea where you were going, you added a black hoodie just for good measure.

Next was money. It was a habit of yours that every time you went out shopping you would make sure to keep 20 to 50 dollars in cash and would save them up in an unused jewelry box you kept at a corner of your walk in closet. You used to do this because sometimes you would buy your mother a nice present that you did not want showing up in your credit card so that it would be a nice surprise for her, however it had been at least three years since you had bought her anything but the habit had persisted. You calculated that you had around $5000 dollars now and maybe it was fate that you had not broken up the habit because they would sure come in handy right now. You stuffed the money in an innermost pocket of the backpack, and taking one more look at yourself in the mirror, you smiled. Now this was all you.

You took one last look at your room and finally you grabbed your watch and left your phone, no need for it since it would only be one more way to track you. Now it was time to run.

Walking out into the hallway without making any noise, you made your way into your parent’s room. Theirs had a nice balcony you could use to climb down without the view of anyone since their room was situated above the windowless garage and it looked out into the backyard. You made the climb down quickly, thanking the gods for whoever had invented brick, and once your feet landed on the grass you suppressed the need to just sprint out running. From here you made your way to the back of the yard, careful not to step into the view of any windows, to hide yourself in the bushes there giving you a bit more time to think of your next step. The limousine had probably at this point already arrived, or was just a couple of minutes away from doing so, so you had to think quickly what else you were going to do since once the maids discovered you were gone they would go looking for you. They would also undoubtedly, contact your parents who would immediately rush back to the house arriving quickly seeing as how the church was just 10 minutes away.

You decided you needed a car in order to get away from the house as fast as possible. You decided to pay a visit to some of your neighbors to see what they had to offer. Since the neighborhood you lived in was so secure, no one actually ever bothered to lock their backdoors so you were fairly confident you could sneak into one house, find the keys to a car and steal it, if only for a couple of hours. It would not be a good idea to keep the car for long since it would be just one more way to track you once they found it missing.

You decided to pay a visit to the Lee’s five doors down since they had been invited to your wedding which meant their house was probably empty. You made your way around your own backyard and picking a spot where you were sure no one would see you, you climbed the back wall behind the bushes and into the alleyway where people put out their trashcans. You ran, counting the houses to see which one was the one you were looking for. As you suspected, not even the back gate next to the bins was locked. You went into their yard, and still making sure no one would be able to see you, just in case someone was still inside, you made your way to their backdoor. You peered into one of their windows and seeing no one on the inside, you opened the door. Not a sound could be heard all around the house. You had guessed right, it was empty.

Making your way, you realized you had entered into the laundry room and you almost wanted to cry when the next door you opened turned out to be the garage. Only a single car remained parked in it, a white Lexus, and there on the wall next to it was a key holder with that beautiful key that meant your escape, hanging from it. You got in, opened the garage door and left. The last thing you remembered seeing after driving away was a frantic looking maid coming out of your house to let the limo driver know you were gone.

You didn’t drive for long however, you had only wanted to put some distance between you and that wedding fast. The next step, you had decided, was to go out into the country and get lost. Looking for a deserted street at the edge of the city, you parked the car and left it there.

 Even though you were now safely away, you still felt like at any given moment someone would spring out of nowhere and would drag you back to that hell. It was not possible now of course, but still you could not shake the feeling. It was dark now, and you had found the perfect deserted spot in the city to feel safe, but as you were making your way towards finding a bus station even more emotions overwhelmed you.

You had found the strength to get away and you were amazed by it! You had finally done it and happiness just enveloped you. You began laughing like a crazy person in the middle of a small road and relishing in your new freedom you began running through the streets like you owned the place in complete and utter bliss, what happened next however was unexpected and put an end to all of it.

Springing out of one street into the middle of another one the only sound you heard was the screech of tires to your left while a set of headlights had blinded you. The car though, miraculously, had stopped a mere inch from where you had been left frozen, and your mind, having gone through so much in one day finally decided to take a break.

The last thing you heard before passing out, was the slam of a car door and the loud exclamation of “SHIT!”

Regina Analysis/SQ Problems

I know some people had issues with it, but I LOOVE that scene where Emma and Regina argue about Regina using the dagger on Emma. It wasn’t perfect and happy. It was angsty, and it was so real. Regina and Emma are always so honest and raw with one another. That’s what’s so special about them. Here are all the things I loved about it:

1) Emma feels comfortable enough to get angry with Regina and say “never do that again”, to express that she wasn’t comfortable with Regina using the dagger. Emma being able to be honest with Regina about how she feels about something she did is really important!

2) But I think maybe my favorite thing is Regina’s response to that. She wasn’t frazzled by Emma’s tone at all. She was like “I was saving your life” “you gave me this”/I’m going to protect you. She was totally unapologetic. It wasn’t that she didn’t care about how Emma felt, but rather she KNOWS how uncomfortable Emma is with letting someone, especially Regina, risk their lives for her and try to protect her. Because one key point I think a lot of people missed is that Emma wasn’t just mad that Regina used the dagger to control her but that Regina put herself in danger for her! Emma hates having to be saved/needing a babysitter. Regina knows this about Emma, which is why she already expected what Emma was going to say and was kind of dismissive like I’m not going to sit here and have you be mad about me trying to save your life. I said I was going to protect you and that’s what I’m going to do.

3) And I love Emma’s reaction to Regina telling her to shut up and listen. One thing that I’ve always loved about Emma and Regina’s dynamic is that Emma has always been able to see past Regina’s sarcasm and insults and harsh language and know the truth. Regina is a really emotional person with a lot of love in her heart. Emma doesn’t get scared away by the bark. She wasn’t even offended by that. Emma speaks the same language as well.

4) And then the way Regina cracked that joke lol. I know it may have made some people uncomfortable but come on! It was lighthearted. And it clearly had sexual undertones, which I did not mind at all. 

5) Although this may have been unsettling, I actually love that they showed Regina’s comfortability with controlling someone. It’s not pretty, but it’s real. This is someone who has been abused and magically controlled all her life by her mother then by Rumple. She was the EQ for crying out loud! It was in character. I don’t want some whitewashed relationship between Emma and Regina. I want the real thing. I want real problems and issues. I thought the scene was really well done, because you could tell that Regina had no ill intentions, but at the same time it was slightly unsettling how ok she was with control (but because of her history, it makes complete sense).

6) And of course, Emma’s sincere thank you at the end of the scene made it complete. That’s what real couples do! They have a fight, but at the end of the day, they get over it quickly because they know the other one really cares about them. Emma is a realist and this is a major reason why her and Regina connect and speak the same language. Emma understood why Regina did what she did. And I’m sure it’s one thing to say “I trust you to control me” vs experiencing how it actually feels to have no control. I’m sure the sensation wasn’t pleasant. So I can’t fault Emma for being mad after actually experiencing the sensation.

Now the one scene that actually did make me upset with Regina (which is rare!) was her asking Emma to save Robin. She was being totally emotionally manipulative. Although I understand that it was a dire moment and her soulmate was dying and she was desperate- it still made me angry with her. BUT once again I think it was pretty in character. At first I didn’t like when Regina said “I could use the dagger to make you do it, but I’m not- I’m asking you”, because it felt like a threat. But in hindsight I think it was important for Regina to say that because it proved that she listened to Emma earlier and changed her behavior. Although she seemed kind of dismissive in the early convo, she really did take to heart was Emma said, and Emma knew this which is why she sincerely thanked her at the end of that convo. She understands how Regina communicates. 

Now, the problem for me is that instead of physical manipulation Regina kinda moved to emotional manipulation, but once again with a mother like Cora and a mentor like the Dark One- of course she would do this. She’s trying, but she just doesn’t know how to ask for things. Think about it- anything she’s gotten, she’s taken by force and manipulation. She still doesn’t believe that people will just want to help her, especially Emma. Regina had to learn how to love Henry correctly in season 2. She may need to learn how to love a friend correctly too, and Emma is willing to teach her. They both have their faults. Regina, with all of her jabs, indirectly pushed Emma to become more responsible and not runaway from emotions in season 1.

Another note: Although this line borders on emotional manipulation for me, I really like that they had Regina say that she’d lost love once already and she won’t again. Because it proved that it wasn’t so much about Robin, but she was thinking of Daniel. She’s clearly still traumatized by that horrible loss. That’s why she goes so insane any time Robin is in danger. It’s actually really sad. Like when she was bleeding and needed help and Snow was trying to get her to see that- pay attention to Regina’s voice in that moment. It’s pretty high-pitched and frantic. You can tell she’s not thinking clearly at all. It really read like someone having PTSD.

I also don’t think that Regina was necessarily intentionally being emotionally manipulative- I think that’s just the only option she thought she had without the dagger. I also think there’s still a part of her that doesn’t really understand how important/how much she means to Emma because that would require her to accept that she’s worthy of being loved by someone like the Savior.

Commander’s Girl, Part 2 (Poe Dameron x reader)

This part is mostly rushing through plot stuff, your back story, etc. It’ll get more interesting next chapter, I promise. Thank you so much for all the love you guys gave the first chapter! I’m fairly new to posting my writing, so any feedback is appreciated! I’ll try to post a chapter every other day, school and work permitting.

Summary: You run an orphanage in a city that is under siege by the First Order. You saved two soldiers, a Resistance soldier and a runaway Republic pilot, and they’ve come up with a plan to sneak your kids out of the city before it’s too late. But you volunteered to stay behind until the last minute and help smuggle weapons and refugees out of the city. Poe Dameron isn’t happy with you putting yourself in danger–you’re a civilian, not a soldier, even if you are determined to fight–so he’ll stay with you to make sure you get out of the city in time.

Read Part 1 here

The plan was simple. Jack, Poe, and Jess and Milo would take the kids in small groups, so as not to draw attention. Jess and Milo, the other two orphanage workers, respected your choice to stay behind and fight, but they wanted to stay with the children and get to safety. They would go with Jack, and Poe would fly the shuttle up to the Resistance ship that was taking refugees.

“They don’t need me,” Poe said. “I don’t like the idea of leaving you here alone.”

“They say you’re the best pilot in the Republic,” you told him, “And there’s no one else I want flying my kids out of here. You get them safe. Come back for me later. I’ll only be alone for two days.”

“But I will come back for you. I promise.” You didn’t understand what he was so worried about at first. Wasn’t he the one who had said, just a few days ago, that you can’t stand by and do nothing when things like this happen? But the morning of the escape, you found a note in the oldest kids’ bedroom. The three oldest teenagers had vanished. Poe found you holding the note and trying not to cry.

Y/N—Thank you for keeping us safe for so long. Take care of the others. We’re sorry but we’re old enough to know this is worth fighting for. We love you.

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